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  1. I have the Baader LRGB set all parafocal and have done me proud. I also have the Baader 7nm SII, Ha & OIII filters again parafocal and performing well.
  2. Thanks Bryan, Affinity Photo is a photoshop like program from Serif, its only £48 as apposed to £9.99 per month for photoshop.
  3. I have recently made the move from a copy of photoshop CS2 to Affinity Photo. I am glad that I did, it has given me the push to try and get to grips with mono imaging in narrowband. Here are a couple of recent images taken with my Atik One 6.0 with baader 7nm HA & OIII filters, through my Equinox 80 pro scope anf Televe TRF2008 0.8x reducer flattener. These are my first go at HOO, and I struggled a bit with how to combine channels in Affinity, it's not as straight forward as pasing the mono images into each channel like photoshop, but once I got the hang of the new workflow and the differences with masks, I think I prefer it. Darren
  4. Just a quick update. Just before Christmas I received a ZWO EAF, thanks FLO. I installed it on my Equinox 80 over the christmas period and all went well, apart from the flexible coupling catching the focus knob housing causing the EAF to beep and stop moving. Once I made some adjustments and changed the coupling it is now working fully controlled by Ekos through my Stellarmate. Unfortunately due to the terrible weather we had in Manchester I haven't been able to test it on the stars with the Ekos focus routine, but as I can manually control the unit through Ekos I'm sure this will not be an issue. So for anyone wanting to use an EAF with a Stellarmate unit or as in my case a RPi4 running Stellarmate OS I can confirm that it works. Regards Darren
  5. Wow 46 hours, I don't think I've had 46 hours of clear dark skies this year. Amazing image.
  6. stunning. such a simple image but really quite beautiful.
  7. Sorry I didn't see your reply. Thanks for the tip. I am getting quite confused with this now. I have messaged Jasem through the chat window on the StellarMate website, he confirmed that it would work, however, I also emailed ZWO at info@zwoptical.com who replied that it wasn't compatible. Who do I believe? Regards Darren
  8. Cheers I had seen that. I was after a bit of feedback. It doesn’t look like anyone has give this combination a go. Darren
  9. Minor success last night, once I sorted out the camera issue, connecting manually one device at a time starting with the AtikOne seems like a winner. I managed 20 subs in Ha and 10 subs in OIII on M27 before my neighbours conifer got in the way, by which time I needed to go to bed because we only ever get clear nights when I have to go to work.
  10. I have had another good look around, and found some info on the ZWO website saying that there are INDI drivers for the ZWO equipment but it doesn't mention the EAF, so I'm a bit stuck still.
  11. Mine seem pretty spot on, and are even parafocal with my Baader LRGB set.
  12. Managed to get it working if I turn auto connect off then connect the AtikOne manually first then connect everything else. Very odd
  13. Back to square one, out in the observatory tonight and the gremlins are back. I’ve had to go back to a direct connection to the Windows PC
  14. Is anyone using a ZWO EAF Autofocus With StellarMate and Ekos? I know it works with the ASI Air and it has an INDI driver, but I can’t seem to find any info or examples of this setup. I’m thinking of adding one of these to my setup but would like some feedback before I get one. Thanks Darren
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