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  1. Following discussion and advice from Peter (Astroman001), I paid more attention to cooling down my C14 scope last night (though the slight breeze may of helped). The seeing seemed good. This was the result I obtained. I hope you like it. Clear skies, John
  2. Thanks for sharing two excellent images. Bravo!
  3. After a couple of nights when I encountered very poor seeing, last night proved a little better. This was the result I obtained. Clear skies everyone, John
  4. After poor results on Monday night when the GRS was visible for me, I tried again last night (Tuesday) when seeing was a tad better. This is the result after much sharpening and noise reduction. Hey ho. Clear skies everyone John
  5. The tall tress to the south of my garden prevented getting earlier views of Jupiter until after 11.28 pm. It was a tad misty, and seeing was average. This is the result I obtained. I hope you like it. Clear skies everyone. John
  6. Mea culpa - I've managed to label the image as 23.47 hours UT when I should have labelled it as 22.47 UT. Look forward to seeing your efforts, Peter. Regards, John
  7. It was one of those nights when there seemed to be some detail to be seen, despite the whole lot wobbling like jelly. This is the image I've obtained, hope you like it. Clear skies everyone, John
  8. Hi MilwaukeeLion, For planetary imaging I've got noticeably better results since moving to the C14 simply because of the aperture increase. I have no regrets about moving up from a C11 Edge for this purpose. But naturally you have to weigh up the personal satisfaction of an incremental improvement in your own results versus the cost. And you will know of course that there are other things which have helped in planetary imaging such as using an ADC, fantastic software from Firecapture, Autostakkert, Registax, and WINJUPOS, and getting a computer with heaps of RAM. I've also found a 2 inch
  9. The nearly full moon was close by Jupiter as I imaged last night. The seeing was average, and the result doesn't show as much detail as I hoped. Clear skies, John
  10. Some drifting high cloud made imaging difficult last night, and the seeing was only average. This image was taken around 1.00 a.m. BST. Clear skies, John
  11. Nice detail in your image. Well done!
  12. Thanks for the kind comments. The low elevation of Saturn and Mars will preclude me imaging them from my garden this year, so I'll have to make the most of Jupiter (and the ice giants). Clear skies
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