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  1. Your DSLR might also have a setting to lock the mirror up so that it doesn't go up and down between each shot - that will help keep vibration to a minimum.
  2. That's a great image for your first attempt :-)
  3. Hi Andrew, A good sky chart package that will also control most telescopes is 'cartes du ciel'. Web search it for the website and free download. Alot of telescopes can be controlled by atronomy software via a bit of driver software called an ASCOM driver. Which Celestron scope do you have? I have an SLT 102 and have set that up to work with a couple of bits of software.
  4. Hi and welcome to SGL. What's the light pollution like around Burton?
  5. Stargazer51N


    Hi & welcome to SGL
  6. Hi and welcome to SGL from another Berkshire astronomer.
  7. Hi and welcome to SGL. Must be able to see some fantastic stuff from your location
  8. Great newsletter and website (now bookmarked), thanks Steve.
  9. Hi and welcome from another Berkshire (UK though, not USA!) astronomer
  10. Hi and welcome from another Berkshire astronomer
  11. Hi and welcome from another Berkshire astronomer
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