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  1. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. For once the seeing was with me. Clear skies, John
  2. I stayed up late to try to get a first image with my new ASI 224MC planetary video camera through my Celestron C14 scope and 2.5 x Barlow. Given this was the first time trying a colour camera with Firecapture there was a lot for me to learn. I took an image via a IR 720 nm pass filter to give myself a luminance sub and added this (ca. 45%) to a colour image. I've applied a lot of sharpening and de-noising to these captures in Registax 6 so I hope I have not introduced artifacts. I have not tried to align the image north-south. In the IR pass image, it looks as though Titan is about 3.3cm in the 7 O'clock position relative to the planet, but doesn't show up in the composite. Clear skies, John
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