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  1. Pig

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    I am not sure how you cope with such a humble arsenal John !!!
  2. The focusser / eyepiece arrangement looks a little on the busy side
  3. Pig

    Solar observatory mystery

    Yes, I saw this on UTube, it has kind of escalated and the whole area has now been evacuated. The last I read was that there has been a computer hack from China ..... unfortunately it’s hard to distinguish facts from the inevitable conspiracies that have now arisen.
  4. Pig

    Help seeing granulation

    A variable polarising filter can also bring out detail, it is a similar effect to a thin hazy type cloud passing in front of the sun
  5. Hey Stu... I just purchased the 2” Astronomik more retail therapy whilst its ️
  6. Pig

    Care to see an unusual mount?

    I guess it will be good for viewing the Pinwheel Galaxy
  7. Thanks, I will be at SGLSP so I will take you up on the offer
  8. Stu the nearest I have is a 27mm Panoptic and an Aero 40mm, does it matter if the filter is connected to the diagonal or eyepiece ?
  9. Ok I will try again..... will a 1.25 format be ok ?
  10. I am pretty sure I had a set of Deloi at the time so it is possible I overdid it with magnification as the 17.3mm is the lowest power, I also had the 31mm Nagler at the time, could this have been the problem?
  11. That’s interesting ..... maybe I over egged the magnification.
  12. I have not tried any with the TAK Stu, and if I remember correctly i was using the 110mm frac and maybe a 9.25 SCT. There is a good chance I was over doing the magnification so I may have to purchase another OIII . I tried many targets to make sure it wasn’t target specific and the skies were pretty good at the time and I saw nothing at all. However, I did view the ring and veil nebs through Mikes last Dob using the Baader OIII and they were fantastic. Is it possible you could post a link to the filter you use or an equivalent that is available ?
  13. Pig


    Nice one Nick, I am still awaiting some clear skies ..... no more EU travelling for me for the foreseeable future, so hopefully I won’t miss any of the clear Northants skies that always seem to coincide with when I am away
  14. Pig

    Equinox 120 gripped , sorted !

    Fantastic report guys it sounds like you had a terrific night ..... quite mean of Pat not to leave the scope with you Nick !!!!
  15. I wonder what I am doing wrong then as I have owned 2 of the 3 filters you have mentioned with no:success., mine were 1.25 format. Maybe I should try again now that I have more experience.

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