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  1. Pig

    Anyone Else Rolling the Dice.

    I’m.with John on this one, set the alarm and have a butchers. If it’s clear it should be quite a spectacle Good luck everyone.
  2. Pig

    SkySafari 6Pro Sale.

    5 objects per night.... wow I have seen over 200 in one session. That should reduce your stated time to under 3 years Mind you 10 times per month is pushing it a bit
  3. Pig

    SkySafari 6Pro Sale.

    All sorted now.... looks ok Update: Works fine with my mount iPad and iPhone.
  4. Pig

    SkySafari 6Pro Sale.

    Cheers, the last time I upgraded it stopped working on my iPhone. However it does work now so I will give it a go. £25 is well worth it considering what you get
  5. Pig

    SkySafari 6Pro Sale.

    How much is it in the offer Paul, I can find at least 3 different prices The cheapest around £25.
  6. Pig

    They once again!

    Excellent post Avarni ..... what a wonderful collection of images / write ups you provide us with.
  7. Pig

    Worthy stars.

    Dom, I use screen shots to save observing lists posted by members, they save into my images folder.
  8. Pig

    Worthy stars.

    Nice oneNick, I just wish I could get some clear skies that don’t get in the way of getting up for work. The times that the skies that have been clear recently tend to be in the early hours I took three weeks off work over the Christmas period and did not get one single session in despite staying up until 3am every day fingers crossed for better skies....... I have quite a few of your lists now so at least when it does clear up I can give them a go.
  9. Pig

    Vixen HR's VX10

    I also love the HR I have Gerry, and I have also used it in the VIP. Even with these crazy high mags the views are crystal clear and bright
  10. It sounds more like a mounting issue than a focusser user issue to me, 90 X mag is not high and I wouldn’t put Pentax XW’s in the hefty lump category.
  11. Pig

    Lunt LS80THa and eyepieces/accesories

    It does take practice to get everything spot on, but don’t despair the summer sun is not too far away and the Lunt 80mm’s that I have looked through gave awesome views
  12. Pig

    Apologies to you all.

    Lovely scopes, congratulations on the purchase
  13. Pig

    Lunt LS80THa and eyepieces/accesories

    I see your point Dave but I don’t accept that a new scope should come with this kind of issue I wouldn’t accept a new pair of underpants that had skid marks in them, especially if it happened during testing Seriously though, I simply wouldn’t want the scope unless a discount I was happy with was forthcoming. These scopes are not cheap.
  14. Pig

    Lunt LS80THa and eyepieces/accesories

    I agree about mind boggling, ask for one that doesn’t have the marks! Of course I am not trying to say what you should do as that decision is yours. But personally I wouldn’t accept it, and I would ask them to show me images of any scratched draw tubes that appear in their marketing material !!!

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