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  1. I agree, it seems a drastic measure
  2. Nice one again Charl, we have some breaks in the cloud today here in Northants but I am on a relaxing mission today so I will give it a miss
  3. Nice one Sean no chance for any solar here today.
  4. It is amazing what these big Dobs can do but it is also quite surprising what celestial targets you can come across when not expecting them, for example, I was in the supermarket last week and came across these beauties Nebula – Amazing flavor Red Round Cherry tomato
  5. They are fantastic bits of kit Charl and when conditions are suitable they can take some pretty high magnification .... Roll on summer
  6. Nice on Charl.... the prominences nearby look like they have exploded also, they are much larger than yesterday. Don't you just love Ha
  7. Some great prom action around the 1 O'clock position, its gone a bit crackers in the last few minutes
  8. Ouch Derek, I have dropped mine before but managed to catch it. They are very fragile to the touch yet they put up with such a pasting from the sun.
  9. Thanks for the heads up Rush... lovely views here, no work and no cloud lovely prom in the same area as Charles points out. As it happens there are quite a few areas of prominence on the eastern side.
  10. Sean, Peter just about sums it up in his post, but I feel the need to add just a little more .... A shorty frac will give excellent full disc views with a Quark ... my old 80mm Equinox just about managed a full disc and the 80mm Esprit achieved a full disc with room to spare. However, both of these scopes are not cheap (especially the Esprit) but you do get the benefit of having a very respectable multi purpose scope. I am sure there are other scopes that will do the job also FLO being a Lunt distributer is a fantastic plus, and by all accounts, are at least a galaxy apart from Daystar in terms of customer expectations .... I cant really comment on the PST as I have only looked through them on a handful of occasions and in my opinion are a very different experience when compared to the Quark. My apologies Charl for going off topic
  11. I received a voice mail from the seller yesterday and he told me the scope has been sold It think it was really kind of him to let me know.
  12. Nice one Charl.... I must have had mine three years now !!! and the Lunt 60 a year prior where does the time go !!
  13. Derek, the 9mm vixen SLV was the best eyepiece I used with the 60mm Lunt, eye positioning was a dream It's a pity they don't do a 32mm as it would have been great to try in the Quark.
  14. I have melted the dust cap on the Quark whilst in front of a crowd of folk !!!!! and I have been known to wake up freezing cold in my shed with an eyepiece still in my hand, I only went in it half way through a session to warm up a little.... it wasn't a short nap either, I awoke quite a few hours after the Cockrell
  15. Strange...maybe he is away from home !!!! or the Mrs is making him sell it and he is telling her he has had no replies