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  1. I saw what you did there Chris
  2. For visual observing the difference the led has made is staggering.... the directional beam is fantastic. The icing on the cake would be to fit movement sensors to them.
  3. I definitely share your thoughts and a top performing refractor would also do for me I am also pretty impressed with the AZ pro goto mount as amongst other positives there are no cables to do my brain in..... as Dave writes above the C8 is a good all rounder but for me it does not quite cut it on stars unless you have a very low power eyepiece.
  4. Why does Chris Lock always pop into my thoughts when the topic of click locks comes up
  5. Its a pity you have to purchase the whole diagonal
  6. Yes.... and I never got a " great idea Pig"
  7. I do want a click lock as it goes having used one on the SCT they are pretty useful.
  8. Copy Cat
  9. Ken, to be sure take some small flat pieces of plywood / MDF or even stone to put underneath you tripod feet, they will distribute the weight and stop any sinking.
  10. I would think its safe to say if you see distortion at low magnification then yes distortion would appear intensified at higher magnification in the same scope. The focal ratio / design of the scope and eyepiece design are important considerations when trying to understand the distortion observed.
  11. My experience with smaller refractors (80mm) is that they give wonderfully colourful wide field views of the stars when using low power eyepieces, this colour starts to lessen as you go up in aperture. They are also very versatile and can be used for AP, Solar (with the correct filters), a spotting scope and if this isn't enough they are extremely portable and virtually maintenance free. As for planets my 110mm frac gives better views of planets than both my current 8" and my old 9.25" SCT's. I had always been very disappointed with the views of Mars until I used the 110mm frac....
  12. That's as good a reason as any šŸ˜€
  13. Those Taks sure are tempting Kerry The 120mm only weighs 6.7kg.
  14. That's great Kerry I didn't know you were going.... Are you taking the Vixen along ?
  15. Confirmation e-mail received