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  1. Pig

    Your four-legged star-gazing companion

    Well my four legged companion is my avatar....... he is like a shadow and never leaves my side, apart from when I am at work
  2. Pig

    Clear skies forecast tonight

    I packed the scope up around midnight as the seeing deteriorated. I continued with meteor spotting for a few more hours but didn’t really see many. The skies did clear up again later but I was too tired to get the scope back out
  3. I saw a couple of nice meteors early on, but nothing past 2am
  4. I’m reasoning the best time for Leo would be around 1:30, not that there won’t be many about before then.
  5. Pig

    Clear skies forecast tonight

    It’s getting a bit scabby now time for some coffee
  6. Pig

    Moon Lovely NOW, Plus Change Of 'Scope

    Great write up, I am having a good session myself Mars is also a tad better than my last outing
  7. Pig

    Hi stargazers!

    Hiya and welcome there are several scope configurations, enjoy your journey into outer space.
  8. Pig

    Clear skies forecast tonight

    Very crisp moon shots, lovely termination too
  9. I don’t think any meteor showers are guaranteed to make your eyes pop out but I have seen a few beauties over the years. always worth checking it out More not than often.
  10. Pig

    Clear skies forecast tonight

    As the Moon is looking clearish I have taken a punt and set the scope up .....
  11. Pig

    Clear skies forecast tonight

    I will go with Gina’s method, it’s hazy here despite the forecast map showing
  12. I have almost forgotten what it is like to get my scope out due to this recent poor weather ....... but not to fear, clear skies are forecast tonight in Northampton.... hooray
  13. Pig

    Do FLO & RVO have sales ?

    I am shocked FLO are always having sales there just not called sales, they simply sell things cheaper at times.
  14. I have the 27mm Pan and I have to say it is a lovely eyepiece combo with my scope...... I haven’t tried the 22 Nagler thus I can’t comment on any comparison
  15. @cotterless45 there you go Nick, that’s two copies sold

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