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  1. Hiya, both scopes are suitable, and as Charl says above. Just make sure you have all the correct filters with the Herschel wedge for visual use
  2. Region of the Burg for me, it has the crisp / fresh appearance this is why I love lunar and refractor combination, the images taken do not surpass the visual observation quality.
  3. Nice one Charl, you have done well, it’s very cold and cloudy here
  4. I find 100mm of aperture is perfect for colour separation, if you have too much aperture everything seems the same colour at the eyepiece .... ie silver The Pentax XW’s seemed to help with colours also but I have not used one in the TAK. The XW 3.5 is also rather large in comparison to the high power specialist eyepieces such as the TOE, HR and Nagler zooms, so I guess this is the same for Delos and the Delites.
  5. I found it was as good if not better than any other Astro fest I have been to, especially so considering it was free entry and free talks, I don’t think you should be charged simply to walk around any event. Just a little comment on profit markings..........my brother and I were looking at some Vixen binos as he wants a set. The Tring Astronomy stall had them for sale at £275 and the adjacent stall had the same pair on sale for £347 !!! Was that a tactic or just a huge difference? However in the end we didn’t buy from either because it makes you feel a little uncertain. What was very surprising was that both of the retailers had them cheaper online, so me being me I questioned both retailers about this difference and received the “South Park” type blink as a response ...... It’s a pity FLO we’re not there but I will see if they have the pair my brother wants. I am not trying to say any bad practice was going on but it does go to show you might not be getting the bargain you think you are.
  6. Nice one Pete, I thought the same whilst observing mars two nights ago. It looked surprisingly clear
  7. Nice one Nick, I also had a great session last night ... lovely clear skies later on around 10pm with plenty of lovely doubles and triples on show it did get very cold though so I had to keep popping inside to warm up
  8. No joy with either the “ e or f” for me ..... however the a - d “ stars were absolutely pin point and I could park a bus in the span !! I was using the 3-6mm Nagler Zoom, so between 125 and 250 X mag, and the TAK DF ... a bit of a mystery as to why I can never see them.
  9. I tried but no success for me it’s a nice clear night here but pretty cold.
  10. I only have two so a bit of non contest really.... The TAK DF I think it would be a god law
  11. If its within the UK I take everything I have Which is all in my signature. I have never taken my scopes abroad, only binoculars.
  12. I can only echo the comments above If your son is producing quality images at 11 years of age I can only imagine the possibilities going forward
  13. Nice one Nick, it looks like we have a clear spell atm so I may give them a go
  14. I genuinely thought that was photo, excellent sketch
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