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  1. Tut Tut was that a straight off the cuff response or did you planet I cant think of anything false about Mystic Meg & Russel Grant !!!! poor astrologists
  2. You don't have to be solar observing for this to happen.... any scope without a front cover pointing upward may cross the sun at some point during the day .... admittedly the chances for accidents are greatly increased if you are tracking the sun As mentioned above make sure your objective is capped and in a horizontal position if you keep your scope in your conservatory or in the vicinity of windows.
  3. Simon, I am on the lookout for another 10mm I may get lucky
  4. You finally have your hands on one then Simon Congratulations.
  5. Sure is a great sight and very well captured :-)
  6. The 6 & 8 SE use the same mount from the factory so yes you will. I think the focal length is 2000mm thus quite high magnification with most eyepieces and you may have to let it settle in between slewing and be gentle when at the eyepiece. All very liveable with.
  7. Barry, The difference is very obvious and you will not be disappointed.... I own a C8 and mainly use it for planetary and Lunar where I think it excels . As mentioned above it is also surprisingly light and thus very portable. I also find the standard focuser perfroms much better on the C8 than the 6 inch versions.
  8. Not bad Mike if you live in Wales
  9. Jack, I have had very similar set ups and on the whole all worked fine and is great for grab and go. The clutch is not the best and the mechanism inside relies on a heat treated domed washer to adjust the clamping force, you may get some slippage if your scope is too heavy. Other than this it is a very solid and capable.
  10. A great session by the sounds of it John, I too had a nice gap in the clouds last night and had a very good session... Dare I say it is becoming quite regular !!! I don't know about Somerset but boy was it cold here in Northampton
  11. I guess that will teach me not to be so silly
  12. You could move to a different planet
  13. Ah well I guess the forecast was correct after all.... some lovely black rain clouds have hijacked the sun and put an end to my session mind you at least I got some viewing in.
  14. Its well worth a look Mark. I have found the further clockwise I adjust the Quarks setting the better the surface detail becomes, this is most unusual as was the opposite direction in the summer time. I guess many factors are at play.
  15. The clouds have cleared here, despite the several forecast that predict cloud and rain, so I thought I would have a quick look. There are some nice proms today the best of which is a lovely star ship enterprise fly through type arc (10 O'clock position for me, eastern side) and another hedge type around the 8 O'clock position. Both have other proms directly opposite them on the western side of the disc, so quite a few on display. The surface detail is also very nice with lots of granulation and swirly patterns to be seen. However, I cannot see any spots or areas of bright orange Plage. Not bad considering how low the sun is.