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  1. That's a shame Mike .... I might pop over and borrow your kit
  2. I wish Derek, I am still not allowed to drink and apart from some brandy sauce on Christmas day I haven't had any alcohol for 5 months !!!!
  3. Here we go, but I had to spell favourite the correct way -favourite telescope: Starwave 110mm -favourite planet: Jupiter -favourite star: Our sun -favourite nebula: Orion Nebula -favourite galaxy: Milky Way -favourite cluster: The double cluster -favourite observing site: Its confidential so I cant say -favourite target: The Moon
  4. Me too Calvin.... it would be sacrilege not to I might even stay even if the weather is pleasant.
  5. Has there ever been a naturist star party nice and chilly
  6. Yes solicitors seem to be almost as happy as barristers On the bright side at least you are not divorced from your scope
  7. That would have to be an extra special jinx Derek..... we are jinxed at the best of times
  8. That sure is great to see Derek..... I will stay the 3 days if it is correct
  9. Lance I am in agreement with Alan, the magnification will be far too high in the 8" SCT. A very good alternative eyepiece would be the Pentax XW 10mm, they deliver stunning views of just about everything and spectacular lunar views.
  10. I like how the description states "blackened lens edges to avoid reflexes" Am I missing something ? I guess the spell checker got them. They do look like nice eyepieces though.
  11. Nice one Nick, I was a bit unfortunate as these were the only 2 clear nights we have had in Northampton for some time now and typically I was away in Manchester !!! never mind I am sure there will be many more
  12. Nice one Michael there have been some fantastic Moon images around lately.
  13. I already have some Mike.... I just didn't realise they were for rock...pheeew
  14. Yeah John I don't want one anymore is it April 1st yet ?
  15. Simply stunning