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  1. Hiya Paul that’s fine, I get home around 5:30
  2. Hiya Paul, I may be interested in selling my set up, I saw you was in the market for the mount also, maybe you could make me an offer ? The TAK is the 100DF and comes with the micro- focuser . The Mount is the AZPro as you know.
  3. It’s looking good again tonight Alan I am going to sit back in one of the lounger chairs and just stare 👁
  4. Cheers Calvin..... they sure are I think I will be coming here on holiday with the scope at some point in the near future
  5. I am on a work related visit to the outskirts of Gyor in Hungary and one useful thing I noticed earlier in the daytime is that there are very few street lamps and even fewer main roads As a result I had been hoping all day long that it would be clear tonight, and as luck would have it clear is an understatement. For reference Cassiopeia is directly above my head and we all know what streaks through Cassiopeia... yes you got it, it’s the Milky Way. I can hardly believe what I am seeing with the unaided eyes, it is just such an awesome sight. In fact there are so many stars and smudges I was having trouble identifying very obvious targets such as Vega, Altair, the Plough and even Cassiopeia for a while. The sky is completely covered in diamonds and there are so many that I know very few of them. I can only sit here and imagine what looking at them through the scope would be like
  6. @Trikeflyer I somehow ended up with 2 handsets so hopefully this may get me by as I am sure the original hasn’t been upgraded. I am glad you mentioned a second handset
  7. you can enter the SAO on the Ioptron that’s what I use now the interface is messed up.
  8. Yes ... mine has simply stopped working on the iPad and iPhone and I cannot get it to work I had a similar issue a year ago and SS said it was an issue with the new iPhone. However, it started working when SS was updated. As a result I came to the conclusion it wasn’t the phone. Maybe SS should consider past lessons learned when they update !!!!
  9. I have version 6.5. I have done several updates, not so sure about upgrades, and I have discovered tonight that it is not working
  10. I use mine with SkySafari with my apples and it is seamless
  11. I did have issues with this to start but I found any amount of over tightening of the main rod had a negative impact. However, if your set up is silent in both planes, or a similar sound level to each other, this is a good indicator of all being ok. The battery has always lasted me for a full nights observing so I am not to sure on how long it actually lasts, I have 8 hours in my mind for some reason. I do charge it after any session over 4 hours thus I haven’t noticed any power drain. I did have to change the battery after a couple of years.
  12. Hiya David, I have had mine for a couple of years now and I find it excellent. Once you have “synced the target” object I find it very accurate indeed. Enjoy you mount and if you have any questions please feel free to message me and I will be happy to assist.
  13. Oh yes...... keeping your eye / head steady whilst looking through them can be quite tricky, and believe it or not very exhausting
  14. I can only Echo the comments made above I also use it with my TAK 100 DF mainly for splitting very tight doubles (2.4mm), excellent build quality too. The only real negative to all high power eyepieces I can think of is, if you are affected by floaters they can obscure the finer details, such as the contents of craters 👁
  15. Hiya Nick, nice report etc....not much joy here with the cloud cover of late. I found a hedgehog that had wandered into my shed at some point, I don’t know how long it had been in there, but it made short work of the snails that I gave it
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