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  1. that could be good. might be interested in a shroud thanks Francis
  2. are you leaving your u.t.a.open ?
  3. lovely first light report Francis. you said you had to add some weight, remember it will need a bit more when you add a shroud, especially if its damp as the shroud will absorb moisture lovely read though and made up for you mike
  4. just about to fit some boundry layer fans. got the new fans and when i made my dew controller i already fitted a port so that i had speed control the question is, were should the fans be fitted ? i have marked the centre of the fan to be just above the top edge of the mirror. does anyone know any thing different? thanks
  5. m51 looks as good as i seen it 2 weeks ago in brecon. it is in all the merk. m31 is nice
  6. it is all about the fun. they are so so accurate. at the beginning of the night you align then 6 hrs later the object is still perfect https://www.astrodevices.com/shop/index.php?catalog/all/-/name/3
  7. just a thought. i bought a few months ago 2 off 40,000 steps per revolution encoders for £100
  8. this is brilliant topic. love the opinions. and as you said @Piero lifting the dobs dress makes a amazing difference
  9. Awesome Paul. Get a big dob mate
  10. That is lovely garden and location Barry. That is what I will have next year in mid Wales. Hopefully
  11. Sorry for the late reply . Was hoping for 2 great nights but only the one to report. Which was Monday Sky was very transparent. Air temperature 13* Average sqm 21.4 certain parts went to 21.41 First natural target the gas giants I know it's a dark sky but Heather wanted to look. Wow so glad we did my highest power ep is the 5mm pentax (480×) oh my. The detail on Jupiter was amongst the best ever. Showed a few passers by and they really couldn't believe what they were looking at. Just wish I had a 3.5mm now. Next Saturn. Same again cassini was incredible black and so obvious. Fantastic. Next all the usual suspects now. The ring at 480x oh wow. People were saying about the colours and how it looked like a smoke ring. Dumbell stunning view nice to see stars in front of the apple core or through it. Usual clusters coming up. M13 at 480x is amazing. The prop showing up well. The veil un filtered and filtered both spectacular in the 21e never seen so much filaments coming off it. Just nebula everywhere. No maroon colour though ? Cresent nebula. Proper looking like a brain. Looks brilliant cradled in stars. Next off you might laugh but m31 (and companion galaxy's )was the best i have ever seen it. This really blew me away. The dust lanes are so massive and the detail was incredible Next up m51 you could see the cores and hints of spiral arms but quite merky in that part of the sky. Usual galaxy's of course m81,82 101 but sky was getting a bit milky Cleared a bit to see m45 mepore but it was now 4 AM . So packed up and went to bed. Very happy Enjoy and dark skys
  12. Oh my gowd. How good is the seeing tonight I have made a few people on the site happy tonight. More in a bit
  13. Hi Peter. Yes it's a silver side roof protector for a tent. Trying to keep the heat off it
  14. Dob is out cooling at brecon (pencelli) Ready for tonight
  15. very nice work there francis. looking foward to the next step
  16. if you go dark you can still see the veil without a filter. but better with it
  17. Let's hope it's clear as I go to brecon for a week on Saturday. Got my dobby ready
  18. great idea rob. our scopes must be related somehow
  19. just wanted to say it was my dobs 6th birthday yesterday HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOBBY from your creator
  20. had my dob set up for the last 2 nights. no clear skys. very brief look at the gas giants saturday for 10 mins
  21. Just put a silver heat reflecting tarp up with some king poles to keep the heat down on my dob. Does anyone else do anything like this
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