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  1. Thanks Han. I will try and get it set up over the weekend in that case Rob
  2. Thank you...Will give this a go, or I may wait until 1.8 goes live rob
  3. Hi All Anyone using NINA, can't seem to get the local blind plate solving to work. Everything else is great, juat tgis final piece that keeps sending my round in circles between Cygnas and Astronomy.net, feels like I need a degfeee in software engineering to get it going. Any pointers would be very much appreciated. Using a Windows 10 machine. Thanks Rob
  4. Was thinking the same thing, finally got my rig kitted out at PAS and not a clear night on the horizon...to be expected I guess after so mant purchases
  5. Yesterday I took delivery of Altair Astro LRGB premium filters. Not tried them yet but thought the price was reasonable.
  6. Open to sensible and reasonable offers
  7. Selling my AZ4 head without tripod, I purchased it and used it a handful of times before getting an HEQ5. Not really seen these for sale without tripod, so difficult to price. Will accept paypal friends and family or direct bank transfer. Could be posted UK only, looking for £50 plus postage at cost, can't see it being more than £10
  8. Hi All Selling my Evosyar 120, it is just not getting used now I've got my imaging rig together. It has had very little use and the only marks on it from what I can tell is on one side of the dovetail bar. I've owned since new, purchased from FLO. Includes the paper manual, 2" diagonal and 2" to 1.25" adaptor 9x50 finder. Will accept paypal friends and family or direct bank transfer. Collection ONLY from Cheshire, I'm willing to meet half way up to 30 mile radius. Will not post over seas...uk purchasers only. Looking for £170
  9. That did help thanks, I think I found what I needed in that video. A T2 male to male adaptor. Thanks again, fingers crossed
  10. Flattener screws in fine but the spacers when screwd in leaves me with another female thread
  11. Yes....filter wheel is female thread both sides and so is the camera, T2 I believe all of them
  12. Hi All I'm tearing my hair out trying to attach my Hypercam 183 to an ZWO filter wheel but they both have the same female thread. I have an Altair Astro 0.8 Reducer that requires 55mm spacing and the camera sensor spacing is 17.5mm I believe. Please can you help me with what I need...I have already spent £30 on adaptors that has not done the job. Many Thanks
  13. Hi All Please see attached a senor analysis I ran on my camera through Sharpcap Pro, just wondering if anybody that knows better could dissect it a little for me...what does it tell, is there something I should know from this, does it give any type of recommended starting points. The only info I can get from it with my LIMITED knowledge is (and I could be wrong) is that being a 12bit sensor with a full well depth of 4096, then 400 gain would be a good starting point for most things, as get me going? Would I be rite in asuming that, or am I well off the mark? I've also included a single flat frame, I dont seem to see much vignetting, is that normal or is it a poor flat frame? Thanks as always
  14. Thanks for sharing this and good to see a physical example of what can be done...it looks awesome.
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