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  1. I'd forgotten how little they hold... I remember having to store my course work on those for college. Before that in my even younger days I remember playing computer games that came o these: https://www.computerhope.com/jargon/num/525inch.htm Before that even I remember bek g sat in front of my Commodore 64 waiting 45 mins for a game to load in a trans watching the flashing screen praying that the TAPE wouldn't stop 3/4 through loading!!!
  2. Nice little capture while waiting for the sun to go down...
  3. Not sure if this has been shared before, but a nice little video using data captured by Rosetta. Apologies if already shared.
  4. J also build scale models, so these were inevitable I also got a solar system T-Shirt and a couple of astro related books.
  5. Re: Photoshop. Could it be that the three you ate seeing is for individual RGB levels, and the ones you have been watching is for either overall brightness or mono? Just a thought....
  6. I have and use the WO GT71 with 0.8 reducer, I Have no complaints from build quality or optical quality, also used it for a time on the HEQ5
  7. Just an update to this, I DID do the firmware update for my motors and they certainly sound different, not had opportunity yet to try it out, but as the noise goes......it sounds promising.
  8. Robny

    M31 - WIP

    I'm using an Altair Astro Hypercam 183m Pro Tec (Cooled)
  9. Just wanted to share.... This is SOME of my luminen M31, had a bit of a challenging night with this, what with the seeing, LP and high level cloud. This is just 2hrs of luminence taken at 400 gain at 240 seconds each sub. Still want to get more L before adding RGB and Ha to the data, was taken in my Bortle 8 back garden. Feedback and guidance always welcomed, I know I have a bit of a gradient but I think that is down to my flats and processing.
  10. Yes....the conservatory is not heated so it can get quite cold 0ish. The problem is when I open the door to the conservatory from inside the house...everything instantly due's up.
  11. I'm another one that keeps my scope setup in the conservatory ready to go. Pretty much at ambient temp in the winter, the summer though
  12. Mak is now sold Will list the AZ4 separately as is still for sale. Rob
  13. In the background, the only one missing is the Cat5e cable that goes from the hub on the tripod spreader to my laptop in the house
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