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  1. Thanks for the quick replies... When I'm referring to reach I'm thinking focal length. So based on my current imaging train from what I understand from Olly is that 500mm would be my "ceiling" with my current camera, thats good to know. However, it's quite a ways from planetary and lunar. So, I guess the next decision is going to be, do I want to to get a little extra focal length to keep within the limitations of my current camera. Or live with what I already have for deep sky and just get something for planetary and lunar along with a suitable camera and maybe look at getting
  2. Hi All I'm possibly looking at adding a second imaging scope to my setup. I currently have a widefield setup which consists of a WO GT71 with 183mc Cooled camera on a EQ6r Pro mount, I wouldn't sell or change this setup - I love it! However, I want to add another OTA to give me a bit more reach for smaller galaxies/nebula, moon and planets etc. I want it to slot into my current setup as much as possible but realise I may be in for another camera if I want to do moon and planets etc. I have a couple of ideas myself but am wondering what suggestions people might have with a budg
  3. This is my first EVER deep sky image from 2017, taken I believe with a Sony A7r, to look at my most recent it is quite a difference. The improvements seem to sneak up on you without fully noticing until you look back. Rob
  4. Thanks...... So ideally the lower the FWHM the better
  5. Hi All Just looking at FWHM, I understand the concept, what it is and why it matters. I'm using the 'SubFrameSelector' in PI and this is my results (attached), based of this (which I know is pretty bad - neighbours decided to have a fire on the only clear night) I would need to discard everything from where the graph sky rockets? As I said, there was a lot of smoke in the air and I also had a meridian flip in the middle of the session. Thanks Rob
  6. Hi All Wanted to share my image and hopefully get some feedback, but ease understand that this is a quick and dirty process just to see what I got. I need to spend a bit more time with processing. This is two hours worth of data in bortle 8 skies combining 2 minutes and 30 seconds exposure lengths, taken with the following equipment: WO GT71 - AA 183c cooled - EQ6r Feedback welcomed
  7. Just as a point of reference, this is the FOV with GT71, 183 sensor and a 0.8 reducer. I haven't yet out grown mine, depends what your tastes are, I like widefield and the GT71 is a great scope Rob
  8. I bought this fir my 6yr old and its a great little scope. We were able to see Saturn's rings and Jupiter with its moons. It also gives great views if the moon and at this time of year should be great for Orion etc: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/heritage/skywatcher-heritage-100p-tabletop-dobsonian.html
  9. @fifeskies Just curious, your observatory.....did it start life as a pent roof or apex roof? Regards Rob
  10. Thanks again for the response, more food for thought. Think I'm going to build a balsa wood model in 1/8 scale to get it straight in my head. Considering going for a concrete pier just to keep the cost a little bit lower, but that may change. I'm sure I will have more questions if you don't mind, seems you have something similar to what I was thinking. Rob
  11. Thanks for the pictures, videos and advice. I really like what you have dont to the roof line. Might look at something like that myself if you don't mind. The scope room, on reflection I think will be 6x6 not because of a possible new scope, dont think that's on the horizon anytime soon but just so I have room to manoeuvre around it quite comfortably. I have an eq6-r that will be on a pier and my scope as a WO GT71 (so not particularly too big) so should leave plenty space to move around it. Out of interest....are you using a pier? What height did you go for? Thanks again
  12. So, I'm in the very early stages of planning after gaining planning permission (from my wife) for the observatory, with a few caveats....im working on those. But essentially, what I'm thinking (More to the point, what it has to be - remember the caveats) is a roll off roof. I'm planning to convert 6x10 shed kit (heavy duty) and putting a partition wall down the middle with an access door to the scope and having a split roll off roof, wher the roof will remain permanent over the warm room portion (or shed portion, caveats again) and having it roll off for the scope room. My early con
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