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  1. Thank you both, I'm quite pleased with the result for a first attempt, need to work out some workflow on PI so I can streamline the process a little
  2. Hi All Would love some feedback on the attached image. This is my first attempt at processing ANY colour image from Narrow Band images (Ha, OIII) Image Details: HEQ5 WO GT71 with AA183mono Pro Tec -15 30x240 for each filter (Ha, OIII), stacked and processed using PI Image has been compressed a little just to make it easier....posting from my phone
  3. I'm balanced as good as I can get it, I'm polar aligning with Sharpcap Pro until I achieve excellent and I have run guiding assistant a couple of times...not sure what you mean by "Where did you calibrate?" Rob
  4. That's really great feedback thanks!! I've adjusted what setting I can to your recommendation and will check focus next time I go out...when ever that will be. You lost me on the reasoning why but I appreciate you telling me and will just follow your reccomend changes I'm always a little lost in PHD2 settings and never really adjusted anything...I've got it working and ran the wizard thingie a couple of times but that's about it. Thanks again Rob
  5. Yeah....I understand, it is pretty far, funnily enough I have just spent the day in North Wales
  6. Thanks for the interest...where are you located? I'm not sure how I would box it up securely, I no longer have the original box unfortunately. Rob
  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone, definitely something to work on it seems...so, a little more info: HEQ5 PRO with Rowan Belt Mod William Optics GT71 Imaging scope with Altair Astro 183m Protec imaging camera AA 60mm Guide scope with GPcam 130mono guide camera guiding through ST4 I generally try to balance East heavy (slightly) - but I do generally find balance difficult to achieve. Also, when I unlock my clutches it seems the axis don't move as free as they should, so that maybe affecting my ability to get balance nailed? My guiding RMS generally starts out around 0.7 then gradually makes its way up to 1.2 - 1.5 through the night and settles there. I do go through meridian flips and infact rite before the imaging run began it did do a meridian flip but I never re-balance after. I have attached my guide log if that is any use? Also a single sub from that guiding session. Many Thanks Rob PHD2_GuideLog_2019-10-16_201636.txt L_2019-10-16_21-50-03_Bin1x1_240s__-15C.fit
  8. Oh wow.....thanks for that, I'm way off then...hmmm Will have to have a poke around, maybe balance. Thanks again.
  9. Hi All I have an HEQ5 with the ROWAN Belt mod and on average my guiding RMS error total settles around the 1.20 to 1.40 mark and I was just curious if that is within 'ballpark'of where it should be? I always aim to get an excellent PA using Shatpcap with Dec and Ra error into single figures. My stars look pretty round and I have no complaints looking at my images to my inexperienced eyes anyway. Is there still more I can get out of it or should I just leave it be?
  10. Reduced the price to £150 - looking for a quick sale on this Many Thanks Rob
  11. For sale is my Skwatcher Evostar 120 OTA. It just doesn't get used and I need some accessories for my imaging rig, hence the sale of this. It is in great condition, little use... Collection only, can arrange to meet halfway within reason (Warrington) Any questions, please ask £170 £150
  12. I'm waiting on work to tell me if I can go Have to swap a holiday for the Friday as I have plans on the Saturday
  13. Thanks for the feedback, I am quite pleased so far. Had a look at EQ-mosaic but could get my head around it yet. I'm also learning PI, I'd like to get some Oiii data to make a duo band image and then see where I go from there
  14. Hi all This is my first attempt at NGC 6960 and my first attempt at Narrowband imaging. This is 27x240s lights with 30 darks and 30 flats. This is only my Ha data and still need to get out and do some Oiii to add to it, was taken in Bortle 8 skies with the following equipment: WO gt71, HEQ5, Hypercam 183m cooled to -15, captured with APT and stacked with PI with very basic post. FRAMING COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER Would love some feedback as I am still fairly new to imaging, this is just uploaded from my phone so not sure what the quality is like on your end. Look forward to your feedback Rob
  15. Do you have to buy entrance tickets in advance or can you just pay on the day? Is the price the same? Thx Rob
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