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  1. hehe thats cool gotta try me some avi's
  2. Nice set sir, no chance of getting any sun here at moment been raining on an off tut.
  3. so thats wot the sun looks like, great images thou been a while since i done WL or Ha as never see it.
  4. im like that but with processing, finally get some data then have to remember how I did it an software I used.
  5. cant remember the last time I actually used scope in anger sometime last summer I think, got to the point if its really worth carrying on.
  6. haha I know wotcha mean I spent hours trying to find things to give me a lil more view with the Lunt35 so when imaging I can get a whole disc instead of having to do mosaics prolly help if I had a cam with a slightly larger chip but that's money I don't wanna spend, haha eyes deceiving you eh
  7. alllooo I use the same one & I know the SW CC does shorten the focal length a bit by 0.9 not sure wot that equates to in % never used it for visual work.
  8. your welcome dude, its always good to mess about with stuff to try a find out exactly wot they do an get comments back sometimes I find wot looks good to my eye may not nessasarily be how id like to present to others. its nearly time to vacate these premises so will catch up soon hope ya get ya clear sky regards john
  9. nice shot there charl, quite a bit of detail there, would say is a lil bit over but still nice to look at thou.
  10. thank you both for your comments, I was please with how it turned out ive seen coloured before an liked the look so had a go.
  11. nice shots, like the close up never tried going in that far....yet
  12. Better late than never a coloured moon Iso 100 1/640 Canon 500D stack of 50
  13. amazing image so clear an crisp almost like you floating above the surface, informative right up to very enjoyable clear skies dude john
  14. did a bit more processing an managed to tease some colour out on this one
  15. Hi all hope your well just thought as with the clouds & rain were having id have a play with some old data I found, i've been wanting to add some sort of colour to the moon that ive seen from time to time on here but never managed to get past it looking very monochrome with the Canon, well I think I sussed it, for some reason it took 2 goes of Vibrance & saturation in PS5 the first one being 100% on each then adjusted the second set by eye, I thought id put up here to get some idea on weather its a bit to much or not enuff, wot ya think ??
  16. nice image there charl you seem to of got some colour in the first one ive never been able to manage that, a full moon to, I was hoping to have a go at that but alas became cloudy so missed the chance.
  17. thank you all, was quite please with this as was looking a lil bright before processing an been a while since done anything imaging.
  18. A quick image of the moon from 16.01.16 stack of 30 at ISO100 & 1/640 processed in PS5 & imppg pic 1 mod.tif clear skies john
  19. been the best day in aggggggees here an im stuck at work, think im gunna bring the baby lunt to work, but if I do that will be cloudy lol rock an hardplace grrr, but great shots mr chaos not much happening by looks of it.
  20. Ground control to Major Tim...good luck

  21. nice images dude, they looking pretty clear an focused well done that man
  22. hmm clear skies as of now, hope it carries on for the night !!

    1. xtreemchaos


      good here too,scopes cooling.goodluck.

    2. Purplehayze104


      well seeing is really pants at the moment cant see nothing other than the brighter stars & winds gotten up since this afternoon tut

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