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  1. Off to Elan....

    sam knows , yes we are back
  2. thank you john, just finished watching it. what a guy, some great techniques which do work
  3. Off to Elan....

    apparently the frac owner is a bit of a pig
  4. very nice. i have nexus of serge and it is amazing, connected to sky safari pro 5
  5. How should m13 look?

    at a dark site with no moon, it should look like looking at the sun through a tea strainer with good conditions and high power you should make out individual stars towards the outer edges and maybe colours
  6. Wow, goto

    with my push to
  7. Hedging my bets for the hols

    hi sam, glad to see you back sorry paul have a great holiday. just getting my stuff ready for Pembrokshire next week with my 2 kids. dob in the back, and the rest in the trailer
  8. New shroud

    you don't have to mention i made the heater i will second what calv said
  9. New shroud

    thats brilliant calv, hope you bring it to elan. thought you was getting the shroud for the 18 not the 12"
  10. should of said, throw yours in the hedge not through
  11. you won't be saying that in a couple of weeks when you through yours in the hedge
  12. Dark sites in North Wales

    the area you mention is very good, dan k observes up that area. might be good pming him. i go the other side of bala up into the mountains
  13. DSS help

    looks pretty good dan