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  1. Just been to view a new to us cottage in snowdonia bortle 3. But it was terrible condition. Got another viewing on a property Friday. Bortle 3 as well Hope you don't mind me putting this on here stu
  2. In pencelli at the moment for 5 days. Got the little dob. What a amazing sky tonight
  3. i would go direct to astro systems. everytime i have ordered of serge my items have always arrive within 10 days, usually 1 week
  4. there is small indents in the tube that goes in the focuser, dig these out then there is small grub screws
  5. forgot why i came on here lol. just recieved my 2 R-SKY observing hoods
  6. that is awsome. made up for you. hope your buying sips for that ?
  7. that is a brilliant report kon. well done there
  8. no problem with that gerry
  9. true lockie, sorry i mean chris. big congrats on your job with flo as well
  10. thank you piero. pm on its way
  11. yes, kydex can only find small sheets
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