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  1. there is nothing wrong with little scopes shane, we all have 1 on the dobs nice mate
  2. heres mine, this was from when the dob mob was on tour. isle of skye. ready for the HH again and one with its brothers. mine in the front, slightly to the left mapsters, far left swampys and holding up the rear right estwings
  3. this is what i used on my small 14" dob. it was great, they do even smaller ones as well
  4. i seen that cal. skye has to be darker than mid wales. doesn't quite work out
  5. nice in groups iain, like i have said, your more than welcome to come with us
  6. using it to plan my camping holiday for france this year. the west coast near the pirenees looks best lit ex mixe .so booking for that area, 10 days/nights
  7. this new to me. looks very good
  8. 95x is my lowest power for the dob gerry, which is the 21e. its a easy split with that
  9. UFO got my attention
  10. neh
  11. i bought v5 pro to control my DSC and its not very good on android, v4 pro is more accurate
  12. for a few quid more go for this, perfect for you son as well you will love it
  13. also to add niallk its all in the wrong way, paracorr,powermate then ep
  14. niallk, just get the sips system so much easyer. that does look like a frac sticking out the focuser, at least you have found some use for a frac
  15. look foward to your un boxing pictures and your first light report