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  1. Hi folks, just been looking at m42 from costa rica through some bins. Never seen it so high, right on the zenith. Very strange. Nice though in 22 degrees
  2. its a brilliant project, creating something from a blank. looking back saying, i made that
  3. that is the book a have, made my 20 with that
  4. happy xmas all. and its clear for tonight
  5. or, just buy a big dob, you wont need to image it as the target will be a permanent image in your brain
  6. what he said, get a tx bit and tap it in gently with a small hammer,then un screw
  7. you can make your own controller. go on ebay and ssearch for pwm, they just switch the voltage off and on on a timer. around £5 each @Ships and Stars kendrick secondary heaters are the best. fitted one to my 20"
  8. soon i hope gerry. just been playing in the garden looking at the veil. great to be back
  9. 8e is still in the fov after a all nighter
  10. hi gerry, yes nexus is wireless to my phone using skysafari running nexus on my 20" which i have back
  11. here you go gerry https://www.componentshop.co.uk/cable/silicon-cables.html
  12. thats what i use gerry. model shops sell them because there tri rated suit high out put batteries
  13. get the sips. no settings needed, every ep is the same
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