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  1. brilliant report damo, glad you all had some clear skies at last
  2. brilliant report iain and as said keep them coming, which helps us all to keep going. good luck with the cone as well
  3. lets hope @Jason D helps out . cheers gerry
  4. if you rack your focuser in and out with your sight tube in place you can find if your focuser is not square
  5. i wish i could help. i have the full kit as well and can't get my head around it. @jetstream is the man. he should chime in
  6. damian (mapstar) phoned me earlyer on, said no snow were he was (north calisle) so hopefully you will all get a break
  7. didn't know that. so its me going mad
  8. leave the caps off and point the open end facing down. give it a few hours then once the moisture has gone recapp it
  9. wrong forum
  10. hi and welcome to sgl. ask any questions you like
  11. hi and welcome to sgl. glad you (your daughter) is enjoying the night sky. down load a free copy of stellarium it a software program that shows you what is in the night sky, you can then plan what you want to see. plenty to see in your dob
  12. Very nice fella
  13. you can use a car battery no problem. but don't discharge to much or it fail a leisure battery can be charged of a car battery charger, they are very similar in that respect
  14. beat me to it peter
  15. nice one cal, we can have some of them next week from the dark site