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  1. large alt bearings allow for big differences in weight at the uta without the dob dipping or raising. small alt bearings need bias to compensate for eps. i can use a bgo of ethos and the tube stays put
  2. when you read my build, didnt you see it 4 years ago and coating is still fine and its used a lot, did use the hammerite special surface primer as well. seriously its ace. well tidy
  3. i didnt use formica for any of my bearig surfaces on my dob build. i used hammerite paint on my ground board and alt bearings. makes the motion lovely and smooth and consistant
  4. do you mean you wouldnt see them because of your location? just go to a dark site
  5. elan valley. i made the scope. the buil thread is in my signature
  6. 1 more pic as well, mine is the rose wood coloured. With the dob mob
  7. the higher the grade the better. it will take high power better especially when conditions are ace. hence my 20" mirror set from orion optics
  8. as stu says. you know it will be right. as stu said earlier they only need a couple of washers to shim them out. then they are brilliant. very small foot print and very compact and strong
  9. you could drive there, and get them to pre assemble it ?
  10. i found these were very good in my old sct https://www.firstlightoptics.com/ovl-eyepieces/ovl-nirvana-es-uwa-82-ultrawide-eyepieces.html
  11. i made a aluminium disc and put a ptfe washer in between
  12. nice vid, auto colimator is difficult to use. i use the glatter kit
  13. hi dafydd , welcome from me at sgl and from wales. great starter scope, couldn't do better
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