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  1. Attention fellow South Wales Astronomers.

    can be quite dewe as well mike
  2. Attention fellow South Wales Astronomers.

    i used to go to claerwen , lovely spot, all you can here at night is the pump house. views to the east are a no go though
  3. Defining the Cone Nebula

    nice one alan and good effort iain. need to bag this
  4. Defining the Cone Nebula

    hope you had some luck iain
  5. Dark Skies Wales - Heads UP

    seen it last week, wicked skys
  6. Step aside Takahashi

    by the title thought you had been given a dob
  7. lovely report john, and nice to be out. had some more snow last night so no joy here. hopefully soon
  8. M33, a first for me!

    i understand what your saying and i do view from home a lot. we only meet up when the forecast is good and we are around new moon. the rest of the time i dedicate my time to my family and i don't go out socializing. my occasional free time is with the mob which isn't as often as we would like
  9. The Sky at Night

    to be honest with you, anything to do with the nightsky on tv is worth watching, but at least you don't moan about it
  10. The Sky at Night

    loved it, best show for a while. thanks Gina
  11. i agree with john, lovely report and you are lucky to escape the 10" of snow
  12. Anyone using 6mm Ethos in a big dob?

    i powermate my 8e often as do the rest of the dobmob and its great, used to use the pentax xw 5mm on most sessions and it was amazing. the 5mm gave me 480x
  13. M33, a first for me!

    go somewere proper dark stu and you will see it, or come with us and look through our dobs. make sure you bring some elastics though
  14. M33, a first for me!

    i love it when people go to proper dark skys and not ones they claim to be dark because they don't know any better. good hunting mate and clear skies
  15. M33, a first for me!

    what a brilliant topic and congrats furrysocks. go somewhere dark as you are and m33 is brilliant, as estwing(cal) says m101 is stunning in dark skys seeing the HA regions blows your furry socks off and is our transparency indicator