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  1. he is in great spirits helen
  2. some pics
  3. just add like damo said, he didnt get chance but m51 and m101 were jaw dropping m101 looked like a star fish that had been dried out in the sun the arms were amazing. not that we look from dark sites but jupiter was taking nearly 500x mag in my dob and this is when it was still low in the sky not quite south yet. i have never seen colours in jupiters moon's like that. unbelievable night, calv also spotted m13 naked eye
  4. nothing wrong with that niallk , if you do, go for the later style mirror cell, even though that one still works fine
  5. what a great book
  6. 2 days left untill the dobmob meet up at mag 22 skys :headbang:

    plenty of pics will follow

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Pig


      Of course I would love to but I'm a bit full on atm :happy8:

    3. faulksy


      next time then shaun, you can bring your finder :evil6:

    4. Pig


      Yes... I will put an red laser inside it so I can compete with the super RDF's :happy8:

  7. a lot of females struggle as well, your not on your own . do use a right angle view finder that might help
  8. have a safe trip all, see you at elan the weekend damo
  9. that will be perfect with the ethos
  10. you only need a 60kg counter weight and away you go
  11. here is a pic of my newt and one with its brothers
  12. i can see for miles to the west shane, i think you will be ok
  13. so well said ron, we must be from the same gene pool