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  1. you can use a usb phone charger or pc. or aux plug to cigar lighter serge has done a ace tutorial on you tube. just put in astro devices
  2. they hate being on there own, you need the 8 and 21 now
  3. i lost 40lbs once, looked everywere only messing mate, loosing weight should help your back 2 discs ,ouch mate your doing well considering, be careful you dont slip cheers paul
  4. nice one paul, you should buy a heated vest they are great mate
  5. nice session Gerry. that is cold Gerry but transparent just cloudy here. 12 months left and i will be in bortle 2/3 skies
  6. were is my edit button i bagged it in january mark. along with ngc 2768 and 4449
  7. very low surface brightness mark as you say. good spot though. another one of the list hows tonight going ?
  8. hi mark. try ngc 2805 thats in the plough as well mag 11 ish
  9. brilliant gerry to be honest, my old secondary was spot on. i only sold it because my astro systems holder was imperial. my 00 was 100mm and the antares was 4" it fits better
  10. i have owned 2 orion telescopes. a 14 dob with 1/10 mirror which was excellent. then i made my own dob and bought the 20" mirror which is 1/10. they did take there time producing my 20" which some will remember but it was well worth it. they couldbe a lot better if they tried but there mirrors do speak for them would i buy off them again. you bet
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