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  1. Great pic Laser! Had a bit of a giggle seeing all those counter weights. Don't use your counter weight arm for leveling your mount next time
  2. I have given up on the pxp model as I have quite alot of cone error. I just do a blind solve and offset init before I start imaging and get good results.
  3. double check that you have no cables snagging when slewing
  4. I have a blotchy background which i hid with levels.
  5. When doing the "offset init" remember to make sure that you tick the correct box "west or East" depending on where your counter weight is.
  6. go to C:\ProgramData\SiTech\SiTechExe and eliminate all pxp files and files for a new clean new model and park position. point the scope in the general direction of the position of a known star (even in daylight) and then perform an "offset init" Stop the scope and then move it with the hand controller to where you want it to be parked and then save this position. The scope should recognise that it is above the horizon and the new park position.
  7. 11x 300 sec R,G and B Bin x 2. 11 x 300 sec Luminance Bin x1. Atik 383L I will not bother binning the RGB next time. Mixture of Pixinsight and Photoshop, rushed as I have not a great amount of time to do this at the moment.
  8. I use Pixinsight. My R,G,B images are 2x Binned. My Luminance are 1x Binned. I have a set of Bias,Darks and R,G,B falts that are all 2x binned. I am sure I will need 1x binned versions of my Bias,Darks and Flats for my 1x Binned Luminance files. How do I batch process the whole lot in Pixinsight?
  9. I find it easier to just take more subs on another night.
  10. I would do a" polar align" through this option in your handset and then see if the dec graph is better.
  11. how did you do your rough PA? Do you have a synscan handset?
  12. I ended up getting the Mesu. I found that the EQ6 was not reliable with the combined weight of the st 80 as a guide scope,Atik 383 and filter wheel, Moonlite 2.5" focuser with stepper motor.
  13. 20 minutes of digging after everytime it snows. The snow here is light and easy to shovel due to the altitude which makes the snow dry.
  14. Anyone interested in the telekit here is a link to my build.
  15. I made a 16" one and motorised it with Stellarcat motors and ArgoNavis. I use a wifi dongle to control it with Skysafary on my phone.
  16. Is this a Telekit from Astrsystems?
  17. which cmos would be best with the Esprit 100?
  18. Hi Chris, I have decided to spend a bit more and buy a quality tested new Quark just to be sure. Thanks anyway. Regards, Simon
  19. Has it had any issues? If it is a good example I will purchase it. Regards, Simon
  20. Thanks for the input. I am more attracted to the Quark . The information received so far is making this choice easier.
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