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  1. This might be a stupid question but are you sure that the Flats are recent?
  2. Here is the full version without cropping.
  3. Here is a combination of 17 subs of 900s in Ha,OIII and SII. I zoomed the image in as my background does not do the rest of the image justice? Camera: Atik 383L Mount: Mesu 200
  4. Here are a couple taken with my 16" Dob and ASI 120mm camera.
  5. I have now done a bit more work on this by adding some OIII data and using a RGB image to make a star mask to add to my narrowband data to preserve the star colours. I combined 100% Ha to the Red channel , 100% SII data to the Green channel and 100% OIII data to the Blue channel.
  6. Thanks, yes it is a HSS image. I am in the process of adding some RGB data for the stars and I also now have some OIII. Within a few days I should be able to do an update.
  7. Flaming Star Nebular taken with my Quattro 10" and Atik 383L Ha and SII Filters used.
  8. My home made Dob .1760mm@F4.3 Argo Navis and Servocat motors. No filters. Asi 120mm camera Not barlowed.
  9. Two nights ago I catured these photos with my 16" Dob and Asi 120mm camera.
  10. Which eyepieces did you get for your astigmatism Don?
  11. That's what I was aiming to do. I also tried to make the stars much smaller as their were too many. The shot was taken with a half moon so some gradient is present when trying to stretch too much.
  12. Canon 5D MKIII attached to an Orion ED 80 refractor. 16 x 5min frames at iso 800.
  13. Fantastic first light. The sharpness stands out.
  14. Moon with Canon 5D MkIII and 10" Quattro
  15. Left home at 22:00 last night on foot and arrived at 06:00. I had to gain quite a bit of altitude in order to have a good visual of the comet.
  16. I also have the 10" Quattro. The stock focuser is not up to the task of Astrophotography by a long shott. I also updated it immediatly to a moonlight and stepper motor. I would advise you to get the carbon fibre version as the steel version is not great when loaded fully for Astrophotography. I had a carbon tube made for mine.
  17. After taking some images of a Comet last night I decided to slew to M101 and let the scope pay for its keep for the rest of the evening. 10 x 600s in ,R,G and B 18 x 600s in L Scope: Sywatcher Quattro 10" Mount: Mesu 200 Camera: Atik 383L Filters: Baader I will try and acquire some more data this evening.
  18. Asi 120mm hooked up to my homemade 16 inch dob. This is not in perfect focus but I was playing around with my Dob that I only use for visual. I am quite pleased with this brief attempt.
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