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  1. Singlin

    A new Dob owner

    Howie glatter lazer collimator
  2. Singlin

    New Mesu 200 for £1500.....really...

    It would be interesting to see if he wants the money before collecting it.
  3. I use a Wifi dongle attached to my Servocat and Argonavis. I use an 8" Samsung tablet and also my Edge 7 phone. Once I managed to configure the visual display information setting to my liking I find the phone to be just as good.
  4. My process on this was as follows: Auto Tone,Contrast and colour. Vibrance + 85% Saturation + 70% A small contrast curve in curves In Shadows / Highlights i used +23% in shadows and 10% in highlights. In Filter i did one pass at unsharp mask. I then decreased the exposure by 0.6.
  5. Moon with Canon 7D and Skywatcher 10" Quattro
  6. Singlin

    Heart Nebula HaSHO

  7. Singlin

    Luna Eclipse From Italy

  8. Singlin

    Luna Eclipse From Italy

    Here are a few taken with a Canon 700D and ED 80 scope. I was really busy with visual last night and was rushing around like a blue arsed fly so cpuold not concentrate too hard on the imaging.. Seeing was not great but at least it was clear.
  9. Singlin

    Go to dobsonian

    Post a picture of your Dobsonian.
  10. Singlin

    Propeller Nebular

    Here is my updatd effort, all comments are welcome
  11. Singlin

    Propeller Nebular

    Thanks Olly, I am still working on it and will post an updated version soon.
  12. Singlin

    Propeller Nebular

    This is with SII and OIII data added. No flats yet. I am also acquiring more data.
  13. Singlin

    Propeller Nebular

    I have not had much chance to do any imaging lately but have just started to capture some date for a project on the Propeller nebular. Below is Two hours of Ha data. Captured with an Atik 383L and Skywatcher Quattro 10" on a Mesu mount.
  14. Singlin

    Bubble in the TEC140.

    One of the best Bubble images I have ever seen.
  15. Singlin

    Skywatcher GTi mount

    could you fit this on an EQ3 tripod?

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