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  1. Fantastically well explained and put together. A great reference narrative to understand easily the basics of the Cosmos. I can't imagine the work and time that went into creating this . Thank you for sharing this masterpiece.
  2. I am currently using the old version of the Asi 120mm usb2 How much better is the ASI 174 regarding image quality? Is the image quality better on the newer ASI 120 usb 3?
  3. Is it possible to connect the Sky-Watcher AZ GTi to the EQ6 tripod?
  4. I am using Firecpture with flatfield enabled.
  5. I am new to this sort of imaging. To get more crisp images is it the seeing or the camera that are holding me back?
  6. Captured today with ED 80,Quark,Asi 120mm
  7. After having just bought a second hand Quark here on the Forum I have just taken my first image of the Sun. I have alot of banding which I beleive can be avoided by using a tilt adjuster.
  8. Great pic Laser! Had a bit of a giggle seeing all those counter weights. Don't use your counter weight arm for leveling your mount next time??
  9. I have given up on the pxp model as I have quite alot of cone error. I just do a blind solve and offset init before I start imaging and get good results.
  10. double check that you have no cables snagging when slewing
  11. I have a blotchy background which i hid with levels.
  12. When doing the "offset init" remember to make sure that you tick the correct box "west or East" depending on where your counter weight is.
  13. go to C:\ProgramData\SiTech\SiTechExe and eliminate all pxp files and files for a new clean new model and park position. point the scope in the general direction of the position of a known star (even in daylight) and then perform an "offset init" Stop the scope and then move it with the hand controller to where you want it to be parked and then save this position. The scope should recognise that it is above the horizon and the new park position.
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