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  1. Singlin

    How do I choose which cooled CMOS camera?

    which cmos would be best with the Esprit 100?
  2. Hi Chris, I have decided to spend a bit more and buy a quality tested new Quark just to be sure. Thanks anyway. Regards, Simon
  3. Does it achieve lock for all of the settings?
  4. Has it had any issues? If it is a good example I will purchase it. Regards, Simon
  5. Is it a good one? If so I am interested.
  6. Singlin

    Lunt 50 or Quark with ED 80?

    Thanks for the input. I am more attracted to the Quark . The information received so far is making this choice easier.
  7. Lunt 50 or Quark with ED 80? for solar viewing
  8. Singlin

    Orion nebula with Quattro and 1000D

    Played around with contrast and sharpen. I hope that I am not being rude by posting these, your data is excellent.
  9. Singlin

    Orion nebula with Quattro and 1000D

    I opened your photo in photoshop and in Levels i chose the red chanel, I then moved the middle slider to the right a bit.
  10. Good wright up. What software are you using to check your back focus?
  11. Singlin

    A new Dob owner

    Howie glatter lazer collimator
  12. Singlin

    New Mesu 200 for £1500.....really...

    It would be interesting to see if he wants the money before collecting it.
  13. I use a Wifi dongle attached to my Servocat and Argonavis. I use an 8" Samsung tablet and also my Edge 7 phone. Once I managed to configure the visual display information setting to my liking I find the phone to be just as good.
  14. My process on this was as follows: Auto Tone,Contrast and colour. Vibrance + 85% Saturation + 70% A small contrast curve in curves In Shadows / Highlights i used +23% in shadows and 10% in highlights. In Filter i did one pass at unsharp mask. I then decreased the exposure by 0.6.
  15. Moon with Canon 7D and Skywatcher 10" Quattro

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