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  1. Just getting back into astro and would like to know if anyone has any difficulties in loading registax with windows 10 as ive been told there are some conflicts causing programmes to crash
  2. Liking the thought of starting a collection will you be stocking more examples? Maybe you could do meteorite of the month?
  3. I totally agree with the focusing on a nearby star, I can only add that my personal preference is to go for the brightest one available Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  4. Liking the image, the moon is often overlooked but this justify why it shouldn't Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  5. To be honest, its early days. It would have been better if they got their act together before the start of the broadcast, considering the general sale is only weeks away. Also they have to justify the price tag and from what ive seen you can get the same quality for a lot less, I would guess the sales will be good only because its an Atik. In an earlier post I said I was excited, somewhat deflated now, maybe the broadcast didn't do it justice, who knows?
  6. Loving the concept, I've been doing video astronomy for some time now and very excited at the prospect of a dedicated video camera and software this will be a huge step from my first converted CCTV camera. Any idea of price?
  7. Using my Celestron Burst, I have noticed a blue hot pixel within my image, see below (sorry had to use street lights, clouds) This is a stacked image of hundred frames. Should I expect better for my £200 or is this an acceptable quality of image I should expect? Do other people have this problem?
  8. For sometime now, when aligning my mount the mount is repeatedly going bottom left at around 8 o'clock position and way of my attended alignment star despite correcting the error it carries on repeating it self The mount is level, facing north and right attitude. Handset is set to site time, daylight saving and UT. Any suggestions?
  9. wow, thanks for the efforts, looking awesome
  10. May I ask what you are using for the close ups, despite using a powermate cannot get mine so well focused Thanks
  11. I have one william optics SPL ( 6 mm ) and a couple of club member have the full set 3,6 and 12.5 which in our opinion are the real deal How do these compare?
  12. Liking the shot, I cannot beat the seeing so waiting to get a good shot in
  13. Many thanks for your help My PD1 has arrived :grin:
  14. Hi, liking your battery box can I ask what lead you are using from the battery to power your cam??? And Where to get one please?
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