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I realised I haven't introduced myself

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Hello all

My name is Carl, am 33 years old and I hail from Sweden (right between Uppsala and Stockholm is where I live). I have always had a scientific, astronomic, photographic and technical interest and since I recently tried taking some very rewarding wide angle shots with my new Nikon D5100 I decided it was time to finally get a scope and start doing real amatuer astronomy instead of just drooling lecherously over the scopes at the retail websites.

I contacted the local astronomy group called Uppsala Amatuer Astronomers http://uaa.saaf.se/ who turned out to be an awesome bunch of people (who also are caretakers of the Uppsala University double refractor from 1894 and some other cool old-school optics http://www.astro.uu.se/history/storaref.html ), so I gladly joined the club.

I decided to put the cash on a real mount and a cheap tube to start with, so I ended up ordering the SW 150DPS and the NEQ6 mount.

So far I have been totally engrossed in fact finding and self-study and I can't wait for my new gear to arrive so I can start catching photons for real!

Thanks for reading!

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Hello. I've only been to Sweden (Are) once snowboarding and loved it. You have a lovely country and great people. I even saw the Northern Lights on a couple of occasions.....really cool. Welcome to th

Hi Carl, welcome to SGL :)

Unlike most people new to astronomy you have your spending the right way round. The EQ6 will be ready to carry much larger scopes, or photographic equipment, when you decide where your main interest is.

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Hi and Welcome Carl

A very good starting set-up. That mount should be good to carry substantial upgrades when aperture fever strikes, or when you start loading it with camera equipment! Love the link to the double refractor - those old school instruments are marvellous pieces of engineering. It is good to see it is still getting good use! Thanks for posting :-).

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Hi Carl and welcome to SGL, a very wise choice in the EQ6, at least you will be able to swap scopes around without the worry of having to invest in another mount to carry it :)


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Hi Carl and welcome to the forum. You won't regret getting the NEQ6 mount as it represents great value for such a very capable mount. As others have said above, you have effectively removed any more considerations about upgrading the mount and so you can now have fun working out what scopes to put on it. I have the same mount and have enjoyed every moment since I put it together out of the box!

Clear skies and enjoy the forum


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