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  1. reddoss

    Alan Bean, 4th man on the Moon dies

    RIP NASA astronought Alan Bean. Probably the nicest man to have ever walked on the moon. A true human being with a hugley generous spirit.
  2. reddoss

    The Moon in A Room

    Here is mine taken in my tent at the Brecon beacons AstroCamp star party in April. On the Friday night it was the only celestial object to bee seen due to cloud. Another great thing about this lamp is that when you put it on charge, it turns blue!!!!! I think it must have magic powers as we had clear skies on then Saturday, more that was to be had at Kelling Heath during the same weekend so I am told.
  3. The Sky at Night TV program is being broadcast at 10.00 pm this Sunday 13th May on BBC4. The episode is ' Gaia: A Galactic Revolution' I am looking forward to seeing the first results of this space probe which is trying to create a 3D map of our galaxy.
  4. reddoss

    SGL 2018 SP Bookings

    It was fine on Thursday and Friday nights. We even had about an hour of clear sky on Friday night for bino or dob veiwing. We all left by Saturday afternoon ti avoid the snow firecast for Sunday.
  5. reddoss

    SGL 2018 SP Bookings

    Booked Thursday thought until Monday.
  6. I've seen that burger van somewhere before!!!!! See you soon Tich
  7. I may get to the Campsite on Weds depending on work and the weather. Tony, I will let you know on Weds morning if I am coming up in the afternoon. Otherwise I will get there on Thursday. Cheers, Justyn
  8. Does any one know why it is not on in March? With the axing of Star Gazing Live, the BBC seem to be wavering in its commitment to science programs.
  9. reddoss

    SGL 2018 SP - Bookings Heads-up

    Great, will book a pitch next Monday.
  10. reddoss

    Favourite Class Of Object, And Reasons

    As an astroimager, it has to be nebulae - both emission and reflection. The Orion and Veil are my favourites.
  11. I have just sent a PM to Tony to book a EHU pitch.
  12. reddoss

    First published image

    Well done. The first of your images that get published is always very special.
  13. reddoss

    BBC Sky at Night Sunday 18th Jan

    Yes another good episode, though the explanation of dark energy was a little on the simplistic side for my liking. Good to see some basic AP being demonstrated by Pete.
  14. reddoss

    NGC1977 The Running Man Nebula

    Nice image.m The MN190 is a great imaging scope.
  15. Just a reminder that this months episode is on BBC Four at 10.00 pm on Sunday. It's title is 'The Invisible Universe' and about Dark matter and Dark energy, should be interesting.

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