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  1. But it’s not real astronomy...

    Unfortunately there are idiots everywhere in life. The best thing to do is ignore them and carry on with you astroimaging.
  2. I have just bought Sequence Generator Pro. I know Daz gave a tutorial last year, but I didn't have it then!!!!! If some kind person could show me some pointers, I would be very grateful.
  3. SGL 2017 SP - Pitch Plan

    Thanks for putting this together Grant.
  4. SGL 2017 SP Bookings Now Open

    All the views are pretty good from most of the rally field.
  5. Just like normal Newtonian, the image is inverted and the other way round. The meniscus lens at the front flattens the image and minimises coma but does not change the image orientation. These telescopes give superb views both for visual use and for astro-imaging. It is widely said to be on a par with a very large high quality triplet APO refractor and at a fraction of the cost. I have been using my Skywatcher 190 mm Mak Newt for DSO imaging for many years and have no plans t get rid of it. An excellent all round telescope/astrograph.
  6. Hello from NYC

    Welcome to SGL Andrew. Great images.
  7. Size Comparison of the Universe 2017

    Nice video, thanks for sharing.
  8. This is an essential device to ensure the mount is level, I have been using for years now!
  9. Tonight's episode of the S@N at 10.00 pm on BBC4 is 'It came from outer space' http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b091j816
  10. SGL 2017 SP Bookings Now Open

    I was at Lucksall last weekend and the have installed a barrier in front of the café at the start of the main drive that runs parallel with the river. A camera reads your car registration (which has to be registered with the campsite office) before it will open. This may effect those wishing to visit SGL2017 at night.
  11. October 2017 star party in Brecon?

    As Tony mentioned. there many star parties in the Autumn running from September to November, SGL, Kelling Heath (Sept and Nov), Galloway, AstroCamp to name but a few. There are not so many organised for the spring, which is why the SWAG star party was moved to March last year.
  12. I have been attending the twice yearly Astrocamp in the Brecon Beacons since it started a few years back. It is held in a campsite near the village of Cwmdu, the main road of which forms a trunk road through the National Park which was has Dark Sky status. In April of this year I was the first to arrive at the campsite, a few days early before the main weekend started. I was horrified to find that the street lights in the village had been changed to extremely bright LEDs. The bottom field of the campsite is right next to the road, it was so bright that you could have held and International Football match there. The authorities had installed them in villages across the National Park which had major trunk roads through them. I took a picture with my mobile phone and posted on the Astrocamp Face Book page. I also talked to a number of the local residence in the morning who were also unhappy with the new street lights. Within a few hours many people in positions of authority within the local community, the National Park, The Welsh Government and Dark Skies for Wales (to name but a few) were contacted. This led to a sustained campaign by the organisers and participants of Astrocamp and many others, this has been a lot of hard work especially by the organisers. We have finally received some good news from the Welsh Government cabinet who wrote to Kirsty Williams who is the local Welsh MP for Cwmdu. See the letter below for details.
  13. Heads up "Sky at night" Sunday

    Just watched it on the iPlayer, what a great episode. I found it funny that these days we have super computers to process astronomical data, however a centaury ago the Vatican used three nuns to do the job. I really enjoyed the philosophical points of view as well. It is a shame philosophy is not taught in schools these days. I tell my undergrads that unless you have a basic understanding of philosophy, you can not really understand what science is really about. Many years ago I stayed in a Villa on the other side of the lake from the Popes summer palace and the Vatican observatory, it is a stunning place.
  14. Bookings for Septembers Astrocamp star party in the Brecon Beacons open today at 1pm. Here is the link http://astrocamp.awesomeastronomy.com/ Cheers, Justyn