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  1. Klingons, Klingons, has to be evidence of Klingons!!!!!!
  2. Who wants to watch 22 spoiled, highly overpaid millionaires having fun???? Orion any time for me.
  3. An excellent episode in my opinion.
  4. My new QHY16 arrived today along with the 2 inch Ha and LRGB filters. It has a an APS-H sized chip (21.6 x 27 mm), an internal 5 position filter wheel and also comes with it's own off-axis guider. It is probably the first one in the UK, so sorry in advance for the next two weeks of cloud. Going to have a busy weekend playing with this Cheers, Justyn
  5. Steve - the best cure is a double shot of dark rum with a splash of Ribena (blackcurrant) in a tall glass, then top up the glass with hot water. It always works a treat. PS To be taken orally, do not rub on chest
  6. Absolutely amazing!!!!!! Thank you for sharing
  7. I can confirm Tony's comment above that it is not usually a problem. I have taken a number of images at this star party without any stray light problems.
  8. And is my image of the Flaming Star nebula taken at last years SWAG star party.
  9. Seeing Saturn through a 15 inch Newt when I was 11 years old, it's been spend...spend...spend ever since.
  10. Both Blue and very Dark Skies are seen in Cardiff most of the time - but if you if you have a very vivid imagination.
  11. One of the hardest parts of Astro-imaging is the very steep learning curve and all the mistakes made, both in taking the image and in processing. Yet each little improvement made and lesson learnt is just so rewarding, far outweighing early disappointments. All I can say that if you try and cheat Astro-imaging, you have no idea just what you are missing out on.
  12. Easy.....added in with Mole Carbonara's actions in Photoshop
  13. Here is an image I took with an ED80 and an astro-modified Canon 450D from my back garden near the centre of Cardiff, and yes it's a single sub.