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  1. Hi Carole, I will be to catch up with you again. I will show you my QHY 16200A Camera.
  2. Hi Tich and Tony, Will be good to catch up with you both at SGL.
  3. Many Thanks Carole, Hope to see you at a star party again sometime soon.
  4. I would like combine images from my OSC CCD with Lum and Ha taken with my Mono CCD in Photoshop. Can anyone recommend a good video tutorial? Cheers, Justyn
  5. Thank you for sharing, will catch up with it on the BBC iPlayer.
  6. The new moon in October is on Monday 28th, so the weekend of 25th would be ideal. I would be interested in going as well. Does the campsite have electrical pitches?
  7. I went for the first time last year, it was great fun. Going again next weekend. Cheers, Justyn
  8. That was my first book as well, but I must have had a later edition as the front covers was different.
  9. I once told a saying from another hobby which applies equally to astronomy and others. "Fishing tackle shops are not there to help anglers catch fish, they are there to catch fishermen!" You would not be allowed to use this pointing device at a star party!
  10. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11, the BBC have created a series of podcasts from their World Service programs about various aspects of the mission entitled '13 minutes to the Moon' https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w13xttx2/episodes/downloads
  11. I've booked my usual pitch.
  12. I have also been impressed with Altair Astro in the past when I can get to speak with them on the phone. I bought my 115mm APO triplet and EQ8 from them.
  13. reddoss

    Save the Date

    Thanks for the Info Grant. Looking forward to it already.
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