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  1. I got to AstroCamp on Tuesday last week. I got there early so I could have plenty of time test the new motherboard I replaced in the EQ8 and test the EQmod pulse guiding. AS the evening drew in I started to notice the new village street lights. This is the image I took of the lower field of the campsite and posted it on the AstroCamp Face Book page straight away. This resulted in a lot of activity and people contacting all sorts of organisations , local councillors and national politicians. The villagers of Cwmdu and the campsite owners are opposed to the new bright lights. BBC Wales came up on Sunday to interview one of the organisers, they used my image at the beginning of the report. The AstroCamp organisers arranged a paper petition in the village and are arranging online versions soon. Hopefully these will be posted up soon. Cheers, Justyn PS Please feel free to use my image to protest/highlight the cause. The Brecon beacons is a designated Dark Sky Reserve!!!!!!!
  2. When I frist started coming (SGL4) there used to be a tour of the site and of different peoples scopes/imaging set ups espeicaly for newcomers. I am not sure if this was official but I think it was run by Helen and MikeP. Think this might be a good icebreaker.
  3. Due to the wonderful but unpredictable British weather, this may be the only way to see the night sky at some star parties - but hopefully not SGL 2017.
  4. The mount slewing etc itself is fine through the handset on its own or QEmod through the hand set, but not EQmod through the autoguiding port. Have check all the leads and cables many times, have two separate HitechAstro USB hubs. Can you be more specific when you say 'careful with the internal connectors' do you mean not too much force? Cheers
  5. I tried that as well, which is why we all think it's the motherboard that's a fault.
  6. I am going to have to change the motherboard in my EQ8. I have discussed the autoguiding problems (no ST4, HitechAstro & Shoestring, or EQmod control through the autoguiding port, have EQmod control but no pulse guiding through the handset) with Altair Astro and the motherboard seems to be the most likely culprit Are there any video tutorials or comprehensive instructions on how to do this anywhere? Cheers, Justyn
  7. Great video Titch. The only slight blemish is a still of me standing in my tent door way
  8. Thanks to Tony for organizing another great star party. Great to catch up with the old gang again.
  9. They have already been ordered!
  10. wackier more entertaining gets my vote
  11. I think imaging and processing workshops are always welcome. Just and idea Grant - how about a guest speaker to give a talk in the Café just before the Friday night curry and quiz?
  12. looking forward to it already.
  13. I just came across these amazing images of Jupiter's cloud structure. Some of them have been described as an abstract painting. Here is the link
  14. There are several Billionaires who I would like to send to the moon, on a one way ticket