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  1. The Sky at Night

    It was good to see Pete have a bigger part to play in this episode.
  2. One for the Apollo fans

    Thanks for sharing Helen. Cheers, Justyn
  3. The Fish Mouth

    Nice effect.
  4. My copy just arrived from FLO today. Have just read the forward so far and flipped through it. It looks very comprehensive, and as with Steve Richards previous book, Making every photon count) it is very well written. I plan to be working with it at the weekend. Steve (Stepennwolf), having a ring binding is an inspired choice for being able to follow the processing steps while working on images on a computer at the same time. Cheers, Justyn
  5. More supermoon hype...

    Pure media rubbish again. It must be a slow news day.
  6. Been Quiet on here.....

    Hi Tony, shame the FForest Fields trip did not come off this time. I am going to try to get their again in December. As you know I went to the SGL start party campsite at Lucksall near Hereford on Thursday. I had 4 to 5 hours of clear skies for imaging on each of the 3 nights I was there. Managed to get my second complete LRGBHa image, very pleased indeed.
  7. Hi Steve, just ordered Dark Art from FLO. Really looking forward to reading and working with it. After years of OSC imaging I have just started LRGBHa, this book should be very useful. Perfect timing. Cheers Justyn
  8. The Untidiest Cables competition

    Mine are pretty scruffy Carol.
  9. EQ8 servicing

    Has anyone had an EQ8 serviced by DarkFrame in Hampshire? If so, do you think it was worth the money? I ask as I need to get mine serviced (mainly the backlash), but at £800 is seems a lot to me. Cheers, Justyn
  10. Birds

    Nice image.
  11. 2018 Quiz

    Looking forward to it already. The red torch prize has come in very useful
  12. Dark Skies....Fforest Fields

    If the weather plays ball, I may have a few nights up at Fforest Fields in November around the time of the new moon 18th and 19th. Justyn
  13. Apolllo 1 crew relaxing at the pool

    Yes John. the fire that killed them was a terrible price to pay to get to the moon.
  14. Practicing splash down drills really. I have never seen this image before I came across it today.
  15. SGL 2018 - Save the Dates!

    looking forward to it already. Justyn