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  1. A good powered Hub is a Mother Board with sufficient USB Port to cover your kit, this way there will be no dropouts as there is only one hub, bit extreme well depends if you want reliable connection mine run for 2-3 years no problems with USB all 7 ports in use....
  2. When you GoTo the first object, undo the clutches and manually move the scope to aligne the first star, then tighten the clutches and use GoTo for the next Star and any other Stars, Getting the Polar Alignment so Polaris is on the 1' circle will make a big difference....
  3. It sounds like you want to increase the slewing speed, press 2 on the handset then any number up to 9, the higher the number the faster it will slew.....
  4. They sell small round magnets on E-Bay with a counter sunk hole in the centre for a screw, buy a small Ball Bearing and place it on the magnet stick the magnet on a nail knocked into a distance tree and when you shine a light at it, you will get your Star....
  5. A CR2 should fit a 200p, this one is sold, sorry
  6. This is Mint condition brought new from FLO very fine adjustments , does not include the Dovetail Bar £145, Price includes Postage, UK Only, Bank Transfer or add £5 for Paypal, cash on collection, located NW Norfolk...
  7. Mains power wins ever time, site the PSU in the dry and just run a lead out to the mount , 13.8v supply on a 30' lead lost 0.02 volts or put it another way, next to nothing......
  8. My Observatory PC has 8 USB Ports on the back plate all built into the the Mother board Hub, never had a problem, sticking hubs into hubs is not the way to go........
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