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  1. I am arriving on Saturday, by which time there will be clear skies from dusk until dawn !!!!!!!!!
  2. On air tonight at 9pm. Dramatised documentary about the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon, featuring declassified cockpit audio recorded by the astronauts, cutting-edge digital effects and dramatised performances to tell the story of Apollo 11. The words of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins convey everything from moments of high drama to light-hearted banter on their long and dangerous journey.
  3. I have just booked pitch 13 from 7th to the 10th. You just can't get the staff these days Tony
  4. Yes Please Tony, and don't forget my scrambled eggs as well.
  5. Hi Tony, can you book me into pitch 13 please, my usual pitch.
  6. The Virgin Space program seems to me little more than a multi-millionaires roller coaster ride with extremely limited scientific value.
  7. Surely Yoda would levitate the Dob until the eye piece was in the perfect position for the observers eye!!!!!!!!
  8. "I was sat at the bottom of the garden a week ago, smoking a reflective cheroot, thinking about this and that - mostly that, and I just happened to glance at the night sky and I marvelled at the millions of stars glistening like pieces of quicksilver thrown carelessly onto black velvet. In awe I watched the waxen moon ride across the zenith of the heavens like an amber chariot towards the void of infinite space wherein the tethered bolts of Jupiter and Mars hang forever in their orbital majesty; and as I looked at all this, I thought, 'I must put a roof on this lavatory." ~ Les Dawson
  9. Wonderful tribute to Mike Collins at the end of this episode!
  10. Tonight's episode is about the results from the Gaia space telescope 'Mapping the Milky Way' https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000w067
  11. At starparties, toilet tents are the most common form of scope covering/protection used. It is also a good idea to put a plastic sheet over the whole scope and mount set up as well as the tent just incase there are any leaks.
  12. After tonight's episode, I was glad to see that 'Elvis' has not left the NASA building, and is the chief engineer on the Perseverance rover. It was he, who designed and came up with the Sky Crane maneuver for the Curiosity rover a few years back, this ensured that it landed safely on the surface of Mars without being 'All shook up'.....
  13. The Sky at Night is on BBC4 tonight at 9.30 PM. It is about Mars and meteorites. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000v495
  14. Hi Tony, please keep me up to speed on this. If it's on, then I'm in!!!! Cheers, Justyn
  15. Are there any plans for an SLG star party at Lucksall in October/November this year? Cheers, Justyn
  16. Welcome Steve. I go to star parties up in the Brecon beacons to do my imaging.
  17. Here is all the Info https://www.e-outdoor.co.uk/p/montane_power_stretch_pro_grippy_gloves/?utm_source=froogle&utm_medium=directory&utm_content=GBR&currency=GBP&country=GBR&SelectedBundle=193990&SelectedItem=797440&gclid=Cj0KCQiA0MD_BRCTARIsADXoopZ2a0-YZImFMN4ZLQwfbnKv92Qf4IUmDjx9jQaoZ3RfMZe92U4JPfcaAtowEALw_wcB
  18. Here are the gloves I use while imaging when it's cold. They are very warm and you can grip any thing with them easily. I got them from Go Out Doors. Cheers, Justyn
  19. Clouds, Star link. Insecurity lights and LP
  20. I can quite justifiably state that my visit to Pencelli would be a work related exercise, based on educational activities.
  21. Very interesting program. Still not convinced myself than the spectroscopic signature for Phosphine from the is from a biological source, but it would be well worth investigating further to see if it is from some sort of abiotic origin. Either way the findings of future studies will give further insights in to one of are closests planetary neighbors.
  22. I found this article rather interesting https://www.cnet.com/news/the-mysterious-radio-burst-from-space-is-back-right-on-schedule/?fbclid=IwAR2GJ8H0xlTx48xq2d6zsBa_Hh09u1bCpxg_5SRAD1WkvmpQ5HXutdUtCUs Maybe this is going to the announcement which is delaying the S@N tv program until Monday 14th Sept.
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