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  1. I think these are excellent eyepieces. I got them as part of the Baader turret set. the 10mm and 6mm are about my most regularly used eps now. They complement my f/8 and longer 'fracs really nicely.
  2. Out with my Skywatcher 150 ED tonight. At 60x, Nova looks a touch brighter than HD 220770. Maybe a tad brighter, but not much in it. I did have a little intermittent high thin haze here though, soooo don't know if thats affecting my seeing (albeit pretty much gone now). Seeing steadyish but not great transparency up til now.
  3. What they all said! All the best to Martin and his family
  4. Marki

    Howdy from NC

    Hi and welcome
  5. Nice set up! My SW 150ED is very good; excellent value for money. I agree the standard tube rings are poor. One of mine definitely doesn't grip tight; I got the upgraded SW ring set to address this, but its a pricey fix and I feel SW let themselves down with the stock irings. Still, its the views that count and visually I think its a very good telescope. Hope you get some clear skies soon and I look forward to reading your first light report :).
  6. Mmm - proper "man logic" Mike - I used something similar with my partner when discussing the LZOS 130 I bought . I wonder how that figure per day would work out when calculated as "cost per night of clear skies" from this misty island off the NW coast of Europe.... .
  7. I'd be in category 1, but it really depends on your definition of "worth it". I certainly see an improvement in the quality of the view through my premium Apo (certainly in "crispness"). Whether anyone else would consider the over three times price difference "worth it" compared to the already good views in my non-premium apo, is their call. For me it is. I came relatvely late to the hobby, so my eyesight isn't as good as it was even a few years ago, so I am determined to make the best of the quality views my 'frac grants me whilst I am still able. And to some extent, even if my deteriora
  8. My first scope was an 8SE. I'm not really tech savvy, but I found goto quite easy after a while, once I'd got the hang of the alignment routine. And under the very light polluted skies I used to live under, I think I'd have been lost without it if I'd had to manually find my way around to begin with.
  9. Lovely - can't wait to read your first light report!
  10. Love the Stein Inn - good beer and a decent meal too. Stayed a couple of cottages down, near the jetty a few times, a couple of years back. Took a 125mm scope and had one really good night, but rained out the rest of the week both times we stayed up there - still, washed the midges away!
  11. And its not a "school night".... . Forecast looks excellent here! Fingers crossed... . Well, the BBC forecast is looking good. Clearoutside shows the total opposite and tells me I'm currently under 91% cloud.... better put me coat on again as the blinding sunshine I can actually see had me fooled
  12. Me too - in the steady moments I can get down to 4km or better in that group (and the set just above X). Nice and sharp earlier to about 270x. Not worth going higher (althoguh I tried - bigger dimmer images, but not any real extra detail). Now the moon has just gone behind my roof ; can't be bothered to move the scope, so going for doubles in Bootis instead.
  13. Already had some lovely time on the moon tonight - seems pretty steady and good seeing to me so far (and really enjoying what my 130mm can show me in terms of lunar detail!). Hope you are all having as good a night as mine is promising to be!
  14. As a newly minted Russian miracle glass afficionado, all I can say is the Lutkarino Zavod is Observing the Situation... .
  15. We don't care about size or expense - just so long as its long(ish) and pointy with the glass at the right end
  16. APM LZOS 130 F/9 in action last night (too tired for tonight). Flippin' love this machine
  17. Marki


    Hi and welcome
  18. Welcome back :). Another TAL fan here - I have two of the TAL achromat refractors, a 100RS and a 125R. I love the robust build of the TALs and their generally excellent optics! Hope you get some quality time and clear skies for your Alkor soon!
  19. The ingenuity of SGL members never fails to impress me! Do you intend to "finish" it, or will it be an ongoing "work in progress" to be updated at each apparition?
  20. Thanks John. I use the AZEQ in mainly EQ mode at the moment - this is mainly as it gets the tube a little higher fromthe ground. I did have short prier extension but it wasn't really "tight" with shifted as the scope slewed - not ideal. I've been looking into different models of pier extension/mounting recently but I don't have the option of a permanent set-up regretfully. For now bend or kneel. And my back doesn't tahnk me for it... .;)
  21. A few observations on my LZOS. I find the dew shield cover a bit of a pain; its one of those screw-in types (how do you call them?) and is surprisingly noisey at 2am when packing up.... :). The scope is really quite heavy; I've just weighed it at 11.5 kg with rings, plate and handle and dewshield cap. Thats fully 2kg more than my SW Evostar 150 ED. The tube is finished in that slightly textured powdered paint. The dewshield cap is metal. I nearly dropped the scope whilst trying to get it on my mount. I'd forgotten to open up the saddle grip enough for the losmandy plate (only ever h
  22. GReat report! 'Though I did eat two Curley-Whirleys earlier' made me actually laugh out loud
  23. So, the clouds have parted and the scope has been out an hour. I'll post a proper first light report later, but for now all I'll say is, I get it. I now get it. I really finally get it. I get why a premium 'frac justifies its title. I also have a better appreciation of just how good a telescope a third the price can actually be as well. A quick star test on Arcturus shows no false colour, absolutely none, inside or outside of focus (or actually at focus more importantly ;)) @240x. Near perfect and identical diffractions rings either side too and so far as I can tell given the conditions,
  24. Thanks John. You're not kidding. Just been reading up some of the very long, convoluted, tortuous and even heated threads about the evolution of the 130 f/9 (ish) design, cool-down times and actual focal lengths over on CN..... . Informative, but exhausting in equal measure ;). After all that, at this point all I want is a clear night to try mine out... ;).
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