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  1. Great report!...That Filter will help with the nags head but not as much as dark skies will.
  2. Nice report and thanks for sharing, clear skies!
  3. Nice.....but in the wrong section...can we move this pls mods?
  4. To be honest...I don't think I've ever observed this target!!
  5. Sounds like one of your stories @Scott
  6. Mate bought the one from widescreen...it leaks. Motorbike covers are ok for a few months but tbh...a cheap tarp from B&Q beats everything.
  7. Hidden treasures or the secret deep
  8. 21ethos 13ethos and the 8mm ethos 21 is the finder and then 13/8 as required...I powermate the 8 if conditions allow
  9. Just go anyway..the amount of weekends lost to cloud are countless but if you don't go you'll never know
  10. Always travel to observe...deep sky hunting requires the darkest of skies.
  11. Delos ep's are very good..the 17mm is a gem...books, go for Hidden treasures and The secret deep maybe uranometria 2000. Pocket sky atlas is fantastic but the best purchase is a tank of petrol and get to dark skies. I observe with the Dob mob which includes 18",20"and a 22" but from the same site used a 10" dob and I was blown away how much you can see with one in true dark skies. Galaxy hunting is our forte, clear skies!
  12. Gave this a go on Thursday night at Galloway but unfortunately the transparency wasn't up to much...
  13. Just sat down after packing everything away.....just like to echo Damo's comments, an enjoyable time as always....see you all in March.
  14. The sips is fantastic in the feather light focuser but I personally use the paracorr 2...both highly recommended
  15. @bomberbazI still owe you a can from the meet up in the peak district with Shane...that was a lonnnng time ago now!...be good to see you again Steve.
  16. estwing


    And that's why we love what we do.
  17. estwing


    Can we have this moved into the right section pls Mods
  18. Desperate to get some galaxy hunting in at Galloway...terrific skies there Steve.
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