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  1. @FellsideIs it possible to make those events available to all that are trialling Voyager please ?
  2. Both are fine, I have a Atik460 on a FSQ85 and recently a SX 834 on an Esprit120 at a friends dome. As Ray states the SX cools lower due to an additional external fan, has the USB2 hub and a tilt adjuster. I've recently had my Atik460 serviced and a faulty fan replaced and a broken temperature sensor identified and replaced. This meant I could get 25-30 below ambient instead of struggling to hit 15 below ambient. The service from Atik was superb, Terry and the crew at Starlight are also great and responsive so both vendors are very good.
  3. Looking forward to watching it over a coffee !
  4. Amp glow aside, it's a nice capture dude.
  5. Welcome to SGL, kick back and relax. You have a nice setup there.
  6. I'll be there, so I will try to keep an eye for anyone wearing any identifiers.
  7. John, Yes Dave and Bob are still in BAS and in fact Dave is on this forum as @M44DSW ! As you say I do believe he is heading back out with a few others next April, I will mention this convo when I see him tomorrow when I'm helping him to commission his dome. Regards Gingergeek
  8. Hi John, A warm welcome from the Basingstoke Astronomical Society, I think you know some of the members and showed them around the scopes before. I hope to join them on a visit one year, so much to do and so little time Gingergeek
  9. I sent him a message on March12 and it's not read yet, hope everything is okay !
  10. It was truly tongue in cheek and I know nothing of iOptron future products......I will put on a naughty boy hat and go sit in the corner.
  11. Just as you receive them the CEM90 is announced .... sorry couldn't help myself !
  12. Hmmm.....I can hear my credit card starting to cry in anticipation for incoming pain.
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