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  1. gingergeek

    The Eagle has Landed!

    Hmmm.....I can hear my credit card starting to cry in anticipation for incoming pain.
  2. gingergeek

    The Eagle has Landed!

    Agreed.....see to it Ray !
  3. gingergeek

    iOptron CEM60-EC First thoughts

    Hear Hear !!! ..... that was my girlfriend.
  4. gingergeek

    Astrofest 2019

    @RayD I will be there both days so I will watch out for you being you're such a YouTube star
  5. gingergeek

    Astrofest 2019

    Yes last time I bought tickets on the door for the day
  6. gingergeek

    Thor's Helmet again - now with boosted Ha

    The HA boost make this so different, excellent work !
  7. gingergeek

    Astrofest 2019

    Will see you again this year Carole, going both days this year.
  8. Thank you FLO for hosting the awesome forum community
  9. gingergeek

    Sir Patrick as the new £50

    Voted for Rosalind Franklin - so many people to choose from who were not correctly recognised for their contribution........time to right a wrong.
  10. gingergeek

    Sh2-150 in Cepheus

    Nice one Jens, you seem to be enjoying the Tak Epsilon.
  11. That Steppenwolf bloke gets everywhere ! Just like the Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town
  12. gingergeek

    Hello from England

    Welcome Diddy Dave, looking forward to hearing about the new chapter in your astro imaging adventure. Regards Gingergeek
  13. Hey short angry ginger geek, I found time to join 😀 and I hope to find some answers to life the universe and everything in the lounge 👍

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    2. gingergeek


      Remember to post to the welcome forum introducing yourself.

    3. Laurin Dave

      Laurin Dave

      Hi Dave ... welcome to stargazers lounge

    4. M44DSW


      Hi Laurin, thanks and I must find time to browse, read and looking forward to learning 

  14. gingergeek

    Hi from switzerland

    Hi there dude, welcome to SGL

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