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  1. My mirror of choice is plain to see.
  2. A nice grab and go set up with howling in the background I think!!!...thanks for sharing Gerry...stay safe!!!!
  3. Fully understandably Derek...as stated we were lucky to have had the autumn gathering when it was reasonable calm...but this situation is a whole new ball game...stay safe everyone and let's look forward to everyone's company in autumn...Calvin.
  4. The highest power ethos I have is the 8mm so it made sense for me to have one...but as the photo shows the baseball bat effect doesn't look sensible!
  5. What a belter of a night and a great report!....well done.
  6. I have had pleasing views of M33 with good extent of two spiral arms...but that was in very Dark skies on a new moon with 18" of mirror...has been caught in 15x70 bins also.
  7. Ahhh....you have me mistaken for Damian (mapstar) ...yes he likes the 13..
  8. Where was this mate?...usually drunk on vodka!!!
  9. Old..but gold..this was in a 20" tho...
  10. No...in my scope I have the 21,13 and the 8 ethos and rarely use the 13!...17,10 and a 6mm would be my choice in your scope but if you ever go bigger you're future proofed ...don't waste the money on a 31.
  11. That's really good Mark...have you a waterproof scope cover ?
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