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  1. estwing

    Getting ready for galaxy season ...

    Off to get some vodka for galaxy season....
  2. A bag of sugar will be a pain after 5km...try binoculars first
  3. estwing

    Trip to kelling heath tonight.

    Weekend trips and drawing a blank at Elan happen too often. But as the mobs motto goes.."if you don't go you'll never know" !!...as Pete says one trip to darker skies can deflate your enthusiasm for home observing.
  4. Best view I've had of M1 was from here...much better than Lucksall, tho there are trees to avoid.
  5. estwing

    Second session this year !

    It was very good here last night, but so was the Gin!...thanks for sharing Nick, clear skies.
  6. estwing

    Is aperture king?

    We all could argue that certain scopes are better than others but in the end it's down to personal taste/usage/targets/budgets.
  7. estwing

    Is aperture king?

    One thing has become clear in this thread....nothing.
  8. estwing

    Is aperture king?

    Dark skies rule....with big mirrors under them...
  9. estwing

    my non-conventionnal truss 20’´

    Daring to be different!... great work!
  10. estwing

    Cheap Eyepieces For 16” Dob??

    You're missing nothing...keep your money in your pocket!..
  11. estwing

    Eridanus Loop and others

    Me and Mapstar said this on Skye...
  12. estwing

    The 14" build is finally underway

    Cost cutting ...I like!
  13. estwing

    Getting the fuzzies !

    Tis inspiration you spread wise one...thanks for sharing Nick.
  14. estwing

    Astro inspiration for 2019

    Plans?....to get out more with Swampthing and Mapstar....a bonus if it's clear! It's the company and remoteness I enjoy. I've had so many planned sessions end up fruitless that now I go observing with a hey how attitude, gets too frustrating if I don't....clear skies.

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