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  1. estwing

    The Tropics of Scotland

    No..you have a dob, you're in.! We also go to Elan valley a lot and enjoy the wonderful weather there..
  2. estwing

    The Tropics of Scotland

    Fantastic read....this is one of the reasons why the Dob Mob travel to the Isle of Skye, stunning location, stunning skies.
  3. estwing

    shock, got a scope out

    Nice to hear you're back at the eyepiece Jules....
  4. estwing

    Gallloway Gathering Spring 2019

    No vodka?...that's it I'm out....
  5. estwing

    Gallloway Gathering Spring 2019

    i'm in......do I bring Pies as a welcoming gift?
  6. estwing

    Cornucopia of delights !

    He's trying to have more fracs than Lee!!!
  7. estwing

    Cornucopia of delights !

    Super stuff guys ...what a list!...sounds like you are in love with that 120 Nick, something from Santa perhaps?...clear skies!
  8. estwing

    Change of plan

    Nice to mix things up occasionally and great when you can get the little ones involved...clear skies!
  9. estwing

    Guess the DSO

  10. estwing

    Binos on a Sumerian Alkaid 12"

    Whole point of a travel dob is to keep weight down to bare minimum thus the materials in construction are not expecting a great chunk of glass and metal at the eyepiece.....but it's your scope, just a heads-up.
  11. estwing

    Guess the DSO

    Leo triplet
  12. estwing

    Barnard's Loop Observers Analysis

    Good luck with the loop hunt....a very challenging target but fortunately wild camping is going to give you a great chance...clear skies.
  13. estwing

    Big frac shoot out !

    Proper good night had there boys....agreed that Dragon is a magical sight!...clear skies old bean!
  14. Mods can you move this pls
  15. estwing

    A Halloween broomstick

    Good report and read.. Same here, tend to spend only a few minutes on most targets but I can spend hours on a few fuzzies!...clear skies!

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