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  1. So I just got out my telescope for the first time in a good few months and after coming back inside I’ve found my mirror to be looking rather dusty. I didnt check the mirror beforehand, so I don’t know if this happened when I brought it back in just now or if this dust accumulated while I was in Uni. I’m trying to fight the urge to remove the mirror and wipe it clean but I know that could scratch it and mike things words. Does this mirror look too dusty to you guys? Should I just leave it as is? (The telescope is a Skyliner-200p dob).
  2. Hey guys! So I'm not at all new to SGL but I've always been in the South Wales group. Although admittedly I'm not as active in the forums as I used to be. Anyway, last September I started studying at the University of Leicester (studying Geology) and it's only now occurred to me to check out the SGL group for the area. I don't get to observe as much as I used to. I joined the Uni's AstroSoc which has so far had just one observing meet and I do have a telescope with me (Heritage 130). I either bus or walk everywhere so if I do go out to use it it'll probably be local. It'd be great to get to know a few of you!
  3. Just had a rather surreal conversation with Dr. Paul Abel of Sky at Night. He's a lecturer here at Leicester University and I wanted to thank him for name dropping the place when I met him a few years back. I also showed him a book I've acquired which has "Stolen by Patrick Moore" written on the inside cover. He confirmed that the writing wasn't his but did tell me that Sir Patrick once said that, if he had done a course at uni, it would've been geology. We also talked about the Ashen lights on account of his latest S@N article.
  4. I can already confirm that Earth collided with a small planet called Thea and that the Moon is made from de Brie. ?
  5. Although I have not been on in a while and haven't had the telescope out in a good while I want to share that I have been accepted into Leicester University for a BSc in Geology. ? The first thing I'll be doing is joining their Astronomical Society that gives its members access to the Uni's telescopes and hosts observing meets and other activities. Dr. Paul Abel lectures their, which is also a plus. Unfortunately I haven't made it to an SGL observing session but I'll be on the forums still, even if you kick me out of the SWVG and I have to join an England based group on the forum! ?
  6. Ganymede12


    Just got it Tuesday and I've yet to actually use it. Hopefully I'll get the chance to tonight. What I will say is that it's very easy to carry and easy to collimate. When mine arrived, the spider vein was loose but it was easy to tighten and now it's surprisingly sturdy. It connects to the mount through a dovetail so it can be fitted on to most other mounts. The mount is also sturdier than it looks. Hopefully I'll soon be able to comment on the optical quality, but being a Sky-Watcher I expect it will be good.
  7. I had an idea for a design for a solar filter in which I put a large sun sheild on the front so that if the telescope moves then the sun won't pass through the sides. I'd also wrap the tube itself as well anyway. Would that work? Oh, and what material should I wrap the flexitube part of the OTA in?
  8. After a bit of a forced break from astronomy I have returned. And to help I've bought a Heritage-130P!
  9. Thanks for sharing! I'll give it a look in. Edit: It looks like the Podcast is still going under the new name "SpaceTime".
  10. Okay then. Thanks for the info. So, how have other people built there covers for the top frame?
  11. I think I might have one of those? Isn't it just a plastic tube that puts the eyepiece further away from the OTA?
  12. I see. So would the image be too out of focus if I tried to look through it whilst collapsed?
  13. But won't it make the distance between the primary and secondary mirror shorter? And in any case, won't it still protect the sides of the telescope from stray light?
  14. That's a good point, which brings me onto another idea I had. Could I use this telescope if it was collapsed? I was thinking of experimenting with changing the focal length and if it would work then I''d use a solar filter only when it was collapsed to avoid light getting in through the sides.
  15. Ah yes, It's the Heritage-130P. My mistake. Also, I completely forgot that flocking was for the inside only and I really need to cancel my order, quickly!
  16. I've ordered a Sky-Watcher Heritage 130p as my portable, easy-to-move scope and I'm hoping to add to it a little. First and foremost is using flocking material to cover up the top half. I've ordered a roll (100x45cm) from FLO and was wondering if you had any advice on building it? The other thing I want to make is a Solar Filter. The frame doesn't look suitable for one that slides over the top (like I have with my refractor) but I'm envisioning a more plug-like design that fits into the top. Has a design like this worked before? Or is there a better design? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. This'll be the only scope I will be able to take to uni, so I want to make the most of it! ?
  17. I think I see my problem. The constant I was looking for is EMF, and it's the terminal P.D is what's varying? The question wasn't directly linked to the question in the past paper, I was just trying to get my head around how the equations worked together. Thanks for the help guys! I haven't been on the forums recently became of my A-levels but I'm glad to see that the community here is as kind and helpful as ever. ?
  18. Alright, so how is it that you can have circuits with variable resistors and changing the resistance changes everything else about the circuit? Why doesn't, for example, just current change to compensate for the change in resistance? Why does P.D have to change as well?
  19. Okay... so what about the dependence thing? If you decrease the resistance of a circuit then how can the cell "choose" to decrese as well? Shouldn't e.m.f be constant?
  20. I can see that it does work, but I'm trying to figure out why it works. A lot of exam questions require explanationns rather than blind calculation, and personally I am much happier using equations if I know where they come from.
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