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  1. Just in case anyone has a similar issue, the Baader Zoom Upgrade Kit (converts a 1.25 zoom to a 2" zoom) is a perfect replacement for the Aspheric nosepiece. Supplied by FLO (who else!).
  2. If you can connect with an IP address but not with a name then it sounds like there is no name/ip mapping. You can test this by noting the IP address and then adding an entry to the hosts file. On Windows, hosts lives in Windows\System32\drivers\etc and is a plain text file. You should see some examples in there, but basically: x.x.x.x raspberr Its usually a tab char between the ip and name. This sets up a mapping and then you should be able to ping raspberr. Assuming that works then UltraVNC should as well, with a port number if needed. So that o
  3. I have a pair of Thinsulate gloves that are fingerless, and have a mitten that folds over the exposed fingers. I also have a heated gillet.
  4. Sold pending successful completion of transaction.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I had a closer look, and also showed it to an engineer friend. What we see is that there is a proper thread present, however the very top ring looks to be blocked for about 1cm. He couldn't tell if it had been stripped, or just not fully cut in the first place. The rest of the thread looks fine. I'll have to look into getting a replacement.
  6. Purchased around 2 years ago from Modern Astronomy (invoice available). Only used a few times, original packaging and attachments. This is the standard model and does not come with the all sky lens. Looking for 95.00 including fees and postage to UK Mainland. Payment via PayPal, will post Signed For.
  7. I have a 31mm version of this, and am a little surprised that it won't take standard Baader 2" filters. I know the filters are fine because they fit my other Hyperion lenses. Has anyone else encountered this? I'm told by the distributors that they should fit fine. There does seem to be a thread, but nothing like a standard thread. The supplied 1.25" nose takes 1.25" filters. Unfortunately it's outside warranty (never tried a filter until recently) and the retailer is out of business.
  8. I switched from paper to the AN app last year, and it's perfectly good, especially for travelling. Except that I forget it is there, partly because on iOS it's hidden in the Bookshelf. So this year I've gone back to paper. Much more likely to pick it up off the table and read for 10 minutes. I usually just get the calendar edition of S@N. Dave
  9. Hi and welcome. There are several good imagers in the MKAS. You should see some links in my sig to our web site that in turn had links to member pages. There is also a small Facebook community, and a regular group that uses local dark sky spots. Dave
  10. Welcome from another MKAS Member.
  11. Thanks Robin. When actually imaging it is connected to a powered hub. When I'm "bench testing" it is direct connected. I don't see much difference to be honest.
  12. Thanks both, lots to think about. I've had the mount just over a year, but only on a pier for 6 months. I've only really started trying to image with it recently. It was purchased 2nd hand, but from a major dealer as a part exchange. I used APT to control the DSLR, and didn't touch the mount, scope or camera for the duration. I think the pier is solidly concreted in, when I'm watching LiveView I don't see any movement just walking around the shed. I'll certainly start by rebalancing and aligning, I've never tried a drift align so that should be fun. I do get to see Polaris sometimes, it all de
  13. Thanks Louise, not too many things to worry about then .... So I can work on the PA and balance - I haven't rebalanced for a while and certainly not with the DSLR attached. Guiding is something I need to learn, but I guess there isn't much point starting until I know the mount is working properly. What I'm really worried about though is whether there is also a mechanical problem, and I'm assuming "tracking errors" suggests there could be. I forgot to say, it is pier mounted, not tripod.
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