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  1. I might be able to - I enjoyed the time I went a few years back. Will check diary and my other half to see if possible!
  2. Ah yes - should have looked at the non go-to; not too far off in price although the Az-eq does come with legs. The mount is indeed quite heavy though - I tend to leave mine set up, rather than break ir down after each session for that very reason. Good luck with your choice though :).
  3. I use an AZ-EQ 6 with my 125mm (f9) achro, mostly for visual. I think it supports up to around 18kg for imaging and c. 25kg for visual. Will take vixen and losmandy. Very robust and steady. Bit pricier than an AZ-eq 5, but way cheaper than a GM :).
  4. First time out for best part of a year...bit nippy outside, but the moon is magnificent!

  5. Thanks Stu - will look out for it :). Looks nice out there and I'm having some fun counting cratrs in Clavius already (welll if you can;t beat the big bright thing, you may as well look right at it :)). 'Scuse typos - fingers are a bit numb!
  6. Hows does the AZ pro compare to a minitower? I used to have a minitower and really rated that (wished I hadn't sold it in some ways). Have a good nights viewing and enjoy Verona!
  7. Quite a few thousand spent on mounts and scopes over the last 5 years or so, although some was recouped and recycled into other scopes. When you add in cameras, leads, eps, filters and so on it soon adds up!
  8. I've had to remove ABS and various retailler website from my Bookmarks to try to avoid temptation...just about holding out
  9. I had an Istar Perseus 150mm F10 mounted on my AZ EG6GT. That thing was massive! The mount coped ok, the sheer weight of the scope contributing to the stablity of the set-up. Alas, my back was less happy with having to mount/dismount the scope every session, so I found it got increasinlgy limited use until eventually I sold it. I really miss the views it gave me, but unless I can keep a permanent setup, I reckon 120 - 130mm is about as big as I can go in refractors. I still hear the siren calls of the 140mm APMs though...
  10. Tempted - will talk to my better half and see if its a goer.
  11. Hi all I have a TeleVue Delos 10mm eyepiece and a Baader SkySurfer V rdf to sell. SOLD (thanks Gus) TV Delos 10mm £175 posted first class recorded delivery. Or a bit cheaper if you want to pick up from York. Just not using it, even when I do get out - tend to prefer my BGOs and Plossls. SALE PENDING - Baader 40mm Sky Surfer V £80 posted first clas recorded delivery.The Baader RDF was bought for a scope I've since sold and is surplus to requirments. Opened to check it works and has never been outside! Happy to provide further info. Thanks for looking, Mark
  12. No one seems to carry the 140, so I guess it would need to be ordered. Looks pretty neat though. I'd have to think about my astro needs a lot before commiting this sort of dosh!
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