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  1. Hi - sorry for the delay in replying - yes it is still available, let me know if you're still interested Thanks Sim
  2. Hi - sorry for the delay in answering - been one of those days! - I'm afraid it doesn't (which obviously means I can't find them!) EDIT Thank you for making me look!! I've now found the box and the 2" barrel/adapter and eyecups - I knew I wouldn't have thrown them away - so in answer to your question...Yes it does! Sim
  3. Wow! That was all a bit of a rush - have I replied to everyone who sent me messages? Sim
  4. Spillage Still available - I forgot to mention in the listing I drew a marker on the end of the finder as a guide when I was using on my MAK when doing solar viewing
  5. With great reluctance I'm offering the following for sale - I've attached some pictures but could send more if interested - please let me know. All the items will be posted with the exception of the PST which is for collection from near Swindon or buyer can arrange courier at own risk. All Ep's are 1.25 " Any questions please ask. STILL AVAILABLE Coronado PST - Excellent condition - boxed - no case or mount - £425 SWA - 58 -5 Plossl Planetry II 5mm EP - £17.50 posted SOLD AND DISPATCHED Baader Hyperion Mark III Clickstop Zoom 8 - 24mm (Boxed with 2" adap
  6. Well, if I didn't know better.........Actually, I don't!
  7. I also saw something incredibly bright last night - about 10.52pm looking West - again I thought of Arcturus but it was far to bright for that - obviously not ISS - but can't find anything on Heavens Above that matches -It's a mystery as Toyah would say.....
  8. No Need - no adverts! Makes a pleasant change!
  9. Maybe it's the photo's, but it does look a little "plastic-y" to me - haven't seen one in the flesh so that might be a little unfair
  10. MorningMajor

    Hello :)

    Hi and welcome from me too!
  11. Hi and welcome from me too!
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