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  1. As Stu says - I'm sensing your excitement too - congrats!! The Pleiades looks like a tear drop in the sky - and the Orion neb is a smudge under the belt - about 3rd smudge down. Both visible naked eye on a reasonable night. But put a scope on M42 and you should see the 4 trapezium stars with the right eyepiece - and you may even be able to split them with experience. Keep having fun!
  2. Very neat solution to a common problem - and smashing woodwork too. I love these traditional designs - much more individual than those horrid "plastic box stuffed with foam" things from B&Q.
  3. Don't think so Olly - I've always known "estimation" to be an English word that can be plural..... (I reckon the French pinched it from us cos it looks like it might be French lol)
  4. The point is that the current price of the ten year old one (£680) is too close to the cost of a brand new one to make it worth taking the risk. With a new one you get a guarantee and good after sales service for only a couple of hundred more - with the right supplier you get complete peace of mind. Whereas you get no guarantees with second hand stuff and no supplier to help with post sales problems. It may appear mint - but without taking it to bits you really have no idea of the amount of internal wear and tear over ten years - for all you know it may be on it's last legs and due to fail imminently - despite the exterior appearance of perfection. Or it may go on for another ten years with no problem. If it's never been opened nor used then that would be a different matter - but I don't think that's the case here. If it was circa 2yrs old - then £600 to £650 would be a good punt. Over 5yrs old I wouldn't pay more than half retail price - ten years a fair bit less - but then I would never be looking for a ten year old mount. Ultimately it's all down to what you want, how well you can negotiate, and what you're happy with - my comments are guidelines only. But if you want to spend around £680 - you can get a much newer mount for that. Good luck.
  5. Fair comment - and the others above too. But I did say it was just my opinion - I wouldn't pay £680 for a ten year old mount when a brand new one can be had for circa £900 and a more recent s/h one for £650'ish. It doesn't make sense to me even if the ten year old one seems to be mint condition.
  6. Imho - £250-£300 would be more than enough for a ten year old EQ6. I think your seller is expecting a bit too much. £680 will get you a very good second hand modern up to date model, under two years old, in good working order, and near perfect condition (no more than the odd nick here or there mostly on the weights), with minimal internal wear. So my advice is wait patiently for a more up to date model to be advertised - or save a bit more and buy brand new. Hth
  7. My Skytee2 sits on an EQ5 steel legged tripod. Any tripod with the EQ5 fitting will be ok. However, I would not encourage you to go for lightweight alluminium tripods due to stability and vibration issues - either for single heavy ota's nor dual ota's (unless they are very small and light).
  8. Pop into the diy section and run a query on "milk bottle top" and/or "lazy susan". Those are two very common dob mods to smooth out rotation jerkiness. Hth
  9. Yup correct - so when you wind the elevation screw at the south end, it pushes the top plate upwards toward the north. The scope stands on the top plate facing north - and the arms of the alt/az mount will point north too (parallel with the scope). :).
  10. C-Sky looks like they carry Skywatcher stock near Bombay: Hth
  11. Oh yeah - this reminds me of the time I took my Celestron CPC 800 out to meet all the guys at our dark site (about 20 miles away) - got it all set up then tried to plug the handset in - puzzled why it didn't fit, I suddenly realised it was the handset from my Skywatcher NEQ6 mount. We sure have all done something daft at one time lol.
  12. I don't hope we have one nation - if I landed on the moon I'd want it all for myself and just my friends and family (and I don't mean facebook friends). Oh and a few families to provide staff for Moondonalds, and a film company for the latest blurays, and a beach - it's gotta have a beach for swimming and jet skiing, and a good free doctors surgery and pharmacy, and an astronomy club of course. Better let FLO have a shop there as well I cos I'll need some free gear........ oh and gravity boots. (And everyone else can have their own planet cos there's plenty to go round lol)
  13. Congrats Matt !! And it's good to see someone add a bit of value more than "hey folks I hit X000 posts". Smashing 2000th post.
  14. It's good as a beginner scope - the goto is fine (at least the one I had was fine) but the mount/tripod was a little light weight - it won't take heavier or longer scopes. Pretty quick and easy to set up and get going but don't expect to do any meaningful deep sky photography with it - fine for imaging moon and planets though (again at beginner level). Hth
  15. Sorry matey - my meds have just kicked in - the missus says I'm all doom 'n' gloom when I take my pills. That's quiet apart from my normal jovially cycnical self lol. Look on the bright side - it's all over within 90yrs for most of us - so it's all of no consequence anyway lol.