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  1. Advice on upgrades

    The dew shield is pretty essential - otherwise the scope will only work when the air is completely dry - and that doesn't happen a lot in winter.
  2. If you're getting it brand new from FLO ask them to fit it with a raci finder scope (right angled correct image). You'll have to bend a little to look in the eyepiece and then bend a little more to see through the standard straight through finder. A raci will save your back and make the whole observing experience more comfortable.
  3. I started with a 150P on EQ3-2. If I'd known more at the time I would've bought it with an EQ5 for the extra stability. It's always worth getting extra aperture where possible - you'll see more with it. Star hopping is very straight forward once you know the constellations.
  4. 16 " Open Truss Dobsonian Build

    Looks fabulous Jim Are you going to paint or stain it? Does the alt axis feel stable turning the scope at lower elevations or d'you reckon it might need a brace near the end?
  5. Can you guess...

    Oiii filter?
  6. Have a look at APM and Altair Astro refractors, some of the bigger apertures come with 3" focusers - though I don't know about the amount of vignetting on them.
  7. Places to visit - Astronomy related

    Keele University Astronomical Observatory is open to the public on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons if you're ever in that neck of the woods. https://www.keele.ac.uk/observatory/
  8. Farewell to Green Witch

    Won't be the same without them - got my first 12" dob from them when they were at Cambridge and a hyperion zoom from Lee at Kelling one year. But heck Neil deserves a good retirement after all his contributions to astronomy - so I wish him well with it.
  9. Forum Website Colour - Migraine Sufferer

    I use the white lettering on black background theme, but I find it also helps to turn down the screen brightness and contrast to suit. Brighter websites strain my eyes. Hth
  10. I should have known better...

    Nice little project - well worth £20 for entertainment value alone - you could spend that on a single round in the pub lol.
  11. Hi Tim and welcome to SGL What sort of age is your daughter? And what scope does she already have? (model/make). I was going to suggest a Skywatcher 130p on a motorised tracking alt/az mount, but depending on your budget and my first two questions, I may be able to suggest something more appropriate. This is the sort of thing that sprung to mind initially: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-130p-supatrak-auto.html (You can find them considerably cheaper on the used market)
  12. Hi Simon and welcome to SGL Nice scope - I used to have the 12" flextube till I upgraded and it was great. If you need any local help feel free to send me a pm and we can maybe arrange a phone call or meet up one night. I can give you all the info you need about local clubs and observing sessions. All the best!
  13. Here's a view comparison of M13 in different sized dobs from 8" upwards just to wet your apetite (scroll 1/3rd way down page): http://www.obsessiontelescopes.com/index.php
  14. ESO announcement

    Is this the Freon-40 stuff? I wonder.....
  15. CPC1100 heated shield and heater controller

    Offers are fine but I think you need to state a starting price Paul - wouldn't wanna see you get in trouble mate.