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Found 34 results

  1. From the album: 2017

    450 frames staxed with AS2 adjusted in photoshop and topaz- clarity, detail, denoise, glow.
  2. Found an old (apparently USA model) celestron C8 SCT a while back, its a bit hit n miss with collimation and the optics - (some very strange star test shapes :P) but when it works it works well Here is a couple images from a couple months back. Thanks for looking. This particular night seeing was reasonably good, and collimation wasn't too bad either. Celestron C8 / ASI120MC / 2X barlow - captured in sharpcap2, stacked in autostakkert!2, wavelets in registax6
  3. Downsizing my gear considerably due to lack of use with family & work commitments leaving little time for this hobby these days. Looking to sell the main items I own in one lot to save time on individual listings. I think £1,250 for everything I have listed below is a fair price so therefore won't be taking any other offers on this. Items included in this sale are as follows:- Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro, Celestron C8 Starbright XLT (with Bob's knobs fitted including a base that can house a telrad finder) Astrozap Flexi-Heat Dew Shield Hitecastro mini dew controller Baader 2" ClickLock SC Clamp Revelation Astro SCT dual speed focuser Celestron 8" SCT Solar Filter (model no. 94128) Celestron f6.3 Reducer Corrector (model no. 94175) Baader Hyperion 17mm eyepiece (model no. 2454617) Tele Vue 2 x Barlow ZWO ASI120mc Maplins case which already stores several of the items listed above. The ASI120mc along with the Baader Hyperion eyepiece, tele vue barlow, dual speed focuser and mini dew controller I have owned from new. All other items I purchased from a previous owner who had them stored safely in an observatory. I also have a Skywatcher electric motor which I never got round to fitting to the dual focuser as requires a mod to do so. I will include the motor along with the other items listed above. Collection only as these items are too bulky for sending via courier. Thanks for looking. Al
  4. a not so qwick moon, dodging cloud but won in the end, seeing was fair there was a bit of fazing. kit- ed80 1200d for wide, AR127L 1200d for larger, asi120mc for closeups. thanks for looking, clear skys, charl. wide. closer. and closer still. and this crazy mosaic, I just let ice do it its self and it made this so I thought it looked cool so I posted it.
  5. I am selling my ASI 120MC camera as it is surplus to requirements. The camera is in very good condition and has hardly been used. The camera comes in original box with the USB lead and lens. I am looking at £120 (price includes P&P to UK only). PayPal only as gift or fees paid. Please PM me if you have any questions. Thank you for looking Pete
  6. Hi Guys, I've seen some fantastic images posted on here this year which never fail to inspire me to get out and try to capture some images myself. I haven't had too much time or luck with the weather to get out this year and obviously summer limits options, as many have said Saturn and Mars opportunities are sadly becoming quite limited. Still I thought I'd share my efforts, which whilst not a patch on what I've seen posted is still a big step forward from my captures last year. I'd appreciate any comments or advice that people can offer. These were captured using a Skywatcher 150P + EQ2, ASI120MC, videos centred and cropped in PIPP before stacking in Registax-v6.
  7. Been meaning to post this for a while so here is my image from that night. So I set up the scope with a view to letting it cool a little longer than it had been already and looked at Jupiter Guide app on my iphone and saw that the GRS was just finishing transiting across the disc so I whacked the 2x TV powermate and ASI120MC on and messed about with focus quickly and fired off a total of 5 avis. Below is the best image. The avi was 3024 frames and put through PIPP. I then ran it through registax 5.1 which decided to stack 2475 frames then I did the wavelets in there too. I did a little Unsharp Mask in PS CS2 also. The seeing was a little better at times but still not great I dont think. The jetsream was above us still so I don't think that helped at all. 22.12.2013 2475 of 3000 withUS by Gattouomo161, on Flickr
  8. Aenima

    jupiter Fin

    From the album: 2015 Various

    My best attempt at jupiter with the 200p at 5x barlow f25 5000mm

    © Aenima

  9. Mars imaged around 1.30 AM BST. Seeing poor, altitude about 12 deg, Mars just above a roof, had to wait for gap in cloud. Using: C8 SE, ASI120MC, ADC, best of 2000 frames, processed in Registax6. Some surface detail and a polar cap can be made out, confirming visual observation.
  10. Having seen another forum member's deep sky experiment with the ASI120MC camera, I tried the experiment myself. Here are e1e2 Lyrae, the Cat's Eye planetary nebula, NGC6210 and NGC6572 all imaged with a C8 SE and the ASI120MC. The planetary inages are single image captures, while the double-double is processed from a short video stream. I also tried M57, and while I could see it in purplish colour at an exposure of 8 secs, I could not get the Sharpcap live stacking to work. From an EAA point of view, this camera and planetaries are a definite hit, as the camera and laptop show them better than the eyepiece, and in colour.
  11. best seeing ive had all year and the clouds have invaded, but i got a few snaps first. kit- ar127l + 1200d for discs and asi120mc _2xbarlow for close ups. thanks for looking and i hope you all have clear skys and dont get bushwacked by the spitefull cloud like me. charl. lazy moon 128 frames, iso100. right way up. a few closeups i manged to grab, ive done my best to clean them up because some where cloud infested.
  12. Having a clear out to fund a feather touch microfocuser for my edge. Baader diamond track SCT (lovely but a bit too heavy ) £180 2 months old , as new.-----Sold elsewhere --------------------------- ZWO asi120MC £80--------------------------------------------Sold to charl, Many thanks. William optics 2" extender £18 --------------------------Sold to Adrian, Many thanks . FLO premium Cheshire £18-------------------------------Sold to Ultramol , Many thanks ----------- Postage £6 each item PayPal / cash meet up around M25 / 127 area.
  13. On 25th March I tried some live stacking with Sharpcap and a 102mm f5 Startravel achromat & ASI120MC camera. Mount was Celestron SLT on custom tripod. Image size: 1280x960. With this setup it is possible to dial in an object to the GoTo and be confident that it will appear on the laptop screen. These images may not look too exciting but they do mimic the FOV and general appearance as seen in a 203mm SCT with 25mm EP. Check the image for M87. When I checked the field in Stellarium I found that two faint non-star smudges matched with NGC4478 and NGC4476, which are 11th and 12th mag galaxies. I am gob-smacked that I managed to image these with such modest equipment from an urban site. There is no way I would be able to see these visually even with a C8 from here.
  14. This morning I had another go at imaging the planets with my recently acquired ASI120MC camera, and the 127mm Celestron Mak Nexstar SLT. While the images are not that great compared with other peoples' work, I count them as a useful result as they show as much as I could see visually with the same telescope in the same session. In particular, the Jupiter pics clearly show the Great Red Spot, which I could not see visually this morning and have rarely seen with this telescope. The seeing was not great and I have seen more on Jupiter visually on other occasions. One Jupiter image is the correct way round, the other still flipped horizontally. I focused on the moons.
  15. deleting stuff off my harddrive and found some miss layed vid from the 31-8-17 so processed before deleting the vid. kit AR127L "old Faithfull" asi120mc converted to mono. 5 panes. taken about 5pm thanks for looking. hope you all have clear. charl. term. top. mid. bottom.
  16. lovely and sunny here in south wales, seeings okish a bit of fazing going on but I think its thermals rising up the side of the house morethan anything. not a lot happerning in WL just two small ARs , in HA theres some large proms on the out going limb . hope you all have clear too to have a look. kit ed80, Quark chromo, asi120mc for HA, 120mm f5 frac, lunt wedge, 1200d for WL. Thanks for looking. charl. AR2654. AR2653. PROM 1 PROM 2 PROM3 PROM 4 PROM 5 WL MONO WL coloured WL coloured invert just for fun. ive 10 more vids to do so if better ill update. clear skys charl. invert
  17. a few qwick moon shots from lastnight, cloud was rabid, relentless, so could only get 35 frames with the 1200d, and 200 frames with the asi120. detail isn't great and the full disc is a bit noisey, but I was happy to catch it for the first time this cycle. kit AR127L, 1200d for full disc and asi12mc for closer. hope we get some better skys soon, thanks for looking. charl. full disc. closer. closer more.
  18. Aenima

    Bi-colour NGC7000 Wall

    From the album: CCD venture

    A h-alpha and OIII shot of the Wall section of NGC7000 aka north america nebula. Processed to resemble the hubble palette colour scheme. ED80 - ATK16HR - Ha clip filter - EQ6 - finderguider 9x50mm PhD2 - photoshop - DSS.
  19. I had another go at imaging the shrinking Mars, this time without and with a x2 Barlow lens. The results are better with the Barlow, which is what one is led to expect. For whatever reason (probably bad seeing and/or low planets) when I tried a Barlow previously it just made the blur bigger. Equipment: C8 SE, ASI120MC, x2 Skywatcher kit Barlow element screwed directly into 1.25" barrel of the ZWO camera. This does seem to give x2 in practice. I did not use an ADC on the grounds that I shouldn't need one with Mars at an altitude of over 40 degrees. 3000 image video captured with Sharpcap. Processed in Registax6. I found that the Sharpcap exposure histogram did not appear to work on such a small image, so had to estimate the exposure. Yes, optical ADC correction would be better, but the dispersion seemed very small. Blowing up the image x2 in Registax showed a small colour fringe, which I took out with a single point of correction. The images show some surface detail though the contrast is low (if you are using a flatscreen try viewing from below: ?) Mare Sirenum, with Mare Acidalium just discernible foreshortened at upper right.
  20. Here is an image of Mars I made on 9 Jan this year, with a C8 SE, and ASI120MC camera. The images are rather small (around 7" dia). Mars is now much higher in the sky than at opposition, so it seemed worth taking a few farewell images as it diminishes in size. Captured with Sharpcap. I did not use the ADC - the images are corrected for AD in the processing in Registax. This is from a run of 3000 images. I have included a x3 Photoshop zoom of the same image to indicate the size of Mars at opposition on the same scale. I was quite pleased to record some surface detail, corresponding with the position of Syrtis Major. If I'd had more time, I could have tried some images using a Barlow lens. I have just discovered that I can unscrew the lens section from a Skywatcher x2 Barlow and screw it onto the 1.25" nosepiece of the ASI120MC, which will give a more modest zoom (I think).
  21. I have continued to image Mars as it moves away. It is getting smaller, but on the other hand I don't have to get up in the middle of the night, the dust storm has subsided, and it is gaining significantly in altitude. Here is a series of images taken in September and early October, all taken with a C8 SE, ASI120MC, +ADC, processed in Registax 6. The seeing was often poor, but seemed better on Oct 3.
  22. bit of a gap thismorning, the new small spot is showing nice, lot of cloud about but will update if I can catch some proms. kit ed80, Quark chromo asi120mc for HA. 1200mm, 1200d for WL thanks for looking , clear skys ,charl. mono. coloured. coloured invert. HA. HA invert plane, update just got another vid, this time with prom. think its me lot for today as its 100% cloud now, darn weather... and lastly a repro of the first HA image.
  23. seeings not bad but not as good as the 17th, managed to put a 12 pane mosaic together of sorts. kit ed80 and 1200d for discs and asi120mc +2x barlow for close ups, staxed with regi and adjusted in photoshop, stitched with ICE. thanks for looking, clear skys ,charl. wide. closer. mosaic. close ups
  24. ASI120MC, 200P, NEQ6 Pro, Televue 2x Powermate. Best 1300 frames of 1500 captured in sharpcap 2 at max resolution and frame rate and stacked/tweaked wavelets in Registax 5.1. Second time using the ASI120MC and still need to get used to it. I have just recieved and fitted a moonlite focuser since taking these and the DC motor should arrive tomorrow which wil be great as it takes ages focusing by hand and waitng for the scope to stop shaking only to have to tweak the focus again! Anyway, comments/help welcomed Capture 25_11_2013 22_37_01 by Gattouomo161, on Flickr Jupiter 25_11_2013 22_23_35 by Gattouomo161, on Flickr
  25. I used my ASI120MC for the first time, I am gonna have to take my time getting used to it and getting comfortable with it. I think I can do better eventually, but it's a start at least. The atmosphere was quite humid, the seeing wasn't great and there was wind playing havoc with the OTA. Anyway both pics captured in sharpcap with ASI120MC on 2x TV powermate on 200P and NEQ6 pro. Best 95% of 1500 frames Stacked in Registax 5.1 Jupiter 22_11_2013 23_01_02 by Gattouomo161, on Flickr Jupiter 22_11_2013 22_52_58 by Gattouomo161, on Flickr
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