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  1. Centripetal forces are not high enough to flatten the Earth due to the planet's density and the resulting gravitational forces which resist the flattening effect - best you get is the oblate spheroid. It's all about balancing of forces. Spin the Earth faster and the centripetal forces will flatten the Earth , trouble is it will also fly apart - see what happens when you spin the pizza too fast! It's the same process that flattens out the solar system . Now who want's to start a discussion re centripetal v centrifugal Jim
  2. At a simple level I would suspect that centripetal forces from the rotation of the matter in the "proto" galaxy flattens the material out similar to a pizza being spun by the pizza dude. I bet it's more complicated than that though - good question though Jim
  3. I turn to Mark Twain on those occasions "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience". I feel I'm having to turn to Mr Twain more often these days. Jim
  4. Francis that is an absolutely stunning piece of work. I love the colour pallet; your interpretation of a lava flow is really fitting. This is going into my collection of favourite images. Jim
  5. That is so cool - looking forward to more reports as you get more use and experience with it Tom. Jim
  6. Ships n Stars I think it can be satisfying for sure, even cathartic, but looking back at my unfinished 12 inch mirror I think I would start with something smaller if I were to do it over again. Who knows,maybe I'll go back to it and maybe finish it in my retirement Jim
  7. Look on the bright side Gina, it would have soaked up a lot of your time and taken you away from some of your other wonderful projects. It's good to have some unfinished works, just like the great composers Jim
  8. Everybody's got the feverThat is something' you all knowFever isn't such a new thingFever started long time ago Captin Smith and Pocahontas they knew it Jim
  9. If it is just the mirror set you want it may be worth just flying out. I'd speak to the carrier before to find out what arrangements they could offer regarding unusual/outsize hold baggage; you would need to arrange for suitable secure packaging. Alternatively, you could even buy the mirror set a seat and let it fly in comfort with a window seat next to you . Seriously, I would speak to the carrier, they will generally go out of their way to help you with unusual baggage. As for grinding a mirror that size, you have my repeat for ambition at least, it is a considerable undertaking. My 12 inch grind of some years ago stalled at the figuring stage; it was a time sponge. Very rewarding though. Good luck with the project that is some serious aperture, I'm still getting to grips with the school's 16 inch dob. Jim
  10. Drop Skipper Billy a note , if I remember correctly he experienced a similar problem, albeit on a different setup, same target thought from what I remember. Jim
  11. It's the " Star Link Constallation". Legend tells of a mad scientist who in the early part of the 21 century was so possessed by the notion that nature could be improved upon by technology that he filled the night sky with thousands of artificial stars so that we would never again experience the terror of a dark sky. It is the most unusual constellation in the night sky being visible all year round in each hemisphere Jim
  12. Well that is unfortunate and a somewhat shortsighted by Celestron I would have thought ! I guess other so called "push to " apps are available, doesn't SkySafari do something like that ? Edited, - just read that the Celestron app uses a form of plate solving using a stored database the other push to apps I was thinking about I believe just point to a locations using GPS reference and are reliant on an initial alignment. Jim
  13. Looks interesting and might be something I would consider for use on the school's big Dobsonian; be interested in any follow up report Stu once you give it a shake down. Jim
  14. When you take it out and setup it sees that you are happy and issues a sarcastic "you must be optimistic" It then waits and again looks at the expression on your face when you see it clouding over and then auto powers down. Jim
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