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  1. Lovely, right that's it Stu you've given me the inspiration and motivation to persevere. I'll stay up for another hour to see if it clears but most likely I'll try tomorrow. Jim
  2. Hopelessly clouded over here at the moment - the whole galaxy would need to go supernova to burn it off Jim
  3. Grant you can open up the search window (little magnifying icon) then use the tab menu to select either object or coordinates. If you search for eps Aql and 111 Her as Jeremy pointed out that will show you the region of the sky you want to be looking at. It's between those two stars. Ok Binos it is then Jeremy . If I have used Stellarium correctly I see what you mean about it being visible (position at least) - at 2300 hours onward it should be high enough to clear my Eastern skyline view. It is till pretty light then but as you say at mag 6.4 it will be worth a try. To be ho
  4. That makes be feel better I'm checking Stellarium now to see what my chances may be - I could try out the big Dob . Thanks for the hint , I need a challenge after missing out on the partial eclipse - weather Jim
  5. If only it had happened in the winter - my sky will be way too bright to see much at all. Thanks for the coordinates Jeremy Jim
  6. What a fantastic image. Jim
  7. Yeah but the wifi is terrible Jim
  8. Not really, certainly no more than any other contrived definition of the atmosphere. In any respect the original quote was for sure identifying an off Earth presence; its sentiments I think were designed to be poetic and provoking rather than analytical. Jim
  9. It's above the Karmen line so not on Earth. Jim
  10. Yes it's really about being off the planet itself including the atmosphere. I'm watching it now , some other thought provoking quotes - watch out for the speech by Yuri Gagarin. Jim
  11. Thanks Trevor; I'd always wondered. I guess it's easy to forget the scale of those features so any "real time" motion as such would not register. I've only ever looked at white light solar image through the eyepiece so I don't get to see the fantastic detail you captured. I need to start saving for an Ha setup Jim
  12. Stunning photographs Trevor. Just out of curiosity do you actually see any movement at the eyepiece; if so over what period of time? Jim
  13. Two words - "search Gina". And be prepared to be amazed and inspired Jim
  14. It's time I think that avoidance/mitigation of corporate light pollution needs to be enshrined in law and taken more seriously than it appears to be at the moment. What with climate change, plastic choking the seas, cataclysmic loss of habitat and extinction of species, it feels like day by day we are marching towards some horrible dystopian future beloved of sci fi movies. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-57299121 Jim
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