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  1. I always found the connection to Balloch fairly regular , part of the Clydebank/Dumbarton line . Been a while since I have been across to the west coast so as Louise says things may have changed but here's a quick look at the train service around 1700/2100 . If you are looking to use one of these parks I would definitely have company - carrying any equipment more than a pair of binos is going to attract attention certainly from the local youth. Most of it will be harmless but it can be off putting if you are not used to it. Go in a small group , then head to the pub afterwards to warm up - Covid restrictions permitting Jim
  2. Just a thought you may find some useful information from this group - may even be worthwhile joining. Their planned public events may be curtailed at the moment though due to the pandemic. but worth an enquiry perhaps. https://www.theasg.org.uk/ ps just checked their website and their dark observing site is Mugdock Country park - I'm not familiar with it but they say it is on the outskirts of the city. Jim
  3. Amy what about Balloch country park - train direct from Queen St or Central Stn underground from what I remember. I suspect relatively dark, as dark as you can get being so close to Glasgow but it also looks out onto Loch Lomond so much of the sky to the North should be pretty dark. Don't know what the park is like for security or if it closes at night so again maybe somewhere you would want to go with company. Also need to check out time of last train home - you don't want to get stranded in Balloch If you want to head south you could try Lanark (Lanark park) - train connection from Argyle St Stn I think but you may have to change at Motherwell or Hamilton. Strathclyde country park in Motherwell itself could be useful but being in Motherwell the light pollution would be bad/awful. Jim
  4. I stumbled across this and can't help but think it is one of the best I have ever seen, absolutely stunning. https://twitter.com/AJamesMcCarthy/status/1316760737059008514/photo/1 Jim
  5. Simply beautiful - I think you have the colour balance spot on it looks very natural. Jim
  6. In these media saturated days the "standby for an important announcement" is a way to maximise publicity for your message. I wonder if it will be confirmation of significant water deposits - good news - but oh so much better if were discovery of a Clanger civilisation Jim
  7. Just a word of caution that the further you go with investigation/disassembly you may be weakening your case should you appeal against the delivery company. Your solar image looks fine, although hard to judge focus. I wonder if it is just the dew shield which has been knocked out of alignment. Good luck with it Shaun, it looks otherwise to be a fine refractor. Jim
  8. Looking very fit for purpose. You will notice such a difference when you have your permeant setup. Jim
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  10. or Bureaucratium - I love this explanation of it's negative half life from wikipedia " A commonly heard description describes it as "having a negative half-life". In other words, the more time passes, the more massive "Bureaucratium" becomes; it only grows larger and more sluggish." Jim
  11. Still looking for unobtanium , I am sure it will turn up. Jim
  12. Oh I doubt that very much given what the periodic table represents But you never know maybe our extra terrestrial scientists have indeed found the island of stability and are awash with super heavy nuclei.
  13. That will be the Periodic Table then ! Jim
  14. What good fortune - well that's ok you can now press ahead and buy the Esprit jim
  15. You may be better using a web cam. They may even be of similar specifications ! Jim
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