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  1. Love it, very well done. Jim
  2. saac

    first images of 2019, finally...

    Seriously sharp detail in those photographs; stunning. Jim
  3. I have a 1967 MGB (pretend Ferrari) and the electrics like most British cars of that era were as unreliable as it gets. The standing joke is that Lucas Electrics had poured special smoke into the wiring and it would leak everywhere I could never afford a Ferrari but I would love the experience of driving one, and of course it would have to be the Amalfi coastal route. There is a local charity, may even be national, called Rust To Rome. The idea is you enter with a car (old bangar) under £1000 and drive from St Andrews in Fife to Rome. Entry fee and your sponsorship goes to the given charity. I have it in my mind that when I retire that myself and brother will take the MGB on a road trip to Rome ; it's putting a smile on my face just thinking about it. I may even paint it red! Well, maybe, I actually like it in blue. Jim
  4. We can but dream FaDG. Jim
  5. Ah, buy German or Japanese if you want reliability. But If you want to feed the soul, buy Italian. jim
  6. Does it matter, it's Italian and it's red. I want one Jim
  7. saac

    More Luna 14-2-2019

    Lovely, and wee hint of colour too . Well done. Jim
  8. saac

    Sky @ Night 10th Feb

    Thanks Dave, that sound like an interesting one. Jim
  9. I know, the universe is just full of weirdness. But isn't it surprising that we can uncover the secrets; "the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in describing the universe". Jim
  10. Matter can't but space itself is not so restricted. Jim
  11. The rate of expansion of the distant, earliest, parts of the universe is faster than the speed of light. As a result it will remain dark to us, forever unobservable. Jim
  12. saac

    AZEQ6 latitude bolt

    I would have thought it may be possible to replace the stock bolt with a custom bolt with finer pitch , that would reduce the backlash. Jim
  13. saac

    Keeping Track of the Voyagers

    Klitwo I'm sitting here in North East Scotland on a freezing cold February night and wondering what your weather is like where you are. Now if my calculations are right if I could travel like Voyager I could be in Northern Marianas Island in about 11 minutes !! I think an airline flight would take around 12 hours! It really helps put the speed of Voyager into perspective. Maybe one day we will think nothing of travelling around the Earth in minutes rather than hours. Jim
  14. saac

    Keeping Track of the Voyagers

    Klitwo I use that site in the classroom quite regularly. It's fascinating watching those meters increment upward. We work out the speed of Voyager and then consider if we could travel at the same speed how short our morning commute to school would be. I think we once worked out that we could leave the house at 0849:59s to be in (with time to spare) for the bell at 0850! Assuming there was of course no traffic on the Forth road bridge It really is a cool site. Jim
  15. That is rather lovely - I could see that as a large print hanging on a wall. Jim

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