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  1. I doubt that very much James; I guess we will just have to disagree on this one Now, I have a rare copy of yesterday's newspaper I am selling for £100, I'm happy to wait for the right buyer - and no I won't consider separating - all pages must go at same time. Jim
  2. The effort of selling is the same James irrespective of the price. No matter what, it is a ridiculous price in an extremely small market; looks like greed to me but then they won't be selling many. Take out a trial sub of Gia and save yourself £90 to spend on those you love. Jim
  3. I get to it quite easily. You set a price point to sell. Jim
  4. Looks good Steve, nice design I like it better than the 4 segment one . Are you sharing it on thingiverse by any chance? Jim
  5. incompetent pricing policy
  6. Checkout CheapAstrophotography he is now offering astro modded DSLRs with daylight capability too. Jim
  7. Could be the SGL astro photo challenge - winner to be announced in the following month Jim
  8. Nice detailed report you have made calorno , really useful investigation too. I guess like a lot of equipment the law of diminishing returns on outcome v cost is often overlooked. I know I quite often get carried away by convincing myself to push the budget a bit further chasing a perceived gain. Funny, but I was watching astrobiscuits video on his £6000 v £600 astro imaging rig challenge and I think there's a common message between your two investigations. Jim
  9. Nice write review of the evscope in this month's issue of BBC Sky at Night magazine. Jim
  10. I can see a trend here with what Miguel has experienced. In my case the power supply was a Maplin unit , but I'm sure these are all cones of each other using same/similar components. I ended up modding the supply by installing a programmable voltage controller with over-volt protection. So far all has been good but it definitely looks like these units are prone to failure. Jim
  11. Agreed , beautiful images. Love the black and white one in particular. Jim
  12. Good grief it's only just started, garden looking splendid and so peaceful sitting out. Nope I'm not wishing it away so long may it stay - it will be dark for long enough when it comes. Jim
  13. He is alive and well still living in Auchenshoogle and kicking about with Fat Boab and Wee Eck and Soapy Souter Oh and how could we forget wee jeemy his mouse. Jim https://www.sundaypost.com/news/scottish-news/in-full-the-39-oor-wullie-statues-from-dundee-and-tayside-and-what-they-went-for-at-auction/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-49726803
  14. Yes I can explain it - it's the reason we adopted the SI system
  15. But Olly can't you hear them refuting the Bang - " but sir , if nobody was there to hear it, how did it make a sound, what did it bang into, where did it bang" . And where is your Descartes now? So down yet another rabbit hole they go with the lesson ticking away. No Olly , I prefer to kill that misconception before it has a chance to breed for breed it will A curious thing , from observation in teaching - introduce a student to something that is false , incorrect , or slightly incomplete and they will remember that with far greater efficiency than any subsequent attempt to correct it ! As we say in Scotland "even the dogs in the street know it " or perhaps N'importe quel quidam le sait.. Jim
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