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  1. To be fair the situation on Venus is a little different from Mars where Phosphine, as I understand, has no other known production pathway other than organically ( anaerobic processes) . From what I remember the team simply reported detection of Phosphine (by radio detection) in the upper atmosphere of Venus well above the cloud level. At this altitude Phosphine molecules would ordinarily be destroyed due to ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, if its presence was confirmed then that would suggest some form of replenishment process - again not necessarily and conclusively organic ! Since their
  2. Two types of methane organic and inorganic (abiogenic) - determined by their production method (pathway) ; the former would obviously be the cause of great interest if detected elsewhere in the solar system. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/0009254188901015#:~:text=Methane can also form through,through bacterial or thermogenic processes.&text=Inorganic reactions%2C either surficial or,likely source of such methanes. Jim
  3. You could try running it on SharpCap to see if it is a problem with the camera or the software. My last use of PoleMaster I had a problem when it came to making the axis adjustment no associated movement was shown on the screen - it was as though the camera had frozen. I disconnected and ran the polar alignment routine in SharpCap using the Polemaster as the camera and all worked well. It must have been a software issue. I haven't investigated it any further - I have a permanent setup so only do a polar alignment about once a year. Jim
  4. That is cool. Now please tell me that the professional astronomer he reported it to did not put the coordinates in an envelope and then drive down a poorly lit mountain road at high speed colliding with a truck and killing himself. Thus setting off a chain of events in which the teenager's name is given to the newly discovered celestial body which turns out is hurtling its way towards Earth to bring on an extinction level event . Sounds like the plot of a movie In all seriousness, well done that young man , kudos to him. JIm
  5. That is some light pollution you have there Nigella Love your setup. Jim
  6. Peter that is actually superb for an introduction to astronomy especially for a 9 year old. What you have done makes for a really simple and quick set-up and yet produces an image that should enthral any 9 year old (even adults) to get them further interested. What I really like is the immediacy of the image - no long waits for post processing which to be honest can take a lot of the shine out of it. I can well imagine why your daughter would have been delighted with that image, it really is excellent. Maybe have a go at something like Pleiades next or even Andromeda. Andromeda will most
  7. Welcome to the Hexagonal observatory club Aspic and well done on what looks like a truly solid observatory. For mine (octagonal) I modified a commercial garden summer house - I put cross bracing in the roof and installed a third middle rail to support the roof as it travelled on and off. Like you, I do like the shape over the the rectangular version , and they are perfectly strong once properly modified. I love your winch mechanism for moving the roof does it also function as a hold down against high winds?
  8. saac

    Holly Cottage Observatory

    Photo record of my observatory build
  9. Shame , it would have been good to have a change of news from the Coivd narrative. Jim
  10. Yep and that is exactly why I mentioned that in my original post!!!! If the OP wishes to follow up on the Astro EQ then a search for a unit on the 2nd hand market may be worthwhile. Indeed there is also the potential to build your own! Plans and component lists are readily available not least from EQMOD itself. All these options may or may not be of use to the OP or indeed anybody who subsequently reads the thread but they represent a potential route to an effective goto mount at reasonable cost. Jim im
  11. I did not suggest EQ5 go pro kit at £330 , I suggested Astro Eq which comes in at approx £80 . Quite a sensible referral I thought for a budget EQ5 goto. It is what I started with Jim
  12. EQ5 for sale £120 on UK Astro Buy and Sell at the moment https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=170247 Jim
  13. Astro EQ may an awful lot cheaper option; I've used it myself and I am sure it would be acceptable but you would need to confirm compatibility with an EQ2 - I'm sure it would be. You would need to add suitable stepper motors - NEMA 17 would most likely be suitable. Only trouble is that it is not available at the moment during pandemic so if you are not in hurry it may be a much cheaper option. https://www.astroeq.co.uk/purchase.php Edited - this would suggest it imay be possible https://www.astroeq.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=154.0 Jim
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