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  1. Just been reading through the thread and nearly choaked on my tea. Not laughed so much for ages.. Fantastic...
  2. The world of Neuroscience is suggesting that many decisions happen in the brain a second before we are aware that a decision has been made, that many more decisions happen as much as seven seconds prior. That would suggest that consciousness is nothing more than a recognition of action. Everything we do as individuals is a result from previous experience, if those experiences had being different so would the self. We may think that we would still be the same person but would we? As has been said, the cloned dog will look the same but it will not behave the same as its enviroment will be differ
  3. Nice one Jules, you will be loving that new camera...
  4. Lots of this.../\ The hope that out there there will be other life forms that are doing a far better job with their intelligence than we seem capable of doing with ours on mass, that the top predator can somehow find a way to see that existence does not revolve around competition.
  5. Yeah you right it was... The new one is very good, good colours to.
  6. Blimey..! If the doer is comfortable and happy, is that not the answer (probably to the whole of life.. ).
  7. I think it is good that there are still companies in this age that still aspire to make the very best of what possible. That will come at a cost, even more so when when they are products for a limited market and they do have research and initial costs to recoup. I don't think it is expensive for something that is at the top of it's game and hand built.
  8. Sat24 shows cloud is travelling north, the met office shows cloud travelling south. The met office are useless huh..!

  9. That's real poo mate.. Bet you'll pleased for a nice Chrimbo break...
  10. Sorry to disagree but it is definitely more pronounced in colour this season. I have seen it three times now and it is certainly much brighter than last term.. I don't see how we can predict the weather pattern on another planet when we struggle to predict that of our own. My understanding is that it constantly has changed in colour and that it comes and goes. I thought this was related to the SEB, when the SEB is brighter the Spot is darker and when the SEB is darker the GRS is lighter and part of the planets weather cycle.
  11. Grand.. Very good work Rob.
  12. I hope you get a good night in, it sounds like an age since you have had a clear sky down there..
  13. Pleased to see you have discovered the weakness of the myth..
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