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  1. Show us your Frac

    Peter. Is that not a gun turret off the USS Missouri that you have borrowed from the US navy. Looks fantastic. Report soon please. Besr regards. John
  2. When do you reach binocular upgrade time?

    Hello. Yes. Still have the Pentax 12 x 50’s. Very happy with them apart from the caps supplied. They are bobbins. I’ve sourced some new ones that actually fit where they touch John
  3. A beautiful night

    Hello Dave. Nice report of a relaxed session. Simple sometimes is best. If only I did this more LOL Enjoyed the read. Regards. John
  4. Show Us Your Binoculars.

    Hello. How would you rate the IS models you have to the standard type. I note you say the Canon IS 10x30 are your most used. A step up when you compare with other 10x binos you have ?? Regarda. John
  5. Vixen SD103S Unboxing

    Very very nice. !!!!
  6. New Pentax 8x40 bins unboxing

    Dave. They look like a complete bargain. The12 x 50’s I bought off you a while back are still impressive. May I ask about the caps that came with these bins. Fit for purpose or a letdown. Look forward to a first light report Regards. John
  7. Name your top 10 brands of eyepieces

    The ones that play along with my wallet. John
  8. Hope this is under the correct section. Had a couple of hunts for my Lacerta solar finder. So far it’s eluded me. The search continues. Anyone else in the same boat?? LOL John
  9. Show us your Frac

    Woah !! 😎😎😎
  10. Wooden Tripod Plans and Advice

    Fozzie. . An absolute classy tripod you have there. Very very nice job. Regards. John
  11. Hello. Looking to source a new pair of rubber eyepiece cups for a pair of my binos. Can anyone oblige with a possible reliable source to order from regards as always. John
  12. Baader, AE Engineering, Powercable

    Hello Mods. Please remove. Regards. John
  13. JMI Motorfocus for Celestron C9.25 OTA

    Hello Mods. Please remove. Thank you John
  14. JMI Motorfocus for Celestron C9.25 OTA

    Hello. Now on another site. Regards John
  15. Hello all. Surplus gear. Baader ClickLock SC 2 in for Celestron / Meade SCT https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/baader-click-lock-2-for-celestron-meade-sct.html Had limited use. Very good condition. Boxed. £45 AE Engineering fine focus knob. Believe best suits Meade SCT's but could fit others. Good condition. £12 Power cable for a NEQ6 Pro mount. Pretty much unused. £14 All prices include postage. Bank transfer or PayPal. YOU pay the fee. Thank you John