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  1. Hello @HollyHound Another kidney then. Pity just adding motors didn’t require the encoders but then it being an Altaz mount it figures I guess. Rowan can take their time in fettling the motor upgrades. John
  2. Hello all. Interesting read. With a view to buying the “tracking bundle “ might I ask. I’ve not got the mount with any electronics fitted atm - eg - encoders / DSC / Nexus- just SLO mo controls. Will any of this be required so that the tracking kit, motors and handset etc will operate OR will the tracking kit work as a stand alone add on. I’m just after the mount to track once I’ve located my target. Goto / push to not needed. Just a spare kidney required to fund it all. LOL TIA. John
  3. Hello John. Each time I read your updates on this scope it sounds like an excellent purchase in more ways than one. That tripod isn’t your BB 212 tho, is it. Look forward to any further comments you have. John
  4. Thanks Dave. I may be looking to make an investment with one. John
  5. Hello Dave. Trust you are well. Do you remember the Pentax 12x50’s I took off your hands a few years back - would this upgrade sit well with them do you think. TIA. John
  6. Hello Stu. Yes. I got a session in yesterday afternoon on 12804. Think was the best sunspot group I’ve actually got a scope view of in a very long time. First proper go with a 2in Altair HW I got before Xmas did help but it’s been slim pickings. Best view I found was with my Neo filter. Nicely developed group with lots to weigh up. Nice pics you’ve caught. John
  7. Bit of a cheeky one. Didn’t really need this but hey. Never had one before. On the for sale thread on SGL courtesy of @mikeyj1 Orion ST 80 plus case. And clear ish. skies tonight. The Rowan may struggle ??!! John
  8. Hello. Looking for one of these as an upgrade for my GTI. Thx. John https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-replacement-saddles/adm-dual-dovetail-adaptor-for-az-gti.html
  9. Hello @spacehopper Bit late to this but please see photos. I did add a pier extender to my Uni 28 and AZ100. No issues with hitting my the tripod even with my 150 frac. Bit grunt and go TBH Have since transferred the extension to my goto mount. It may end up swopping between the 2. HTH John
  10. @JeremyS Nice and welcome to the club !!
  11. Telescop service sell with the spreader and tray. Tempted, v tempted. Enough thread hijacking. John
  12. Thank you @johninderby holds the mount nicely I think ?? John
  13. Hello @johninderby which tripod is the smaller one in your picture. Fit a AZ GTI to it nicely ?? TIA. John
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