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  1. John. That looks the business. Thinking it’s classed as a 2 inch version. look forward to the review Stay safe. John
  2. Yes. Actually out tonight with my smaller frac- Stellarvue 102. Much success on all of the targets I had a few nights ago. Must have been “ one of those nights” I guess Hope you are the same. Saturn still beating Jupiter in the pleasing view stakes. John
  3. Hello Jeremy. Mars was part of my plan for the nite but it just wasn’t going to happen. Best glimpses I got were a transit spot on Jupiter of Ganymeade. I only felt I saw that as using the S&N app. Once I gave Saturn a real concentrated go of 20 mins or so I knew the writing was on the wall. Hey ho John
  4. Hello all. I sympathise but for me clouds weren’t the issue, just the seeing. More than used to the jelly and wobble views but this was just a mushy outlook. Im quite adept at curseing the cloud gods as we all do. Lol John
  5. Well. Lovely day yesterday here in Cheshire. I set up my 150ED with my BV’s all set for a rather nice “planet” nite. My well used Skytee in use. Scope lives in my garage so cool down not normally an issue. Balmy evening. Shorts and hoodie. The Bar set too high. !?! Jupe and Saturn pass next doors garage by 8.30 now so I settled in with a cuppa. Let’s go !! ER, no John. Seeing was the pits. Soldiered on for about an hour. Tried some cyclops views - just wasn’t happening. Really thought my scope was damaged at one point. Double checked by running over to Mizar to check. Packed up bout 9.45. Very puzzling. Just no sharpness coming thru. No “ jelly” moments with turbulent winds which can normally be the case but hey ho. Previous session I’d got the GRS showing a lovely salmon colour. Next time maybe. Hope others had more luck. John
  6. Hello all. Very similar comments on my session last night. First time I caught up with Mars this year for 20 mins, as it scoots between 2 houses ATM. Was a real nice evening. Detail was coming - keep forgetting I have a Neo filter. Must be worth a try given comments on here. Earlier views of Saturn were great with 2/3 moons being caught as well. Pretty chuffed. John
  7. Hello. My 150 ED chasing Curly, Larry and Mo - I mean Jupiter, Saturn and Mars a few minutes ago. John
  8. Thwarted here too. Lovely blue all day as you Dave. Starts to get dark and Bam. It’s even trying to rain now. Grim. Really fancied a session as day off tomorrow. Caught a couple of Army Chinooks on Monday while at work. (I’m a part time Postman) Loved the heavy sound of the rotors as they went on their way - whop whop whop !! John
  9. Hello @Philip R - I’m impressed by your use of the word jubilee. I use the word myself due to my late Dad always calling them that. I wince with the term hose clip when watching and enjoying the car shows on Discovery. Think I’m being a bit of a tart with my query. I have a few bits of Primaluce gear and love the bling factor they give. Does nothing for aperture fever but nice to look at while the clouds scud over John
  10. Hello all. I have a pair of Primaluce GS rings and dovetail bar. ID of the rings are 115 mm. I have a frac that would need ID rings of 105mm - it currently has a clamshell fitted. I find it not the best. Thinking I may be able to use the GS rings to mount the scope but guess I may have issues with alignment. Any thoughts as to a “ go / no go “ to coin a phrase. They would look rather natty once fitted but if lining them up is problematic maybe not the way to go. I am only a visual observer. Thx in advance. John
  11. Hello. Looking for a set of CNC rings for my 102 frac. ID of 105 mm. Thx in advance. John
  12. Hello Dave. A really enjoyable post. Thank you. Nice to see when hopes work out and kit performs how you had hoped. Another pair of Morpheus’s might be in your future but then given the mags you quote it seems like you have a nice set of options already. Also - Mars - haddnt realised as high as Betelgeuse In the coming months. I’ve not seen it so far this year thru my scopes but rather excited now. Stay safe. John
  13. Dave. Looking forward to an update if the cloud gods are with you. John
  14. Hello. Moonlite motor Focuser courtesy of @rodrigol Completes the upgrades to my 150ED Frac. Rather chuffed. John
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