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  1. Hello John. Looking forward to your feedback on this piece of kit. Thinking of a purchase myself regards. John
  2. Hello Stu. Excellent photos !! May I ask what sort of phone holder you use at the moment to take these shots. Celestron XY maybe thanks John
  3. Hello all. Got myself a pair of Canon IS 10x30 binos about a month ago. Lovely kit but only came with eyepiece dust caps - no objective dust caps. Resorted to E bay - 37 mm clip covers ( camera lens covers ) ordered. Fit the objectives very nicely. I inadvertently ordered 2 pairs. have found they also fit the eyepiece rubbers. They push on the rubbers somewhat but will monitor going forward. Thought would be good to give an update. Thanks. John
  4. Hello John. Any word on “your” next instalment with FLO’s assistance, of course ? Regards. John
  5. Thank you for the replies. Looking to move this on soon regards. John
  6. Hello all. This coukd be overkill but I’m after using Oiii filters on a few targets. Binoculars in use with switchable eyepieces. Got one. (castell brand). My question is can you mix and match a pair of these filters. One Castell and one Baader with no issues. Would this apply to other filters as well - EG. - UHC? Thank you. John
  7. Welcome. Astro - photo huh ! Kerching - is the reason I m visual. John
  8. Hello. Looking for one of these filters ( already have on in my locker ) Do you have one collecting dust ??? Thank you. John
  9. Hello all. Fundamentally I would fall on the GoTo side of the fence about this topic and the OP's experience I can quite happily relate to. Alan's reply that I have quoted is also very apt from my point of view. I've spent many a nite in the dim and distant !!! Past - being outside not being able to locate a particular target. New peeps to the hobby could lose interest. Goto for me helps me make full use of my telescope time given the number of sessions I seem to get these days - cloud cloud cloud !!!!!! I try these days at each session to set up a new target to find as well as looking at " old faithful targets". I'm not saying the Goto is foolproof but I'm happy to use any help I can get, so to speak. I do know my way around the sky but I know that's only to a certain limit. Tech is a plus for me !! Thanks for reading.. John
  10. Hello Dave. Had a good read of this thread as I have a similar set of BV’s to yourself but branded Celestron. Also my eyes have recently decided to vary ??!! when it comes to focussing. Trip to the optician confirmed my feelings. Anyhow. Have followed your plan with the Baader focusing eyepiece holders (via FLO ) and the T2 extensions via Fleabay. Have them all set up but as usual the clouds have arrived. Will be able to use them in my TS Optics binoculars too as theytake eyepiece pairs. Think fine focus will be a formallity and deal with the “old dog” issue with the MK1 eyeballs. Kind regards John
  11. Hello Gary. Nice kit.I used to have the 10 in version and was very happy with it. Have to agree that the gotos were good and no one will knock Meade from my experience with my example. Sold it to fund a mount upgrade but still have good memories of it. Hope it turns out to be with you long term John
  12. Hello Mods. As no interest have decided to keep them for now. Please remove the ad. Thank you. John
  13. Hello to all. Appreciate the wise words and I'm over it now. Was really frustrated. the plan was to run my recently tuned NEQ6 Pro mount thru its paces. Bobbing about looking at the usual suspects and getting my eye in again. I'll get there soon as you all suggest. Moonshane - have you moved property since my last visit a few years back ? The note on an observatory sounds intriguing - maybe another visit when your all up and running could well be arranged. Clear skies to everyone given my cloudy outlook last night. John
  14. Sorry all. Had to post something to ease the pain. Not been out for a session since Christmas. Lost my mojo a bit TBH. No chance last nite due to SWIMBO. Not a cloud in the sky all day. NOT ONE !! Currently very misty. Not even fussed to try the Devils orb as a big halo around it. Feel better now I have shared the love. Hope others having a much better evening. Regards as always. John
  15. Illuminated EP now sold. Bino pair now £40 including P&P thanks. John
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