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  1. Hello. +1 for the spreader upgrade if funds allow regards Another John. Lol
  2. Hi. Very informative replies as always. I'm visual only so going up to a 152, from a 127, I was hoping for a bit of a "jump" in performance especially on planets,. But maybe not. Just ajump in price as ever lol john
  3. Hello all. Made a visit to the NWAstro show yesterday. Enjoyed a couple of hours in the company of like minded. Got a look thru a Solarmax for the first time. Intriguing compared to my Herschel wedge. Spoke to couple of Astro groups that are fairly local to me with a view to share observing time and less of the lonesome astronomer. Didnt buy anything but as usual my abiding memory was kit - a APM 152 OTA to be exact. I think it was brought along by Tring Astro. First impressions was its size. Blimey, as I hadn't really bargained for how big these 152mm refractors are. I have a Meade 5000 127 and the 152 was a bit of a shock for sure. Cogs are whirring already as to what the views would be with this OTA. I've got most bases covered at the moment with the 3 scopes I have but can't help but think of this OTA . Been reading a few reviews since getting home. Could it be a bit of all rounder. Regards John
  4. Hello. Think i will make a visit Saturday AM. Just up the road for me these days. John
  5. An interesting read. Sounding like a definite upgrade to BV's with a pair of these EP's. think I'll follow this thread John
  6. Hello. +1. Have the same. No issues regards. John
  7. Hello all. Quick one of a very nice summer session. C9.25 dragged out of the garage and set up in the garden on my Skytee. BV's with my TV zooms in the scope. Rather weird as I've had a house move and can,t believe the room I now have. SW aspect of the garden is pretty good. Darker skies too. No more glow from Manchester. Anyhow. Scope cool down not an issue. Shorts, t shirt and a cuppa - well hello Jupiter. Nice viewing and I think a nice barge in the NEB. Three moons off to one side of the disc and no Io. Had already checked S&T app and Io coming out of eclipse about 11 pm. Fascinating to watch. Took about 90 seconds to see a hint of Io to her being totally out of the shadow. A quick shufty around the usual suspects and then pack up. NICE !! 😎😎. John
  8. Holy smoke !! I have to 2nd that first light report request. Regards. John
  9. Congratulations. Looks the business and looking through it will be the business too, I'm quite sure. Regards John
  10. Steve. Excellent and many thanks. John
  11. Hello. Looking for help to see if anyone can confirm the "M" size for the adjustment bolts on a Skytee 2 mount as per the picture. I've removed one of the bolts over the weekend and I'm sure a thread has stripped. A couple of the bolts seem to be of different lengths too ? Trip to the store as soon as I know a size - M3 / 4 Maybe ? Thanks in advance, as always. John
  12. John Hello. If the the 140 isn't compact, I'm happy to take it off your hands. I'll cover petrol costs for personal pick up. Lovely scopes Look forward to your report. John
  13. Hello all. My quick 2 pence worth. Been using a pair of Televue zooms for a while now with my binoviewers. Can only re iterate the ease of use. No swapping of EP's and just play around with the magnification, dependent on the conditions. Able to place my " konk" between the zooms to get a good view. Winner, winner for the you know what dinner !!!! Thank you John
  14. Evening all. Hoping to resurrect this thread please. I didn't follow this up at the time but think I need to now. Still looking to see if anyone can confirm the "M" size for the adjustment bolts on a Skytee 2 mount as per the picture. I've removed one of the bolts over the weekend and I'm sure a thread has stripped. Trip to the store as soon as I know a size - as above M3 / 4 has been suggested. Will by a few for future replacement as required. Thanks in advance, as always. John
  15. Fantastic Dave. Keeper time, as if you need the hint !! LOL . look forward to a first light report Congratulations. John