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  1. I'm out with my 102 frac. Hyginus and Triesnecker area. Steady as she goes. can hardly detect any "wobble< or should that be "wibble" at all. LOL John
  2. Hello Mike. Excellent sketches. The rille was just lit nicely last night and stood out well. Will Setup in a while for another go. Think it’s the turn of my 102 frac this evenin John
  3. Lovely evening. Got the SW 150 out for some relaxed Lunar. Had no specific targets in mind. Ended up being mesmerised by these two landscapes. The rille was a dark slash / line probably helped with tonight's phase. Had my "Discover the moon" book with me by Lacroux and Legrand. Great descriptions. Got to looking at the three amigos. Catarina, Cyrillus and Theophilus. Theophilus was epic. The central hills of the crater looking like a "fleur de lis" Was using my binoviewers with my scope. 400 plus mags. Very clear and steady night was helping. A rather nice 90 minutes. Probably another follow up tomorrow. Quick smartphone shot. Not too hot I'm afraid. John
  4. Cheers guys. Was thinking that it may be a bit of an ask for the mount, the software or both. John
  5. Hello all. Apologies Mods if I’m in the wrong forum. Can the ISS be tracked with a goto Mount with a WiFi dongle and Sky Safari running alongside. I’m thinking it’s a bit of an ask for the equipment but if anyone knows, it’ll be known on the fab site. Regards John
  6. Delivered over the last few days. Xmas come early. Wallet will relax now. Via ABS UK - the rings were from @GavStar Via ABS UK William optics 1.25 in diagonal. Nice - for my Stellarvue 102 frac. Primaluce rings an upgrade / pimp up, for my SW 150 ED John.
  7. Nice additions Jeremy. Scope looks familiar with that focuser, too. Trust it’s working well. John
  8. Blimey. Has that counterweight gone on a trip ??!!
  9. Got em !! 9.29 pm. Chuffed. Nice view in the binos. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Try the scopes. John
  10. Same here. Using my Pentax 12 x 50’s - 4.2 “ fov. Hope fully nab both together as the light fades. Lovely evening for it
  11. Have you placed an order for a pair @astro_al ?? If so I’ll look forward to a review. regards John
  12. May I ask which OTA is going to be attached to that rather nice mount ?? John
  13. +1 for the Geoptik chair. Feels like an equivalent upgrade as a new OTA ! I know I’m not helping @JeremyS John
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