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  1. Just How Good Are Canon 15x50 IS Binoculars?

    Hello Michael. Appreciate your words. The Pentax 12 x 50’s I have and use with a trigger grip monopod set up, serve me well but as we all do, I was thinking the Canon’s could beat this in “hand held” mode ??!! Maybe ??!! Mycredit card has the jitters regards. John
  2. Just How Good Are Canon 15x50 IS Binoculars?

    Hello all. Very interested in this topic. Could I kindly ask if you would consider the results of the IS Bino’s to be similar or better than ‘standard’ Bino’s on a tripod or monopod, Very kind regards. John
  3. Binoviewer Moon

    Hello all. Following on from my earlier post on this thread. Had a rather nice session with my C9.25 and my Celestron 45 deg BV's. When I finished I headed for a snooze due to work which explains my delayed update. Anyhow. I firstly, rather luckily noticed Venus had not departed behind a neighbours house. Nice clear view of the planet. Pity Mercury had done a runner behind said house. Moved on to the Moon. Nice conditions and played around with the Televue zooms I use with the BV's quite regularly. Was taking some high powers with no difficulties. Very little atmospheric "shimmer" to be had. Focused on the Appennies. Alpine valley. Straight wall and Plato plus just running up and down the terminator and catching the shadows. No sign of the central,rille in the A valley. Plato was a sight with the shadow from the crater wall looking like a very poor set of teeth across the crater floor. Highlight was the Straight wall. A black "slash" on the landscape with the small "mountain" at the top (SCT VIEW) Reminds me of a deflated balloon and the wall is the string attached to it. Apologies for the poetic licence. Regards. John
  4. Binoviewer Moon

    Off out soon with this kit and the binoviewers. Binoculars are a back up plan. Moon session. C9.25 been cooling down since 5.30 😎😎 John
  5. Tal 1 Revamp

    Tidy work. Looks excellent. Enjoy John
  6. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    Best of luck with this. Looking forward to the replies and progress. Best regards. John
  7. Sale Pending - Tal 1.25” 2x Barlow for sale

    Hello. Has this sold please ?? Kind regards. John
  8. Binoviewer adventures.

    +1 for binoviewers. Love mine. Cyclops plays second fiddle for sure during a session John
  9. Hello. I could repeat this word for word as I have the 12 x 50 version too - bought from Dave - F15rules. Regards. John
  10. Show us your Frac

    Peter. Is that not a gun turret off the USS Missouri that you have borrowed from the US navy. Looks fantastic. Report soon please. Besr regards. John
  11. When do you reach binocular upgrade time?

    Hello. Yes. Still have the Pentax 12 x 50’s. Very happy with them apart from the caps supplied. They are bobbins. I’ve sourced some new ones that actually fit where they touch John
  12. A beautiful night

    Hello Dave. Nice report of a relaxed session. Simple sometimes is best. If only I did this more LOL Enjoyed the read. Regards. John
  13. Show Us Your Binoculars.

    Hello. How would you rate the IS models you have to the standard type. I note you say the Canon IS 10x30 are your most used. A step up when you compare with other 10x binos you have ?? Regarda. John
  14. Vixen SD103S Unboxing

    Very very nice. !!!!
  15. New Pentax 8x40 bins unboxing

    Dave. They look like a complete bargain. The12 x 50’s I bought off you a while back are still impressive. May I ask about the caps that came with these bins. Fit for purpose or a letdown. Look forward to a first light report Regards. John