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  1. Following this thread with interest. Lots of angles the posts are coming from. My wallet is safe and well and will be staying that way. Happy to stick with my current kit. Regards John
  2. Hi Guys. Presume using a pair of 12 x 50 binos tonite will not prove a fruitful search ?? My skies aren't bad but guess another week or two. Being lazy and cheeky. Oops John
  3. Shane. Hats off to you. I would need some brown trousers to be worn and a stiff drink b4 picking up the tools to do this. Excellent thread regards John
  4. Keep tapping the fingers, John First light soon !! John
  5. John. Just the reply I was looking for with photos too. Best regards John
  6. Evening all. The Uni 28 has arrived. Very very nice piece of gear. So next I'm immediately looking at one of these as an alternative to the chain. Does this fit the tripod instead of OR as well as the wooden tray. Can't quite decide and looking for wisdom yet again Regards John
  7. Thanks guys. Looks like the 28 is ahead by a nose. regards. John
  8. Thanks guys. Looks like the 28 is ahead by a nose. regards. John
  9. Hi Guys. Wisdom required again as usual. Looking to upgrade my tripod for my NEQ6Pro and I'm split as to which Berlebach option might work best. Given the scopes to be used are my C9.25 and my Meade 5000 127 Apo F7.5, which would you opt for. Uni 18 or 28 ???? . Working height / vibration- dampening loss if at max height, is the query I guess or is it irrelevant given the OTA's in use and the quality of the tripods from this supplier. All I hear is good reviews. Probably can't go wrong with either, in the long run. Best regards John
  10. Guess I'm of the same thoughts now, Shane. A Tak for me too please but no idea when John
  11. Mike. The triplet option was the reason my post. The scope was an APM that I had seen. My knowledge is somewhat limited and after the Tak threads I was after some wisdom. I'm back in my box, for now. Lol Best regards. John
  12. John. No putting off done just very wise words as always from all the posts. I am pretty settled with my OTA's to be honest. The AD I saw just hit a nerve and it needed to be scratched. A Uni 28 is currently back on itch list. Time will tell. Can see your new arrival has completed an excellent set up for you. Regards John
  13. Sage replies as always. After reading all your words I think I'm back to the dimishing returns syndrome that kit upgrades always seem to end up at. The eyes are getting somewhat, older. Could easily spend the greenbacks on alternatives like a nice tripod (Berlebach - drool ) and a couple of excellent EP,s to complete my current set / complement my current gear. Probably much more of a result in the long run. John
  14. Hey guys. Should have said I'm into visual only. An APM 107 for sale, not that far from me, got the mind ticking over. Jules. I'm all good thanks. Trust the same. I'll check that thread as not seen it. Easter is a possibility. Hope the "120" is suiting you. I do love my 127. Not looking to rock its boat, so to speak, with a smaller triplet !, John - the mags you quoted with your Tak sound awesome. Was thinking a 107 triplet just might let me do the same, maybe, taking your caveat comments into account. John
  15. Hello all. Currently got a 4 in Achro and have been poodling around the web reading up. Plus seeing / following a few threads on here about 4 in Tak owners experiences and some of the mags being employed by the same, I'm beginning to think a nice 4 in triplet would be nice to have and passing on my Borg to a new owner. Just asking if the views from the triplet would blow my Borg out of the water - thinking YES - and also maybe give my Meade 127 a run for the money shot too ?? Would need to start saving. Christmas 2017 Santa present at current rates. New house and SWIMBO to keep sweet. LOL Any wisdom and musing gratefully received JOHN