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  1. Christmas Eve was my last image, in fact the only one for 3 months, an hour and a half on the North American Nebula while messing with a new stepper for focusing. ZWO1600MM, Samyang 135MM, unity gain, 6 subs @ 5 mins each, Ha,SII,OIII
  2. Looking at the manual it would suggest a W47 filter or the use of another colour camera, is that what you are referring to Dave? Kokatha man i was using a 290MC before it died and was looking to replace with a mono as i already have a filter wheel i use with a 1600MM for deep, although i think it would be easier to replace with another colour Thanks for the advice
  3. I had the same problem, ended up filing it down for it to receive a skywatcher evoguide, there was a sort of bulge around the centre of the runner so only went in half way..
  4. My ZWO colour has bit the dust so was going to take advantage of the black Friday deal on the ZWO 120MM, just wondering if I still need the ADC with the ZWO mono and RGB Filters or do the filters override the need of an ADC?.. Thanks
  5. Hello All Does anyone know of any UK companies that will do repairs on ZWO cameras at all?, have a 290 that has come down with a possible usb/power fault and is now out of warranty, i cannot seem to get a reply from ZWO probably down to the current situation so looking for any local fixers? cheers
  6. I was just wondering if these scopes come with the main dust cover at all? and can i check that there is no Bahtinov mask available for the 8" F12 im just making sure my shopping list is in order before i hit the buy it now button
  7. Thanks Julian/Gina, i ended up revamping the SW motor i has sitting around, all up and running for test, also thanks Mike "wxsatuser" for the images..
  8. Funny enough Julian that was the one i had in mind, and exactly where i purchased the previous motor, just deciding which software route to go, either way i will run it through APT
  9. I intend to join the ranks of the wider-fielders with a Samyang 135mm and zwo 1600 with filter wheel and was hoping for some advice on a stepper motor for the autofocuser?, im using a Nema17 27-1 plantery at the moment to shift the camera and filter gear on an ED80 and it works very well but feel its a bit overkill for the above so looking for something a bit smaller and without having to strip down what's already set up, im hearing the Samyangs focus wheel is a bit stiff so trying to take this into consideration but as its only moving the focus i may be able to get away with the smaller versi
  10. I have decided to clear out some less used items and this was one of those impulse buys which unfortunately does not get used as much as it should, purchased for travel use i have literally used it 4 times in over a year, it works perfectly and have it connected up to SkySafari 6 pro app on phone or tablet or with the standard synscan pro app, comes with the supplied extension and tripod, a Skywatcher ST80 with attached Telrad finder and 2 standard eyepieces along with a 45° piece, the mount runs off 8 rechargeable AA batteries which easily last all night or a 12v jack plug supply if you have
  11. I know what you mean Alan, i grabbed them yesterday
  12. Thanks Steve, looks like its the 10x50s then, thanks again
  13. Thanks for the input guys much appreciated, its pointing towards the 10x50s i think, i mentioned the 8x40 simply because i have read on here and other sites how light the 8x40s are in any make or model and are a pleasure to look through but i havnt actually looked through a set of that size so cannot compare the view or weight difference, i do know i had a peep through some old Minolta standard extra wide view 10x50s which were left in a holiday cabin for guests and i really liked the view on them but a bit harder to find at the moment. Thanks again
  14. Evening Can i ask if any of you members have/are using the Olympus DPS-I 8x40 Binoculars for any astro work?, or the 10x50s for that matter, im looking for a light weight all rounder and have read a few good reviews on this set, i believe they were called the trooper but changed at some point Thanks
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