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  1. admittedly, i later got another email from a different person basically saying that still a funny first reply though as to the being overly welcomed... well most people steer me a wide birth especially when i got my trenchcoat and boots on
  2. So I saw three 'dark sky sites for star gazing' on the peak district website and emailed them for info... Not sure if the reply made me laugh or groan... Thank you for contacting the Peak District National Park Authority. Staying overnight in our carparks is not permitted, such as parking for the whole night in a campervan. Please observe the timings of the parking charges at the carpark (9am – 6pm)
  3. i've got a full 3D model to work from. only things i don't know yet is the exact distance to the surface of the primary until i find decent springs for the primary cell and the secondary holder size. i kind of guestimated them in the model but until they're physical objects, well... y'know
  4. and yeah, there's only 6 truss poles there but i wanted to play
  5. the primary is 14.5inch F5.6 (80 inches give or take a bit) but i bought 2000mm poles. there'll be somewhere round 400mm coming off them once i get the primary cell completely finished so i know exactly where the secondary will need to be to complete the measurements. it's actually a lot heavier than it looks as it's made from 18mm exterior waterproof MDF, but y'know, that's what cars are made for
  6. finally starting to look like a scope just 4 more truss pole ends to make then i can shorten the poles to the right length and do the spider and finish the collimation side of the mirror cell
  7. 2nd print since i got the Mars... i wouldn't even know where to begin doing this on a FDM printer... still needs cleaning up and gluing once the tail is finished, but dayum... 10" long (5 parts of the model done so far, 1 to go) cost about £3.50 in resin
  8. Not sure if this kind of post is allowed, but Salford Astro Society are running a fundraiser on their facebook page to raise £3000 to convert their 18.5 inch newt to goto. It's an impressive scope, used to be housed at Jodrell Bank
  9. will do. personally though, running costs aren't that important to me as i don't print a million-and-one useless boatys, just useful stuff. the printer is about £250 on amazon so couldn't resist i found a 405nm UV nail dryer for £20 which i'm converting into a curing box resin is currently about £20 for 500g but the price is dropping as the popularity of DLP printers is taking off a lot now.
  10. is anyone using resin printers? just treated myself to an Elegoo Mars, cause y'know, nerdy astro stuff had to maintain the theme
  11. Just completed this addition to my AZ EQ6-GT polar scope so i won't be breaking my back when i eventually get to use the scope again. I got a practically 'as new' 90 degree Canon viewfinder for the princely sum of £10 off fleabay. I saw a couple of adaptors for the star adventurer on thingiverse, but this one is specifically for the EQ and is just a one piece 3D print. The adaptor is a very snug push fit (created in OpenSCAD) onto the focusing ring and the fixed body of the polar scope and has just enough freedom to allow it to be rotated for focusing. I stuck the metal bracket from the camera shoe (? i think thats what it is) and fixed it to the plastic adaptor with double sided tape and then heated the 4 screws from the (camera shoe) and screwed them in. It seems plenty sturdy enough. Mega complex openscad model lolol difference() { union() { translate([0,0,28]) cylinder($fn = 200, h = 3, d1 = 42, d2 = 42, center = false); difference() { cylinder($fn = 200, h = 31, d1 = 38.5, d2 = 39, center = false); cylinder($fn = 200, h = 29, d1 = 29.3, d2 = 29.8, center = false); } } translate([0,-0.5,0]) cylinder($fn = 200, h = 40, d1 = 12.33, d2 = 12.33, center = false); translate([0,21,0]) cylinder($fn = 200, h = 40, d1 = 3, d2 = 3, center = false); cube(size = [50, 1, 50], center = true); } overall, it works a treat
  12. works far better than i thought... seems very stable even without the top section bolted to the top ring
  13. So after what seems like an eternity wrestling my demons (don't ask), i've got my finger out again. top ring is coming along, the first part of the focuser mount is 3D printed with heat inserted threaded inserts to clamp the top section (which is currently still in openscad being finalised) to hold it all in place, just need to make the spider now. Waiting for the 25mm dia plastic knobs to arrive so i can finish the truss poles.
  14. The worst thing about having astrophotography as one of your favourite hobbies is being stuck somewhere where you can't do it... stuck in a 1st floor flat in a heavily light polluted area and having weekends almost totally taken up with family, and not having the finances to afford the extortionate rent charges of finding a decent house (at 53, i really doubt i'd get, or be able to afford a mortgage), i've all but given up on imaging I've been toying with the idea of a remote obsy, where i can store the majority of my gear without having to worry about carting delicate (and heavy) gear up and down stairs and subjecting it to a longish drive. So, i've been pondering getting in touch with farmers/ land owners round the north cheshire area about renting a small bit of land. Has anyone here done anything like this?
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