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  1. kind of... i bought a AZ EQ6 Pro
  2. thanks for looking. another member is sending me the exact piece so i'm no longer walking round cursing and muttering to myself lol
  3. awesome just measured and it's 4.1mm x 95mm
  4. Does anyone have the spindle out of a GSO Crayford? had a little accident and it's snapped. I really don't want to replace the entire focuser as it was a leaving gift when i worked at the Square Kilometer Array HQ at Jodrell Bank.
  5. Makes me feel like an utter noob asking this but am i right in assuming that the laser attachment for my Howie Glatter laser is basically having the same effect as a Blug or tuBlug? without having to spend silly money
  6. Awesome, thanks for that Yeah it may well be just as expensive as a second hand dome but i've now found myself in the rather excellent position of getting a house with space for an obsy, but more importantly, an already converted garage with enough space to partition into an obsy control room and excessively large workshop for an even bigger CNC router and even more importantly that that, a good woman who talks string theory, watches Cosmos with me and thinks Neil DeGrasse Tyson is top
  7. So finally after what seems a lifetime away, just had an offer accepted for me and the other half to get a place of our own, so I can now get the scope set up permanently As i'll also finally have a workshop for my CNC and any other gear, i'm thinking of making some sort of dome, so wondering if anyone has seen plans for one that will house a 10" newt.
  8. oops, i meant Lausanne... it's a nice obsy with a big SCT. unfortunately, there were 30+ people there and not speaking French, we didn't get a chance to chat to the two guys running it.
  9. I'm on hols in Lauranne in Switzerland with the other half who is developing an interest in astronomy and I just stumbled upon this... http://svastro.ch/ Wondering if anyone here has visited this obsy?
  10. Not sure if this has been mentioned but it looks interesting https://www.hackster.io/news/the-nicest-diy-astrophotography-star-tracker-we-ve-ever-seen-0d3632d7347b?fbclid=IwAR02ZPhdAXVgb01DV1fULf1IsW6rvyl68UFlf1zTWOE8_mQ_OSsfeQmcfag
  11. All ready for the mercury transit on the 11th... Baader film in custom objective and finder holders printed on my ender3 for my Tal 100R. And if it's cloudy in this damn astronomically forsaken country, i'm emigrating Even got the day off work so it had better be clear...
  12. i hope so i'd been looking for a Tal 100R since the turn of the century lol but never found one locally till last year.
  13. well, gorilla glue to be exact. i'm leaving it 24 hours before i put the backplate on
  14. i was right... the diagonal had been taken apart in the past... one of the springs was completely off its screw and the bearing pivot was jammed at the side... i drew up a centering drawing an wow, i didn't realise it was so far off centre but a rebuild of the diagonal and a spot of superglue to lock the bolts and VOILA!!! can't wait to get back out in the field to see what this scope can really do now bodge bodge bodge... and fixed holy moly all's good in the world now
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