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  1. Dave_D

    The 14" build is finally underway

    right... that's the truss attachments sorted and no 3D printing involved https://knowledge.autodesk.com/search-result/caas/screencast/Main/Details/fcb30d12-54c4-4908-b6b2-2eaa95ab07f4.html
  2. So, now i've got my CNC kicked into shape, it's time to start my 14" dob build. I've had the optics since i was 21... i'm now 52 HAHA so yeah... Anyway, i've got the rocker box designed (see the vid linked below) and the 18mm water resistant Medite Tricoya arrives in a couple of days, can't see anything that would cause a problem but opinions are welcome. https://knowledge.autodesk.com/community/screencast/8ff926f8-95a9-4b09-bb89-37a5fb6cf8dc and the mirror cell is 80% complete I was originally going to 3D print the blocks and have already made a test version which seems plenty strong enough but it's a load of faffing about and i'm sure a simpler method would be less of a headache to make all the parts. I'm really not sure yet how i'm going to do the truss attachments so if anyone has any good ideas...
  3. Dave_D

    Easy PCBs

    I found DesignSpark PCB quite good
  4. Dave_D

    Easy PCBs

    The garage concrete floor is still orange at my mothers old house lol
  5. Dave_D

    Easy PCBs

    Found this on youtube... probably the easiest way of making PCBs I've seen so far.
  6. Dave_D

    How's your weather.

    it's the middle of october, it's nighttime, i've no heating on and i'm sweating
  7. Have you tried looking at a microcontroller like an ESP32? it's a 32bit 180Mhz (i think) controller and has a huge lead on performance over ATMega based chips
  8. Dave_D

    Recommended Materials for Newt End Caps

    Can't go wrong with a shower cap... 2 for a quid at asda
  9. Dave_D


    Test piece of the cell straight off the CNC... fits perfectly (and yes, there's no holes to mount the mirror holder yet) Need to study fusion360 a bit more though cause the tool path wasn't very efficient gonna be a fun week with being off work so i can make some real mess when i pick up some 15mm aluminium plate on monday
  10. Dave_D

    Teflon bearings for Dobs

    So, i asked my sister if the place she (and i used to) work at had any offcuts of teflon i could snaffle to make bearings... she plonked these in my hand lol Does anyone know what the best way is i can cut these into thin strips with minimal waste? and no, the bottom one isn't a church candle lolololol
  11. Dave_D


    i'd rather be making real stuff than imaginary stuff though... unless i was coding for Nasa or SpaceX or the SKA. coding so overpaid corporate 'gits' can get around and save a tenner on their trip sucks.
  12. Dave_D


    strangely, or maybe not so strangely, having that MDF tester in has made collimation a doddle according to my cheshire, cats-eye AND glatter... well isn't that a thing lol still gonna build a new cell and spider though... just because i can. and 2k of CNC which hasn't really been put through it's paces yet is whispering (as are all the other voices in my head) doooo iiiiittt
  13. Dave_D


    sadly, i'm only a 'software engineer' definitely went right when i should have gone left years ago
  14. Dave_D

    stepper motor controller suggestion

    haven't had any issues using a 28BYJ-48 12v but my camera isn't that heavy being a modified dSLR, my focuser easily lifts the camera vertically, and yeah daves focuser code works perfectly over bluetooth
  15. Dave_D


    So, after finding out the 10" V2 truss RC AND the 10" truss imaging newts have been withdrawn because they have too many problems (so no blowing a couple of grand), i've decided to trash my existing orion optics mirror cell and spider because basically, they're utter crap. been having a load of issues with collimation on my OO GX250 and today found out the primary is a whole 5mm off centre when just using the 3 fixing bolts as the tube is being deformed badly. fired up my CNC and made a test piece which (without the cell fitted) is a perfect push fit. with the cell in place, the test piece showed perfectly how badly the tube is deformed. so, as soon as i lay my grubby little paws on some 10mm aluminium plate, i'm going to make a cell similar to this MDF test. same goes for the spider. Orion Optics may produce good mirrors, but their engineering sucked on this scope lol

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