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  1. Dave_D

    Teflon bearings for Dobs

    So, i asked my sister if the place she (and i used to) work at had any offcuts of teflon i could snaffle to make bearings... she plonked these in my hand lol Does anyone know what the best way is i can cut these into thin strips with minimal waste? and no, the bottom one isn't a church candle lolololol
  2. Dave_D


    i'd rather be making real stuff than imaginary stuff though... unless i was coding for Nasa or SpaceX or the SKA. coding so overpaid corporate 'gits' can get around and save a tenner on their trip sucks.
  3. Dave_D


    strangely, or maybe not so strangely, having that MDF tester in has made collimation a doddle according to my cheshire, cats-eye AND glatter... well isn't that a thing lol still gonna build a new cell and spider though... just because i can. and 2k of CNC which hasn't really been put through it's paces yet is whispering (as are all the other voices in my head) doooo iiiiittt
  4. Dave_D


    sadly, i'm only a 'software engineer' definitely went right when i should have gone left years ago
  5. Dave_D

    stepper motor controller suggestion

    haven't had any issues using a 28BYJ-48 12v but my camera isn't that heavy being a modified dSLR, my focuser easily lifts the camera vertically, and yeah daves focuser code works perfectly over bluetooth
  6. Dave_D


    So, after finding out the 10" V2 truss RC AND the 10" truss imaging newts have been withdrawn because they have too many problems (so no blowing a couple of grand), i've decided to trash my existing orion optics mirror cell and spider because basically, they're utter crap. been having a load of issues with collimation on my OO GX250 and today found out the primary is a whole 5mm off centre when just using the 3 fixing bolts as the tube is being deformed badly. fired up my CNC and made a test piece which (without the cell fitted) is a perfect push fit. with the cell in place, the test piece showed perfectly how badly the tube is deformed. so, as soon as i lay my grubby little paws on some 10mm aluminium plate, i'm going to make a cell similar to this MDF test. same goes for the spider. Orion Optics may produce good mirrors, but their engineering sucked on this scope lol
  7. Dave_D


    Not sure if any of my fellow arduino tinkerers have seen these but WOW!!! have a gander at these specs and the board is about the same size as an arduino nano and that's WITH a 128x64 OLED screen... these things are AWESOME! Processors: CPU: Xtensa dual-core (or single-core) 32-bit LX6 microprocessor, operating at 160 or 240 MHz and performing at up to 600 DMIPS Ultra low power (ULP) co-processor Memory: 520 KiB SRAM Wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth: v4.2 BR/EDR and BLE Peripheral interfaces: 12-bit SAR ADC up to 18 channels 2 × 8-bit DACs 10 × touch sensors (capacitive sensing GPIOs) Temperature sensor 4 × SPI 2 × I²S interfaces 2 × I²C interfaces 3 × UART SD/SDIO/CE-ATA/MMC/eMMC host controller SDIO/SPI slave controller Ethernet MAC interface with dedicated DMA and IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol support CAN bus 2.0 Infrared remote controller (TX/RX, up to 8 channels) Motor PWM LED PWM (up to 16 channels) Hall effect sensor Ultra low power analog pre-amplifier Security: IEEE 802.11 standard security features all supported, including WFA, WPA/WPA2 and WAPI Secure boot Flash encryption 1024-bit OTP, up to 768-bit for customers Cryptographic hardware acceleration: AES, SHA-2, RSA, elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), random number generator (RNG) Power management: Internal low-dropout regulator Individual power domain for RTC 5uA deep sleep current Wake up from GPIO interrupt, timer, ADC measurements, capacitive touch sensor interrupt got one through the post today and have it connected to my wifi in minutes. there's quite a few form factors but i got this one... and only 12 quid oh, it can also run Python...
  8. Dave_D

    Seeking Mirror ID

    the cell and spider design and finish are almost identical to my orion optics GX250 except my cell uses the same thumb knobs on the cell as on the spider
  9. Dave_D

    First Light Optics

    ordered a howie glatter laser late last night, it's arriving tomorrow... they answered a query at almost 9:30pm on facebook, almost immediately... now THAT's premium customer service i love you FLO and i want to have your babies
  10. Dave_D

    Altair Astro

    just posted this on their facebook. "must say that i'm REALLY disappointed with altair... i've sent messages over facebook and messages through your website since last friday, asking for information. not a single response... now, if what would have been over £2000 in purchases is of no interest to you then fine, so be it. as it is, even though i was really wanting to get one of your 10" truss imaging newtonians, because of your shockingly bad customer service, i'll be taking my money elsewhere."
  11. Dave_D

    JTW Astronomy - rival to MESU?

    sucks to be poor...
  12. Dave_D

    EQMOD and bluetooth

    not fitted the usb hub yet but got 1 of the arduino/bluetooth sets up and running for the focuser and the 12v/8v supplies and the 5v internal supplies for the arduinos/dribers/bluetooth modules decided not to reinvent the wheel so the arduino is running tekkydaves AAF2 which is performing flawlessly... *applauds dave*
  13. Anyone seen or used one of these? I was pondering hitting the button on a 10" RC but they seem to have vanished from the Altair site https://www.altairastro.com/Altair-10inch-Truss-Imaging-Newtonian-Astrograph.html Looks like i nice scope, price sucks a bit though
  14. Dave_D

    EQMOD and bluetooth

    Been playing with bluetooth stuff for the past week now and got it all running... switched to HC-05 modules, the SM-08 modules were't up to scratch. Can start wiring this badboy up fully tomorrow. Twin Arduino Nano/BTE-008 stepper drivers, single usb2 in with 2 usb2 ports for output, 2 HC-05 bluetooth modules and 12v input to 5v/8v/12v outputs for camera (8v) and whatever else i decide to use the 2nd arduino for.
  15. Been messing around with arduinos and bluetooth for a couple of days sending from my tablet. I'm now going to try modding my autofocuser to use bluetooth instead of wired USB. I'm part way building a box to mount on my scope tube which houses 2 arduinos, each with a stepper driver and bluetooth adaptor. primarily for the focuser, but the second could be used for anything else requiring a stepper (filter wheel springs to mind), 8v and 12v power supplies, and a pass-through USB for the camera. Has anyone tried programming bluetooth from EQMOD and if so, is there any info available?

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