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  1. Where would you live?

    If i had the option... as far from the UK as possible
  2. Ma Baby Newt...

    Solar filter arrived yesterday but the only one i could find that wasn't like 40-50 quid was a 90mm frac jobbie... anyway, 3d printing to the rescue and VOILA!!! just need to shroud the tube now looking at the moon, the image fills about 75-80% of the FOV so this should work quite nicely.
  3. Truss scope using 3D printed parts

    ok, now i'm starting to froth at the mouth cause i can't order my CNC router till mid November... this is going to be the business though
  4. Truss scope using 3D printed parts

    positioning will be fine... had a bit of a windfall so i'll soon be getting myself a 750x500mm OX Metal CNC router (http://www.openbuilds.com/threads/ox-metal-cnc-router-mill.7218/) to build all my toys with
  5. Truss scope using 3D printed parts

    couldn't be bothered making it any nicer than this lol // define the block size block = [25,70,20]; // define the ball size ball_dia = 10; // define the printing tolerence for the balls tolerence = 0.05; // define the block mid points x_middle = block[0]/2; y_middle = block[1]/2; z_middle = block[2]/2; // define the ball offset from centre sphereoffset=14; // define the object smoothness $fn = 100; // distance of M5 Cap head bolts from edge M5_offsets = 7; M5_shank = 2.5; M5_head = 4.5; // locking bolt locking_bolt = 2.5; difference() { cube(block); translate([block[0]-7,y_middle-sphereoffset,block[2]]) sphere(ball_dia+tolerence); translate([block[0]-7,y_middle+sphereoffset,block[2]]) sphere(ball_dia+tolerence); // centre locking bolt translate([x_middle,y_middle,-30]) cylinder(h=100, r1=locking_bolt, r2=locking_bolt); // M5 holes translate([0,block[1]-M5_offsets,M5_offsets]) rotate([0,90,0]) cylinder(h=block[1], r1=M5_shank, r2=M5_shank); translate([0,M5_offsets,M5_offsets]) rotate([0,90,0]) cylinder(h=block[1], r1=M5_shank, r2=M5_shank); translate([block[0]-5,block[1]-M5_offsets,M5_offsets]) rotate([0,90,0]) cylinder(h=10, r1=M5_head, r2=M5_head); translate([block[0]-5,M5_offsets,M5_offsets]) rotate([0,90,0]) cylinder(h=10, r1=M5_head, r2=M5_head); }
  6. D-Bot 3D Printer

    If you're using 3 lead screws for the bed then surely autolevelling won't be an issue once it's all set up. can't speak for the coreXY design, but since i rebuilt my A8 using 2040, i've been using 15mm spacers between the bed and h-plate and haven't had to relevel the bed for going on 6 weeks now.
  7. 3D-Printed Focus Mask for 12" Truss Tube RC

    yeah but your scope is better than mine
  8. D-Bot 3D Printer

    must be some weight to the print bed for it to do that... :|
  9. Truss scope using 3D printed parts

    Iv'e done them in both PLA and PET-G (the PLA gives a slightly smoother finish for some reason) and to be honest, at 100% infill there seems to be practically no difference. I've tried twisting, bending and dropping (out of my 1st floor flat window)and neither type showed any problems lol. The parts were designed in OpenSCAD so once i've finished making the scripts fully parametric i'll post them in here, they're quite short.
  10. DIY Dobsonian Mount

    looks rather good
  11. Truss scope using 3D printed parts

    this is looking very promising... and cheap http://vidmg.photobucket.com/albums/v369/vanityassassin/VID_20170916_125642_zpsrvgwvhkb.mp4
  12. Truss scope using 3D printed parts

    hmmmm interesting.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5pcs-Diameter-M5-Black-Plastic-Solid-Round-20mm-Ball-Lever-Knobs-/291800364736?epid=1074973757&hash=item43f0a836c0:g:M-MAAOSw-29ZOQX1
  13. Truss scope using 3D printed parts

    might just have a look at that... especially as i was just quoted 600 bloody quid for a carbon tube...
  14. Truss scope using 3D printed parts

    i might try upping the ball diameter to 25mm and printing the ball and the tube plug as separate pieces and using a metal bush to replace the neck section. it's a natural weak point in the design that would probably still fail. it was 100% infill at 0.1mm layer height.
  15. Truss scope using 3D printed parts

    well it didn't work. the neck section of the ball joint, even with a 5mm bolt just doesn't have enough strength to stop layer separaton and the part splitting under load... would probably be better if the filament was put down lengthwise but then i'd have to use supports which wouldn't give a decent enough quality ball.. ho-hum back to the drawing board (or dig REAL deep in my pockets for 16 moonlite brackets). The two blocks housing the ball on the other hand, would probably survive a direct nuclear strike. Annoyingly though, there's a local firm who's website says they can make carbon fibre tubes up to 350mm diameter. e-mailed them 2 weeks ago about this and had no reply. not the first time i've had not even a 'not interested' reply. i really hate pig-ignorant companies. you'd think with the economy in the mess it's in, these small places would be up for making a few quid.