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  1. Ma Baby Newt...

    awwwww too cute. and yes, my 10" newt is wearing a shower cap
  2. Printsonian 10" f/6

    nice one where from? google has a thingiverse link but it gives a 404 error
  3. Printsonian 10" f/6

    are the files available or is this a private project?
  4. Ma Baby Newt...

    i haz optics and it produces an image no problem
  5. Ma Baby Newt...

    8mm ftw
  6. Printsonian 10" f/6

    awesome what size printer hotbed is needed? dould 220x220 be big enough?
  7. Ma Baby Newt...

    So with all the hoo-ha going on about the eclipse in the states, i thought i'd make myself a little newt that'll eventually be for solar viewing (once i make a shroud and get a filter of course) that i can bung in the car and take to work for a spot of lunchtime viewing... Just need to make an eyepiece holder to bolt onto the top ring now... (sketchup here i come) Kinda cute so far thought the joy of 3D printers (and finding a 78mm mirror set out of a broken penguin scope in my 'box of bits' lol)
  8. Prusa i3 3D printer

    Thanks to the vastly improved structure of the AM8 upgrade, i've been able to completely get rid of the springs used for bed levelling and replace them with the stand-offs shown in the pic. The bed is level to well within the tolerance needed at the corners, and i only need to set the z height at the centre point of the bed. This works every time and over the past 3 days have had a 100% print success... it just 'works'.
  9. OGEM open source mount

    looks kinda familiar...
  10. Off the telescope addicts facebook forum... "Introducing the OGEM. An open source project for a 50 kg payload friction drive mount. JTW Astronomy is very honoured to be involved in this project. Please watch this space for further developments :)" Anyone heard of this?
  11. Prusa i3 3D printer

    Rebuild using 2040 extrusion... now built like a tank... you can grab the top and shake it, the printer doesn't budge but the table does
  12. D-Bot 3D Printer

    Looking very good there Dave... Are you using the eccentric bolts on the wheels to remove any slop btw? if so, how are the printed parts holding up? I've decided on this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2254103 HyperCube Evolution... it's gonna be a biggie lol. Just got to find a source for 30x30mm extrusion as ooznest don't seem to supply it :/ I've just switched to PET-G and started printing the parts for the hypercube. Going to be a 'from scratch' build as i plan on using a Duet3D controller... bit of a step up from 8bit to 32bit Had a real laugh (not) when i switched to PET-G... thought i'd get some nice translucent red by real filament... i think they mix some sort of molecular welding glue in with the filament as the first print pulled a lump of glass out of my glass bed, and the second print pulled the surface of my buildtak It also strings like crazy regardless of which settings i use and actually comes out more carrot colour than red. Avod Real Filament if you can Anyway, i ditched anything from Real Filament and went with my usual brand by Prima... their PrimaSelect PET-G prints wonderfully and pops off the glass just like their PLA. Luckily, i just got a bonus at work so as soon as i source the 30x30 extrusion, i'll be decimating my bonus lol
  13. D-Bot 3D Printer

    watched this seriesof vids last night... i'm soooo tempted to do one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1752766
  14. Prusa i3 3D printer

    Finally got my E3D up and running... had to model the whole thing from scratch as: a/ the thingiverse models are crap b/ they didn't have all the things i wanted in 1 model tis working just peachy
  15. Cheap'n'cheerful frac

    Daughter is rather happy with her little frac 60mm objective out of an old russian monocular i had sat in a box, bit of drainpipe, tripod for 3 quit from the local charity shop and the old eyepiece off my 50mm guidescope. 3D printed lens cell and hood and the tripod bracket. So a couple of quid to build... grin on my girls face, priceless