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  1. OGEM open source mount

    looks rather good...
  2. TAL 100R price?

    just stripped and regreased the eq head... there was a bit of slop in it i wasn't happy with. considering how simple the eq head is, it's now rock solid and quite smooth
  3. TAL 100R price?

    Nooooooo.... my first refractor there's a 'proper' scope behind it lol
  4. TAL 100R price?

    well, the lens wasn't chipped at all... must have been some odd reflection. got it for £170 which may or may not be a bit higher than normal, but i've wanted one of these for years so i really don't care. can't wait for a clear night this is the first frac i've had since i was 7
  5. TAL 100R price?

    this kinda puts me off tho... definitely looks like the lens is chipped.
  6. Anyone know the going rate for a tal 100r? Been after one for ages and one on fleabay is reasonably close but starting at £200
  7. CNC equipment

    almost ready for some serious DIY astro bits. just need to finish my spoiler board. been playing with fusion360 and after figuring out the CAM side, i LOVE this program
  8. D-Bot 3D Printer

    looks the business...
  9. CNC equipment

    If you see a faded sign at the side of the road that says "15 miles to the CNC SHACK!" CNC Shack, yeah, yeah... almost ready
  10. OGEM open source mount

    but don't we do that already? lol I've asked mark for more info on tracking accuracy etc so i'll post it when i get it. now if only i had a permanent obsy... :/
  11. OGEM open source mount

    "It's now confirmed, the OGEM will launch at ATT 2018! A 100 kg payload friction drive mount, retailing for 2899,99 euros (approx. 2550 gbp or 3600 usd). This will open up a whole new category of aperture to amateur astronomers in this price class and even support European manufacturers. Featuring an oversized drive wheel - 270 mm diameter, no backlash, the new open source FreeGo2 controller. On-board Bluetooth and the option to upgrade to absolute or incremental encoders as standard. For more info please mail us - info@jtwastronomy.com" from Mark Woodward on facebook
  12. CNC equipment

    first gcode has GRBL, will Gerbil... can start making bits'n'pieces soon as i fit the spindle and build the table for my 'cnc room' diy losmandy methinks as soon as i can find a 8mm shank dovetail cutter. it's a bit dark, and yeah i built it in my living room lol
  13. WiFi - need more signal.

    just a thought... have you considered installing a yagi in your obsy?
  14. CNC equipment

    WOOHOO!!!!! one giant step closer
  15. CNC equipment

    Gonna need a bigger flat was someone asking about losmandy plates? lololol