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  1. An enlightening comparison there Jules, I have always been tempted by a Tal 100, of either model and for the money they perform very well.
  2. I got Mobile Observatory for £4 and I find it very useful. It is well worth the money.
  3. I suppose this is really down to what equipment our budgets allow us to commit to this hobby. I have a 300P and although it's a bit bigger than the 200P, it suffers from the same built in problems. That being it's fast, and at F5 that loses contrast. Flocking the tube makes a heck of a difference, but you will need to be able to take the scope apart, put it back together and collimate it. The above advice, particularly letting the scope get down to temp makes a big difference. There are loads of mods you can do to improve the performance of this scope for a reasonable outlay. Have a look round
  4. I have had one of these for a good few years now. It saves your back no end, and I have always found it adjusted to what I wanted to look at. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Leifheit-Niveau-71326-Multi-Chair-Silver/dp/B001BKYBXA/ref=sr_1_2?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1379869595&sr=1-2&keywords=leifheit+ironing+chair
  5. Hi Rob, welcome to EMS. With the 10mm eyepiece you are getting 120x magnification. A 2x Barlow will give you a larger image to look at, 240x, but the image will be a lot darker as a result. Colour is fairly difficult to see with dark adapted eye's, as the colour receptors don't work well in the dark. That said everyone is different, and we have different abilities to pick out colours. Your scope is a great first scope and will keep you busy for a good while. You may when you have the funds want to upgrade your eyepieces, but this doesn't have to be expensive to get better results. There's a w
  6. The mirror clips should not be tight at all, if they are even slightly tight, you will get triangle shaped stars and it will not show a good image. I was informed by a regarded scope maker, that the mirror should be free to move, not sloppy, but able to rotate by hand. I got some of the brown baking parchment, which is fifteen thou' thick and tightened the screws down to it, and then slackened them off until I could move the parchment under the clips, without it being trapped. This gives a clearance, without it letting the mirror move back and forward. If you have triangle stars, it's to tight
  7. Both good books, and the Star atlas is probably one of the best when out with the scope. You need to get somewhere dark. Set up in the evening light, so it's all ready to use when it's dark, use a red light only when it's dark, take something to drink, (non alcoholic, as it does affect night vision), sit down in a chair and wait for darkness. It will take a round twenty to thirty minutes to become dark adapted, any white light and your'e back to square one. Start with spotting the brightest stars, get to know the constellations, and as mentioned, have a scan round with binoculars. Then when it
  8. Congrats on the new scope. The circular legs not only look better, but are a lot more stable. I hope you get some clear sky to have a go with it. Get used to setting it up in the daylight, it saves no end of hassle rather than doing it in doing it in the dark. Zero in the finder scope on a distant TV aerial so that when you get it out in the dark, you know it's pretty near.
  9. Here's a link to a dark sky map that you can zoom into and move around to see if there are any places that may give you better viewing conditions. As already mentioned, think of your own security. UK Light pollution Map | Les dossiers Avex I hope you find somewhere, but if not, plan a few days out at a spot with a campsite handy and take your scope somewhere that is dark, it's worth the effort. That's when you don't need webbed feet to do it of course. Enjoy your new scope.
  10. I would say Saturn and Hale Bopp, I made a barn door tracker, and spent the Easter Sunday night out in a farmers field. (Wow 15 years ago) I got through a roll of 36 shot's, and one turned out. That made it all worth while. I still have the picture on the wall, and the negative stored safely away. This is probably my only venture to the dark side. Saturn is what got me into the hobby again, it still gives me goosebumps, Jupiter is good, but Saturn is somehow more awe-inspiring.
  11. I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Kev once, his boundless enthusiasm, and willingness to help others will not be forgotten. RIP Kev.
  12. BAZ Senior


    Hi Alan, welcome to SGL. That's a great boss you have there, and a very good scope. Have a chat with these folk's, Iam sure they would prove helpful. North Lincs Astro - Home Clear Skies!
  13. I have heard rumors that more of this has been written by others, and should be on the radio like the original was.
  14. Same here, cracking value. The pages are plasticized as well, so it it doesn't turn to mush when it's a bit dewy.
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