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  1. Im going to find a quiet dark room and sulk for a few days lol
  2. Darn i just bought 1 and paid a lot more than that for it . Whats the imaging like with them? i've not tried mine out yet
  3. Once bitten twice shy

    Indeed John this is true I started this thread as i was in disbelief that its a well know fault and been ignored for so long. I have learnt something new from this thread, and that is looking at some of the replies i don't think its as severe for some or effects every mount.
  4. Once bitten twice shy

    Hello Michael I can only see one warning in the manual about the bolts and its on page 9. Please feel free to read the manual then come back here and tell me again i haven't followed their instructions. "Make sure to loosen one altitude adjustment T-bolt before tightening the other. Over-tightening can cause the bolts to bend or break" Here is the link to the manual https://inter-static.skywatcher.com/upfiles/en_download_caty01461887945.pdf
  5. This isn't good,is it?

    I'm no electrician but as long as your not overloading it you should be fine. computer and monitor wont take much, i'm guessing the transformer for the mount doesn't take much either. i would also check that all the cables are in good condition especially the extension from the garage and plugged into an RCD.
  6. This isn't good,is it?

    I would at the very least plug them into a surge protector. and make sure the extension lead can take the load.
  7. Once bitten twice shy

    I wish i had as it is not that much more. i wasn't aware of the problem with the version i got and thought i was getting a good deal with the belt upgrade and tuning. perfect for astrophotography so i thought. It was advertised as NEQ6 Pro and the state "This is the new NEQ6. Used to be called the EQ6 pro. The differences are twofold" It is still a cracking mount its just been let down a little.
  8. Once bitten twice shy

    Thanks but as i've said earlier in the thread i only had one bolt in(one by the polar scope). i'm not even able to tweek it, as soon as it goes tight up against the collar it will bend before moving the mount a fraction. The mount moves ok by hand loaded and unloaded. To me its like going out in a brand new car and the steering wheel bends instead of the car turning at the first corner, i wouldn't go to the store and buy a new upgraded steering wheel or even entertain for a second putting up with it. The car would go straight back to the dealer and told where to shove it especially if he told me to take the weight off the wheels in order to turn. I Don't mean to offend and i guess i'll be slammed or hung drawn and quartered for saying this but i'm amazed how many have put up with this problem for so long.
  9. Once bitten twice shy

    A permanent pier is my next project once i decide what i'm going to house it in.
  10. Once bitten twice shy

  11. Once bitten twice shy

    there is a youtube channel with a guy fitting something like that. Search astronomyshed in youtube, he has loads of videos.
  12. Once bitten twice shy

    Believe me you don't need too with these bolts and the poor design of the lower mount. Skywatcher should of addressed this problem years ago. They could of easily come out a lower mount mod for the northern hemisphere and made a really good mount great, also it would of saved you guys from my moaning The more i think about it, the more determined i am to stand my ground and not accept it.
  13. Once bitten twice shy

    Would have to be a milkyway But on a serious note i just want something that works and isn't going to be causing me undue stress in the near future
  14. Once bitten twice shy

    i've boxed it all back up already, they are going to pick it up and take it back and look what the problem is.
  15. Once bitten twice shy

    You just made my Mrs laugh she said how the blood hell does he know you