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  1. Hey guys, I have a skywatcher telescope but I would like to focus more on understanding how I should be setting my camera up for astro before connecting it to my 130pds. I just want to put the camera on a tripod with the 50mm kit lens and use a remote cable and get used to things more. Can anybody please suggest the best settings for my Nikon d5100 to get started and some good targets. Also exposure times?. Not talking traking here as it's more about learning the camera. Thanks
  2. There are a few posts about this camera actually
  3. Thank you What typical settings do you use on the d5100 for astro?
  4. Thank you. Yeah not finding many clear skies this month so far lol
  5. Hey guys, I currently own this camera and am a newcomer to photography. I'm keen to get stuck in and see if I can take some images with it of the night sky. Just on a tripod for starters but eventually attach it to my skywatcher reflector. I am struggling with the settings and understanding this camera. Can anyone offer any advice? I've heard of bulb mode but cant find it with this camera. Thank you By the way I do have a remote shutter release device
  6. Oh I see. So wide angle would be my camera on the mount instead of the OTA?
  7. Also, excuse the newbie question, but what lenses do I use with my dslr?. The 50mm that came with the camera?
  8. The OTA did come with an extender tube and a 2" to 1.25" adapter in the box. The other thing I have is 1.25" webcam for the eyepiece which can be attached to a laptop. Just a case now of learning to get results with planets maybe. I'm doing dry runs in my living room as the days as so long at the moment to get outside much.
  9. Hey guys, I'm just starting out and I have the eq5 goto mount with 130pds. I have started doing visual to get a feel for the equipment and learn the stars, but my ultimate goal is to take images. I currently own a nikon d5100 that I have had since before my astronomy interest and I would like to try and take some basic images with it if I can. I would appreciate any advice on how to attach and setup my camera and scope, settings etc. Happy to start with the moon. Just want to feel confident with the settings and making sure my camera is secured to my scope etc. I am also ne
  10. Ahh that's a relief. I thought it needed to be right way up. I understand what you say about centred. I tried putting a piece of paper on the wall with a dot but couldn't get it focused in. Not sure whats up. That would test alignment
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