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  1. The creator also includes this comparison between the two versions, and against a couple of the commercial printed versions. I've been using the first edition, printing off pages through the year as I needed them. I laminated them as dew protection, but also with the intention of using a dry-wipe pen to mark them up before each session (target locations, Telrad circles, notes). Once I discovered phone apps, I've not really used the printed charts.
  2. Superb. Though you might want to align that finder before you take it outside.
  3. I rate it highly. I create observing lists for each session using Sky Safari and Stellarium on a laptop (easier for me to see where objects will be at particular times) and any other sources like Turn Left. You can order the lists any which way (I usually go for RA or rise time), and you can choose to highlight objects in a list on the sky map. So when I'm out, I can either select the objects from the list or just look on the map and see what I've picked out in a particular area of the sky. There is two-way communication beteween Sky Safari and Synscan, so my usual sequence is to select an obj
  4. I use a Skywatcher Star Discovery wifi enabled mount, with Synscan app running on Android 8.1 (I know, I know). I've never used a handset so I can't compare. I had to do a little detective work in getting it all going, mainly because the instructions were very poor. They now seem to have created a better user guide. The Synscan UI won't win any design awards but it behaves itself reasonably. My biggest complaint is that it shuts itself down after a few minutes of running in background, but I suspect that's down to aggressive power management in Android, and seems to be impervious to any tinker
  5. Ah, I didn't read far enough. Perhaps third-party software isn't able to access down to the hardware in the way that manufacturer's code can. Another possibility for this kind of thing in previous times was to hack the BIOS. Now we have UEFI, so things may have changed ... But you say you have an HP - would this work on yours?
  6. There is apparently no way to do this within Windows itself. If the capability exists on a particular machine, it is provided by the manufacturer (or, if not installed by default, can be downloaded from their support website). On some machines, the manufacturer's battery utility can also be accessed from an additional link from a relevant Windows Control Panel item (e.g. Power Options, or Device Manager>Batteries). For example, mine is a Lenovo, and you can set a max charge threshold in the Lenovo Vantage utility. ASUS have a similar Battery Health Charging function. Another optio
  7. Yes, I've seen that, usually in utilities provided by the hardware manufacturer (which can appear or disappear with updates). I don't know why the article would say it ain't so.
  8. A great selection. The multiple stars are very welcome when the moon is near full. Have you seen beta Monocerotis yet? Well worth a look. I bagged a new one last night - 32 Eridani, a lovely coloured pair. Yes, I keep trying these with my 6". The best I've managed so far is that eta was clearly elongated but not split. Nothing doing with the other two, but then they are well below 2" so I'm not surprised.
  9. A decent session for an hour, and with the moon to contend with. Interesting comments on the seeing. I was out last night too, and while I had persistent problems with mid-level clouds turning objects hazy, the actual seeing was the best I can remember. Everything was very stable, even at my maximum mag (a little over 200x).
  10. Another factor was discussed not long ago, in a thread I can't locate: with air-spaced triplets in particular, the correct positioning of the elements in the cell, to very fine tolerances, can have a significant effect on performance. Hence some retailers will arrange for bench testing of scopes and adjustment where necessary before dispatch.
  11. good point, especially for deciding which of the 'stars' in your low-power field is actually a planetary nebula incognito. Just be careful if you're attempting it with numb fingers.
  12. How's your Russian? http://astro-talks.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=865
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