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  1. Well, I'll be waiting, first clear skies for weeks!
  2. What a lovely post! Enjoy your scope!
  3. Well, surprisingly the weather report was wrong for a good reason here this am-it's a sign from the Celtic Gods!!
  4. Ordered some glasses to (I hope!) watch the eclipse; good communication & well-packaged fast delivery. Recommend.
  5. I would advise a 6 or 8 inch dob. My own skyliner 150 is available at First light optics for under 200 quid, I think.
  6. Hi all, Was just about to ask what the extra 'spot' was since I counted 3 moons! Ah, a shadow ... not great seeing here, but thought I glimpsed GRS at the top of my view, ie Southern Belt. Seen GRS better, but pleasant surprise with the transit.
  7. Bought a GSO 32mm from 365 Astronomy-turned up very well packaged, boxed & in a protective bag. Also, Zoltan was good enough to put one aside until I got paid. Would certainly use them again!
  8. I would avoid the astromaster reflector-a friend locally got one & asked me to help him, but mirror not parabolic I think, in any case, not like my Skywatcher in type.
  9. I would *seriously* take a look at this: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/beginner-telescopes/skywatcher-heritage-100p-tabletop-dobsonian.html I agree with the point if you want a 'scope you want a 'scope-plus while binoculars are a useful secondary instrument, I believe the above might stimulate more for longer.
  10. Hi all, Just went ahead & ordered the 32mm 1.25 inch as per original plan-no doubt will be fine. Thanks for the advice!
  11. Thank you all, for preventing a likely mistake!
  12. Dear all, Some advice please! I want a low power eyepiece for my Skyliner 150p dob-in particular, for things like the seven sisters & Andromeda. So looking at GSO, was all set for 32mm, but wonder how 40mm would perform 'cos would fit more of the Pleiades in? Thank you all!
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