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  1. Velvet

    SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    SGL mini was fun but I am glad I left when i did, took me 6 hours to get home with the winds and snow
  2. Velvet

    SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    I have booked in
  3. Velvet

    SGL 2018 - Save the Dates!

    should be there any news on when booking is going to start?
  4. Velvet

    Cone to Rosette - Now in colour

    well that is just a stunner
  5. Velvet

    The Fish Mouth

    nice one
  6. All are stunning, could not have picked between them, well done all
  7. Velvet

    M45 First attempt at LRGB

    I am sure it will if you have dark skies, could not do it from home as there is far too much LP. so hence why it was from a star party in Norfolk
  8. Velvet

    NGC281 from Kelling

    it could very well be as its commonly known as the Pacman I did another different mapped one and have included it here
  9. Velvet

    NGC281 from Kelling

    $ hours Ha, 5 hours Sii and 5 hours Oii, 600 second subs taken over 2 nights at Kelling Heath. We had lots of clear skies at the Winter Fest Astro, Tak 106, GM mount unguided, QSI 683-wsg
  10. First attempt at LRGB at Kelling Heath 300 second subs, mainly Ha with 30 mins each of RGB
  11. Velvet

    Bubble Nebula

    thanks, but I think i need to be a little better on the PS front, my processing needs work
  12. Velvet

    Bubble Nebula

    Tak 130 extended, Myt Mount, QSI 690 wsg-8 600 s subs unguided (must get guiding sorted out someday :wacko:) 4 hours each narrowband channel
  13. Taken with Tak 130 extended on MyT mount, QSI 690 wsg-8 600s subs unguided. 4 hours on each Ha, Oiii and Sii Process was difficult for me and still not quite right
  14. Velvet

    Bubble to Cave - new mosaic project (wip)

    I now have mosaic envy Cracking image

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