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  1. sadly date does not fit for me so will have to wait for next year
  2. Hello as anyone got this mount working successful on eq mod was trying one and when i connect using Mount Options auto detect i get the message Overflow if i change to custom then AZEQ5 it connects so my question is as any one got the right settings for the AZ-GTI mount the manual says Gear ratio 6480 resolution 2073600 counts /rev thanks in advance
  3. SGL mini was fun but I am glad I left when i did, took me 6 hours to get home with the winds and snow
  4. should be there any news on when booking is going to start?
  5. All are stunning, could not have picked between them, well done all
  6. I am sure it will if you have dark skies, could not do it from home as there is far too much LP. so hence why it was from a star party in Norfolk
  7. it could very well be as its commonly known as the Pacman I did another different mapped one and have included it here
  8. $ hours Ha, 5 hours Sii and 5 hours Oii, 600 second subs taken over 2 nights at Kelling Heath. We had lots of clear skies at the Winter Fest Astro, Tak 106, GM mount unguided, QSI 683-wsg
  9. First attempt at LRGB at Kelling Heath 300 second subs, mainly Ha with 30 mins each of RGB
  10. thanks, but I think i need to be a little better on the PS front, my processing needs work
  11. Tak 130 extended, Myt Mount, QSI 690 wsg-8 600 s subs unguided (must get guiding sorted out someday :wacko:) 4 hours each narrowband channel
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