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  1. Three clear Moonlit nights so Ha imaging only

    Lovely set of images, i am very jealous
  2. 10 hours of data between Ha, Sii and Oiii Taken with Tak 106 reduced and QSI 683 wsg-8 Unguided subs at 600 seconds
  3. Love the image Cracking
  4. Am gonna change the Lodestar and see if that makes any difference, this one is the superstar, I have an older one I can try when I get round to it
  5. unfortunately not, it has the 130 on it in the obsy. Bringing 106 and the GM1000, no such guide problems as no guiding
  6. would like something on guiding with maxim, cant seem to get it to work properly, always getting star faded or star not moved 5 pixels Must be doing something wrong sigh, will keep with unguided at the moment
  7. M27 The Dumbbell Nebula in bi-colour

    Very nice there Love it
  8. Collision of the Titans - NGC4038

    brilliant, love this
  9. Another NGC7000

    i requested on the save screen 16 bit so I dont think so
  10. Another NGC7000

    sorry I am not that good this was just using a different older computer that i usually process on, not star masks, sadly, not tried that yet. I now have to find out what makes the new computer produce duff TIF files when maxim settings are identical need a good geek i think
  11. Another NGC7000

    well it appears to be the computer .... i just processed on my old one and all the odd stuff disappears. although this was only a quick process. I have no idea what my other computer is doing different, all setting in maxim are identical on the stacking and combine but i get vastly different TIF files. Unfortunately I am no geek so dont know where to look. The FIT file combined looks OK but the TIF is awful on the windows 8 one and both look great on the windows 7 one So will use the old machine until i can figure it out
  12. Another NGC7000

    i am wondering if something went wrong in the stacking here, will have another go at it and see what happens. May have made an error in the setting ? Olly I have never used star masks or anything like that .... i have a lot to learn but not many places to learn it from being a bit of a luddite
  13. Another NGC7000

    thanks for the advice will try another process to see if i can correct this I am not awfully good with photoshop
  14. Another NGC7000

    10 hours data Ha, Oiii, Sii. Take 106 reduced