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  1. Be interested to see how people get on with this. Not been doing much imaging recently and mostly put this down to the hassles of dragging everything out and setting up - so have been thinking of "downsizing " from my ED80/ST80 combo on an NEQ6 - this looks like it could sit quite nicely on an HEQ5 with the EVOGUIDE to make a more manageable set-up. Just need to do some research as to how it would pair with my 414EX.
  2. Cheers Catman OTA SALE PENDING Focuser and mask still available.
  3. ED80 v 130P-ds

    I use an ED80 and it is fairly easy to get right....my two recommendations to go with it would be a Bahtinov mask and a skywatcher motor focuser....the former is cheap and the latter was under 50 when I got one....really helps with focus and helps lock the draw tube without resorting to the lock screw on the focuser which I always find shifts the focus slightly. Really easy to fit as well.....
  4. ***Updated with individual prices*** I purchased this early this year but just haven't been using it. A combination of other stuff going on and just generally bad timing on the 3 good nights we have had this year means I have not been able to get into using it in the way I had hoped. And I don't see it getting any better, so seems sensible to move it one to someone who can use it more effectively while I concentrate on broadband imaging with my ED80. So, I have the XLT Fastar Compatible OTA on a Vixen dovetail with the 6x30 finder, 1.25" visual back and 25mm EP. I also got a Skywatcher SCT focuser to help with mirror flop for imaging. Also Bahtinov Mask And homemade Sun Filter and Dew/Light shield that i can throw in if anyone wants them. OTA is in perfect condition with the usual expected scratches on the dovetail, but otherwise in great condition. It is a fantastic scope giving great views, I am just not going to be able to use it much. £875 for the OTA £75 for the Focuser £15 Bahtinov Mask £950 for the lot or make me an offer! Collection for OTA preferred as this is a bulky, fragile item and couriers generally will not insure such glass going through the post. I am not keen on posting, but could consider it if buyer is willing to organise themselves and take responsibility for it. I think I still have the boxes it came in. Focuser and Mask can obviously be posted. Bank transfer, paypal accepted. I'm in Gloucester.
  5. Astrophotography books

    Hi Emil I have no idea how they compare, but I have a copy of this book https://www.amazon.co.uk/Astrophotography-Thierry-Legault/dp/1937538435/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1505493949&sr=8-6&keywords=astrophotography which does a pretty good job with the technical side of things - I think you can have a "look inside" on the Amazon website, so check out the contents to see if it has the things you are interested in. But I found it quite useful and easy to understand. I also have this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-Astrophotography-Mark-Thompson-Photographing/dp/1849073147/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1505493949&sr=8-10&keywords=astrophotography which is a much lighter tome than the first, but still has some good hints and tips - and seems to be very cheap at the moment! To be honest, there are a lot of books out there, and I struggled to figure out where to go after "making every photon" but these two have served me well! Good luck!
  6. Hi there - I'm no expert, but the reducer apparently does act as a field corrector IIRC. I really don't know for sure but is the effect more rotational than coma? Hopefully someone who actually knows what they are talking about will come along soon! But, regardless, that's a really nice image....I have the C9.25 as well and will hope to try some imaging with it at some point, so that gives me hope! :-)
  7. 1st attempt (be gentle)

    Yep great shot!
  8. Thanks Chris....I'll have a look at that as well next time I am out - pretty sure I have always had that ticked, so maybe I have been making life more difficult than it needs to be all this time!?
  9. Thanks to you and Ken then I guess....although it has been a long time since I was a schoolboy! Although not so long since I made an error.....I think what might have happened is I use Google Remote Desktop on my mobile while I am centering targets so I may have pressed the PRE check box at some point.....will make sure I switch it off next time I use it.... then all I need to do is figure out how to find the nebula again! :-)
  10. In case it helps, this is a JPEG of one of the 180s subs I took last night while testing things.... I can't imagine there are any light sources causing this problem as I was imaging from the same place I pretty much always image, and there was nothing obvious causing trouble with the guiding scope/finder scope....will go check all my joints are tight now!
  11. Like your optimism Carole...I didn't even make it to taking any subs! :-) All-in-all a pretty bad session....still it did mean I was up late on my own and got a cuddle with our new rabbit! :-)
  12. Yeah, been wanting to try out some Ha imaging an started on the Wizard a few months ago, but have onyl managed two sessions since beginning of June. I know I should be happy that I got 30 minute subs and made the most of the short imaging time for June/July, but it was bad enough not being able to find the target last night, let alone the odd images coming back! I am sure I will get it to work again and keep going, but it sometimes just drives me insane - just feels like a wasted evening! Onwards and upwards! Good luck!
  13. Hi Ken, thanks for that - yeah, I presumed that was what you meant, but wasn't sure if I had pressed it by accident, or whether it is checked by default...gives me something to explore later though! Thanks
  14. I use the mains via an ATIK adapter purchased from FLO and have never had any problems in the past - I'll have to have a fiddle today and see what happens. Cheers Mark
  15. Will take a look - the data is all on my other laptop which is sat under a pile of cables that I dumped in storage last night in a huff! :-) I've never knowingly changed either of these settings, but will double check next time I am playing around to see if they have been hit by mistake. Thanks