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  1. Just wanted to note some great service from Juan at Cheapastrophotography. I bought a modded EOS 100D from him a while back and recently sold it on via SGL. There were a few issues with the camera that were explained in the advert, but which the buyer needed some help with. We contacted Juan for some information regarding the faults and he helped identify the potentials issues and offered solutions that went above and beyond the call of usual customer services. If I am ever in the market for a modded DSLR in the future, Juan will be first choice without at doubt.
  2. Just another thumbs up for the usual excellent service from FLO. Ordered a C9.25 yesterday morning and it is currently sat at home waiting to be ogled over. As ever, the absolute best price and service, and Steve has been incredibly helpful with info and won't be the last time I place an order! Already looking at accessories!
  3. Just received this photo by text along with the "What the hell have you bought now?" question. :icon_biggrin: Pity I am not going to be home from work until 7 tonight.... just hope opening the box doesn't negate the potentially clear night we have forecast tomorrow!


    1. Ant


      Might negate the possibility of your dinner not being in the dog :) Enjoy! 


    2. Marky1973


      I was hoping to eat BEFORE sitting down to open the box..... :-)

    3. bottletopburly
  4. C9.25 OTA to work out how to explain it when it turns up..... Thanks FLO! :-)

    1. Knighty2112


      You could say you are actually saving money with the discount you would have got on it off FLO at the moment, so that should soften the blow a little! Fingers crossed anyway! ;) 

    2. Marky1973


      That's my current plan.... :-) "Well, look it WAS this price... but there is a sale on....." she loves a bargain!

  5. Can you not screw the reducer directly to the focuser tube? That's what I do, I don't use the nosepiece. Might give you a few extra mm - never had a problem with thatsame set-up, minus the nosepiece.
  6. Will teach me to dither (no AP pun intended) - definitely still good deals, just should have pressed the button yesterday! ;-)
  7. Well as long it isn't just me... It did seem like a good bargain. But I probably couldn't really afford it anyway! 😁
  8. Am I going barmy? I was looking at some of these bargains yesterday, but the prices seem to have gone up over night? The C9.25 on the AVX was £1449 yesterday - was there an error, or has my mind finally gone?
  9. Just up the road from you in Gloucester, so I guess I can blame you for the awful weather at the moment? :-) Welcome to SGL!
  10. Fair point, Dave, but ENS sound like a decent store, search on SGL and you'll find good things. Up to you, of course. Good luck!
  11. Or try something like APT - works really well with DSLRs
  12. From what peter has said, I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.... There is one on ENS Optical at the moment for £750 - a little more, but I suspect you will get a hell of a lot better support from ENS, than some random on Amazon
  13. BODY AND FILTER - Sold! 50mm Lens still available - £25 inc postage
  14. Hi Dave Yep all still available. Will PM with details. Cheers Mark