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  1. Marky1973

    NEQ6 Pro mount and tripod

    It's a BIG mount!
  2. Another couple of items left over from my wholesale sell-up! Baader 1.25" 7nm HA Filter in perfect condition and boxed - £73 including delivery (it was previously advertised at £70 as part of the bundle without postage) - SALE PENDING IDAS LPS-P2 1.25" filter also in prefect condition - £113 including delivery (previously at £110 without postage) Paypal friends and family to avoid fees or Bank Transfer is fine Ha filter can be seen top left!
  3. Marky1973

    NEQ6 Pro mount and tripod

    This is the mount/tripod that I was selling as part of a recent "all or nothing" sale which did go all at once, so am offering up the last few items that are left! It is a work-horse of a mount and I have easily managed 20 minute subs guided with a manual polar alignment, 2 start alignment and calibrated guiding in PHD2. I did get it up to 30 minutes on a couple of occasions, but never really tested it for long- but I am sure it would be possible - especially if coupled with some drift alignment or a polemaster! It is in excellent condition and fully working. I have some upgraded bolts and, like many of these mounts, the alt-az bolts can be a bit stiff at times, but it all still works okay. There are two weights, i just didn;'t have the second one on in the picture. Have the boxes somewhere and comes with instructions and all cables and handset. It is heavy, so collection preferred and I would consider meeting half-way for a sensible distance from Gloucester - for example I've been to Bristol in the past, but I am unlikely to fancy a trip to Glasgow! Delivery MAY be an option, but we would have to look carefully at it as I suspect it would have to go on a pallet and is likely to be VERY expensive. Looking at the price of a new one at £995 I think £650 collected. But I am open to sensible offers... Cheers Mark Oh, and again, I am afraid the Storm Trooper is not for sale! (Nor is the scope/Atik as they have gone)
  4. MODS - Can someone please archive this thread - I will advertise the remaining items separately so they don't get lost in this thread. Thanks to all for buying! Cheers Mark
  5. OP udpated with sold/pending items - a couple of things left. Thank to everyone who has purchased.
  6. Just to reiterate, if you don't hear back from me immediately now, don't panic - its the weekend and I have quite a bit on, but will sort things out with everyone asap. Mark
  7. Right, as I have had interest in all the big things, I am going to split now, seems sensible rather than holding out for a full-set sale! So, I will message everyone as per the list in the OP to sort out payments/addresses/postage and all that sort of stuff, but please bear with me as there are a few things to sort and I will need to order some bubblewrap and sort packaging for a couple of items. Mark
  8. Yeah, think I might be heading that way.....just one last effort in case there is anyone out there drunk on the excitement of Black Friday and disappointed they didn't get one of Tesco's cheap TVs....
  9. Yep, very sensible suggestion Adam! I have updated the spreadsheet with names for offers I have had if splitting. These are in order of the offers received whether on the post or via PM. I have added you next to the LPS filter but, if you have changed your mind, just let me know. If anyone else has changed their minds or wish to withdraw their offers, just let me know. Cheers Mark
  10. Black Friday Sale! For all of the above in one sale - £2,300 - before I start to split!
  11. Apologies for the bump, but believe I need to let you know if this is advertised elsewhere - it has been added to my workplace classified page and I may add to AB&S soon if there is no further interest. Also happy to travel if the drive to Gloucester is too much and would consider meeting half-way if that helps anyone - certainly helps with the cost of postage!
  12. True....although don't plan to go forever, just a sabbatical. Just with the weather and the LP it's just not working for me at the moment. Hard decision but makes sense at the moment.....
  13. Thanks all - had some PMs as well and will keep a list of everything that people are expressing interest in. Will go by time of PMs if nothing specified in post and then posts.....if that is the correct and fair way to do it. As per the original post, I'll keep this open for offers on the whole kit and caboodle for the time being. I have currently had interest on: EVOGUIDE ASI120mm HA Filter Cheers Mark

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