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  1. Cheers Jon. Found a WO SPL 12.5mm on AstroBoot in the meantime, so going to give that a go and have a think about a couple of SLVs to join it! :-)
  2. Would the SLVs be a good match for the C9.25? I need to upgrade from the stock EPs and these seem to have a good rep, especially at the cost. Mainly for lunar and planetary viewing, although will be all round use. I have read that DELOS and Pentax XWs are great, but at a higher price point and have read that the SLVs are similar in performance to the XWs.... So very attractive at that price.... Thinking 25 and 10mm to get started with...
  3. make sure to cancel your subscription otherwise the 30 days automatically continues at the end of your trial period! :-)
  4. Use an old Toshiba netbook with 250gb HD and just 2 gig ram to run ARTEMIS and PHD2. Running Win7. Clunky but fine for capturing. Process on a 2tbHDD 8GB Ram laptop running Win10. Runs ARTEMIS and PHD2 as well as.... PIXINSIGHT SHARPCAP AUTOSTAKKERT REGISTAX PIPP PHOTOSHOP No major problems with any of them Ideally, if I ever get some space, I'll get a hardy desktop for processing.
  5. Hi there - I am pretty sure it is from B to D to include the 13mm back focus on the Atik...I had the same queries as you in this thread which might help!
  6. Fantaastic image! I have recently got myself a C9.25 for some planetary/lunar observation/imaging and have only had it outside a couple of times (using it with a ZWO ASI120MM) to start getting to grips with it all, but can't get anything worth keeping. I appreciate the purchase timing was bad for planets (I'm playing the long game) but was just wondering what length of video you used, and the number of frames stacked, just to get an idea of what other imagers are up to?
  7. Yeah, the NEQ6 is a massive step up from the EQ3. I had the basic EQ3, so it was only motorised in RA and I couldn't guide. It is so much more stable and solid. It is a shock at first when you see the size of the thing, but you soon get used to it...if you want to get into long exposure imaging it really is a great upgrade for the price. The AZEQ6 is also available for a bit more but then you can just keep adding a bit more to your budget and eye up biger and bigger mounts! Keep an eye out for second-hand and clearance items too. I got mine for 750 as an ex demo from Astroboot, which was a fair bargain if you ask me! :-)
  8. Yeah - got me a few times - on the SKYWATCHER handsets they ask DAYLIGHT SAVING? YES or NO - for now, it is YES - when the clocks go back, it will be NO.....
  9. apparently just my good lady wife bringing the C9.25 in out of the garden where it was cooling....which nearly gave me a heart-attack when I woke! Clear night tonight and a good night's sleep so will do some observing tonight to make up for it!
  10. Hi Lee I can just about lift my NEQ6 with ED80, ST80 guidescope and weights and carry it about 25 ft to the back door and into the garden, but it is very heavy and I wouldn't recommend it. I suspect it is also not good for the mount. To be honest, I tend to carry just the mount and tripod when setting up so remove the weights and the scope and then it is fairly easy to manoeuvre - it doesn't take long to set it all up again. My ED80/ST80 are permanently clamped together with camera in place etc, so it is just a matter of slipping the dovetail into the saddle. Even with all this, I can be outside and set up ready to polar align in about 15 minutes, so it isn't a massive problem. If you have the money I would go NEQ6 and then you are covered for the future in terms of upgrading scopes etc. I have managed 20 minute guided subs so far, and am sure I could go higher. I also upgraded from an EQ3 and the NEQ6 is a beast, but you will soon get used to it. I also use it for a C9.92 SCT which sits on it comfortably.
  11. Turned out to be a moot point as I fell asleep in front of the telly....
  12. Cheers Olly. Guess I'll wait... But then that is why I got the SCT, to do a bit of planetary/lunar imaging and observing when necessary.... Still better than not taking advantage of a clear night somehow!😁
  13. Yeah, my gut says wait, but I am very impatient..... :-) Mind you I am on tea duty this evening and the kid will be up a bit later as it is Friday, so might just stick the C9.25 outside for now and let it cool ready for Jupiter... :-)
  14. I've been collecting data on M51 for a few nights and am just needing 2 hours of Blue to finish (for now). Typically the moon is very bright tonight, but I am sure I read somewhere on these pages that the BLUE wavelength is likely to be the least affected by a bright moon. I am shooting on the opposite side of the sky that will help, but it is a waste on time this close to the full moon? Should I just be patient and get some more practice in with the C9.25? :-)
  15. Looking for one of these To stick on the back of a C9.25 to help focusing with lunar/planetary photography.....if anyone has one they fancy moving on? Cheers Mark