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  1. Quick update - everything that has been paid for has been posted or wrapped ready for posting tomorrow.
  2. Offer made on 5m handset cable from Phil Fargaze. Logging off for a bit and will update later.
  3. Hi All After selling up the kit earlier in the year, things are going well with my writing, so I am concentrating on that for now,so am clearing out the bits and pieces that were sitting around at home doing very little as I have nothing to use them with. This includes some books, a spares/repair pair of binos and various adapters, filters etc etc. The full list is below along with various photos of all the kit. I hope it all ends up in some sort of sensible order, but any questions about any of it, just let me know. I have a list in EXCEL that hasn't cut an pasted all that well, but hope
  4. Hi Alan Yes, sorry, sold on Saturday, just forgot to pop back in. Cheers Mark
  5. Hi Tom Sale pending with perrti02 - if anything changes i'll update the thread. Thanks for looking. Mark
  6. Hi, it is still available - photos attached - currently dismantled
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