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  1. If like what I saw last night then this is truely awful and I dread to think what it will be like with 12,000+ of them constantly orbiting
  2. Hi folks, I witnessed the Starlink satellites fly over London last night. It’s so unfair. Who gives them the right to ruin our night sky. Is there anything that can be done to stop this? Paul
  3. No no I’ve not seen that ever and I look up every night with my eyes even when clouds while having a cigarette
  4. Here in London I saw them. About 20 in a line coming from south west to north east. cant believe it so unfair, space isn’t their to ruin!
  5. Hi guys, I’ve actually just seen what I had been reading about I can’t believe it! Im in London and from the south west going to the north east about 30mins ago I viewed with the naked eye about 17 satellites moving in a line in succession. these must be those bloody internet satellites (can’t remember the name)
  6. Who is awesome? YOU ARE AWESOME! Its a nice clear day today so I'm going to test this out from my normal spot where I can see Polaris and see if this works. Will let you know. Thanks so much! will let peeps know Paul
  7. ASPA is different to the 2 or 3 star alignment on the HC? Or is it the same thing?
  8. How did you mount your phone in your dove tail? A phone bracket or something or tape or something? So I’d have my phone somehow on my dove tail, PA it, then slide my tube into the dove tail, is that how it’s done?
  9. Nice one Neil I think I’ll give that a whirl. Simple to use yes?
  10. Oh that looks dooable, I’d need to order a small level. Thanks for that I’ll give it a whirl
  11. Hi Freddie, I’ve read about that previously and it seems time consuming and rather difficult. I’m hoping there’s an easier way somehow.
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