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  1. Wow thanks! That is exactly what I'm after. A dark site and with an expert to help me do some imaging properly and show me how to use the kit and software. I'd want to bring my kit so he can assist me. Need to buy telescope which will be dedicated for imaging. I'm looking at William optics for deep sky stuff. Suggestions welcome! My 9.25 SCT will remain for viewing. ill get in contact with him. Many thanks Luke!
  2. Thanks Dave that’s exactly what I’m after! Although a bit closer to Calais If possible. But that is doo-able ?? Thanks man
  3. Hi all, I read once here on SGL that there are some good places in France where you can stay for a few nights and do Astronomy. They have dark skies and spare kit which you can use. Anyone have any recommendations? I have a week off so would like to drive to France for a few nights break and hopefully clear skies. Thanks guys P
  4. I definitely need a new camera. Mine doesn't have live view or take video. Any suggestion on a good Cannon? (I have the adapters for Cannon) Or a dedicate camera for astrophotography perhaps. Thanks all, hope you're enjoying the sun! Paul
  5. Hmm I hope so. The camera I have is very old about 15 years or so. I think I definitely need to invest in either a new camera or a proper Astro imaging camera...
  6. Hi guys, I managed to get this picture last night using my Celesteon SCT 9.25, with an old Cannon Rebel camera which had a x2 Barlow attached and went into the diagonal. Not sure what the expose time was but it was very short as longer exposure made it white with no orange band detail. Just edited the image on my iPhone. No stacking nothing. Can I expect much better pictures with my kit? If so how? Many thanks Paul
  7. Thanks guys! Well it was just a nice thought I had.... Anyway, hopping for clear skies tonight (or at least semi) really want to try my new telescope on some planets! The weather has been driving me nuts! Arrrgh!!!!
  8. Hello all, as per the title, I'd like to have a star officially named after my mum. Is this possible? If so please let me know how. (I've seen websites that say they can do this but don't trust them) Many thanks Paul
  9. Hi, yes I’ve been considering buying an explore scientific eyepiece. I have a couple of cyber nebular filters and they are quality.
  10. Hi folks, Quick question. Is it worth buying an 8mm TeleVue Plossl 8mm when I already have a 15mm which I can Barlow down with my x2 Celestron Xcel LX ? Telescope is a Celestron 9.25 SCT Im tempted because the 8mm is on sale, but trying to be wise. Thanks all! Paul
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