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I know us Tak owners are a bit shy and retiring like, but it would be good to post pics up. Is there a thread already? No doubt there is and I’ve already posted on it multiple times but for the life of me I can’t find it!! 😜😜

EDIT I’ve changed the heading so please, fill your boots and post up your Tak pictures 👍.

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Here you go Stu, just posted this on Show us your frac but at least it,s a Tak 😃

Doh that link didnt work well, mines the last post on it this morning

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4 minutes ago, Stu said:

Thanks @philj, lovely setup. I have the very same, just used for visual though. I’ll have start a Tak thread, however unpopular that may be 😜😂

Looks like we already have one, just needs a change to the thread name.

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On 29/08/2022 at 09:44, Stu said:

... but for the life of me I can’t find it!!

The Thread or the Tak? Isn't the latter usually large and WHITE? 🥳
(For "speed readers" - Sorry getting confused over colours now. lol)

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  • Stu changed the title to Show us your Tak - by popular demand 😜

I know (and respect the fact) that some just don't "get" the appeal of a Tak..so I thought that a repost of my original thread from when I acquired my first and only Tak to date back in 2017, might share in some small way how I felt when I was able to buy it (after 9 long months of gathering the funds together), and why I felt that way..

I was 60 years old when I finally got a Tak, and I waited specifically for a 5". Over the years I've bought and sold far too many scopes, and with most of them (not all) found them less than completely satisfying. 

Before the Tak I had owned two fabulous Vixen ED103s 4 inchers, and truth be told, if Vixen had made a 5" apo I would probably have gone for one. I'd been looking for a premium scope (refractors only for me), that could do everything I wanted it to..for me, that's Doubles, Clusters, planets and "young Moon" lunar and bright nebulae like M42. And I love the sharp, crisp high contrast stellar images that good refractors do best.

To be honest, I'm not interested in wispy grey "hard to see" nebulae and I don't like reflectors, so in a way my choice was made easy..there weren't many excellent 5" refractors around (although there is more choice now, with some excellent ES125 scopes coming out of the Far East), so, given that Lzos lensed scopes are very heavy (triplets), often too short focal length for my taste, (stubby) and as rare as Hens Teeth as well as fiendishly expensive, as are very rare Televue 5" inchers, I thought that if a Tak FS128 came up, used and in excellent condition, I would try to buy it.. and in 2017 circumstances just gradually came together for me.

The scope is all I want.. beautiful to look at, (for me, White is THE colour for refractors😁), fabulous to look through, and "at", and easy to manage despite being quite large, as it only weighs 7.5kg.

There are many, many great refractors available today, especially in 80-100mm aperture. There still aren't many 125-130mm scopes optimised for visual though. And I feel blessed and so fortunate to have one of the best of them in my care.


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  • Stu changed the title to Show us your Tak

Oh go on then 😃

At the risk of being a less shy and retiring Tak owner here is a copy of my post on the frac thread.


Well it,s been awhile since I posted on here, fracs have come and gone over that time. Mainly gone due to house move and health.

But I have fallen in love again. I got a baby Tak at auction back in June and I love it. It,s a 2001 FS60C, slightly longer in body than the latest CB offering. Came with q etxtender to turn it into F9, Tak diagonal and 24 and 7mm Tak LE eps.

A great little spotter/ widefield scope/ OK at f9 with the 1.6 q extension and a really easy scope to image with.


Here it is rigged for the 1000d, yes, that is an ed80 flattener/reducer on there 😀



here it is in F9 guize with the q ectender on it



And a couple of first light snaps through it.






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