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  1. Thats a sweet rig you have there, i have never looked through a hershel wedge, i'm curious.
  2. My first attempt at wide field was a small disaster but, not an all out calamity i'd say. After a short 20 min drive out of my small town to darker skies, i arrived in a clearing only to realize i did not check the position of the moon before leaving, the moon was some 10 degrees above horizon, i was irked at my poor planning. It doesn't end there, after polar aligning the adventurer, with intention of shooting off a few shots of a setting Orion, i managed one 30sec shot before my battery which displayed full, completely died, i took a bad battery as i have many and a few are very old and die immediately regardless of what the charge bar says...Arrrgh!. The stars in my image are slightly out of focus (not easy focusing stars in an SLR) but, it is clearly Orion, and a smidgeon of M42 there also. My next attempt will be much further away from town under truly dark skies, with a good battery and, better focus which should yield better results. Feel free to critique please, i need that, all said and done i will admit, i am hooked big time, i didn't even expect this much considering, can't wait now for a proper night out.
  3. It is not the most attractive adapter by any stretch but, this piece of wood and threaded rod i bought for a few dollars should do the trick. I will sand the wood a bit to decrease the ugly factor lol.
  4. Let me know if it's costing you your hair, i'd like to get into DSO AP but i do like my locks.
  5. Sunshine

    Hello Everyone

    Hey Matt, welcome to SGL!
  6. Good advice above about getting to know the scope with day viewing, and as above also, don’t bother with the full moon, you’re better off shining a flash light in your eyes.
  7. ooooh i would love to have a peek through a Mewlon, i have been "scoping" (no pun intended) one out for a while, i do hear they're superb lunar/planetary scopes, i also hear they're about as fun a root canal to collimate. i was wondering if my Vixen GP mount would handle the 180 or 190? i think it is, it looks like you have the same mount?.
  8. Big as life! amazing, nice detail in those arms.
  9. Through regular use you’ll quickly determine exactly what you want without adding stuff you may not use, you can only tell if shoes are comfy through regular use.
  10. Oh the b1 is a beautiful aircraft, ominous looking and commanding.
  11. Sunshine

    Help please!

    All for the Skyliner 150P, can't go wrong!.
  12. Thanks for the link, I guess I would have to buy a length of 3/8 threaded rod and some washers, the securing rod for my GP Mount is too big for the star Adventurer Mount.
  13. Oooh! I was going to make an adapter to mount my star Adventurer on my eq3 tripod but maybe that one will do the trick and, it looks smashing. Where did you get it? was it expensive?.
  14. You couldn’t have said it better. A joy it is this little forum of ours, may it live long and prosper. (i just had to include that being a huge Trekkie) congrats on your two years and, thank you for your help and input as I make my way.
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