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  1. Sunshine


    As ridiculous as this is, it had me laughing aloud, especially the shot with the makeshift EQ mount on it, with the crooked pier jammed in the ground LMAO! having said that I wonder how much shipping to Canada would be?
  2. Sunshine

    How has technology changed Astronomy for you

    Technology has given me my scanning tunnelling telescope which has allowed me to see all the way to the surface of last scattering lol kidding. I wish, i'd say for me, software has been a great help, the use of apps and computer software has made planning sessions and finding/identifying objects a lot easier.
  3. Sunshine

    NGC 2244

    Holy shneikies that beautiful!
  4. Sunshine

    First time astrophography

    Thats a pretty first shot!
  5. Sunshine

    M31 - my first attempt

    I'm no authority on AP but i would say that's a great first attempt for sure!
  6. Sunshine

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    I agree, we are literally hijacking the "show us your setup at night" thread which is vibrant and charging forward nicely, it stops here.
  7. Millions of years of geological history just jumping out of those hills, beautiful to see.
  8. You got that right with Steampunk, speaking of, have a lookee at these beauties. You can buy fully working high end optics models in custom finishes, except the large black one, that looks like someone’s personal restore project,NOT CHEAP!! but one day I’ll have one.
  9. That was so good! what a treasure really, to let an instrument like that degrade would be a true crime, the finished scope is a marvel to behold.
  10. Sunshine

    Black Holes Ultimate Guide

    Interesting article, let it wander elsewhere, we don't want it around here! pick on some other lifeless solar system you giant _____HOLE! lol
  11. Sunshine

    First attempt at shooting the moon

    Great first shot!
  12. I knew a number cruncher would make short work of the question, good job of quantifying it.
  13. Here's one to crack your nut open with lol, if even by an immeasurable amount, as the moon is passing above you in the sky will one weigh less?. Ok i understand that sounds crazy but, everything on earth is affected by the moon'sgravitational influence. This is most easily demonstrated as you all know, by tidal changes (most obvious effect) among others, having said that, whatever can be raised by its influence should be perceived as being lighter when measured.I imagine a person with a big magnet strapped to their head, feet on the ground, now pass another magnet above their head, exerting an attractive force equal to 1KG, if you were to weigh that person at that time the scale would most definitely register their weight as being 1KG less. I realize that gravity is not a force as is commonly perceived, there is no force attracting bodies together, they are falling into a distortion caused in the fabric of spacetime by the mass of another body. I wanted to clear that up to save time later, regardless of how you want to look at it, we are just as affected by the moons passing as is the ocean. Therefore, that effect must present itself in some way that can be measured, the only parameter i could think of is ones weight if such a small amount is measurable since the amount of influence would be directly proportional to the mass of the earth, the person, and the moons mass no?? Alright fire away!
  14. When optical surfaces fog up upon entry into home you definitely don't want to trap that moisture by covering it, i bring my scopes in and let the optics defog then cap everything.
  15. don't sweat it, a collimation cap, even a home made one will get you close to where you want to be, this is what you want to see down your focuser tube, just get the secondary looking round, and also entered within the focus tube edge, then work on adjusting the screws so the primary reveals itself in the secondary.

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