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  1. Beautiful image, I especially love the bronze color of the nebulosity.
  2. Keep minds open and the greatest hobby alive.
  3. Local Costco carries boxes of 60 individually wrapped lens cleaning wipes, first I balled up one and just dabbed lens to lift dust. Next I used one wipe per gentle swipe and then a breath of steam and microfiber to finish. It turned out great, the before and after images speak volumes.
  4. Sunshine

    Hi everyone!

    Big welcome to SGL!
  5. This mosaic is an imaging masterpiece, i do like this one better than the one i started this thread with, less noise and i have never seen Barnards Loop so beautifully captured.
  6. Oh i need to see that, do you have a link?
  7. Pulled this link off CN, it is the result of 5 years imaging one region, i have no words, zooming in on it is dizzying! Included article and direct link to image. https://petapixel.com/2020/10/23/this-insane-2-5-gigapixel-image-of-the-orion-constellation-took-five-years-to-complete/ https://orion2020v5b.spaceforeverybody.com
  8. Your great effort is no laughing matter, slightly out of focus which is actually tricky so no worries, I struggled with it and still do sometimes. Lately I have been using a method where I use the auto focus while there's still some daylight to focus on a very distant object. Then I carefully switch the lens to manual and use a small strip of tape on the focus ring where it meets the main barrel to keep it from moving. This way i find stars are pinpoints and the tape prevents any slipping of the focus barrel.
  9. Hello John. welcome to the lounge! have fun surfing the forums and asking questions.
  10. I once drove almost two hours to a dark sky site, only to realize as i was setting up that i left my eyepieces at home on the kitchen table.
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