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  1. I would love that book, is it still published?
  2. Sunshine

    Hi everyone!

    Hello and welcome to SGL!
  3. There's a category SGL is missing, can pass for a tasty dish too!
  4. Amazing, this brings to mind Saturnian moon Enceladus which is thought to have an moon wide ocean under its ice sheet.
  5. Nice! it does look brand new, a little astronomical time capsule.
  6. I inquired about this same thing regarding my 102, I was told by Tak America that Tak only issue certificates for new scopes. They mentioned they get asked that several times a year from people like myself who bought used and, the original owners lost the paperwork.
  7. Funny, I just wrote a possible answer regarding satellites rotating and panels catching sunlight which would appear like flashes then deleted it. When I took a closer look at your location and realized you're a few hours drive from me and, I now remember being perplexed a few nights ago by a set of delayed flashes to the north east of me which were unlike any satellite I've seen in my 20 years looking up at the sky. It suddenly hit me, it was fairly low on the horizon, like a bright light which was being faded in and out. Each time it took about two seconds on then a few seconds off then aga
  8. Wonderful image! diffraction spikes work so well with the sisters.
  9. Hello folks! I searched for a thread regarding Alt az mounts as i am interested in getting one for my TSA-102, I have a Vixen GP but unless I am imaging planets it is quite heavy with counterweights. Having said that, I was thinking of something like the Porta II but, I hear they are not very steady when using with a scope larger than 80mm. Keep in mind the TSA-102 is a triplet so its around 11.5 Lbs bare, I need something that can manage 12-15 Lbs when considering finder, rings, etc. If i can use my existing 2" SW steel tripod it would be great, I would love to hear some opinions from those w
  10. Happy Birthday! amazing, that looks just like my first scope! it probably performs better too!
  11. What a little gem of a scope that is! congratulations! I feel the excitement from thousands of miles away! look at that Russian doll box, they know how to pack them. Enjoy it, it looks simply beautiful and you must be holding it like it was a newborn.
  12. I let it defog if it was cold out then leave it in my basement or what my wife calls "the dungeon", where I can hide toys since she rarely wanders down there. It is an expansive and unfinished for habitation concrete walled bunker below grade. She saw a mouse down there once, screamed like a banshee and never went down again, great spot to hide my toys.
  13. Good to know, my local scope shop mentioned that Vixen underrates their mounts, I had my 115 Eon on this mount which weighs in at 15.2 lbs, looking at the tSA120 it seems to be 3 Lbs lighter!. This is not to say that i was overloading my GP with the Eon 115 but, it seemed to handle the weigh without issue, I just don't want to overload it because who knows what effects it can have on the mount in long term. The fact the TSA120 is 3 Lbs lighter than my 115 was is surprising.
  14. I figured you lost your scope in the dark yard at night, bright tennis balls are easy to spot. Is that GP DX mount? I have a GP and always wondered if i could comfortably mount a scope in the 120 range on it, if i ever run into a TSA-120 do you feel that my Vixen GP would handle it well?. Can the "DX" version handle more load than the GP? interesting because I see folks load their GP mounts beyond what I would feel comfortable doing, maybe I am underestimating the GP.
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