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  1. Sunshine

    Hello,newbie from Jacksonville,Florida U.S.A.

    Welcome to the lounge, and enjoy your scope!
  2. Sunshine

    NGC 6888 14.7.2018

    My gosh the amount of stars visible is dizzying, despite the hurdles, it is a beautiful image!
  3. I am guessing this scope would be too much for a Vixen GP mount, it's the only EQ i have at the moment.
  4. Sunshine

    Happy Coincidence

    Yes that is true, unless the atmosphere disappears I wont be needing 500x lol but at the longer end it would be nice to have that power.
  5. Sunshine

    Happy Coincidence

    That is the exact same eyepiece I use in my Lunt. Do you believe that Barlow will benefit me with my 150 Mak? i sometimes would like to push a bit further than my 10mm on lunar especially.
  6. Sunshine

    The longest you've had a scope?

    7 years with my Celestron 8 Sct which i sold years ago. i have a feeling my Lunt 60 will break that record.
  7. Sunshine

    Bubble Mosaic Ha

    That is very beautiful!
  8. Seriously big frac that thing is, I cant wait for someone's first light report, I think I may have found my first and last frac!
  9. Sunshine

    Which EQ mount is this

    EQ2 maybe?, i see an RA drive on there unless i'm missing something here. Found it actually, bet its generic, sold by Voyager looks like, Astro 3 EQ mount, link below. http://www.egy-telescopes.com/mount-eq-.html
  10. My friend next door has the 8se, one thing we notice while we observe is his mount seems to struggle a bit, and thats without any added gear. honestly, if it were me, i would probably stick with the 6 and have some room for gear you may want to add, especially for AP, you want to be well below the mount's limit. That's just my thoughts, other 8se owners may have different opinions. If i may use another line from Celestron as an example, the AVX mount series SCT's, which come with either 8,9.25, and 11" ota's, on the AVX mount, many have said that the 11" OTA is a bit heavy for the AVX. Could the pattern be the same with the SE line? do they design a mount that can carry a 6 but barely an 8?.
  11. Sunshine

    Mars Images Published on EarthSky.org!

    OH yes i do recall you've posted those recently, amazing, congrats on getting them online!
  12. Sunshine

    Wonderful clear sky last night (10/07/18)

    Those nights are few and far apart unfortunately, i have been very lucky so far this season, save for the odd storm, i have had a clear night almost every single night. Nice report, may you have many more of those great nights!
  13. Sunshine

    DWB 111 - SHO Pallet

    Very beautiful image, pinpoint stars, very nicely finished indeed!
  14. Sunshine

    M51 and M101

    Seeing M51 suspended there in the vastness of space, a galaxy roughly 60 thousand light years across, one begins to have a sense of the scale of our universe. beautiful images!
  15. Sunshine

    New Dob Gets A Sock

    That is a nice looking Dob! 10" ?

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