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  1. So vibrant, contrast is stunning, beautiful! love these.
  2. Sunshine


    At the centre of our Galaxy, there is a supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A, countless SGL members wallets have ended up there, join the club.
  3. I have the same issue depending on where the bright object is, the closer to the horizon, the worse it becomes. Regardless of what scope I have used, atmosphere is to blame as mentioned above, no need to worry.
  4. looks like you've done a great job of that 1/3 scale build lol, its huge!
  5. You're off to a great start so far, be patient with observing conditions, Jupiter and Saturn are very low to the horizon which only makes things worse at the eyepiece. Regarding your scope, be sure to utilize youtube, there are countless videos which are so helpful. Another great tip, don't turn any screws before you understand exactly what they do lol, trust me, I was an expert unidentified screw turner, which is why i'm bald now.
  6. I think the most astounding thing is when around the beginning of July 2017, solar activity just nosedives! I had always known about solar maximum/minimum but, to see it this way is something new. This is really amazing, hats off to NASA, this was better than most movies that came out in the past few years lol.
  7. Yes, it’s another moon shot through my eyepiece with my phone.
  8. Hello Matt, welcome to SGL!
  9. I wouldn't give up my pentax eyepieces, they're fantastic bits of astro kit.
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