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  1. Sunshine

    Wooden Tripod Legs

    I would give them a sanding, re staining and clear coat, they’d be like new, thank your late dad for not throwing them out. This sounds like they were meant to be, your dad would be smiling if you gave them a good facelift.
  2. Sunshine

    C 11" CPC Problem

    Did you check the small drawer next to your stove? everyone has one and they're all full of random stuff.
  3. Sunshine

    Finally I’ve got there

    I was thinking about doing the same, but only because I read that others did, I would have added a bunch more weight, and, lightened my wallet for nothing. It’s one thing if your model suffers from mirror shift severe enough to cause you inconvenience, since an SCT type would eliminate that, if not, I found that I can precisely focus my Mak with the stock focusser. I would try it out without spending more, turning that knob ever so slightly does the job as good as any fancy pants focuser.
  4. Sunshine

    Finally I’ve got there

    Hey wait now, i have a SW 150 Mak, yes it is superb for planetary, lunar, and doubles, but i also enjoyed some great views of the brighter deep sky objects like clusters (Hercules and Double in Perseus) along with some satisfying views of nebula like M57, M27. If you can, get away to a dark location. You may just find, it is more versatile than you thought, planets like to disappear for a couple years at a time, give the Mak a while to stretch its legs under dark skies and different wide FOV eyepieces, you may just be surprised! welcome to the Mak Pak. Your Mak being a 180 should fare even better than mine.
  5. Sunshine

    Smartphone shots 17th Nov 2018

    Nice shots! I was puzzled by what that contraption is on your telescope, then I realized it’s the smart phone holder lol.
  6. Sunshine


    Beautiful color!
  7. That’s pretty impressive! At first glance I didn’t know which end was which lol, the Televue eyepiece looks about as large as the scope. It really is a pocket scope, and if the views are great, it’s perfect for travel!.
  8. Ok well that just blows me out of the water!! I have never even thought about training night vision cameras skyward, I have to try mine out.
  9. What a scope! your neighbors on other balconies must have some questions as they see that scope peering about. From what I can see in the pics, the DK design is very similar to the SC optical train? I believe the secondary is different somehow? once you get the wrinkles ironed out I bet it will be a fantastic planetary imager.
  10. Sunshine

    I'd like some tips

    Get away from city lights as mentioned above, be patient, today and tomorrow may be bad views, then WHAM!! suddenly you see the light!
  11. I have found that with my Mak on planetary going from a 9 to a 7 was the difference between a good and not so good image. Just that 2 mm difference,seems to have crossed the line for a particular nights seeing conditions.
  12. Sunshine

    On this day in 1974.........

    I was born in 1974 (an underwhelming yay) they must have used an Atari console to send that, in that image i see the double helix, the dish used to send the message, obviously a human form, and thats all i can make out for now, its a lot of fun to decode.
  13. Sunshine

    Brief tour of a BlackGEM telescope

    Wow that’s a beautiful looking scope, what a beast!
  14. Sunshine

    Exoplanet orbiting Barnard’s star

    Amazing news, and so close to home, prime target for JWST, if it ever gets off the ground.
  15. Sunshine


    Great catch! took me forever to find Uranus one night, was rewarding though.

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