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  1. Sunshine

    My First photo

    Nice first shot!
  2. Sunshine

    The Eastern Veil Nebula HOO 60 Hours of Exposure

    I think thats the most vivid, striking, and beautiful nebula shot i have seen period! i mean wow such beautifully detailed wisps, its depth is almost 3D, amazing.
  3. Hello Johnny, there are so many variables involved in troubleshooting a scope that is performing badly, aside from the great advice you will get from SGL i would utilize the internet to find any scope shops near you, and maybe even better, astronomy club. Even though your issue may well be recognized by some members, you may have a hard time executing instruction as your experience in the hobby may be limited at this moment. Ultimately, there is no substitute for someone having a hands on look at your scope, if you live near any major cities, there must be a scope shop or astronomy club somewhere, you may find you'll have your scope up and performing quicker with a bit of hands on help.
  4. Sunshine


    I'm assuming that i should be using a mask on my mak for focus when imaging? i have no experience with masks, not sure if they're for any and every scope design.
  5. Sunshine

    Newbie or not newbie

    Welcome back, wishing the best for your wife!
  6. Sunshine

    The Mac Observer says Hello!

    Welcome to SGL!
  7. Sunshine

    Sister Stunned By Sight Of Saturn

    There's little that compares to the feeling you get when someone is awestruck by something you showed them through the eyepiece, makes you forget all those miserable cloudy nights.
  8. Sunshine

    My first M31

    I would be doubly happy with that i tell you, i have yet to image Andromeda, i think its a great first shot!.
  9. WOW that is a beautiful setup there, the tripod is smashing, is that a maksutov design? im not familiar with Intes at all.
  10. Sunshine

    Eastern Veil Nebula

    Very nice nebula, detail is very sharp!
  11. Sunshine

    The Universe in a box....

    that's am awesome dob you have there, where can I get one of those nifty compact dobs?
  12. Sunshine

    Sun Ha Prom on SE limb Sep 7th 2018

    Insane prom shot as usual!
  13. It’s a far better scope than Galileo had, and he discovered Jupiter’s moons with his! You won’t have an issue seeing saturns rings and a bunch of other amazing stuff.
  14. Sunshine

    Copernics, first light session

    Oh I’ll comment please! how about not making a bunch of us jealous of your insanely detailed shot lol fantastic detail there, jeez, it’s lile being there!

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