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  1. I love my Vixen GP but that EM-2 with its stained tripod is beautiful, I will search far and wide for one.
  2. It seems I am correct in assuming an EM-2 can only be acquired on the used market as it seems to be long out of production. It is a wonderful looking mount/tripod combination and, seems to have a higher weight capacity than my Vixen GP should a TSA-120 fall into my lap one day
  3. Wow, looking at your EM-2 once again I see it is a beautiful mount and I would love to mate it with my 102. Is it a goto mount? can it be used manually by way of slow motion control knobs? on nights where tracking isn't a necessity? the tripod is beautiful!. OH NO! something else I want for my 102, now its just an obsession, I imagined my 102 on that mount and it raised my heartbeat and cause me to sweat a bit, seriously. Takitis is not a joke, I fully understand Jeremy now. I see it seems to be long out of production now.
  4. A certified planet killer, I had the 150 though they do take their time cooling. That 180 must take a good 1.5 hrs to equalize, I must say I’m a little smitten with your mount, what mount is it? it looks great!.
  5. I beg to differ, with me it ends after the first, as usual part one’s of many films are masterpieces but, it usually goes downhill after (Alien and Terminator) exempted.
  6. That is Jupiter alright! solid first planetary capture!
  7. Nice report! though I have to admit I could not make out this moon maiden, tried till my eyes crossed.
  8. Once a year, sometimes more as my eyelashes are rather long so my eyepieces get mucked up easily.
  9. That is a large refractor! if i run into an FS128 in the classifieds its a sure bet I will be giving my 102 a big brother.
  10. This is an imagers dream, it looks like it means business. Those red accents are awesome, there’s something about Red on astro gear that looks so good. I’m sure it’s technical specs are just as awesome, the mount and tripod with their seemingly short stature seem as stable as a tree trunk.
  11. A man with an insatiable Tak-etite! I am surprised you haven’t run into one in the classifieds or by word of mouth through your Tak collecting years.
  12. It seems I am late to the party, congrats on this 100DZ, it sure is a beautiful looking refractor! I can assume that since then you have been wow'd plenty by this gem.
  13. Just a wonderful image, really!
  14. As mentioned above your 9.25 will make short work of M13 assuming collimation and seeing are in check. By comparison, I can resolve a bunch of stars in M13 on a decent night with around 100x in a wee 4" refractor.
  15. This had me looking off and away from my monitor, lost in a daydream about being under such skies.
  16. You had me at "the milky way was reflecting off the calm water" Sounds like an amazing place to be, seems like a great session and, we never get bored of this.
  17. Lets hope everything goes well with the December launch of JWST, I have been reading and following along closely for about 6 years now. EXCITING! for those interested I have included a link to full launch sequence video along with a link to NASA web page regarding final preparations. https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-readies-james-webb-space-telescope-for-december-launch
  18. Lets hope everything goes well with the December launch of JWST, I have been reading and following along closely for about 6 years now. EXCITING! https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-readies-james-webb-space-telescope-for-december-launch
  19. Ooh I wish I lived across the pond right now as shipping to me would be insane. That and, 135 pounds might be like 7,000 CAD
  20. Sunshine

    Howdy Folks!

    Hello and welcome!
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