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  1. Macavity

    Has anyone ever moved WITH their Observatory?

    Thanks, Emad! Guess I don't overly "get" Cynicism (and Sarcasm)? I am probably far too sensitive...or OLD? Maybe I'm more geared more towards 70's irony & self deprecation? FWIW, I found the posts re. YOUR past life experiences moving and thought provoking... But, part of the internet is that NONE of us can know too much about our background? This is my thread and fairly "random"! I'm ever reminded that I actually felt much happier being "offline" (Dare I say NOT on SGL 24/7! lol) for a while recently. I have certain issues I have to consider in real life... Do I live in a place where I am basically *unhappy*, or do I give up (practical) Astronomy AND get a LIFE? At the moment, the *latter* is appealing. Little of this is about anyone HERE! I don't feel persuaded to "flounce out"... but maybe, after TWELVE YEARS "entertaining" here (not to everyone's taste) I deserve a REST? lol.
  2. Macavity

    Has anyone ever moved WITH their Observatory?

    Wow, Not sure what you are getting at, Emad? I strikes me as sneering. I respond positively to YOUR posts... As with many others I was v.happy to see you return! The above was surely a tad unnecessary? Maybe try to acknowledge your own (seemingly quite privileged) life circumstances...
  3. Macavity

    Has anyone ever moved WITH their Observatory?

    LOL. Inanimate objects can sometimes be an inspiration? Reminded that (personally) I rarely (never!) SIT in my observatory any more. I'm mostly into (remotely controlled) Video Astronomy... Even Solar Astronomy implies fine days! Most *internal* space is "wasted"... Frankly, a (new) "Six Foot Cube" is all I really need now... Anyone who moved in here would get a SUPER "shed"!
  4. Macavity

    Has anyone ever moved WITH their Observatory?

    Heheh. You and me both?
  5. Totally "Pie in the Sky" (impractical, unfeasable, un-fundable) but intrigued? Had anyone ever moved house WITH their observatory? Mine is a "pre-built" (Alexander's Observatory). Quite *modular*... It arrived in one "Transit Van"! One gets attached to things one has spent so many HOURS working on. But we "move on" in life? Wishful thinking, but I started wondering...
  6. Macavity

    The longest you've had a scope?

    Heheh. Yes, I suppose I had forgotten: A typical late 60's 30x30 draw tube refractor! A THICK cemented doublet and an erector cell in the final extension? Paradoxically, I got quite a LOT of use out of it! Such things a FAIR, but harsh "training ground"? FWIW, I found a couple of *microscope* eyepieces that gave a more usable power. My Uncle "gifted" me a very cool BRASS Dollond & Aitchitson 15x40 "Pirate Scope"! To my infinite shame, boyish inquisitiveness resulted in a CHIPPED objective. <sigh> I tried (as many here) to make a Patrick Moore "Spectacle lens" telescope etc. etc.
  7. Macavity

    The longest you've had a scope?

    Longer than I've been a member of SGL, so 12+ years? For what it's worth a much modified Startravel ST102!
  8. Macavity

    Automating an Observatory Roof opening

    To be honest, I'm fairly "decrepit" (lol), but I find moving a 10' x 6' heavy roof manually OK. I suppose the clincher is if you require completely automatic capabilities - If it RAINS etc? I sense it does introduce a fair amount of complexity --- Fail Safe operation and all that...
  9. Macavity

    PayPal Credit

    I'd hate to suggest they are deliberately vague, but it can be quite hard to pin down *exactly* how much you will repay on a credit card! They usually refer you to the original agreement, which you may have lost! Here is a useful calculator that seemingly gives *exactly* how much you would pay, minimum payment (1% of total loan + interest) and time to pay it all off, depending on the (elected) monthly payments. https://www.uswitch.com/credit-cards/calculator/ Occasionally, we all "need money"? I did so recently to fix *essential* repairs re. the house. Worthwhile talking to your Bank re. possibilities of a fixed rate, fixed term loan. You know exactly what's going on!
  10. I think there are no "Free Lunches" ("Ye cannae change the laws of Physics")! I did quite a bit of experimentation with focal reducers... With some success re. imaging... BUT I think it fair to say that I never gained too much visually! As Dave-T says above? Even my idea buying an f/4 Newt as a "wide-angle" scope were defeated by the secondary mirror shadow! Of course, this is an *excellent* excuse to buy an entirely different type of "scope technology"... Sometimes, having more than one scope in needed / inevitable / justified?
  11. Macavity

    Hazey Conditions and Telescope Seeing?

    Certaininly seems that way! <Thinks> I suppose the "scatter" due to high cloud is (like a prism) constant, if you are looking in narrow band light?!? I suspect this would mess-up "white light" or "one shot" colour imaging...
  12. With temporary absence of the Jet Stream "bouncing things around"(!), I find myself wondering about nights (and days) with Hazey Conditions? Such seems almost given (spreading aircraft contrails etc.) these days. But I do get surprisingly good results (red light!) H-Alpha Solar images?!? Maybe there is a (narrow band) secret to penetrating high cloud? I tend to "give up" when I see Lunar Halos! Any notably positive experience? Recently bought a Baader 685 IR-Pass Filter... Looking forward to testing it out on the Moon and the Planets! (If I can see *that* "low down"! lol)
  13. I'll have to take a look. I'm using an ICRON USB 1.n extender over 30m for scope control. Keep thinking about running something that might accommodate USB2 Camera rates... +1 re. "Industial" Startech Hubs. (Kept the @Ginalink to the int / ext Power jumpers [qv])
  14. It's a HOBBY! And (frankly) such things seems to be a bit uncommon these days? I think the world would be a happier place if a few more people had hobbies! For us OLDuns, it surely it I beats (endlessly) washing your car, or mowing your lawn, sweeping driveways... looking for "jobs" to do for LAZY neighbours etc. It reassures me that (at 60+) my brain still hasn't quite yet atrophied yet...
  15. Macavity

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    I sense the colour does make quite a difference. For aesthetics, I paint most things (observatory, fences etc.) Dark Brown... And they all warp quite a bit? The observatory is like a "greenhouse" these days! Thinking of cladding the sun-side with something that is rather less absorptive / more reflective?

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