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  1. Too much data that put my computer on its knees

    Interesting thread! I really must try using .ser files - Now I have the Chameleon3... I am surprised that I can get full frame1280x960 at 30fps even via (still!) USB2.0 I will have to work on my judicious use of ROI now solar features are small(er)! Any projected new Laptop would have SSD as temporary storage. But using 16bit along with ImPPG has reduced by need for BOTH "disk" and "proms" data. I now extract both from the one data file... So an extra few BITS (via .ser) may help?
  2. Dunno, but ever interested! I have that (IMO excellent) scope. But classical imaging is not a speciality. But I'd be sceptical re. reducing the f/6 to f/3.6? You'd have to "check the corners"! Otherwise focal reducers are splendid FUN. I have an Antares 2" (and a bog-standard Atik 1.25" 0.5x) for sundry & various experiments! I think I will eventually get the matching ff/fr(!) for my SW ED80. I'm quite surprised something I would imagine as "complex" is fairly inexpensive! But they tend to only reduce by a factor of 0.85x, not 0.6x or more. Aside: I noted Celestron(?) "gave up" on their 0.33x reducer some time ago too...
  3. Too much data that put my computer on its knees

    I would like (some time) to have better data filtering ! Basically, to process the images as quickly as possible to work out if the SEEING is any good? lol That would of course need a new Laptop, rather than my little Netbooks! TBH, I note that the benchmark for the FASTEST possible machine now is only SIX times my modest i5 (4 core) 3.3Ghz. lol. It's also the data transfer (Notebook to Desktop) that takes time here. I must investigate that too! Intel Core i9 7980XE - 2.6GHz 18 Core Socket 2066 Processor A positive "steal" at a mere £2075 (sterling) on Amazon UK etc.
  4. Main idea this morning was to try out new ED80 in While Light (Solar Cont., DS CaK Filter). Forgot that I was now working with an f/600 (not Altair f/400!) scope so used a 3x Barlow. I sense f/1800 is a bit TOO much for 80mm aperture, but here's the (CaK filtered) WL: At least I can use the ED80 at f/1800! ISTR my MAK150 (f/1800) gave "internal reflections" with the mirror surfaced Baader Filters? Sometimes 'Fracs are better rather easier to use? In Franken-mode (2x Barlow; f/1200) it gave reasonable HA images... But still a lot of haze! Starting to get a bit confused re. processings (lol) so I think will sit down to some TV now!
  5. Sun HA -- Thu. 19.04.18

    Midday closeup stuff -- Haze and "50% AS!2 quality"! But, kicking & screaming: (ED80 / Lunt50 Frankenscope; f~1200mm; Chameleon3 3.75 micron Mono etc.) Early afternoon Blue Skies! Improved seeing now, but limited by scudding clouds. (Back with Native Lunt50 Single Stack as ever...) Something a bit more interesting may possibly be coming round the corner? P.S. Checked on SOHO white light and I do believe there are now spots!?!?!
  6. Sun Ha Active Region in B/W

    I think that's pretty darn good. [chuckling] Tried searching for active (disk) regions and it all looked rather similar! A "few in the pipeline" today despite. Nice and Warm... Couldn't let our brief UK "Summer" go entirely to waste?
  7. Stationary stars?

    The long read in Wiki. But some stuff I didn't know (wasn't known) before! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_nearest_stars_and_brown_dwarfs Stars still move at significant speeds (80km/s!) compared to that we experience on earth. Compared to the lifetime of our SPECIES (units of 10000 years) some nearby stars may move significantly. Their closest approach may be (has been) near to the Oort cloud and may send asteroids / comets on OUR direction... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scholz's_star But no point worrying (mostly)!
  8. It has crossed my mind that (Aside from control functions) such things MIGHT be usable for data acquisition (via USB3 port) and [temporary] storage? As with all *remote* operations, "lateral thinking" is needed?
  9. Well, I wasn't exclusively considering "many hours" of classical (night time) imaging. But I have struggled to get even ONE minute gaps in the clouds for SOLAR imaging... P.S. In similar whimsy, I have to admit I haven't yet tried *Radio Astronomy* -- But!
  10. Take up Astro IMAGING of some kind... Multiply the brief time of frenetic outdoor activity by an order of magnitude, endlessly processing & reprocessing the data? Get into modifying & customising stuff, you're rarely at a loose end from then on! (You may NEVER get to actually try out the result, but why worry about details?) But there are so many different AREAS of Astronomy to try out... Try something you *don't* think you'll like? You don't have to be an expert! Later, who knows?
  11. Sun HA 5th April (Disks + Proms)

    Wiggle... wiggle... wiggle... AS!2 automatic sharpening and rough brightness balance. Need to learn how properly, but...
  12. Sun HA 5th April (Disks + Proms)

    Thanks, Charl. A lovely day for a walk too. (I get around to LIFE sometimes. lol). What's this I see, STORMS on the horizon? Flood warnings? Thing upon things! I think we might be safer in the "West"... for a change! But "Sunny Skies, to ya. Interesting Jet-Stream activity folks? I do notice, at "higher magnifications" the image can pop in and out of focus quite significantly! Now picking from multiple (short) videos... for the best "quality"?!?!? "So many settings... So little time"!
  13. Sun HA 5th April (Disks + Proms)

    Heheh. I can relate? Neighbour is engaged in constant revamp of back garden. Somehow I "agreed" to share costs of a new fence?!? He "staked his claim" by immediately digging some post-holes... Slightly further onto my side of course! Everything (holes) now full water... They're on holiday for 4 weeks! Ah well. They're OK tho. I have built a long list of "favours" I may someday redeem.
  14. Notice today was forecast to be Sunny... Didn't start well! First DROPPED (Frankenscope) ED80 --- mostly on Carpet? Then "lost" Barlow Lens for about an hour (Had left it outside)! Despite the late start, managed to mostly beat eventual (high) clouds. All "Combined" Disks + Proms, but BOTH from one "Disk" video (via ImPPG!). Full Disk via standard Lunt50: Rest via the ED80/Lunt50 Frankenscope... 2x Barlow... Giving f=1200mm approx. The "Central Thing" (whatever it is!): The Brighter Proms: The Fainter Proms: Happier Now! But, like ALL of my scopes the "pure" ED80 has now joined the ranks of ALL the rest -- Variously "sullied" in some way! lol. But it still works? (I Think?!?)
  15. Aliens- do they exist??

    I think that WAS the worry in BOOKS from a few decades ago? Would be be anything more than "Pond Slime" to sufficiently advanced (ALL!) aliens? I rather liked the idea that we might be something of a "Penal Colony": Alien-Human hybrids... reprobates!