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  1. Macavity

    Upgrading HD Desktop System with SSD Drive!

    I think we do get it! [laughing] But you are RIGHT. I am *significantly* remiss about backing up stuff! I have lost DATA files that I would have liked to keep. Since I began messing with PCs (mid 80's?) the evidence is there... A pile of three totally DEAD (IDE?) platter drives and two (SATA?) ones I can still read? N.B. didn't check the interface but I have a "Freecom" dock to read survivors! The SSD drive on my Desktop has increased the File transfer rate from my NEW (Optane cached) Observatory Laptop to around 100MBytes/s over 30m Cat6. Ultimately, this is something you have to *measure* ... and come to accept? lol I have a better (updated!) personal understanding of "modern hardware" now. The (mistaken) delivery of the HDD + Optane Laptop system (rather than SSD) may allow me to replace the 1TB HD with hybrid smart cached HD? This Lappy must also have an *M2* slot for a genuine SSD drive to replace the "Optane"? BUT THEN I am reluctant (from experience) to "Crack Open" any Laptop Case!
  2. Macavity

    Upgrading HD Desktop System with SSD Drive!

    I think that is the thing that still bothers me about SSD technology. The anecdotes about sudden and catastrophic failure. At least with past Hard Drives, I had significant hints that the drive might just be "on its way out"... and I was generally able to change it in time etc.
  3. Despite having familiarity with Windows systems (I had to *install* such things as part of my former job) it's all quite a while ago now! (Over that time Hardware and Software has moved on significantly) Meanwhile my HOME Win7 Desktop machine has chugged along fairly well... But lately, the 2 min. Boot time, exceeded my patience? I assemble my own PCs and, in its day, this was not a BAD machine! Quad core i5 @ 3.3GHz... 4GB DDR3 133 Mem... 7200rpm Disks etc. Despite running a fair bit on non-Astro software, my 150GB Boot HD was only about half full, so I decided to try a "budget" 120MB SSD! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01N6JQS8C/ Plugging in the SSD caused Win 7 to install the serial ATA driver. The SSD was present in the Device Manager! To render it visible to Win7, I had to invoke "Disk Management" via the Start menu and Format the drive (I gave it a temporary random drive letter). I then searched for (FREE!) DISK Cloning software and decided on: https://www.partitionwizard.com/ (Even read the documentation)! TAKING GREAT CARE to specify the source and destination (SSD) drive correctly, I began the disk cloning! As is wont for such things the Software requested to reboot into DOS mode to do the copy. About half an hour later the process was finished! So, with some slight trepidation, I allowed the system to reboot from the SSD... And it WORKED first time! (Yay!) Despite my motherboard only supporting 3Gb/s SATA drives (The SSD is rated at 6Gb/s) the improvement is start up times exceeded my (rather circumspective / modest) expectations! lol Time from power on to Login screen reduced from 40 to 10 sec! Time from login to Desktop Availability... Two Min to < 20sec! ANYWAY... If anyone has been contemplating putting an SSD drive into their Desktop machine, but was reluctant to risk their working system perhaps this will encourage you to have a go? Reasonable Care needed (no guarantee!) but this system now veritably ZIPS along! Wish I'd done this upgrade AGES ago...
  4. Macavity

    Bought the wrong item?

    Dare I say it, sometimes a basic understanding "how stuff works" can help? But I only say this because so many of my neighbours *lecture me* about how to wire a plug... And wouldn't have a CLUE about Astronomy Power Supplies etc. etc.
  5. Macavity

    Is the market slow...? Or just Xmas?

    I thank Sales (Bank of SGL) helping out re. "temporary cash flow" issues! I like to think the purchasers enjoyed "my precious" stuff sold at 60%? Sometimes purchasers have communicated their appreciation of this... Fortunes change though? I think I have managed to buy back most of the stuff I NEED. Like many Astronomers, I'll never end up being "rich"?
  6. Macavity

    Hell and The Devil in Astronomy?

    I sense that the Mythology of Ancient Astronomers followed the Pagan notion that e.g. Deities and their ilk could be either/both good and/or bad! Imagery of the constellations were a MIX of things! The Ancient Greeks had a universe of concentric circles/spheres... was later adopted by the medieval Christians? And the images of Magick / Alchemy / Western Hermeticism? Then there was all that stuff in poetry & philosophy by the likes of Dante, Milton? Yada yada! Here's a nice image of a "Hellmouth" underlying Earth at the centre of things! Anyway: http://www.luminarium.org/encyclopedia/medievalcosmology.htm
  7. I printed the AA paper out too, and read it. It's good that such is a possibility! The author certainly knows his stuff? Which is more than I do! lol. There appears to be *testable* consequences of this theory... Both cosmological and "at CERN". On the other hand e.g. "No attempt has been made to reconcile the presented theory with the standard model of particle physics"... and a LOT of questions? As ever, I wonder how many people could form an opinion on this? "I'm out"!
  8. I tried to find something a bit less "tabloid" on this one? I have no REAL opinion! But I do sometimes feel that Particle Physics (Astronomy) hasn't had a really BIG discovery beyond the "Standard Model". Could be an alternative way of thinking? https://theconversation.com/bizarre-dark-fluid-with-negative-mass-could-dominate-the-universe-what-my-research-suggests-107922
  9. Macavity

    NASA Live: Arrival at Asteroid Bennu

    Heheh... I didn't switch off. The bonus of the Soyuz docking was pretty exciting too. Reminded of the "Golden shot"? Quite fun to put it on (Youtube) full screen for first time.
  10. Macavity

    NASA Live: Arrival at Asteroid Bennu

    Heheh... Well I guess that's it... But fair enough! As "doppler shifts" go, pretty exciting stuff? (Obviously, it has arrived successfully!)
  11. NASA Live: Orisis Rex (material return) Mission arrival at Asteroid Bennu. Just started... https://www.nasa.gov/nasalive
  12. Macavity

    Windows 10...

    Despite circumspection, Win10 (new Laptop) is looking good thus far... (Once one gets used to things being in a slightly different place to Win7) Just tested the generic(?) driver for ZWO's ASI Cameras -- That works. Albeit I am using a (USB2) ASI120MM into a USB3 socket on the Laptop! FWIW, still using the excellent (Torsten Edelmann) FireCapture software. I also had success with my Point Grey "Chameleon Cam" using full USB3. Still using TeamViewer (via WiFi/Ethernet) from obsy to Win7 desktop. ------------------------------- Aside: Had a minor glitch when the CPU became fixed at 100% activity and maximum clock (fan!) rate. I assume it didn't help w/battery drain! But normal service resumed when I reset the "Custom Power PLAN" to the manufacturer (HP in this case) default setting. I sense one of my... Benchmark Tests "forgot" to reset something after completion?!?!?!? P.S. I only remark on the above, because it took me a while to solve it! A lot of people seem to contact the Manufacturer or Microsoft about CPUs being stuck at 100%... but I didn't have to "upgrade the Bios" or "reinstall Windows" as sometimes suggested. Or I just got lucky...
  13. Macavity

    Sir Patrick as the new £50

    Genuine <lol> @Stub Mandrel I voted for his Silver Hammer? I think they now have a shortlist? The announcement is on 14th Dec?
  14. Macavity

    Networking Obsy (Win10) Laptop to (Win7) Desktop

    As a postscript it is interesting to note that (I am finding) File Transfer via Teamviewer gives only about 4MB/s over a short Gigabit link. But straight-forward disk sharing is (at least) a factor of 10x higher... Aside: Hard wired Teamviewer seems not much faster than WiFi? But with an Obsy at the limit of WiFi coverage, hard wiring is safer for mount control operations. The file transfer is dependent on disk speeds and file caching. Many of my Hard Drives are older 5400 technology. Idem the new Laptop! At least it has 16GB of new-fangled Intel Optane as disk caching? Data transfer of typical 4GB solar AVI files (from Laptop to Desktop) takes off at a "colossal" rate... lingers for a while... then drops to the sort of rate my Desktop HDs support. Upgrading my Desktop to an SSD drive and increasing the RAM is next on the to do/spend list.
  15. Macavity

    Networking Obsy (Win10) Laptop to (Win7) Desktop

    My apologies for trying the patience of some here. Basically I did not have "Network Discovery" turned on for the Laptop. Of course if you click on "Network" in File Explorer, Win10 prompts you. With that basic problem removed the rest is clear. Thanks ALL.

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