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Walking on the Moon

Show us your Tak


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Been avidly following this post, then realised I hadn’t posted any here 🤔Although most of these have been posted elsewhere… here you go 😀

  • FC-100DZ and Mewlon 180C
  • FOA-60(Q)
  • FS-60CB
  • FC-76DCU (my favourite grab and go, sitting “ready to go”)

Excuse the state of the “patio”… it’s a farm and needs a bit of work out here 🤣





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A little one to get me started...i may not be able to hide the next one in the corner under my tripod when it arrives, i'm already intimidated by the size of that cradle 😬


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1 hour ago, dweller25 said:

That’s an interesting mount @IB20 - who made it ?

Yep it’s the Starbase 80 mount, so I guess Scopetech? It works beautifully for the Tak and Starbase Achromat. I’ve thought about upgrading to a Berlebach and other mount but it has given me no reason too. The only reason right now being so I could use both scopes at the same time.

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An evening with Jupiter! First real go with the Pentax XWs. 5mm on the 60Q and 20mm on the Mewlon. I think the TOE just beats the 5mm on contrast, ditto the 20mm vs Tak Abbe 18 but it's very close and once I got over the size and weight of the Pentax's they are lovely eyepieces to use. Thanks @IB20 ! That twist up eyecup just oozes quality :)



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10 minutes ago, badhex said:

I may be going to Japan early next year and have just discovered the existence of the Starbase aka Takahashi shop near Akihabara in Tokyo... 😬

Have you clicked through the photo's on that link @badhex. I have no idea why but all my hobbies lead to shops that look like that! Hope you get the trip.

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