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  1. If the sale falls through, please consider me next. Thanks.
  2. It's OK guys, you can get very similar, but cheaper elsewhere. So less of a worry that you are buying rubbish? It is in stock in the UK too, but not the pink one. Telescope house.
  3. Really sorry to hear about your loss, it's the worst part about having pets, in fact the only bad part. Is Omar aware of the loss? I ask because our cat mourned our dog, she wandered around aimlessly for days mewing, looking for her. At least Omar is there to help you.
  4. Superb @johninderby, I wish I had half your skill.
  5. Hello and welcome to SGL and the beginning of your journey.
  6. It does indeed I am afraid. I have the C9.25 Evolution and whilst it copes with the weight just fine, the length is another matter. Some say it is fine, but for me, with the accessories I want to use mean a clash with the mount is quite likely. Great mount; great OTA, just do not really belong together. The arm of the mount could do with being a couple of inches longer in my opinion. Not much in it, but they tried to hard in fixing a C9.25 on this. If I can raise the funds, I will be getting an AZ EQ5 or 6 for it, at some point. I wish I had got the C8 Edge Evolution instead...
  7. You are considering a Mak, which is understandable, but don't forget the little C5s that are available. A little more expensive, but also lighter and more adaptable when you add in a reducer. Two telescope in one at F6.3 and F10. It easily goes on the AZGTi, is without a doubt grab and go. ( As long as you get a good AZGTi... ) Best of all the C5 can be got from £499 at Grovers. I got the Omni version and got a very good example of C5. Which with the deal FLO were offering at the time, gave me a CG4 for £20! Edit: In fact they have the same package I got for £ 499!!! Here.
  8. Greymouser

    Hello !

    Hello and welcome to a great forum. Don't rule out a C5 either, similar price to the C6 but even lighter and usable as a spotting scope on a photographic tripod.
  9. I suspect you are right, maybe this was just an exercise in confirming an already made decision? As @Dr Strange says the scope most used is the best, ( as many others have said too, ) which for me is my superb little C5. What more can a 100 mm Tak give me? ( That is rhetorical I guess! ) I do have too many scopes though and will sell some. I still have to experiment more with the SW ED 80 and 6" Classical cass, so do not know if they will be kept. But I have not used the C9.25 in ages, so think maybe a reassessment of my needs is in order. @dweller25 and @AdeKing, yes it would be very easy to add a SSD to my current rig and whilst it will speed things up, it would not help much with games, the CPU; GPU and the amount of RAM is important here. I would need a new motherboard too, to significantly improve things, so figure a whole new PC makes sense. Thank you all for your help, you have all helped me to come to some conclusions. I need to think more on what to keep and what to go. Especially with a 6" newt; 102 ST a pair of 20 x 100 binos and maybe the ED80 and C9.25 to go along with the Evolution mount. If I go the whole way, maybe a Tak could be on the cards too!
  10. I know, but the only time I had a PC fail completely was when I ventured AMD, so prefer sticking to what has been reliable. I cannot remember the cause, but the CPU failed.
  11. Well, yes, that is hard to argue with and my heart agrees. However I cannot do without a decent PC, my mind says. I already have some decent scopes, even if not quite Tak quality. Also as I like to play games, some of which can be very demanding, an i9 and 32 gig or Ram is calling, to future proof me for a while. Added to which, can a Tak be justified, with Bortle 6 skies and little chance to travel for the foreseeable? Playing good games is not a weather dependant hobby either!
  12. I have been budgeting for a new PC, which is going to cost a fair bit new. My old one is getting on now only has an i5 cpu and 8g ram, with a 1050ti gpu, so I budgeted a decent amount, which is sat there in the bank, waiting. The old one is only Windows 7, never got around to updating it to Windows 10. Today though, I wondered if I could still get the upgrade free, so dug out an even older PC and gave it a go. The result is that it upgraded, easily and without problem, better yet no demand for monies! Now I am wondering if I can manage with my i5 PC for a bit longer... I now know I can upgrade to Win 10 for free, it does pretty much everything I need, so maybe a little longer? Of course, this thought is in part motivated by the simple fact that the money sitting there, would cover a Tak scope! Now I find I am in a dilemma. I know this PC is only just managing everything I throw at it, but could do so for a while longer, maybe. I also know the new PC will likely last for the next ten years or so. But a Takahashi... The other thing is, my first impression of Win 10, is not great. What to do? ( I suspect I Know the most likely response. )
  13. That is a great telescope at a great price. I too am glad you live a long drive away, because it is very tempting. I suspect it is luck for my marriage though that you are so far away, because I doubt my wife would agree! I would also add that the colour of it is just extra temptation...
  14. I have just got this out of self imposed isolation, after receiving the other day. ( Glad to know I am not the only one doing this! ) Perhaps not the best eyepiece out there, but the 10 mm is very good in my opinion, so I am hoping for similar quality with this one. Now all I need is the clouds to co operate, and then decide if I can justify a similar sized Morpheus...
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