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  1. Thin it is time I updated this, sorry if that is at all wrong, but it seemed like a good idea, now that I am past first impressions. All of the above I posted still stands but, I cannot help feeling I made a mistake buying this scope. Don't get me wrong, the optics are excellent, the mount is excellent, its just that they do not belong together in my opinion. The arm on the mount is not really long enough, it needs to be about ten cm longer or so, to aid clearance of the mount of the diagonal, when approaching zenith. The mount works fine, it is easy to set up and well within limits for me, regarding portability. The Go- To function is great too, as is the tracking, but this OTA is right on the limits of the payload. The tripod is bigger than that which comes with the 8 inch, but the mount is the same, which to be honest just is not good enough. Celestron claim the limit is this OTA, with a possibility of adding upto 5 lbs of extra bits, but even with me just changing out to a 2 inch diagonal, the stability is affected, for the worse, so I am not sure their facts, are true. I seriously wish I had bought the OTA, but with a better mount, such as the NEQ6 pro. Oh well, it is still usable for visual, but that is it, no matter what the advertising says. I might find a lighter OTA to go with the mount, for a portable scope and get a better mount for the 9.25 OTA, we will see. It is a shame I have come to this conclusion, because the idea, the concept is really excellent, just a shame the execution of it is well below par. Just a few small changes would make this setup almost perfect I would say. I have considered sending an email to Celstron, but do not see any real point, the will not respond well, or at all probably! Hope this helps anyone else considering buying this setup, I cannot recommend it as it stands.
  2. Greymouser

    Devon Newbie

    Hello and welcome to one of the best forums on the internet, good choice!
  3. So an edit is in order, in fact an entirely different question. Is the NEQ6 pro Go-To at all portable? How difficult and time consuming is it to set up? For that matter how big a mount is still portable? Anyone?
  4. Greymouser

    Hallo from SE Italy

    Hello and welcome to a very helpful and great forum.
  5. Greymouser

    Crayford focusser for a SCT?

    Thank you everyone, this has been a very informative thread for me, I didn't even know you could lock the mirror in place! Plenty to read and consider, not least which direction I want to go in. I will read some more via the above suggestions and not pull the trigger on buying one yet, but I think I will be doing so at some point. Still no one has answered my question about the point, if I go the Hyperstar route, which either means not many use that, or the answer is obvious: Don't bother! The camera is then at the other end of the scope I guess! I will have other questions soon enough, but need to think on this for a bit.
  6. I have been told it is worth buying, but am unsure, one of these: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-focusers/dual-speed-2-crayford-focuser-for-sct-telescopes.html I have no idea if the gain will be sufficient to justify the cost, ( especially considering visual only at he moment, ) particularly if I get a better, more expensive version. For now I use my Evolution for visual only, but am considering imaging. Is there any point bothering, or should I save the money and either save it for a future Hyperstar purchase, or other imaging set up? Thanks.
  7. Greymouser

    Hello!. Nice to be here!

    Welcome to the best Astronomy forum on the internet.
  8. Greymouser


    Hi and welcome to a great forum. Are you then considering getting a new telescope, or just going to stick with the bino's?
  9. Greymouser

    Hi all. What a great site!

    Hello and welcome to possibly the best forum on the internet! Oh and if you come up with the answer to the telescope question, please share. I have just found my first 50mm refractor, ( in the loft, ) which I got bought me about forty years ago and I am contemplating buying another new one!
  10. Greymouser

    EQ5 goto, Skywatcher 200p, ST80 - prices dropped

    How about the lenses on the Equinox please? Unless you have already sold it.
  11. Greymouser

    EQ5 goto, Skywatcher 200p, ST80 - prices dropped

    Any chance of seeing a picture of the optics?
  12. Greymouser

    Hello world

    I use the Clear Outside app. free and very good generally. http://clearoutside.com/forecast/50.7/-3.52
  13. Greymouser

    Hello world

    Tips, mmmm, Well the two biggest are for you to get yourself a planisphere: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/books/david-chandler-night-sky-planisphere.html That is not the make of the one I got, but it has been totally invaluable to me, a must buy. I even wore one smaller one I had out. Next would also be a must buy, though in fact only just recently bought for me, but again, invaluable in trying to find your way around: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/books/turn-left-at-orion-book.html If you have not already got, or ordered these, do so, I doubt you will regret it. Also don't stress about knowing all the stars, you will take time to come even close to that, I still cannot name all, or even close. I guess that GOTO makes one slightly lazy too, because to set it up you only need to find a few. This is why many go for a manual mount first, to ensure they learn ( have to! ) their way around, before growing too dependant on GOTO. I am not so sure about this, because I have seen many grow very frustrated with lack of progress and give up. GOTO is great and it allows you to relax and get a good session in observing, easily. I have no idea which scope you have, but I own a Celestron Evolution 9.25 and it is easy, in the extreme to set up. The only issue I have is with the free SkyPortal app, crashing at times, which I am working on. The hardest thing I have to put up with is the cold! One last thing, if you are bothered about learning your way around, just turn off the GOTO and use it as a manual scope, if you can. My Evolution mount is easy for this, just ease off the clutches and away I go. I have to admit a curious satisfaction the other night in finding M31 ( Andromeda Galaxy ), with GOTO turned off, first time in years to be honest.
  14. Greymouser


    So do I so far, but I do not at the moment have contents insurance, just building insurance. I will remedy that soon I think and will make sure it is all covered wherever I may wish to take it, ( I hope, ) by running a very fine tooth comb through the small print and getting things in writing. In particular I will be checking out microbes link. Edit: I presume you have listed them all and adequately covered? ( only asking for confirmation for the benefit of browsers. )
  15. Greymouser

    Hello world

    Hello and welcome. I agree, I cannot understand why it took me so long to get a goto, great aren't they? Fire away with your questions, I am sure someone here will know the answer, or at least an answer. ( Now I will go an look what else you have posted... )

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