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  1. I had a little session with the SW ED80, between the clouds and fighting the wind, which was more annoying than expected and forecast. I do not think I am getting on with the ED80, nor the lack of shelter. ( Nor my deteriorating eyes. ) Maybe time to think seriously about a little observatory and a serious ( though shoestring, ) attempt at imaging.
  2. Hi there and yes commendable for a first attempt, better than anything I ever produced!
  3. It sort of makes me sad, all this need for so many satellites, but what is the alternative? I cannot see one without a major change in human nature and the desire to have what the neighbour has. These launches always impress me though, just see how far humanity has come, in such a short time!
  4. You see this is what I meant, you imagers show such resolve and a " just get on with it " spirit that is very impressive. I bet It hasn't put you off one bit either has it? Just keep calm and carry on eh?
  5. I am not sure how you imagers motivate yourself, everything considered. I was only trying to get a little observing in, easy grab and go under a perfectly clear sky , set up, followed by torrential rain and sudden high wind! ( Squall I guess... ) Only seconds to bring it all back in, so no real harm, but for you guys, with all your gear to set up and fettle, it must be soul destroying sometimes. It is now clear again here and the wind has dropped right down, but I am finding it hard to motivate myself. I wonder if I can persuade my wife that a move to the south of Europe would be good? Follow @Benjam advice?
  6. Oh that reminded me of something I read here about the Evoulution mount and problems with wi fi. Here is the thread: https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/269052-celestron-evolution-8-wifi-causing-skyportal-to-crash-switched-to-access-point-mode/ I don't know if that link will work, so here is the OP from that thread : from @wellsi Worth a try maybe, just substitute skyportal with skywatcher version in there?
  7. I have had similar troubles with mine, ( others too, but have not done the EQ update, ) temperamental at best and to be honest I wish I had not got it. I am on my second one, the first just would not work well for me at all, this second one has been OK so far, but still temperamental. There have been lots of people with similar issues, which leads me and others to believe that Skywatcher quality control is poor with this mount. It is a shame, as the idea behind this mount is excellent, I just so want it to work as they intended. The only bright point with this purchase has been the excellent customer service from @FLO I keep threatening to have another proper session testing it out, to try and get to the bottom of making it work properly, but just have not had the time. Certainly I will have to do so before the warranty runs out... Edit: By the way, sorry I could not help, but if you find any solutions to this mounts problem, please flag them up big and loud here.
  8. I would appreciate that. I have looked at it several times, but at that price I have always considered it to be too good to be true...
  9. Hello and welcome to SGL. Life does sometimes get in the way doesn't it though?
  10. That looks good to me, but as I am no imager, perhaps take my opinion with a pinch of salt. Two questions occurs: Which DSLR are you using there? Which nebula is it? I have threatened several times to take a step onto the 'dark side, ' but have always feared that a step usually turns into several hundred, or more. if the experience of many on here are to be believed... Edit: Welcome to the forum by the way!
  11. I cannot add much, other than that I love my C5, probably my favourite at the moment and if you decide to go for a C6, Then I will point you in the direction of Grovers where the C6 is the same price as the C5 at £ 499. ( Though doesn't FLO do a price match? ) https://grovers.biz/optics/optical-tube-assemblies/7509-celestron-nexstar-evolution-6-ota.html I would also agree with dweller 25, the classical cass shows promise, but I have yet to decide, as the focuser is indeed poor and I did get some dew on the secondary with my first outing with it, we will see. I also have a 150mm F5 reflector, but it has not been used for years, so may have to go very soon, it is just not as good, or easy to use as the C5. I can imagine @FLO hating me for pointing out a cheaper C6 now as well, ah well...
  12. Signed, but also perhaps a letter to Ms. Lucas too. How to contact her.
  13. Couldn't agree more, I just wish I was better organised; had more time and better sleep then I would have a better go at things than I presently do. Perhaps I need to make some changes...
  14. Thank you for a good and inspiring report. Looks like you like getting the most from every spare moment, very organised.
  15. I would have suggested the Heritage virtuoso would be better for a beginner, with no need to fiddle with collimation, smaller too. More expensive maybe, especially if made into a proper goto, but still: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/heritage/skywatcher-heritage-90-virtuoso.html There are loads of website though, not least Nasa and Hubble. https://hubblesite.org/images/gallery https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/hubble/multimedia/index.html
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