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  1. Second little session in a week, tonight! In fact not many more for the whole of the last 12 months. Anyway... The Skytee 2, with a Bresser 127L and the little 72EDF as a finder! I cannot make up my mind about the 127L, there is some CA, but not as bad as I imagined possible, a contrast booster filter sorted it, but left everything looking a little odd in another way. The Skytee 2 handled the scope just fine, better than it did the Bresser 102L the other night. That is lighter, but even longer at F13.2 and the clutch only just held things steady, with the longer scope. If I do decid
  2. Too much cake perhaps too? I could imagine that getting a good grip of your behind as it broke, if you slipped between the edges...
  3. Got these today, which was very pleasing. Now I just need to try them out... Tell me, will I be doomed as soon as I try out the green and black thingy?
  4. Two very good eyepieces, I would be tempted if I did not already have them. Two of my favourite in fact, lovely and very sharp, as well as being very light and compact, perfect for an ultra light setup. Good luck, whoever buys will not be disapointed.
  5. Nice eyepiece, but you have too much ambition regarding the price as it is almost new price from a supplier here in the UK. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/tele-vue-eyepieces/tele-vue-delite-62-degree-eyepieces.html Then considering you are in the EU. it will quickly go well above new price here. Good luck, but I for would not touch this with a barge pole, sorry.
  6. I only logged in to comment, because your images are probably the best I have seen of this. I agree, the second one is the better, just stunning.
  7. You can ask, but I cannot tell you! I am a simple fellow, who knows what he likes and that is that. I in no way get bogged down on the numbers, other than magnification and F numbers, but rather judge things on the view I get. I have never liked very wide angle views, not sure why, but prefer things down at the lower end of FOV. My favourite eyepieces are the Bader Classic orthos and 62 degree Explore Scientifics for instance and just do not get on with even 82 degrees. ( At least so far! ) You need to find someone more inteligent than me , I am afraid. Of course all this may c
  8. Yes, the mount is really excellent, but in my opinion, not quite large enough to hold the 9.25. ( Yes, I have one. ) I think the mount itself is the same one as with the 8" one. I would very much advise limits on where the mount can go, to avoid any unfortunate collisions with the mount! I cannot remember where I have the limits, but it is easy to do, so no problem, just be careful until you get to grips with it. I would also advise using the hand controller, it is much easier because of the tactile direction buttons. Also I have found it annoying when the app crashes, ruining night vision as
  9. I have been watching this thread with a little interest. I am not trying to to totaly crush your expectations, but having had a very similar telescope, to the one you propose, in the past, I strongly advise you against you getting one! I just cannot imagine trying to use one on a balcony, it will be a nightmare. Maybe, just maybe that scope on an alt az mount, but no way an EQ mount. your frustration will make you howl! I am surprised no one has said this, unless they did and I missed it... I would strongly suggest a refractor or a mak on an alt az mount. Very much so. Anything else
  10. You have done it again, another great scope offered at the wrong time. If you would have offered this a couple of weeks ago, I would probably have had it off you, rather than the special offer from FLO. ( I say great, but I have not had the chance to try it out yet! ) You also did it with the little Bresser mak, which if offered a couple of weeks earlier, would have been snapped up too! Could you please offer me some warning if you intend to sell anything else in the near future?
  11. Because of various reasons, not least the weather, I am hardly using my C9.25. I did ponder selling it, but know I will regret it in the future, I will end up just not replacing it, so will lose it. Therefore I think I will put it aside in the spare room, until my circumstance changes. The thing is, I seem to remember someone saying that it it is best to get it out every few months, or so and run the focusser all the way from one end to the other, to prevent isues with the focuser. Is this true? Any other tips on taking care of a SCT, or other scope in longer term storage would be aprecia
  12. I once saw one about as bright as that whilst fishing on Blackpool Promenade, about 30 years ago. It seemed to streak onwards all the way to the horizon, indeed semed to be very close to the gas rigs out in the Irish sea! Of course that was just a matter of perspective, but it made us wonder at the time.
  13. I am getting a liitle annoyed with the standard of packaging offered by some companies. Today I got a parcel from Amazon, which consisted on one little plastic bottle of stuff for my wife, packed in a box way to big leaving the bottle to rattle around. Luckily it was inrtact, but why? A little while ago I got an eyepiece from Harrisons, packed in a Jiffy bag, totaly inadequate in my opinion. Luckily it seems to be fine, but it makes no sense. There have been so many recently, I have pretty much given up on Amazon and trying to give delivery feedback, as it just seems to be ignored. Other compo
  14. This last week I got a few things, including an eyepiece from Harrisons sent in a Jiffy bag! What's that all about? The other things were from FLO and far better packed. The synscan is for my AZGTi, not because I am hoping it will operate better without the app, ( my mount can be tempramental... ) but because I like the tactile control offered by the arrow buttons. I am also hoping that it will mean I can dispense with the app crashing and ruining my night vision. This is just the tip of the iceberg, with other things incoming, so I expect it will be weeks before I get to test th
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