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  1. I was looking for some pick and pluck foam, to sort the flight case for my new little 72mm, but came accross this on Amazon. Got to admit that the colour is what caught my eye... But it could be useful and certainly, on paper at least, a little more versatile I think. I shall see.
  2. I too would say, I hope it is only a short term thing Gina. Get well soon.
  3. I wanted a new camera and after hearing this company offered good kit at a decent price, though I would give them a go. I got a Canon 60D and a 50mm STM lens. They came well packed and all semed to be in order, with as new condition, as being suggested. Except they sent the wrong charger with the camera! I could not charge the battery, so could not test it out, I was not impressed. I tried to contact them, but it took days for them to respond, when they did it was ahrd work to get them to understand the mistake they had made, but in the end we got there. However it then took almost two weeks for them to send out a replacement charger, which I got yesterday. The problen with that, is that the one they have now sent me is in quite a cruddy state and is not a Canon charger, but a cheap aftermarket copy! It is in no way capable of being labelled " As new ". I am reluctant to use it and have also got another new aftermarket charger and batteries off Amazon, so will finally be able to try out my new camera. I just hope I have no more problems and that the camera is indeed " as new " and performs well, because I have zero confidence in there after sales and customer service. I really suggest if anyone is looking to get a DSLR, second hand, that you avoid these people as their customer service and after sales is so poor. I will post in the photography section, regaridng the quality of the camera, as and when. I would say it is just a shame that FLO do not sell second hand DSLRs!
  4. I have been tempted to get one of these, but have not so far pulled the trigger. I am tempted to respond, because I know it will be well looked after, considering it is from you and considering Derby is not that far a way, ( I guess... ) I wish you well with the sale of a very good priced scope.
  5. Good video. Eagerly awaiting part two. what will you be trying it out with, OTA wise? I am curious how it will handle longer refractors...
  6. Thank you for the offer, but I do have some others, got from FLO that just needed drying out. Now done. I was just looking to expand the quantity I had, to give more time between drying out. As I said, I should have been more patient. Still lesson learned.
  7. I have no idea. They came that colour in sealed double wrapped bags. They did not change colour at all and some of them are white, some of the particles/spheres yellow. The picture is poor, sorry. I can only go off the ones previously bought from FLO, which though quite dark to start with went much darker, quite quickly. They also were renewed to lighter than the start with a spell in the oven. I should have been more patient and ordered from a known reliable source. ( FLO! ) The lack of reviews should have been a warning sign.
  8. OK, thanks for that. I think I need to rethink things then, as there is enough doubt to put me off.
  9. As far as I can see, both the used and non used are identical. I haver gone with a refund from Amazon, which, as ever, was painless, as it id just not worth the risk. It should be safe enough to get some from FLO, because most of what else I might want from them is out of stock anyway!
  10. These are allegedly colour changing, yet do not, There is no way I want to risk them being rubbish with such expensive gear neading protecting. Woudl you use them? Or would you get rid and buy reliable ones from FLO? ( Even if that means stretching the credit card again, as I buy other stuff as well... )
  11. That is the: TS-Optics Altazimuth Mount with Fine Adjustment and Quick Release mount. Has anyone used this mount? I am tempted, as the Skywatcher AZ5 is out of stock and this seems to be similar, in fact better on paper, with a 8 KG payload, compared to a 5KG payload on the AZ5. Is it too good to be true? Or is this another decent German bargain?
  12. I needed some more dessicant, to help protect optics, so looked on Amazon, to see what can be found. I found these. A little cheaper than FLO, with next day delivery, which was I thought needed, so I got them from there. I wish I hadn't, wish I had ordered from FlO, but was afraid the temptation to buy other stuff from them would be too great! Here are two pics of two pouchs of the dessicant: Not much difference in the pouchs is there? Yet the are self indicating, should change colour as the absorb moisture. Not sure why, but to be sure I thought I would test them, just to see how effective the were. One of them has been on the window sill in a very damp bathroom for over 72 hours, the other stayed in its bag. Can you guess which is which? Neither can I and they cannot be trusted, they are rubbish, a little patience would have gone a long way with this... Ah well leson learned I guess, buy from a trusted retailer, suppose I should start a return...
  13. Now I would say this is a very good bargain. If I had not just bought a new 72EDF, I would have snapped your hand off!
  14. I am quite glad you don't live closer, because this looks good, for a good price. So far, I can resist...
  15. I would be interested in your opinion of this please , when it arrives, as I have been tempted several times the last few months to get one, but not pulled the trigger yet.
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