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  1. That looks very similar to one I saw from Orion Optics, but theirs is more expensive. Thanks for that John, you might have solved my need for something of a stop gap measure. https://www.orionoptics.co.uk/MOUNTS/alt-azmount.html
  2. I am shocked David, you seem to be selling everything, leaving very little, if anything, for yourself. I have no idea why you are doing this, but I do hope you are well and thriving, because it just seems like people taking a huge advantage of your offers and you.
  3. That is a truly shocking price David, in a good way for the buyer that is! If the TakMan's offer falls through, please consider me having a go for it. I would drive to you to get such an amazing bargain.
  4. I have indeed taken out the screws completely and still the top does not come off. They appear to be the same length. There is something rattling about inside, the top will not shift and the top male screw is recessed. I am having little luck with this mount so far.
  5. No, I know there is next to zero chance of any effect, even from the very strong cannabis she smokes. The issue is that it has the nickname: " Skunk, " for a very good reason, she smokes them about four metres from my back door. I would have noticed by now if there was any effect. There is a group about 50 metres from my back door who smoke it too, the smell is very clear to notice and truly foul! Your nose really does not need to be particularly sensitive and it can be smelled even further away. I do not care about drug use, in any form, but do so when it is anti social. Indeed there is a very good case to legalise drugs.
  6. Thank you for that. Yes I loosened the three thumbscrews, then attempted to remove the top, but it just turned then stopped. It did not come off, even after completely removing the thumbscrews. It seemed to jamb, no more movement. Edit: I was considering trying some WD40, to see if that helps, but though I would give Rob at FLO more time to answer my questions.
  7. I used to have a neighbour a few doors down, who used to like gardening after dark. ( Not Ozzy Osbourne either! ) He was quite an odd fella and used to feel insecure, because of the neighbourhood, so used to keep an ice axe nearby the whole time! A bit extreme I though and dangerous, for several reasons, especially as it is not all that bad round here, in respect to crime, assuming you can ignore the drug use! Which is why I cut my observing session short tonight, as my neighbour lit up her nightly spliff of Skunk canabis, I have no wish to share it with her! She has got kids too. The axe toting fella is dead now though, he got cancer which finished him soon after retiring. Turns out it wasn't an axe he needed for protection, but a lifestyle change perhaps.
  8. Ooooh, the Edge HD is only under offer, does that mean it is still a possibility? I hope not, my wife will not be pleased, if it does not sell very soon.
  9. I got this in the post today. Quite pleased, it is a good eyepiece, probably the best I have, certainly the dearest so far, but after a little test, I am just not sure how much better it is. Certainly diminishing returns. I need to think about future eyepiece purchases.
  10. Another update. I had an unexpected clear spell tonight, so gave my second AZGTi another go. Much better this time, got better and better, not perfect, but at least it was quite close in GOTO, mostly in the FOV. Still behaving oddly in some ways, but a huge improvement. Unlike past times, the tracking was almost perfect and everything improved after engaging the second encoder. It did still seem to be stuck in alignment mode for the whole session, but maybe that is a problem with settings. Anyway, I am feeling much better now about take 2, oddness aside! It must be haunted!! I do have another problem though. I got a Skywatcher AZ mount extension tube, to make it easier to attach a refractor. The problem with this is that the male connector on the top is recessed and I could see no way to get it out, as it were. Assuming I needed to remove the top, to get at the mechanism, I tried to do so. It did not come off though, turned somewhat, but then jammed. Anyone any idea how to get this working? ( Yes I did remove the bolt things first. )
  11. I am amazed that you have any kit left to sell! Amazing offers, amazing kit, very tempting, but funds do not allow at the moment... Good luck with the sale though.
  12. Very good post, couldn't agree more. I have already contacted Rob at FLO and he has been very helpful, offering to help me sort it, or even accept the mount back and refund me the money. Which is all well and good, but I agree with you, the concept of this mount is just so wonderful, I would only order another one. Then maybe another, etc., etc. I intend to try a couple more things then will attempt to get a viable one, I have no wish to give in with it. Your experience with only getting one great one out of five, is not very encouraging, but at least the good ones do exist!
  13. I need to update this thread. I returned the mount to FLO, which all seemed painless and easy enough. Rob gave it some attention, then returned it to me via DPD. So far, so good. I got the chance tonight to give it another try, with an unexpected window in the clouds. Nothing has changed. It still, will not GOTO at all accurately, will track to an extent, but not very well, or for very long. I did level it and aimed the OTA North, before starting and tried a three star alignment, without success. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I also have no idea what fault Rob found. I did not do a firmware update before retuning it as I was very unsure of success. I have read of quite a few other people having issues with this mount and cannot help wondering if Skywatcher have quality control issues. I am also not impressed with the app. offered by them either, it is in my opinion, inferior to the one offered by Celestron, even though they belong to the same parent company! There is way too much white writing within the app, which spoils my night vision. I am left feeling as if I have a right lemon here and am beginning to regret getting this mount.
  14. Sorry for the stupid question, but what is the principle behind the encoders? I have seen it elsewhere before, but I have no real idea, could only guess, so would appreciate some information. This mount looks good I must admit, but I am very unsure of the principles so do not know if It should be considered. Edit: Its OK, I have found out now I think, what a good idea.
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