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  1. I have what seems a very simple couple of questions, so thought the beginner section seemed the best place. I have the Evolution mount with a 9.25 scope, which is a great scope by the way, but I also have a Startravel 102 refractor, which I would like to compare quite directly. I assume that the mount will take the short light OTA of the Startravel, without problem, is this correct? Secondly, after aligning will there be a problem with changing over to the SCT immediately? Other than having switch off the mount and realign it of course. Thanks, Dave. Edit: It is OK, no need for a reply, I have solved my stupid question.
  2. Couldn't agree more which is why I have a Skywatcher 102 Startravel too! Though I have to say, the Evolution only takes about ten minutes to set up, including alignment and it is GOTO as well. Always assuming the app doesn't freeze and crash, over and over...
  3. Greymouser

    First Light Optics

    I received my second order from this wonderful company on Friday. Again very well packaged and quickly delivered by DPD, the best courier too imo. I do like the sticker: " May contain clouds ", brought a grin to my face that did, does every time I see it as it is now on the box that contains my OTA. In fact I would say FLO are missing a trick there, I would pay good money for this kind of humorous sticker, they should produce and sell more varieties! All contact with the company has been very prompt and very good. Not so much with the second order which was very straight forward, but the first required some back and forth e mails, between me and the firm. I would say that other suppliers could learn a thing or two from this company, not mentioning names or anything... If there is a choice I will be using this company in the future, before any other, because of that excellent customer service. Thank you FLO, keep up the good work.
  4. I will be honest, it does not seem to have much of an effect visually, but it still does give a noticeably wider field. Some people say it causes problems when imaging, but I have seen some great images on this forum taken with the scope and reducer. F10 and F6.3 though speaks volumes to me, even if there other introduced problems, they are not insurmountable. Next for me is to try and image in the new year and long term, get a better small Frac, then a huge Dob! Blimey this is a costly hobby eh? Edit: I would say in my not at all humble opinion, the 9.25 Evolution is without a doubt grab and go. It is easy to carry it out in three parts, ( unless you are very unfit, ) I can even carry the whole setup out together, but this is not really advisable, with any set up. ( Health and safety you know... ) FLO say the whole kit comes to 46.6 lbs, I would say a little more, but definitely manageable. As you say matt, get yourself to a star party and give several a whirl!
  5. If you are considering a SCT, then you could do worse than getting a Celestron 9.25 Evolution, as I just recently did. I put a quick review down in scope setups if your interested. The fact that the mount comes with an inbuilt battery was a big selling point for me, as was the fact that it is very quick and easy to set up. The only downside was the problems I had with the Skyportal app that I use to control the scope, it crashed and then crashed several times again, I hope this is not a new trend...
  6. Greymouser

    2nd Astro Book Clear-out!

    Have you then given these to a good home?
  7. I have just got the Evo 9.25 and completely understand your feelings about the optics, it's almost like a paranoia isn't it? I started of with a six inch Newtonian, which felt much safer when handling. Nice to see there are easy options and it is not quite as fragile as I feared. That whole set of optics so exposed at the front is disturbing to my tranquillity!
  8. Greymouser

    Hiya, long time non poster

    Welcome to this great forum. I will be very interested to see what images you manage to get with so much light pollution, considering my own light polluted site, and me thinking about dipping my toes into that side of things...
  9. My shopping list gets bigger and bigger...
  10. Greymouser

    Backpack scope?

    Now that sounds good, but as I will not be even close to getting that sanctioned before next summer, I suspect there could be a problem or two by then... I wasn't being entirely literal with the thought of a mountain top, just near one maybe. I would also add that there are places in the Cairngorms that do not have light pollution as a problem anywhere near. Better yet the Cuillin hills, or many other south facing elevations, hear there and everywhere.
  11. Could you tell me which click lock you went to exactly. In fact could you break down to a real easy level, ( for someone quite stupid, like myself, ) exactly what you did please.
  12. Greymouser

    Backpack scope?

    I am more concerned with size and it being robust, rather than other considerations. I am not sure about budget, but will look at all options. I am not just looking for a scope that fits in a backpack, or rather not on on its own, but one which would fit in my large backpack with my camping gear. Then I would want to take it to a very remote place, such as the top of a mountain in the Cairngorms! Which was why I considered the conversion of a finder scope. This: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Karrimor-Rucksacks-Extention-Pockets-Backpack/dp/B076PL1D56/ref=sr_1_1?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1537997351&sr=8-1&keywords=sabre+60+-+100 Is my rucksack, ( but mine is black, ) which is huge and can be further expanded, never mind lots of attachment points. I already have a half decent monocular and half decent binoculars, but they are neither very versatile. Maybe I should just stick with what I have... Edit: I have just looked again at the 72ED, which comes with a case, interesting. Just how big is the case though?
  13. A mad concept, or doable, with the right approach? I am wondering if it would be possible to get a half decent scope that is light enough to fit in a backpack and take to very remote places? It would also have to be quite robust too, obviously. I had considered the Sky Watcher Heritage 100p, it only weighs 2.8 KG, so the weight is doable, but I doubt the robustness of the thing. I have also considered the Sky watcher EvoGuide 50 ED Guidescope, which with a little work and a decent photo tripod, could make a decent set up. Of course there are spotter scopes that could be half decent, but I have not been impressed with the cheaper end of these in the past. Therefore, I ask you: Am I mad to even consider this? Or is it doable?
  14. I was under the impression that they were only a 50 degree FOV, is my assumption wrong?
  15. You are not the first to suggest this and I had in fact been considering that, but for two reasons, it could be a possibility. The cost would be considerable, to put it mildly and any field flattening correction would then be lost, unless you can then buy another correcter for the two inch visual back? I wish I could afford it though, especially the top of the range eyepieces!

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