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  1. Mirror clips on OO UK scopes

    I join the consensus that the clips are unnecessarily large and that the screwdriver scratch will be of no performance consequence. However, leave the scratch as it is or paint it out with matt black if you must, silver paint will cause unwanted scatter.
  2. Garage (Obsy for the desperate)

    Good idea. I've never wasted garage space by putting a car in it.
  3. Laser pointer are dangerous, so...

    It would probably diffuse too much for astronomical use and would not appeal to the majority who buy them for "other" purposes. Sadly.
  4. It takes quite a while to get to know your telescope well enough to make a definitive judgement unless there is something seriously untoward. I would never have bought some of the telescopes that I own based on the images they sometimes give!
  5. One thousand today . Thanks

    For a moment I thought ......... but that would have been sensational! . Congratulations.
  6. My new DIY ALT/AZ Mount a Panther Clone

    @Doc. There is a bronze bushing in the pier toplate which accepts a 1" diameter ss shaft, the bearing surface is a thin disc of PTFE. The attraction of the simplified version of the marvellous Panther mount is that very little precision is needed to produce a high load capacity mount with excellent motion characteristics.
  7. My new DIY ALT/AZ Mount a Panther Clone

    Here are a couple of the unfinished mount for the 5" APO, I'll post a finished one later.
  8. My new DIY ALT/AZ Mount a Panther Clone

    I'm a big fan of the Panther type of mount and have just finished my second version. They handle weights easily yet are smooth in operation regardless of weight. My larger one carries a 6" F5 refracting binoscope and the slightly smaller one, a 5" F15 triplet refractor.
  9. Meade LX50 damaged gear help

    Hello Paul. Do you still have the broken off part of the gear and is it just one piece? If so, and you have no luck easily sourcing a replacement, I'm pretty sure I could mend it for you.
  10. Go-to - (old) Celestron fork

    There seems to be a rising interest in alternative uses for redundant SCT forks. I "sretched" a 12" fork to take a lightweight 18" F3.5 Newtonian. Next fork mod project is likely to be for a GOTO binoscope using "push to" encoders fron an Orion Intelliscope. Might be the end of "free" cast-offs".
  11. Go-to - (old) Celestron fork

    It was always considered that Celestron used two motors to drive the RA so that they would run out of phase and reduce backlash in the RA drive spur gear.
  12. PST got!

    Lots to look forward to!. A zoom eyepiece is well worth trying, it covers the complete best range of magnifications for a PST.
  13. Vixen Porta II v SW AZ4?

    I would expect them to be similar in this respect. IMO, the slow motions on the PortaII would be a huge plus.
  14. I have my doubts that the alt-azimuth will be adequate for a C8. I have the 8se version and its more substantial mount is on the limit. The telescope vibrates when touching it to focus, with manual slow motions on the alt-azimuth you will be touching it a lot!
  15. I have a Lunt 1.25" HW and I have tried the Lacerta version, both gave excellent and similar images. The Lacerta is enormous physically by comparison.