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  1. Show Us Your Binoculars.

    They were built for terrestrial use and I didn't get much of an oppotunity to try it out astronomically. I recall that Jupiter looked pretty detailed with little CA. The terrestrial views were amazing, excellent resolution at 20 miles range, would have loved it myself! I hope it still exists and used somewhere.
  2. Show Us Your Binoculars.

    Fancy these round your neck? . They are the largest refracting ones I've yet made. I custom built them about 25 yeas ago from a brand new ex Gov pair of 8" F25 aispaced achromats. I had to fold each side with flats to reduce the physical length and incorpoate focal reducers to achieve a more manageable F12.
  3. I've never been further South than Tenerife but I would have thought that the Southern hemisphere would be best as a majority of our good objects are still observable from there.
  4. Huge Filaprom

    Should keep the DS users happy!
  5. Lunt H-alpha filters

    I think you would need to buy the 90mm Coronado etalon and BF15 set at the $US price to make the financial comparison. I have a 90mm/B15 set and the image brightness and details are better than smaller versions. However, it's not a patch on my 150mm PST mod with a 20mm internal etalon.
  6. Observatories in the UK worth visiting

    Seriously though, we do offer a guided tour of the observatories with hands on activity for the children plus some solar observation if clear during the day. There is no admission charge.
  7. Observatories in the UK worth visiting

    The Astronomy Centre. West Yorkshire.
  8. Lunt H-alpha filters

    The 60mm front etalon is just that,a 60mm aperture etalon compared to the 35mm etalon in the 60mm solar telescope. Etalon costs rise dramatically with aperture. Sweet spot size is related to etalon aperture and stand alone sets permit fitting to a better telescope than the stock one.
  9. Show Us Your Binoculars.

    They were made by Steve (mechanics) and Brian (optics), members of Bolton AS.
  10. I actually find it's easier to carry the head with the tripod attached, it saves having to lift the head on when you get to your setup spot. If you put your arm round the folded tripod set at the height you are going to use it at, lean to one side until the tripod is a couple of inches off the ground then walk. I'm 76 by the way.
  11. Sol in Ha - 2017-10-21

    Very atmospheric!. Nothing but wind and rain here alas.
  12. Show Us Your Binoculars.

    A bit cheaper than the WX ! The objectives are from a cheapo 10x50. The eyepieces are Meade 24.5mm Superwides which ramps the cost up a bit but I already had them. I was motivated to make them following a moan on CN that there were no small binoculars with 90 degree angled eyepieces. I have to say that the performance greatly exceeded my expectations and underlined the benefit of mounting even small binoculars.
  13. 16" SCT and 20" Dob in the UK, 8" SCT in Tenerife.
  14. Show Us Your Binoculars.

    @Richard. Self built.
  15. Show Us Your Binoculars.

    Here is one of my smaller ones. 8x50 with 8.5 degrees FOV.