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  1. Herschel Wedge - does size matter?

    I have a Lunt 1.25" wedge and had no issues using it on a 8.5" refractor. I also tried the much more massive Lacerta 1.25" unit and would buy this one if I needed a replacement rather than the supposedly better Baader as I'm more of a Ha man.
  2. What do CA and CO have in common? They are both overrated!
  3. Second hand pitfalls

    Minor scratches or marks on the lenses will have far less impact on the performance than collimation. If collecting them try them out in the first instance to make sure you can merge the images comfortably. £40 would be a good buy as described, you take pretty much the same level of risk with new ones at entry level prices. If the sale is satisfactory spend the saving on a tripod.
  4. Lifting the Lid

    I've no experience with Pulsar domes but make sure that any provision for preventing the dome from blowing away is unfastened before you progress much further.
  5. A fantastic week at Les Granges

    I could have been his father by modern standards.
  6. Apart from relative cheapness, the only advantage I can think of for using a full aperture pre-filter is that it keeps heat out of the internal lightpath of the telescope. Having said that nobody seems to complain about internal heat spoiling the view with a solar wedge.
  7. If it's any consolation, the seeing was so bad last night that I couldn't even see the main cloud belts on Jupiter with a 16"!
  8. You get a choice between a 114 Newtonian and the 90mm Maksutov. I chose the 114 as I already had a few 90mm Maks. The 114 is a very capable little telescope particularly for wide field use. The mount is probably one of the best table top variety, it's much more stable than most and its defining plus is that both axes can be overidden manually without upsetting the drive.
  9. I think the telescope (and you) are capable of better Jupiter images, the main limitation currently is the low position of Jupiter. A dedicated planetary camera would also be a benefit.
  10. Heads up New AR2706 20-4-18

    Skies have cleared here now so good solar viewing again today. Five obvious sunspots comprising the new group.
  11. Proms 18-4-18

    Considerable activity at the oncoming limb area right now. Several rapidly changing spikes lifting and falling, could be a nice active area over the next few days.
  12. A good6" F8 will spank any refractor at the same price point.
  13. I would sell both and get a 6" F8 Dobsonian.
  14. Broken HEQ5 pillar mount - fixable?

    Oh dear!. The material looks to be cast aluminium, if so it is quite brittle and as you have found, snaps if overtightened. This material is difficult to weld or glue satisfactorily. If I was attempting to repair it I would attach a full vertical length piece of flat aluminium bar to the surviving ends of the casting, cut a slot or drill a hole to accept the clamping screw and not overtighten it next time.
  15. Promotion

    5000 well spent!