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Peter Drew

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  1. Peter Drew

    What You Have Learned From Astro?

    It's expensive!
  2. Peter Drew

    Focusing with 3x Barlow

    Yes, this does appear to be a Bird-Jones design of Newtonian, commonly considered not the best for high magnification performance.
  3. Peter Drew

    Had enough

    I was fortunate to be born with two decent eyes. Good enough for my astronomy.
  4. Peter Drew

    Portable heater to keep the cold away

    There are many designs of pads that contain a jelly that can be microwaved for a few minutes. The heat lasts for several hours, hang one round your neck suspended inside your jacket.
  5. Peter Drew

    Clear skies but rubbish seeing tonight

    Same here unfortunately.
  6. Peter Drew

    Oh God is this the Future?

    Glad I'm concentrating on solar observation these days.
  7. Had a look at both comparing views through a 127 Mak, 8" Dob and 30" Dob. Very turbulent seeing so rather poor images, specially extrafocal showing "flowing water" syndrome. Could make out some blurry markings and light albedo areas but difficult to hold a good focus.
  8. Peter Drew

    Lots of prom action today 18/10/18

    Yes, best for quite a while!
  9. Peter Drew

    Eq5 Steel tripods versus Berlebach wood tripods.

    I use steel tripods in the main as they come with the telescopes and I find them adequate. If I need a "serious" tripod in either wood or aluminium I build my own as there are better designs available.
  10. Peter Drew

    todays Prom Action 18-10-18

    Nice images Charl. Just come in from a visual session, best solar seeing for some time, the spicule layer is very sharp looking, pity there's so little surface activity as the texture is very well defined.
  11. Peter Drew

    Prints on aluminium.

    Thanks for that Olly. I was fortunate to see Bob McIntyre ride several times at TT's and domestic short cicuit events. Had he not been killed in 1962, the races against Mike Hailwood would have been epic. I last saw him on the 285cc Honda at Mallory Park.
  12. Peter Drew

    Prints on aluminium.

    @ollypenrice. I'll probably never take a photo worthy of printing on anything but my racing motorcycling interest goes back a long way, what period did the book cover?
  13. Peter Drew

    night vision as you get older

    I have a developing cataract issue but on any average to good clear night I can still easily see M31 unaided despite being 77. Plenty of experience though which helps.
  14. Very good basis for the argument in favour of the justification for the telescope purchase.The wine cannot be used and retain it's value whereas the telescope can provide a lifetime of enjoyment. And cheaper !.
  15. Peter Drew

    Solar scopes focal length

    Your logic is correct but the operational field of view can be increased for a given solar telescope by using a larger blocking filter. Be aware though, that this does not increase the "sweet spot".

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