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  1. Its a commonly held belief that the degradation of the ITF is caused by the ingress of moisture rather than heat damage. For some reason, manufacturers seem unable to reliably seal the edges of these filters.
  2. Depends a lot on your eyesight as well. These days I need a 8" to see what others can manage with a 4".
  3. The most important thing, no matter what the telescope, is that it is made available to as many people as possible. Good luck with the project.
  4. The Solarscope front etalons are very good and hence expensive however the same telescope as a PST mod would work at the full 102mm aperture and cost a fraction of the overall cost quoted.
  5. It's been my experience that double stacking makes a black cloth or similar over the head obligatory for visual.
  6. I would have thought that the 50mm DS unit was developed for use in conjunction with the LS50. I've not tried a DS LS50 but would have expected it to give a better contrast than a single stack LS60. Using a 50mm DS unit on a LS60 would reduce the effective aperture to 50mm but would be the cheaper option to increase the contrast of a LS60 if you already have one. Most commercial Ha telescopes contain a small internal etalon (they've taken notice of the modders). Etalons are expensive, hence the great increase in cost for double stacking with full aperture front ones.
  7. I agree with John. The 300mm PDS is unquestionably good value and would cover most bases but I share the ergonomic concerns. We went for the "wow" factor with a 30" but found in practice that it was difficult to operate and many were reluctant to mount a tall construction necessary to reach the eyepiece, this pretty much excluded children, the ones we most wanted to engage with astronomy. We replaced it with a 16" SCT and have never looked back. The 30" is now mounted outside and comes out of its housing on tracked wheels. I can't remember when we last used it!
  8. I mount mine to the right of top dead centre. At least with a RACI you can turn the diagonal round to suit different OTA positions.
  9. I used a similar arrangement to support a 6" minor axis secondary mirror on my 30" build. Seems to work OK so I'm sure yours will.
  10. I use a couple of 20mm 84 degree apparent FOV 1.25" fit eyepieces in our 300mm binocular telescope giving a power of 50x. The image quality much beyond 50% is nothing to shout about but the immersive field and the good centre definition provide an impressive experience.
  11. Based on our experience at the Astronomy Centre I would say that the largest used SCT you can afford would suit your purposes, specially if you pair it with a used small APO refractor. We have all manner of types of telescopes and apertures but the main telescopes in constant use are the big SCT's.
  12. Can't help you personally as I'm not an imager but the "Solarchat" forum has most of the leading amateur solar specialist with direct experience of the DMK cameras. Worth signing up for the free advice and the best solar images.
  13. Lots of good detail buried in there. Shows what could have been had the conditions been better.
  14. No idea what the mass and time dilation issues would be but it would certainly limit the extent of the observable Universe.
  15. I would still be tossing a coin. The best 60mm Lunt view I've had was with a tilt tuned version, double stacked but with still the standard focuser. There seem to be a number of reported issues with the pressure tuning. On balance, I would certainly prefer a no frills LS60 to a LS50. A PST mod is better than either though.