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  1. Thanks Marki..good to hear you're back in the hobby..I did wonder where you'd "disappeared" to.. I used to enjoy reading your posts some years back when you had the Carton 100/Skylight built and also when you got the Tal 125R (I too had one)..didn't yours come from or via Italy? Or was that the Apolar version? There was something of a resurgence of longer achros back then, and for a while Richard Day at Skylight was in great demand with his lovely 100mm F13s, and I always wished I'd been able to buy one: the Carton objectives were noted for their excellence. Thanks for an enjo
  2. Mods, please close advert as most items now sold. I'll advertise the remaining items separately. Thanks, Dave
  3. I ordered a copy (new) last week from Waterstones (I'd had a gift voucher a couple of weeks ago for my birthday). I had to pay list price but due to the voucher it'll only cost me £15 for a new copy..and for once it's nice not to be lining Amazon's pockets! Dave
  4. Is that "life restoring" froth Jeremy? You look MUCH younger than in your avatar, and you have dark hair too! Dave
  5. To get into a "froth" would be illogical. Live long,and prosper
  6. And replied . Celestron diagonal sale pending. Dave
  7. Nosepiece and Unitron mount both sold, thanks. Dave
  8. Hi, Having completed the recent refurbishing of my man cave outbuilding, I'm having a clear out of various "stuff", as follows: SOLD 1. Vintage Unitron Altazimuth mount. Dating from the late 1960s, this originally came with a Unitron 114 scope which I sold a while ago. It's in excellent cosmetic and operational condition for its age, and is just SO great and easy to use. Made in Japan, it's over-engineered for the original 60mm scope and would carry for example an 80mm ED with no problem, and as such would make a great grab and go mount. Has a built in drilled dovetail bar, jus
  9. Don't fret, Ant...it's a "no brainer".. Dave
  10. Hi, I have available a surplus set of 90mm internal diameter tube rings in good used condition. With fixing bolts. These came off a Helios 90mm F10 refractor (identical to Skywatcher Evostar 90mm F10). £18 posted UK only. Thanks for looking. Dave
  11. Yes, my 128 dates from 1999 and it is mounted on a Tak EM2 equatorial dating from 1998 (think sophisticated version of the great Vixen GPDX)..some more info: "The FS range of refractors were introduced in the 1990s and included 60mm, 78mm, 102mm, 128mm and 152mm models, all with F8 fluorite doublets. The odd one out was the FS-60 which is an F6 and the only one still in production. As well as a shared optical design, the F8 models all had a similar tube and focuser and family ‘look’. Most had fixed dew-shields, all were bulky for their aperture. All had a strange but classy cast ‘man
  12. One more..this is my avatar pic which I took a couple of years ago..I just like the way the shadow fell on the scope. Dave
  13. Had the FS128 out all day on Friday as I was painting the floor of the outbuilding she lives in..saw the almost full moon rising behind one of our trees..also a shot of the refurbished barn outbuilding with new concept floor now painted and sealed. (I did stop out for a nice session on Orion, but the moon was literally too painfully bright to view directly!) Dave
  14. How did you "grab and went" with no handle Jeremy? Dave
  15. Sounds like an interesting product John..the thought of a Morpheus sized FOV covering that range would be quite appealing. And it would hopefully barlow well too..I regularly use my Hyperion Zoom 2.25x barlow with my Carton 7-21mm zoom, which turns it into a 3.1mm-9.3mm high power zoom. It works very well but of course is still limited to the 60deg to 40 deg FOV, so a constant 75 deg field could be pretty special. Would the APM need refocusing at different powers I wonder? My Carton zoom is almost but not quite parfocal across it's range .. Thanks for sharing, John Dave
  16. Not a good look, Jeremy.. But loving the "hair handles"!
  17. New "Alpine Innovations Bino Bandit" arrived today, courtesy of Auntie Flo''s usual prompt service.. Such a neat, simple idea. Easy to fit on my Orion 9x63 mini giant binoculars and daytime testing looks very promising. Regarding fitting, the material stretches well, and you just need to push them back or pull them forward on each eyepiece until you get to the point where you only see the view of the object and all around in every direction is just really dark. Operating with a 7mm exit pupil, I'm hoping that night use with these will help my eyes get the best possible dilatio
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