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  1. You might find this old thread I started a few years ago helpful? It was a real comparison of two great scopes, either of which would be great on double stars. At F11 and F10 they aren't as narrow a field as some other Maks and the M603 is apochromatic. If you want any further info drop me a pm. Dave
  2. Oh, I see... that's funny, that's exactly where I put all your replies to my posts, Jeremy (except for the "likes"...me like the "likes"!!) Dave
  3. ???? I vote that as of now handles are banned (not literally, just from this thread)..and all associated puns etc (and I am as guilty as anyone!). Thanks for the kind comments about the scope..it has some interesting history: it was originally a 1970s vintage Meade 339, and bought by Neil English, who authored the very interesting Springer book "Choosing and Using a Refractor Telescope). Although branded "Meade", there were various brands of the same scope, in the UK they were often sold as "Towa" or "Topic", all 80mm, all F15, and all seem to be well regarded, performance wise...see here:https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/219109-surprising-1970-towa-80mm-f15/ Made in Japan, with "Circle T logo" on the focuser. I owned a couple of these years ago, (bought on eBay for £50-£80), complete with equatorial mount, wooden tripod and the longest slow motion controls I've ever seen (and remarkably effective too). The mount and tripod were ok, but not up to holding the scope firmly enough for the high powers that the scope can take: a Vixen GP class mount is much better, and will allow the scope to really shine on double stars at high power for example. Neil called the scope "Bessy" and at some point got in touch with Mark Turner and it was decided to convert Bessy with the Moonraker treatment. I don't know many more details about the build, other than that the only remaining original parts of the scope are the lens/cell and the 6x30 finderscope (which is optically, not great, hence the replacement with a Skywatcher 9X50). The build was effectively a prototype, and as such not perfect, but I believe formed the basis of a whole new class of Moonraker retro refractors. At some point, Neil English seems to have lost interest in refractors, and has moved his interest to tubes with mirrors..at any rate, he decided to gift the scope to another SGL member about 6 or so years ago. Then, out of the blue, I received an email from the new owner asking if I would be interested I acquiring the scope on a like basis, ie as a gift, only to be passed on in the future on the basis of no cash changing hands (other than shipping costs of course). And so I became the happy owner of Bessy MKII in early 2015. This scope is a superb double star splitter and excels on the moon as well. It has a 2" dual speed focuser which works quite well..the fine focuser is particularly smooth, even though a scope of this focal length really doesn't need it. These do come up for sale in their original vintage state, and can often be picked up very cheaply. Attached is a pic of the Topic version of the original scope, in white and black livery. Dave
  4. Back in May, when we had our summer, I was at a loose end one day and just fancied setting up my Moonraker/Meade 339 80mm F15 achromat on my Takahashi EM2 mount (which usually hosts my FS128). I thought the pair looked quite fetching, and the EM2 holds the scope beautifully.. The dewshield on this scope is well over a foot long, fully flocked too! Dave
  5. Nice report Baz, a very enjoyable read. The Morpheus range is excellent, right up there with the best. I have owned the 14mm and now have the 17.5mm, which is in my opinion even better than the 14mm. They both Barlow really well with the Baader Hyperion zoom 2.25x Barlow..in my scope that gives me x74 native and x167 with the Barlow, both nice powers. I think the eyepiece extension is a must and this new threaded part is a great addition to a great eyepiece. Thanks again for sharing your enthusiastic observations Dave
  6. Jeremy, have you and Stu ever thought of getting married? Dave
  7. F15Rules

    For Sale

    That seems like an utter bargain to me. I owned one of these about 6 years ago and it was a great scope. A full 6" of glass delivers some marvellous views and the CA is not at all bothersome on most objects. A really great value, honest big achromat, with a decent mount and some accessories. Someone needs to jump after this one IMHO. Good luck with the sale. Dave
  8. ..that's because of all the "pounds" they cost Jeremy Dave
  9. Hi Stu, Can you update us on what your current shop opening hours are? Dave
  10. I must admit my FS128 is the nearest to being an "all round" scope I've ever had, in terms of aperture, size and quality of views. And it sits nicely on the Tak EM2 mount (think Vixen GPDX size). Your 152 looks superb, Al, but I bet it needs a hefty mount to hold it well. Dave
  11. I wish you two would stop Carpe-ing on about handles..you don't seem to grasp that this thread is about telescopes! Now, get a grip!
  12. Nice comment Jeremy...gave me a real lift! Dave
  13. This isn' t actually my scope but belongs to someone I know who visits SGL quite often but isn't a member as yet. I just thought it looks so wonderful that I asked him if I could share this here. He readily agreed, so here she is: 1990 Vixen FL102s Fluorite doublet operating at F9. Moonlite 2" focuser upgrade. Mounted on Vixen Sphinx SXW 2013 equatorial mount (now discontinued) and wooden tripod. Hope you like her too Dave
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