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  1. Good point Paul. I used to use a 4" mask on a Bresser 127L achromat.. it converted it from a 5" F9.4 to a 4" F12 and reduced CA right down and improved contrast too. Dave
  2. Totally agree John. Stable, steady air allows all scopes to give of their resolution best on planets..those all too rare (in the UK) nights are the ones where top end scopes pull away from the pack by soaking up magnification without the image breaking down☺. Dave
  3. Pity you can't observe Mars from the Dark Side of the Moon, Paul.. Dave
  4. New WO73 fpl53 glass.

    I've never owned a fluorite scope, although the general jist I get from others when comparing say a Fluorite Tak to a Synta ED is that the fluorite is slightly brighter, sharper, and more neutral in tone. Hi Chris, Having been fortunate enough to acquire my first fluorite scope (probably my only one!), the FS128, I'd say the main features I've noted as compared to FPL53 scopes I've owned (ED120, ED100s) is improved contrast and reduced light scattering. Saying that, I've had precious few sessions with the Tak so far, which is why I haven't yet posted a more detailed first light report.. If I've learned one thing about the performance of high end glass (by which I include Fluorite, FPL53, and top end long achromats like D&G), it's that the differences are relatively small on most nights and that local seeing and sky conditions will often have far more effect on the views than the type of glass in your scope. Having lived in Lincolnshire now since March, I really believe we have a micro climate here: yes, skies are a good deal darker than where we came from, but the seeing is much more variable. We live in a valley surrounded by low hills, and I'm convinced we get "ripples" of unsteady air flowing down to us: often, even the Tak won't take above x100 or so magnification (same for the ED103s), although early in the year I got a couple of "etching like" views of Jupiter that hinted at what the Tak is capable of..it's not all bad news though, I think this shimmering effect lessens as the night goes on, and air temperatures equalise..unfortunately, as I still have to work at the moment I don't get the chance for many late night observing sessions. But several times recently, when called by nature to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I've noticed through a velux window how simply stunning the night sky has looked at c3am in the evening. I am SO looking forward to retirement with no work to get up for! 😁 Back to the glass, the fact is that we are very lucky today to have access to affordable high quality optics, whatever the glass type. If we could reduce light and air pollution a lot, then ALL our scopes could give of their best, more often.. Dave PS dare I say it's looking promising outside tonight?!
  5. Explore Scientific 68° Maxvision 40mm

    Agreed John, that's really what I meant, that they look better decloaked IMO. I've never looked through a decloaked version. I have owned MVs in 16, 20 and 28mm versions and ES equivalents in 20, 24, 28 and 34mm.. with the exception of the ES28 which I found disappointing (and not as good as the MV28), I much prefer viewing with the ES range, much better build and I really am not keen on that flat black slab of rubber on the bigger MVs..others will think the opposite I guess. But both ranges offer exceptional value. My own personal favourites were the ES 24 and 34, just wonderful low power views through both 😋. Dave
  6. Explore Scientific 68° Maxvision 40mm

    Am I the only one who thinks these EPs look so much better decloaked?😁 Dave
  7. Thanks for the help guys, I will chase these up!😊. Dave
  8. I really could do with refreshing my eyepiece case pluck foam. Does anyone know of a good online source for the foam please? I'd prefer precut rather than a solid block which then needs cutting by me if possible... Many thanks in advance Dave
  9. My EP set has changed in the past week, but still contains 6 brands (including the Barlow). I needed to raise some cash, so sadly the 2 Tak's had to go..but I found 3 lovely but much cheaper ones to replace them and am looking forward to first light.. From Left to right, back row: Genuine Burgess/TMB 3.2,mm, 4mm, 5mm, Pentax XL 10.5, XF 12, Baader Zoom Barlow X2.25 From Left to Right, front row: Celestron Ultima Wide Angle 15mm (rare), Vixen LVW 22mm, Revelation Superview 30mm, Pentax SMC zoom 8-24mm... and a pretty spare Tak diagonal for good measure.. And my mismatched pluck foam kind of matches my mismatched eyepiece set😁. Dave
  10. Rings now sold thanks John😋. Mods please move to expired thanks. Dave
  11. A good session after all

    Lovely report Piero. I thought I was in for a session too, got the FS128 AND the ED103s both out, wrapped up well, and then had to fiddle with the Vixens RACI finder, get EPs and seats sorted etc. I then just got both scopes centred on the double double in Lyra and ... Got called in to help my wife buy something on eBay...came back out after 10mins, to find wall to wall cloud!😣😣. No quick sign of it clearing (8.30), so packed everything up again.. Had a look at bedtime after watching "Bancroft" on TV, and it was clear as a bell again! Too late to get everything out again (work today), so got the Opticron 10x50s out for 10mins and scanned Orion and Auriga..made me feel a bit better, got lovely views of the Auriga cluster trio, Hyades, Pleiades, M35 and M42.. and I counted almost 30 stars inside the Orion main asterism, so it was a very clear sky, in the end☺. So I lived my planned scope session vicariously through your report, Piero! Thanks😁 Dave
  12. Bump ☺. Price reduced for SGL members to £43 posted. That's well under half the new posted price for these quality items. Thanks for looking. Dave
  13. Some nice vintage Japanese glass

    Hi John, Sorry for the delayed reply☺. The photo is a stock one from the net although the one I bought looks identical in appearance and condition. No first light yet (can you believe we've had to come back to the Midlands tonight for a daily event tomorrow, and the sky back home in Lincolnshire when we left was wall to wall blue sky and a hard frost forecast tonight!), but a brief daylight test was encouraging, although the eye relief is definitely tight. I hope the sky might be clear tomorrow night.. Dave
  14. In mint condition, these are genuine Vixen tube rings and carry handle as supplied with their Vixen ED103s apo refractor, which retails new at £1700. I'm only selling these as I am now using a clamshell fitting on my Vixen which I can fix to my Takahashi mount without needing a dovetail in between. The rings will fit any 115mm tube, but note that these don't have hinges like the cheaper Skywatcher rings, they slide onto the OTA tube either from the objective cell or focuser end, then simply tighten up with the black hand knobs (which of course can also be loosened to allow the tube to be rotated without the risk of hinged rings opening and letting the tube fall out!). The carry handle makes for secure handling of the scope in the dark, and is lightweight but strong. Allen key headed bolts are included. Price £49 shipped in the UK. Paypal gift/fee free for me or Bank Transfer preferred please. Also advertised on the other site☺. Thanks for looking. Dave