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  1. I really enjoyed reading Micks' Morpheus review, very thorough. I bought a 14mm soon afterwards and really enjoyed it, selling my Pentax XW 14mm after a head to head comparison with the Morpheus. I recently bought the long awaited 17.3mm Morpheus and it is superb, really complementing my LVW22mm and Pentax XL10.5mm. When you compare the new prices of Morpheus and Delos, the Baader really does offer startling value for money. By the way, a couple of other remarks: firstly, the Morpheus eyeguard issue, as correctly identified by Mick, has now been fixed. My 17.3mm has two excellent eyeguards which thread onto the eyepiece, a vast improvement. I understand that all other Morpheii production runs now also have the new eyeguards fitted. Secondly, regarding the sharp/not sharp field stop vs the Delos. The Morpheus has a 76 degree field vs the Delos at 72deg. I suspect that Baader have judged that squeezing the last drop of fov out of the Morpheus made it worth sacrificing an ultra sharp field stop? There is no doubt that the 76deg field of the Morpheus looks significantly bigger than the 70 deg field of the Pentax XW (I haven't viewed through a Delos, and am not likely to at that price ) . The Pentax is very sharp to the edge and has a very sharp field stop - yet I found myself preferring the view through the Morpheus. Baader did something similar with the Classic Ortho, widening the normal c42 deg Ortho field to 50 degrees, with the trade off being a softer field stop. I guess you pays your money and you makes your choice.. Dave
  2. F15Rules

    Vixen ED103S - Say Hello

    John, The FS series had oversized tubes, like the Vixen ED series..I use a clamshell from an FS102 on my ED103s's tube and it's a perfect fit. I think they changed to thinner tubes with the ending of the FS range of scopes, and the new DC and DL ranges like yours all seem to use much thinner tubes I think.? Dave
  3. F15Rules

    Vixen ED103S - Say Hello

    Welcome to the Vixen apo club Alan These are wonderful scopes in every way and often underrated IMO. Yes, it does look bigger, you're right Paul. The tube diameter is 115mm, so it's actually nearer to an ED120 tube than a 100mm. But it's very light and easy to handle while being well built and in Japan too. The photo below shows mine next to my Tak FS128 F8.1, which is a large scope, similar size to an Evostar 6" F8..As you can see, the Vixen is also a large scope compared to, say, to a Tal 100 OTA. Look forward to first light Alan, and to a comparison with your 80mm Vixen achromat too☺. Dave
  4. F15Rules

    Gonna cull the herd.

    Fab selection Andy..You should set up your own Astroboot site! Thanks for sharing.. Dave
  5. F15Rules

    Gonna cull the herd.

    Have you got a scope for each finder Andy?? Just exactly what sort of finders are they? - my money is on Russian ones being well represented! Dave
  6. F15Rules

    What did the postman bring?

    Yes, I had the Moonfish version a few years ago chaps. It wasn't a bad eyepiece for astronomy and gave me my first uber widefield views. There was also an interesting clone 20mm version which was taller and had a detachable bottom section which turned it into a 30mm eyepiece, so you got two eyepieces in one..Neat. See images below.. the 2nd image shows the Opticstar branded 20 and 30mm versions to the right of the image..Never tried those though. The ones I had were certainly worth £45 of anyone's money IMO,. Dave
  7. F15Rules

    Scope Eye- I Know It's Not Just Me!

    I've always thought that "telescope eye" was a condition brought on by squinting with one eye for long periods through a telescope.. When I was younger one of the most famous "sufferers" of this was said to be Sir Patrick Moore. My wife has said in the past that she thinks I'm getting Telescope eye as I get older, to which I responded that it's not possible, as our skies and my job just don't allow enough observing hours to risk my getting ANY such condition...Any changes to my appearance are much more likely to be due to crow's feet and the ageing process! Coincidentally, I've recently acquired an eye patch to see if it helps my Cyclops viewing, but the eastern side of the country where I live now has been wall to wall cloudy for almost 2 weeks now, preventing me (along with a holiday abroad) from trying it out yet.. Dave
  8. F15Rules

    Meade Super Plossl 56mm Question

    The Meade 56mm is a nice eyepiece of its type, but I'd second Ruud's comments on this very long focal length. The eye relief is long, so you may get problems with blackouts and comfort holding your eye some distance from the eyepiece, and contrast under any real light pollution will make the sky background very brightght. I don't even get much use from my nice 40mm 68degree TMB clone in the summer months as it's not often dark enough.. Dave
  9. F15Rules

    What did the postman bring?

    Well, it will certainly be a "tall" order to beat that set..in performance terms, it really seems to "stack up" though .. In the " long" term you should enjoy the set very much.. So, the "long and short" of it all is...don't tell Steve (Saganite) though - if he ends up shaving 55mm off his Tak tube for binoviewing, and tries to Barlow an XW 3.5mm, his eyepiece set up could be longer than his scope tube, and his balance could be shot unless he uses at least 4 tube rings to hold it in place. Dave
  10. Lovely read Alan, your pleasure at acquiring this lovely scope really shone through. I agree with you, people who have never looked through a good quality achromat don't know what they are missing.. Dave
  11. Hi Steve & all, I wonder if this might help Steve? If you search for a recent thread of mine on Cloudy Nights, title below, and found in the refractors forum (sorry, I can't cut and paste the thread link on my android while in Malta!).. "Tak FS128 and binoviewers - a question" I was very kindly offered help from a CN member who advised I would need the following parts, see photos below, plus a Baader T2 prism. He then very kindly sent me the prism and the ultrashort eyepiece clamp as a gift! I haven't bought the first item as yet #2558230, as I want to try the setup with my x1.6 Barlow nosepiece first, but I can say that the back focus available has increased noticeably this way, ie using the Ultrashort clamp. Unfortunately, I didn't get a clear sky to test on before I came away on holiday so don't know how much actual back focus I will be left with using the above Baader part. Steve, does your Denk BV accept a T2 thread at the scope end? If so, you could thread it directly onto a Baader T2 prism and save focus there? If it does have a T2 thread, I can loan you a Baader T2 1.25" prism to try out before committing to a purchase ... Dave
  12. Too right! Steve, you do know you will have to post an objective comparison between Andromeda (5" F15 D&G USA achromat for the un-initiated) and your new Tak? Of course, I'm thinking here image quality, contrast, sharpness etc, not an unfair comparison of a 5" glass against a 4".. Have you come up with a name for the Tak yet?..perhaps, given the title of this thread, "Tireon"? Enjoy your first light and can we have photos of her mounted and ready to go please when your "fitting device" has arrived . Dave
  13. Steve, Has your clamtail arrived yet? Sorry, I mean your doveshell? Actually, I'm not sure what I mean now...did you say it will be 55mm long?? Dave (aka confused.com)
  14. Me too Tony. I use a 114mm FS102mm clamshell on my Vixen ED103s, as I have posted before. Solid as a rock. Dave
  15. Yep, made me see red, that did.. Dave

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