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  1. Sorry for the late reply John.. I got back outside at c10.50pm and ended up with only a short session (small domestic crisis, nothing bad). However, I did look again at Epsilon Lyrae and was transfixed. A pair of BGO 6mm giving x173 was superb, perfect stellar airy disks and blackness between each pair's components. I could also see several very faint stars between the pairs, a couple directly and others averted vision or just "suspected". It was as if I might see other faint stars popping into view at any moment. I spent fully 35-40 minutes just looking at this one object. The more I observe it, the more I like it! (Sorry to stray off topic!). I then put in a 1.6x Barlow in each ep, giving c x270 and again the image was wonderful. The best stellar images I have yet had with the FS128, proving that the scope delivers in spades when the conditions play ball too! I was using my new to me Celestron/Baader angled binoviewer (made in Germany by Leitz) and it was a revelation. I'll post more on this when I've had a proper session on more targets. I hope soon to have 6mm, 12.5mm and 25mm matched pairs of quality EPs to really test this new binoviewer . Dave
  2. F15Rules

    Vixen LV 6mm eyepiece Japan

    Reluctant sale of this excellent high power eyepiece. I have been trying to find another of these for binoviewing, without success, so I've decided to keep my BGO 6mm pair and to let this one go. Its in very good, original used condition with both caps, and has a very comfortable 20mm eye relief. Optically it is very sharp with great contrast and low scatter, and holds up very well against the Baader Genuine Orthos. Even now, if someone sees this and has another one they are willing to sell, I will happily take it to make a pair, and let the Baader pair go. I'll add some pictures later this morning. Price £45 Inc UK signed for postage (I can ship overseas for additional postage at cost). Thanks for looking. Dave
  3. F15Rules

    What did the postman bring?

    Hi Neil, Am glad it arrived safely. Sorry for all the tape etc but I know small packages like that can get chucked around and better safe than sorry! I love the look of Baader GO's (and still have a bino pair of 6mm BGOs that last night showed the most wonderful view of Epsilon Lyrae at x270 or so with x1.6 barlow nosepieces in each eyepiece), but I wanted another 12.5mm and just couldn't find one, regardless of numerous wanted ads over a couple of months. So I bought a new Fujiyama 12.5mm HD-Ortho which is superb, just a sharp as the BGO 12.5mm it seems, but it's several mm shorter than the BGO and they just weren't suited as a bino pair. I put out an ad for another Fuji 12.5mm last night, and fingers crossed have found one already! Yours is a rare, cracking eyepiece, and I know you will love it! Clear skies Dave
  4. F15Rules

    Fujiyama 12.5mm ortho wanted

    PM sent Dave
  5. Yes, John, very nice out tonight - and so warm too! Got the FS128 out to cool, and couldn't resist a quick binoview with a pair of Parks Gold 25mms each with x1.6 barlow nosepiece attached to give x 66. The moon showing loads of detail, although shimmering quite a bit due to low altitude and air turbulence. I'm hoping for a bit longer outside in another hour or so, will report back Dave
  6. F15Rules

    Fujiyama 12.5mm ortho wanted

    Hi, I'm interested in acquiring a Fujiyama 12.5mm HD ortho eyepiece to make up a binoviewing pair. Please get in touch if you have one you are willing to sell? Many thanks Dave
  7. F15Rules

    Baader Maxbright Binoviewer

    Now sold to Paul..thanks Paul, and sorry to Jon for the disappointment.. Dave
  8. F15Rules

    Baader Maxbright Binoviewer

    Thanks for the replies..sale is pending to Paul, Jon is next in line if the sale doesn't go through ☺.. Thanks, Dave
  9. Due to upgrade I'm offering my Baader Maxbright binoviewer for sale. It's in nice used condition with 1.25" nosepiece and twin helical focusing eyepiece holders with compression rings. No original box but I will include FOC a well used but fully functional Vanguard aluminium case which will nicely hold the Binoviewer for transport and storage. PayPal fee free or Bank Transfer please. Eyepieces and scope not included.. £110 posted in the UK. Thanks for looking, Dave
  10. F15Rules

    No wonder this sold quickly!!

    You don't say!
  11. 141000 For Sale Sale Pending Baader LRGB CCD Filter set 31.7mm / 1.25" £14,500 2018-09-12 11:52:00 Hertford, England Glad I'm not into imaging...to costly for me! Dave
  12. F15Rules

    What did the postman bring?

    Nice shiny new Fujiyama 12.5mm ortho.. I've been looking for a second Baader Genuine Ortho 12.5mm to make a binoviewer pair for some time, with no success. So I went for the Fuji to see if it will work with my BGO. However, the BGO is longer than the Fuji so I have my doubts it will work. If not, I'll buy a second Fujiyama and probably sell my BGO. The Fujiyamas are lovely eyepieces though, and optically there's nothing to choose between them and the BGOs.. Interestingly the Japan made Fujiyama still use a box which is very like older high quality orthos and pseudo Matsuyama's..The photo shows the new 2018 Fuji 12.5mm box with a Parks Gold Pseudo Masuyama 3.8mm Anniversary Edition box from the 1990s..Uncannily similar! Dave
  13. Items now sold, mods please remove. Thanks Dave
  14. F15Rules

    12mm planetary eyepiece...?

    I don't think you can go wrong with orthos for planets, lunar and doubles.. The eye relief, although tightish, is better than plossls, and you can get them with smooth barrels too, unlike TV plossls ( unless they are old ones)..I hate undercut barrels! Here are my 2 Baaders, 6mm and 12.5mm, and a new Fujiyama 12.5mm I have just bought...I've been looking for another BGO for some time for binoviewing, with no luck, so I might have to sell my BGO 12.5mm and buy a second Fuji 12.5mm if I can't find another BGO soon. There is nothing to choose between BGOs and Fujiyama performance wise but the BGO is noticeably longer than the Fuji so they may not work well as an unmatched pair in my binoviewer.. Dave

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