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  1. F15Rules

    Baader T2-1.25" focusing eyepiece holder

    Bump! Still looking☺
  2. F15Rules

    Vixen Polar scope for SP/GP/DX

    Bump! Still looking for one of these☺.. Thanks, Dave
  3. I'm looking for a Skywatch 50mm finder bracket and shoe in either white and/or Black Diamond finish. Would also consider a complete 50mm RACI finder with shoe. Many thanks, Dave
  4. I recently acquired a Vixen Super Polaris R150-s 150mm F5 Reflector, on SP mount and tripod, all in lovely original condition. I only wanted the mount as I have a taller refractor tripod, so this tripod is surplus to requirements. It's actually very stable with the F5 150mm Newt on board. It extends to a maximum height of c32" and is very compact when closed - very portable. £35 plus postage at cost (I'd estimate Hermes courier at c £7-£10). PS I may also sell the OTA as well, let me know if you'd be interested? I've attached some photos of the scope as well, more details on request. It comes with original Vixen finderscope and good quality tube rings, I do travel to Nottingham and Grantham for my work so might be able to meet up by arrangement. Thanks for looking.☺ Dave
  5. F15Rules

    Vixen Polar scope for SP/GP/DX

    I'm looking for a polar scope for a Vixen SP mount. I believe the GP/DX version will also fit. If you have one to sell please get in touch and if possible send me a picture? Many thanks, Dave
  6. F15Rules

    What did the postman bring?

    Meade 5000 3x TeleXtender. Looking forward to trying with my Morpheus 17.5mm and LVW 22mm to transform them to 5.8mm and 7.33mm high power EPs with no loss of eye relief..we'll see.. Dave
  7. F15Rules

    TS Optics OIII filter, 1.25" boxed.

    Still available☺.. Dave
  8. F15Rules

    TS Optics OIII filter, 1.25" boxed.

    Hi Fozziebear, I've sent you a pm. For everyone's benefit, yes, that is the filter I bought new last year and have not used. It's 55 Eu now, but shipping to the UK is actually 13.99 Eu (the default 4.89 Eu is Germany only). So a total of 69 Eu or about £63-64 shipped to the UK. So my price is around 63% of new, for an effectively new condition item. I think that's a fair price , but I will knock off a fiver to £35 for a fast, UK only sale. Sale to EU will be at rates for that country ☺ Dave
  9. F15Rules

    Astro Books for sale Part 2

    Added an extra Book.. Thanks Dave
  10. F15Rules

    COMPLETED - Astro Books for sale

    Mods, both books sold, please move to completed, thanks.
  11. F15Rules

    Takahashi scopes???

    Hey Chris, hardly a connoisseur, but definitely a proud owner of both Tak and Vixen apos. And I certainly do think that the Vixen ED doublets are optically right up there with Tak doublets. And I think Tak tubes are a bit better than the Vixen ones. There again, I think the standard fit Vixen focusers I have used are better than the Tak standard ones (the Vixen dual speed is very nice). But a Feathertouch is much better than either IMO! Tareq, having read through your thread, it seems you see imaging as your prime use for your new scope. If that's the case, I think a Tak will be your best bet from everything I have read, but our imaging friends can give you far better advice than I. If you do go for a Tak, you will know that should you want to sell it in the future, you will get a far better resale price than you would with a Vixen - which is great for lucky people who have a $10k budget. .and great for the rest of us who don't! Good luck with your choice Dave

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