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  1. Various Bits and Bobs

    Just a few items left now. Also now on UKABS☺ Dave
  2. Going retro vintage Japanese glass

    Yes , that's right. The early ones apparently had a removable Barlow element so you got 2 eps for the price of one, but then the makers got wise to it and cemented the two lenses together to prevent them being separated. Dave
  3. Various Bits and Bobs

    Microscope eyepiece pending to Andrew☺
  4. Various Bits and Bobs

    Finder shoe sold☺. Dave
  5. Various Bits and Bobs

    PM sent Solarboy..
  6. What did the postman bring?

    ..Gasping for breath sounds.."my - last - two - eps - ever"... If you say so, if you say so... Dave
  7. Various Bits and Bobs

    Item 2 now sold. Thanks Pete☺. Dave
  8. What did the postman bring?

    My expected new old stock Parks Gold Series Pseudo Masuyama 3.8mm arrived from the USA today☺. Here's a pic of it next to my 7.5mm, which it dwarfs.. I've added more details on my Eyepiece forum thread "Going retro vintage Japanese glass".. Dave
  9. What did the postman bring?

    If you look at Jeremy's link to Amazon, they do seem to do larger size versions which might be big enough for your Naglers?☺ Dave
  10. Going retro vintage Japanese glass

    Well, the incoming GS new old stock GS 3.8 arrived from the USA today👍. It definitely looks new, completely unmarked. A slight disappointment that no eye guard was included, but I do have 5 to use between the 7 in the set. It's a bigger eyepiece than I thought, very nice heft to it . I've pictured it below next to the 7.5mm. This is probably a later one being in the commemorative box 1954-1999, so it's probably almost 20 years old. Lovely build, smooth black anodising, perfect gold transfers and very heavily chromed brass barrel, stamped JAPAN. In my FS128 this will give me x274 , and x209 in the ED103s - I'll be interested to see how it performs on Mars and Jupiter later this year☺. Just need some clear nights now, been cloudy here for a fortnight!😢. Dave
  11. Various Bits and Bobs

    And replied. Sale pending on item 2..☺
  12. Various Bits and Bobs

    An early spring clean of one of my accessory boxes has thrown up a few things I don't need, so I hope someone can use them. If you buy more than one item I'm happy to combine into one package to save you on postage☺. 1. Opticron Binocular adapter -fits around centre bar of binoculars (where fitted), ideal if the bins don't have a thread-on facility. Great quality £10 posted. SOLD 2. All metal Binocular adapter, threads into binoculars' brass female thread. The base screws onto a standard tripod adapter thread. £8 posted. ONE NOW SOLD , ONE REMAINING 3. Pair of approximately 1.6x Barlow nosepieces. I've accumulated 4 of these in recent years, so am letting 2 go. These are a great way of increasing the magnification of your existing eyepieces. They are small and thread into most 1.25" eyepieces with filter threads. They are also ideal for binoviewing. One of the ones I am keeping is a William Optics brand, and all the others seem identical. The two I am selling have a few scratches on the barrels but optically are A1. £10 each posted. 4. Vixen M60 to 2" adapter. This screws into the M60 threaded end of standard Vixen focusers and uses up the minimum possible amount of in focus, being only c 8mm deep. Has 2 retaining screws included. It came off my ED103s, and is surplus as I now use a baader click lock clamp. £19 posted. SOLD 5. Microscope eyepiece adapted to 1.25" fit and estimated focal length of 20mm. Large eyelens and l'd estimate the AFOV at c60 degrees. Gives lovely moderate-low power views. £11 posted. SOLD 6. Finderscope shoe, Vixen/Synta fit. Has large retaining screw and 2 fixing holes to attach to your scope (bolts not included). £6 posted 7. A pair of camera adapters, one printed with Kood for Canon, the other says Minolta. I know nothing about these if anyone can use them £8 for both. 8. Pair of metal rings off a Tal 50mm finderscope. Note: these fix onto a Tal finder tube, they are not normal tube rings. No screws present. £6 posted. Thanks for looking. Dave
  13. Observing Hood

    Just don't get caught wandering about at midnight wearing that!! Dave
  14. Takahashi 32mm Abbe MC

    Hmm..I think modern premium widefields deliver comparable on axis performance on most UK average clear nights. But price is a factor, orthos generally being much lower cost (not Taks though!), and as Mike has previously said, a smaller, fully sharp field can help when studying fine planetary or double star details without the potential distraction of wider fields which might bring other, distracting objects into view. Getting back to the 32mm though, I would think that the low magnification and brighter sky background would wipe out any "ortho" advantages? But I agree we are all different so there is certainly a place for both☺. Dave
  15. Takahashi 32mm Abbe MC

    I think I saw that Mike , a lady seller asking £70? At the time I thought it a little expensive, but having seen the GS30 up close, I can see it compares well to a TV 32mm plossl and one of those would be at least that much to buy used☺..