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  1. Thanks Jules, had internet problems so didn't realise it had posted x3!😁 Dave
  2. Tring Astro have an ex display ED115s on offer at just under £1600.. a saving of almost £1000 on the new cost. Not cheap, even now, but a lovely scope and currently Vixens' largest apo. Gets good reviews over the pond and a good step up from the ED103s, but still very lightweight..easily handled on an EQ5 class mount😂. Dave I believe Harrison's also have one at a similar price.
  3. Cheers Garry. A little after I bought mine, I noticed another one, this time "new old stock" ie the SWT version that I have, but apparently brand new. It went for £640, which again is a bargain for an unused apo of this optical quality. Dave
  4. Now Peter Drew will be getting REALLY excited! Dave
  5. ...or give Peter Drew a call That's actually exactly what I did with my D&G F15 refractor..or rather, I got Moonraker to chop 130mm off the tube. Mind you, the tube was almost 2m long, so losing 5" off of that was quite welcome. It came to perfect focus with bvs in the Moonlight focuser I also installed, and I only ever needed an extension rarely for mono viewing, I think only 50mm at that. But I'm not sure I'd do that to my FS128 tube though! Dave
  6. Saw this fascinating video on CN USA and thought it might be of interest here. I think its a few years old, but nonetheless still of interest, I feel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKtyIlgc6FI&feature=related Although it's all in Japanese (can anyone here translate??) the visuals give a good idea of how much work goes into making these fine refractors. As well as the lens and tube processes, the video also shows the building of the sphinx mount as well. At least one respondent to the CN thread took this video as meaning that Vixen make their own lenses in-house (as opposed to Takahashi, who outsource to Canon for theirs). I'm not so sure. If you look at the lens making sequence, you will see a fork lift with the OHARA logo on the side. I'm just wondering if this is the OHARA who also make fine glasses as used in a number of good quality refractors, including Skywatcher in their ED and Equinox ranges for example? I'm planning to do a really close comparison between my ED103s and FS128 Tak this season, not comparing a 4" to a 5" apo, but more in terms of image quality and contrast etc. I'm not actually expecting major differences, so highly do I rate the Vixens, but we will see. Congratulations to KevH on CN who first posted this video as far as I know, and I hope you refractor fans enjoy it. Dave
  7. 50mm 2" extension tube

    In excellent condition, 50mm extension tube with twin set screws. 2" fit. £9 including UK postage Dave
  8. Meade 4000 9.7mm plossl

    Nice Meade 9.7mm plossl in very good condition with bolt case and box. Price £18 posted in the UK😊. Dave
  9. skymax 127 eyepieces

    +1 for the ES24mm 68deg. You should get a used one for £60-£80 (no more and probably less than a TV 32mm) and at F11'S or so it will be edge to edge sharp Jules😊. Dave
  10. Refractor choice?

    Hi Chris Fair comment, and I'd actually not seen Ben's long response following his earlier statement that "achromats are never entirely focused", when I first replied- something which I know is not true, having used long fracs for years. He did later clarify this to say that he was referring to all wavelengths, which makes more sense, whereas I (and I suspect other readers) read it as meaning a long achromat is never truly sharply in focus, which definitely isn't the case. I think we should remember that the OP specifically asked for advice about long achromats, and, while they definitely do present challenges, especially regarding a suitable mount, they can (at F13 and slower) present truly wonderful images with negligible chromatic aberration. Interestingly, Ben said himself the the Unitron F15 gave him his best ever views of Mars: having owned one of these, it was "ok" optically, not outstanding, whereas my D&G 5"F15 was a truly outstanding optic- but MUCH harder to mount solidly! I have nothing at all against apo's, using two high end doublets myself, for ease of use, but they are definitely harder to focus at high powers without a dual speed focuser as compared to a long achromat. I think all scope designs have compromises somewhere along the line, but all also have their strengths too😊😋.. Dave
  11. Refractor choice?

    You have clearly never looked through a good quality long focus refractor! Dave
  12. Wanted - EQ5 tripod bolt

    It's just the same as the one Fozzie just bought above😊 Thanks! Dave
  13. Wanted - EQ5 tripod bolt

    No worries. I've been offered a tray now, but still need the long bolt if anyone has one? Thanks! Dave
  14. Wanted - EQ5 tripod bolt

    Thanks Derek, I will order one of these.. Fozzie, are you taking that bolt from Dave? Thanks Dave