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  1. Rigel QF - Cheshire - Eyepiece

    PM sent.
  2. Hi Chris These look awfully like the Celestron Ultima LX range. I had a couple a few years back and they weren't bad at all in F8 or slower scopes. I think you can still find new old stock of some sizes for around £70 or £80 apiece. HTH 😊 Dave
  3. They did do a 12.5mm Jules, I had one at the same time you bought yours from me😊. Never seen an 18mm though. Dave
  4. In no particular order.. Tak new TOE high power range - I believe the Hi -LE replacement, as the latter are not on the new Tak price list. They will have to go some to beat the old Hi-LE's. Vixen's new HR range of 2.4mm, 2.00 and 1.6mm - mainly to see what that view would look like at such high powers. They look to be of fabulous build quality though, and get good reviews from Bill P. I'd love to see them offer 3, 4 and 5mm versions too. XW 30 and 40mm, the 30 in particular now commanding silly prices. Vixen LVW 42mm. I love LVWs, I still think they are superb both optically and build wise. The 42 would go nicely with my 13mm and 22mm (which for me are the pick of the bunch). Morpheus 17.5mm..that never was (at least so far). This would be perfect sandwiched between my 13 and 22m LVWs. Having owned the 14mm Morpheus I know how good these are, but judging by the repeated delays in launching the 17.5 version I suspect they are pushing the design to the very limit with that one. A few eyepieces from the 1850's, to put them up against some modern ones to see how they would acquit themselves.. Dave
  5. Now SOLD. Mods please archive advert, many thanks.
  6. Binoculars 150 quid budget

    A nice pair of William optics 10x50 BA8 design just gone up for sale here for £160. Very very good binoculars, quite heavy but top quality. (Nothing to do with me and I have no connection with the seller☺). Dave
  7. Now offered at jist £63 including UK signed for delivery. Final price, will keep it if it doesn't sell at this price☺.. Dave
  8. IAS Show Discount Bargains.

    I buy good quality used items wherever I can. I do buy new now and then though. Buying used I tell myself I'm not only getting an item I might not be able to afford new, but also helping feed the new item market too - helping create demand for new stock for those who can afford it or who just prefer new, pristine purchases that no one else has ever used before them..rather like the car market😁. And I think most of us know when a "deal" is really a deal or not - mentioning no names of course.. Dave
  9. While I was at work.....

    I moved to rural Lincolnshire in March, partly for better skies. My village is quite small but had some old sodium lights fitted, one of which is about 30m away and cast an awful orange halo right into part of my garden, some of which then reflected off my kitchen windows into the darker areas! About a month ago this light was, along with most of the others in the village, replaced with an LED one and I have to say that it is much better.. I'd estimate about 80% better, with black sky above the lamp and most of the light directed downwards. So I am very lucky, and my skies ( which were already much better than the Midlands) are now darker again..real structure seen in the Milky Way overhead. But if I stand close to, or underneath, the new lamp, it's blindingly bright, so it's really a lottery as to where the darn things are located, and I do SO sympathise with other amateur astronomers who have some truly awful, ill thought out lighting to contend with. I just hope that austerity forces more councils to switch off for all of part of the night in the future.. Dave
  10. Up for sale is this really nice ES Maxvision 28mm eyepiece in mint condition with original box and both endcaps. With it's 2" format it delivers superb wide field views: the Double Cluster is stunning in this eyepiece, for example. It's this one: https://www.telescopehouse.com/explore-scientific-68a-maxvision-eyepiece-28mm.html Works really well in my 4" and 5" refractors and equally suited to Newtonian, Dobs etc. A good saving on new price of c£100 shipped, this one in mint one owner condition is now just £63 including UK signed for postage , a saving of almost £40 Vs the new price😋. Paypal fee free (or with fees if you prefer) or Bank Transfer please. Thanks for looking. Dave
  11. SOLD - 24mm ES 68 Eyepiece

    Yes, it is. A great eyepiece. I had one and loved it. I have the 28mm Maxvision now, which is 2". The 24mm for sale here will give you about as wide a field of view as you can get in a 1.25" barrel.
  12. Hi John, Sadly I won't be there this year. I went 3 years ago and really enjoyed it. I had a really good chat with Richard Day from Skylight Telescopes..he had a beautiful 6" custom refractor on show. I also enjoyed seeing John Timmins (Peak2Valley) big frac display, and it was here that I met Mark from Moonraker and germinated my plan to have him chop down my D&G 5" F15 refractor tube so I could use binoviewers without an OCS, and to fit a lovely polished aluminium Moonlite focuser. A real craftsman, Mark is☺. Ironically, having lived for most of my life within 30 miles of the venue, I now live 130 miles away in Lincolnshire! But I still have family in the Midlands so hope to go next time it's on, and to attend a lecture or two.. is the event annual, or every 2 years? Looking at the programme, the Proxima B talk sounds good..always been fascinated by our nearest other star😋. Dave
  13. The ES34mm 68 is a lovely eyepiece. Quite heavy as outlined in Neptune's very comprehensive report, but very high quality and capable of some wonderful views. I highly recommend it☺. Dave
  14. Vixen LVW vs Pentax XW vs Delos

    I had hoped the 14mm Morpheus would be a worthy replacement for my venerable 14mm Pentax XL, but it has slight astigmatism at the edge at best focus whereas the Pentax has none. I'd say the Morpheus has a flatter field, but it is not sharp to the edge. I do like the 76 degree field The Morpheus was sharp in my Vixen ED103s out to at least 72-73degrees, compared to the 65 degrees of the XL, the 72 of the Delos (which I should say I've never used), the 70 of the XW 14 and the 62 Delite. So in visible sharp field terms the Morpheus matches or beats all the others, and I also found its' contrast and flatness of field to match or slightly beat the XW14, with very little FC at all. Not bad for an eyepiece that in the UK undercuts significantly on price all the others mentioned (apart from the XLs of course which are only available used). I can see that absolute FOC sharpness might matter more for non driven Dobs, (I use eq mounts), but even so you're getting 70 degrees plus of sharp field from the Morpheus. I just wish they'd hurry up and launch the long delayed 17.3mm! Sorry to go off the original topic a little😁😁. Dave