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    Life: my Christian faith, my wife & children, our baby grandson (born at the start of Covid lockdown). This wonderfully created Universe we inhabit.

    Hobbies: Visual Astronomy, Refractors of all types. Coarse Fishing, Rock Music, Guitar playing (badly). Cycling (badly). Good food and company. I also enjoy driving (not traffic jams though!), and now, retirement since July 2019. I estimate that I drove around 30 company cars during my career..the best three..Jaguar XF, Ford Mondeo, Jaguar X Type. The worst three..Vauxhall Belmont, Toyota Avensis, Ford C Max.
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  1. I'm not a Cassegrain user to date, but I do find these models very interesting and keenly priced. I will watch forthcoming reviews with interest. I'm probably in a minority, but as with refractors I do prefer the white paint job over the black Dave
  2. That doesn't look right, definitely not straight..send it back! Dave
  3. Lovely sketching Fraunhofer! I admire not only your drawing skills but your staying power for a 6 hour marathon session Dave
  4. Yes, he might offer you a further discount if you say you are happy to buy one of his scopes minus the handle?. ...over on UKABS, is that beautiful unmarked FS102 that's been reduced a bit.. Good luck with whatever you go for, Fozzie. Dave
  5. Hi Chris, I am currently using just two pairs for my Binoviewer, a pair of Morpheus 17.5mm and a pair of old Celestron Halloween 26mm plossls. I also use a Baader 2.25x zoom Barlow and a W.O. 1.7x nosepiece to get higher powers: I place the Barlow or nosepiece into the binoviewer nosepiece, and I believe this is giving me around 3.8 or so times the native so magnification: so, in my FS128 at 1040mm focal length I'm getting c59x at native, or 1040/17.5 x3.8 = c225x.with the Baader zoom Barlow, which is working really well for me on Mars at the moment. The Morphs have around 20mm eye relief. The Halloween plossls give me 40x at native or 152x with the Baader Barlow. The Plossls have about 25-28mm eye relief. I know MikeDnight swears by pseudo Matsuyama 30mm or 35mms (Celestron Ultima, Parks Gold, Orion Ultrascopic, Baader Eudiascopic) for low power wide field, and your Maxbrights should accommodate the 30s with little or no vignetting? If you like the Morphs, then why not also consider for the 12mm slot the Morpheus 12.5mm models, much cheaper than Delos? Good luck with your choices! Dave
  6. It will Vin! I used one on my Tak FS128 until recently, when I was able to acquire a mint Tak microfocuser to turn my scope into dual speed. The Baader unit works very well and should really help you to "nail" best focus at high power. Dave
  7. Great thread Vin, thanks for sharing! I note you're a relatively recent member of SGL so you may not have seen some of the other interesting stuff about all things Vixen in previous threads? Here's a link to a thread I started back in 2018 about Vixen gear..not just scopes, but mounts etc as well: Hope you enjoy it. I think, for many of us "oldies", the scope that we aspired to own, back in the 70s and 80s, was the Vixen SP102M.. I remember when Orion Optics UK were the main UK dealer for Vixen, they used to offer Vixen refractors and mounts right alongside their own-built Orion reflectors, and they promoted the Vixen SP and GP mounts as being ideal for mounting their 6" and 8" reflectors - but often on a pedestal rather than a tripod. In those days a complete SP102M outfit, with SP or GP mount would set you back around £750 - a King's ransom at the time! Your SP102 sounds like a cracking scope...as such, if you want to invest a bit in it, and really extract the very best high power performance from it, you could do worse than look for a nice GPDX mount - the real flagship of Vixens' equatorial range for years, until the Atlux came along to hold their mammoth 6"Atlux refractor. The GPDX has even better build, more heft (but still very portable), and even finer engineering tolerances than the SP or GP, and is just a wonderful Japanese built platform for a longish frac like yours. Thanks again Vin, for a really enjoyable read. Dave
  8. One day hopefully! If you buy Morpheus 14 and 17.5mm you'll save almost half the cost! Dave
  9. ...with those finger-destroying unbreakable plastic handles Dave
  10. Just amazing..you have clearly got a great scope there Chris Dave
  11. Wow, Chris, what great images! Thanks for sharing them, you captured some amazing detail there, I must say my visual view wasn't anything like so detailed, and the seeing was changing every minute it seemed, with odd moments of real clarity but more that were "mushy". I just wish we could get rid of the wretched Jetstream for a bit! Thanks again, Dave PS..What scope were you using?
  12. Thanks Chris..believe me, I cannot draw, so persevere with it! Any chance of a peek at a couple of your pics? Dave
  13. Thanks Rob for your kind comments . Below is a link to the Obs book I bought from Amazon: I bought it in a hurry, but there are others on the site I think.. I like this one as it's quite compact, but will take around 100+ observing session logs. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B08JF17PST/ref=dbs_a_w_dp_b08jf17pst Dave
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