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  1. Thanks @Dantooine, that's very helpful. I had noticed that the eyepiece stops initially but then continues in again when "encouraged". Up to now I have been "encouraging" them in right down to the shoulder to ensure they are firmly and squarely seated. Now I know better I'll change my behaviour and I'm pretty sure I will, as you have, get comfortable that I'm not going to damage the prism.
  2. Hi All, Anyone have the Baader 2456117 (2" BBHS Prism Diagonal)? Do you know if it has a barrel stop of some kind to prevent long eyepiece barrels touching the prism? And if so, how long does a barrel have to be before it hits the stop? The diagonal comes with a baader clicklock so I kind of assumed it would have a stop (other clicklocks I have come across all have them) - but this one doesn't look like it does.... maybe I'm doing something wrong? Thanks
  3. I too was surprised by some lovely sharp views of Mars, with some surface colouring, when I was last out with my telescope on the 11th Feb. It was nice to get reacquainted with it - I miss the amazing sessions we had with Mars last year.
  4. Keep the scope fixed on the ground and use them to reposition The Earth?
  5. I'm having to use my removed hat to mop up the drool. I'm reminded of my favourite quote from an old episode of bargain hunt; "I've always wanted one of those....... what is it?"
  6. Hats off to you; you engineer some impressive stuff.
  7. I've just packed up for the night. I have fizzing fingers and toes as they start to warm up; and a huge smile on my face - I've missed this so much. There were no clouds and no wind and views to the west were pretty good when sticking to brightish stuff. Leicester City won their FA cup match and I got a nice few hours at the eyepiece - all in all a pretty good night.
  8. Nice session John - I'm very jealous. No jetstream tonight, but cloud here prevents me giving it a try. Forecast tomorrow is very clear / almost no cloud - but the jetstream may spoil the seeing a bit. Still going to give it a good go though - can't turn down rare clear skies.
  9. Not just you James... I reported this earlier in the thread too. @Grant can you do anything? Or do you consider it ok as is?
  10. Thanks Dave. The problem with the site as currently configured is that font sizes are not consistent across the entire site. e.g. menu font much larger than posts font size. Using browser scaling therefore doesn't work because it scales all fonts equally; not just those that are too big. For now I've scaled everything down to 75% in the browser and turned on the 'larger font size for post' customisation to try and equalise as much as possible. Not perfect but will do until Grant sorts it out.... which I'm sure he will.
  11. Same here John.... I've had a lovely hour or two.... I'd almost forgotten what it felt like... but it's gone 'milky' here too and I've gone cold through to the bone. Big smile on my face though.... I've missed it so much
  12. I've been outside actually looking at the sky for the first time in ages... it's been fabulous. However I've come back to MUCH larger font sizes.... far too large to my taste.... and much larger than they used to be. The main problems are with the list of forums.... only getting about 7 to a page (on a large laptop screen)..... and the notifications window only holds 3 without scrolling because the text is so large.... If there is somewhere I can customise it smaller then please let me know and I'll do that..... but if not then I have to request you put it back to how it was..... that wa
  13. It only seems to be old posts from @FLO and not old posts from anyone else... at least for me anyway. Please make it stop... lol
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