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  1. Be quick deciding, there were four in stock at FLO yesterday, now only two. A price rise is probable and FLO are by far the best seller. ( Never mind how many months till restocked... )
  2. I was thinking a similar way, one mount to replace two, whilst maintaining ease of use. For me it was the Sky Tee and Evolution, though I am not sure about the Evolution, because it is a very good mount, with excellent tracking/goto. With all its flaws, I will be keeping my AZGTi though, it is just too convenient. Therefore I hope your reasoning is good, because it is pretty much the same as mine. I ordered an AZ-EQ5 yesterday, partly to avoid the ( probable, ) impending price hike! Now I just have to wait for it to be dispatched from FLO...
  3. I have just realised, that the one you linked to on the FLO website, is different to the one you show in your image?
  4. That is short of upgrading to the ADM alternative? It is not in stock at the moment and I hate the marking on the dovetail. It is the only thing stopping me pulling the trigger on the AZ-EQ 5.
  5. First chance in ages to get out, though only for a very short session so far, with my new scope, so I guess first light. Only had chance for a quick look at Jupiter, just before it disappeared behind a neighbours house. First time in months I have had a chance to observe at all, so all good. No visible CA at all, but there was an odd visual effect, almost like an elongation of light out of each side of the image. The scope had just come out of a warm house into the cold outside though... Several bands seen though, at modest magnification, so a good start. Edit: Not so sure now, between whispy stuff, got to see a few more things, not least M42, but couldn't get much magnification, but did see the Trapezium at 27 X or so. I tried greater power, but no luck at 107 X. I don't know if it was conditions or what. Certainly the scope was well cooled down by then. I was expecting better that that to be honest. Just 57 X was the limit. I am now left wondering if I have made a mistake buying this scope, perhaps should have waited for the 12" dob. I will sleep on it, give it another try, if weather allows. Certainly relieved I bought it from FLO, so not too worried either way.
  6. My wife has had this issue ( poor dentist/ no appointments, ) in the past and phoned to find an emergency dentist, I think this is the number : Out of hours dental advice line on 0161 476 9651, 8am-10pm. My wife is entirely NHS, so didn't have to pay, but she had to be not at all fussy as to where she went, it seems it is just who has space and all dentists are supposed to participate in the scheme. If not that number. then I would suggest phoning 111, as you should not have to put up with that pain. Even the local urgent care centre, as they will not ignore such severe pain. I think. https://www.liverpoolccg.nhs.uk/health-and-services/coronavirus-information/using-the-nhs-in-liverpool-during-the-pandemic/ Good luck. ( Oh and just to add: I hate/am scared of all dentists, they are all sadists! )
  7. Hi and welcome to the best astro forum there is.
  8. Hello and welcome the the best astro forum out there.
  9. Hi and welcome to this great forum. Please post as often as you can, even if you feel it is just nonsense, never did me any harm, as mine are mostly nonsense!
  10. Hi and welcome to the best astro forum out there.
  11. Hi and welcome to this great forum.
  12. Not really astro related, but will certainly make me feel better whilst I watch the rain drizzle down the window. Lovely and smooth, despite not being a single malt... Now, the question is, will I finish the bottle before I get the chance to try out my new scope?
  13. What a superb company, ordered my new Starfield 102 ED on Wednesday morning, dispatched within three hours and received at 9.45 am Thursday! Why use an other supplier? Just a shame they do not sell other stuff too.
  14. Considering the weather, it would do better in my back garden at the moment, than this: Forgive the poor photo please, doesn't do the scope justice. I am ashamed at my poor photography indeed, especially as I have a proper camera now, even if it doesn't often get used... This scope could well replace three others, now all I have to do is break it to some other scopes that their days are numbered. Well, when I say three, maybe just two. Certainly one. ( Anyone got the name of a good therapist? ) Also, just arrived moments ago via Amazon: The book seems better that last year almanac, which was Henbest and Cooper. I will have a proper look afterwards. It's been a good day today for deliveries, just waiting on one more a bottle of Sheep Dip!
  15. Fascinating story, whatever the outcome! Not jealous at all...
  16. To late I am afraid, I already have a small hernia and a screwed back from caring for my wife, which sometimes includes the joy of lifting her up off the floor! I think I may well be certifiable, even considering a 12"! I do not get any pain or discomfort from the hernia though and am avoiding a repair for now, because of Covid and me being unwilling to put my wife in a care home, which are all just in an awful situation, at the moment. I think a 12" could still be manageable with ramps/trolley and very great care!
  17. Not an intended trap, sorry. You are also right, accessories would be a better idea. I had not noticed the Pentax sale... At least talking it through here has been very helpful, thank you all. My back just breathed a sigh of relief!
  18. Thank you for all the input, certainly lots extra to think about. It seems most seem to think the Starfield is the way to go, but I just cannot help thinking it is just duplicating what I already have. Especially when you consider that I would have to get another mount, to get the most out of it as it will just not fit on my AZGTi. My current intended travel combo is my F6 72mm EDF with a very high Strehl and my C5, which appears to be a good example of that sort of scope. Together they weigh about the same as the Starfield 102 and both go well on the AZGTi. Then I can mount them together if I got a little Castor or the mini Ercole. They cover quite a wide range of targets, which leaves me wondering what the Starfield would give me extra? Especially when I consider the Bresser F13.2, which is just so good ( amazing value too! ) and surprisingly easy to handle, certainly much more so than its big brother the 127L. The only problem there is the size of the Skytee with extension. I will check, but the image given from that may well be better than the EDF 72, cleaner with perhaps less CA, even though one is an acro and the other is high Stehl FPL53! ( Neither show any noticeable CA in focus, but the EDF has such a narrow range of focus... ) However, as Mr. Spock says: Drool! The Starfield is just such a nice, available, new shiny! I am struggling to stop my self from ordering one! I am obviously very bad. Then again as Carbon Brush says: " But 4" of lens vs 12" mirror....... " That has been so much in my mind, as a 12" is probably about the maximum I could manage, though not without issues. But could I persuade my wife that it would look good in the corner of the living room? It could be an interesting talking point after all ! Also, I very much doubt I could get it away to a proper dark site, as things stand at the moment, so another mark against its justification. As is the future and my inevitable deterioration in health. The C9.25 is at the limit for my fitness and nerves... I also guess there is a third way, I could just get a few more good eyepieces, maybe a top of the range diagonal, because if I don't, the temptation may well be just too great and I may well end purchasing something I will later regret. Again. As ScouseSpaceCadet implies though, this is definitely a first world problem, after all I don't really need any scopes, never mind the too may I do have! ( But me wantssss a precious, many of them. Anyone got a Tak they no longer really need? )
  19. Well, they are about the same price, but offer very different things. One is going to be bought shortly, but which one? The Starfield just looks so good, seems to ooze quality, but I have an issue with it: Can I justify it when I already have a very good 102, the Bresser AR-102L, which at F13.2 shows no CA at all? It also has a very good focuser and is a very much underrated scope. The only problem with it that it is very long ( ! ) and means I really need to use the extension for my Sky Tee. It is very good though and except for portability, I am not sure how the Starfield will improve on it? I also have a very good C5, which is even more portable than the Starfield. As for the light bucket, whilst it will show a lot more than my C9.25, it is very bulky and heavy, which as I get older is going to be a huge problem I suspect. My health now, tells me it could be a problem from the get go. Realistically I would have to store it the shed full time, which would just make me so nervous, what with damp etc.. Then there is the problem of justifying that scope too, considering my Bortle 6 skies. Which way do you clever people think I should go? Or maybe some other alternative I have no considered? I had been considering a Meade LX 200 8" OTA, but as that has just gone up in price, ( a lot, ) that is a no go now. Thank you in anticipation.
  20. Exactly my point. Hard to argue with a 3 KG mount holding at leat a 15 KG scope! Hence my thread... Edit: Add in a slo mo and I have my perfect travel mount.
  21. Not sure I can agree with you there, it is much more than " just " a mount head. Price wise it is not cheap, but not that bad, € 371 before taxes, not that far from other mounts with a 15 or 20 KG payload capacity, better than some . ( Depends on who you trust regarding payload, though Berlebach claim 20 KG. ) I would say a payload of 15 or 20 KG in a mount that weighs just 3 KG is pretty darned good! Just a shame there are no slo-mos. Certainly worth consideration, especially with a Berlebach tripod. I also have suitable weights already. The lack of reviews is a big negative though, hence this thread.
  22. Anyone got any real information on this mount? Anyone used one? It is obviously a great make, seems to be very good on paper, ( only 3 KG in weight! ) but I just cannot help thinking: What is the catch! https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p10081_Berlebach-Altazimuth-Mount-for-Telescopes-and-large-Binoculars.html https://www.berlebach.de/de/?bereich=details&id=597&sprache=english
  23. May I ask why you are sticking with the finderscope mounting for the Evoguide 50? I have the little 50 ED too and mounted it on one of these: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/william-optics-new-slide-base-50mm-guiding-rings.html Then on a normal Vixen bar. ( Though I think I may have now used that vixen bar elsewhere... ) The fit is not perfect as it is a little too marrow, but it is fine and firm and in my mind, better than the supplied finderscope rings. I will dig it out tomorrow and photograph it, if I remember and if you like.
  24. Would you mind weighing it please? Also I assume it has slow mo controls? I have to say, I am not jealous of the equipment you have, not even your latest scope, but your garden; house and that view! Wow, just wow! I am almost insanely jealous of that, you are very lucky, though I have no doubt well earned.
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